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Rodriguez and his face transplant team.

Like on Facebook. It just goes to show that sometimes a woman would find genuinely good advice in the most unlikely places — from a man.

Flakka: The New Face of Fear

One woman took to social media to share her feelings about not being pretty. She posted on Reddit to open up about her struggles with self-confidence in a heartbreaking post titled: "Ladies, how do you deal with not being pretty? Desperation left the mom with no choice but to cry her worries out.

Fortunately, one cop witnessed the whole thing and did something beyond his duty. Honesty and kindness is now a rare gift but just like chivalry, it still doesn't seem quite dead yet! Here's one more example, this time set in a plane and disguised as a travelling mishap. This one comes with a pleasantly surprising twist that will surely make your day! The trip was taken with her year-old son Hunter, who lost his wallet in-flight.

Recovery & Support for Facial Nerve Paralysis

The loss, which was not discovered until much later, turned out to be an inspiring story of hope and kindness. Subscribe so you won't miss anything! Connect with us. Share Tweet Send Comment. Source: Sky News. You may also like.

The New Face of Addiction and Recovery

It requires a lot of effort, time, and bravery to confront these issues head-on and address the deep-seated issues that have contributed to your addiction. According to SAMHSA, having relationships and social networks that provide love, support, friendship, and hope is an essential part of a life in recovery. After you complete rehab and return home, you may find yourself dealing with boredom, which can actually be a big threat to your sobriety.

Previously, all of your free time was most likely spent using drugs and alcohol. Enrolling in a sober living program after completing your drug rehab program can also provide structure that will help you establish a new lifestyle in recovery and fill your free time with group activities, volunteer work, job hunting, and other essential life activities.

Relapsing is one of the biggest challenges many addicts in recovery face both during and after rehab. Fortunately, drug and alcohol rehab is designed to help you establish life skills, modify unhealthy behaviors, and develop a peer support system that will keep you firmly rooted in your sobriety. After drug and alcohol rehab, many people find that they lack purpose in life. One way drug and alcohol rehab helps addicts in recovery combat this issue is by introducing them to new hobbies and interests such as yoga, art, music, and meditation.

These are all different aspects of behavioral therapy at Nova Recovery Center, and they may help clients develop new hobbies, interests, and social groups both during and after rehab.

RECOVERY: THE MANY PATHS TO WELLNESS - Facing Addiction in America - NCBI Bookshelf

Making the transition from a life of addiction into an independent life of sobriety is another challenge you will face after rehab. For many people in recovery, this transition can be extremely challenging and it may be tempting to give up and use again. Sober living homes provide structure, accountability, peer support, employment and education assistance, and a sense of camaraderie that will all help you maintain your sobriety and flourish in your new lifestyle.

It comes with its own challenges and difficulties, but having a thorough, experienced, and compassionate team of addiction treatment experts on your side makes all the difference. At Nova Recovery Center, we truly care about our clients and we provide the necessary tools, behavioral therapies, and support systems to achieve a fulfilling life of sustained sobriety. Call Nova Recovery Center to learn more about our individualized drug and alcohol rehab programs for men and women or to enroll today.

Nova Recovery Center offers a large range of substance abuse treatment services: detox, residential, outpatient and sober living.

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