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Chef Britt LoSacco will show you how to pull together a vegan variation on a midwestern comfort classic: tater tot hotdish. And for dessert? Bars, of course! Learn how to spiralize zucchini into noodles, a nutritious and tasty alternative to gluten-free pasta, along with incredibly easy and quick italian turkey meatballs. Topic: Get family dinner in the oven quickly with meal prep! Location: Demo Stage. Get meal ideas, meal prep tips, and recipes for gluten-free family favorites. Join Alexis Tebben, RDN from Hy-Vee Robbinsdale and learn how mental health can effect your hunger and fullness cues, why you crave certain foods and what is happening to your body at a chemical level.

Also discuss how to manage stress through a gluten free diet with tips, tricks and recipes! Learn dietary and environmental causes of autoimmune disease and how to reverse symptoms naturally with a proven clinical roadmap that addresses the underlying root cause. Dynamic presentation on the root cause of low thyroid and how food sensitivity and environmental triggers affect thyroid function.

Learn clinically proven functional medicine and natural solutions that heal the thyroid and reverse symptoms. Come listen to a world renowned expert on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Sources of Gluten: What You Can (and Can't) Eat

Tarah Jakubiak, founder of Allergic Traveler and producer of chef cards in 18 languages has traveled the world since infancy. She has been to 22 countries and 25 states. She has multiple food allergies, but it does not stop her from seeing the world. Tarah is allergic to eggs, nuts, mushroom, soy, garlic, corn, sesame, potatoes, celery, shellfish, chicken, pork, peanuts, and many fruits. Learn how to make these Hostess Snowball look-alikes which are grain free, xanthan gum free and dairy free gluten-free of course , including homemade marshmallow filling!!!

Bonus: They freeze really well, so you can defrost and enjoy later when the craving hits! Julie returns to our demo stage again in to share some new recipes. After a celiac disease diagnosis in , it took a few years of misery to finally realize it is nearly impossible to cram old habits into a new and forever gluten free lifestyle.

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She embraces the challenge of creating delicious food that now makes her both proud and happy to be gluten free! For some GF people, finding tasty snacks can be a challenge, and in some cases, expensive! With just a few common ingredients, you can make tasty, crunchy snack mixes that even gluten-eaters will enjoy!

These quick and easy snack mixes are a great way to use up your GF bread if it gets too dry. The Pepperoni Pizza flavor tastes a whole lot like pizza rolls, and Honey Mustard is tangy and savory, just like the gluten version that is now just a memory. These recipes can be free of other ingredients depending on the bread you use.

Salad Jars give you ability to improve your health and wellness while ensuring your veggies stay crisp as you eat a rainbow of phytonutrients to feed your mitochondria, improving your cellular health. She was inspired to begin blogging several years ago while going through treatments for infertility. Tiffany has a compelling story that led to her gluten-free lifestyle, join her live as she shares her story and knowledge of making Salad Jars for the busy lifestyle moms have today.

She is a public speaker, cook and allergy coach for the gluten-free community. She has written 13 cookbooks and is celebrating the launch of her first lifestyle book and program entitled, Thrive Clean. Laura from HugueNot Travel will give you tips on what to pack, tips for a successful trip and destination suggestions. Join fellow Celiac and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Jenna Drew, as she shares the essential steps to ditch belly bloat that leaves you feeling tired, sluggish, and irritable, and finally improve your gut health naturally. All items sampled will be gluten, grain, soy, and dairy-free.

She began helping others by establishing a local support group, but quickly realized the difficulty of not being able to rely on convenience foods. Learn how to make recipes that can serve two purposes from pizza to pretzel bites, there will be something for everyone. Plus, Colette will be sharing cooking tips and tricks, how to stock your pantry and more.

Ready to join the party? After a gluten-free diet, is something else at play that is preventing you from feeling optimal? Many medical issues may be simultaneous. Learn from Nadine, the Gluten Free RN about food intolerances and the variety of symptoms shown in children.

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Learn how to identify children at risk for celiac disease and food intolerances as well as: the history of celiac disease and children, the current recommended testing for children, how to make educated decisions about food choices, using food as medicine and a preventative tool for future health. We all need to be aware of the association with what we eat and auto-immune issues. Learn from Nadine, the Gluten Free RN on how to: identify food that impacts our health outcomes in a positive way, recognize genetic factors in auto-immune diseases including Type 1 Diabetes, MS, Lupus, RA and many more, use food as your strongest medicine to heal, use food, sleep and movement as your tools for improved health, to recognize quality food, use a grain-free food plan to heal your mind, body and skin.

The Celiac Project founder and filmmaker, Michael Frolichstein and a panel of guests, will share their stories as well as stories from session attendees, during this live interactive podcast. The most powerful tool to raising awareness and connecting with our community is through sharing our stories.

Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus: Restaurants in Athens

Bring your questions or your story to share as you partake in a live recording of The Celiac Project Podcast! Breakfast starts when you plan ahead. Crockpots, cutting vegetables and variations of ingredients help you start out your morning. No boiling noodles required! This recipe is great for busy nights and will provide a meal for a whole family. Foodie Friend Sharon believes food and life should never be boring. So, this spiffed up recipe for stuffing with sausage and cornbread will take your Thanksgiving to the next taste bud level.

Join Jennifer from Living Freely Gluten Free helps navigate you through the gluten free lifestyle with simple and inexpensive recipes. Having an entirely gluten free family she knows how to create family friendly recipes that will keep you on budget and enjoying the foods you love. Join Dr. Charles Vanderpool, a certified pediatric gastroenterologist at Indiana University School of Medicine in a discussion on wheat-intolerance syndromes and where the gluten free diet fits into treatment.

Gluten Free Restaurant Guide

Charles Vanderpool returned to Indiana University School of Medicine in following completion of his residency and fellowship training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He currently serves as Chair of the Nutrition Support Team, is Medical Director of the Intestinal Rehabilitation Program at Riley Hospital for Children, and is active in the clinical care of children with celiac disease. If you have recently been diagnosed with food allergies or Celiac Disease, come learn some strategies and tips for adjusting to your new lifestyle and find ways to thrive on despite food restrictions.

Julie Pintozzi, a mom to a son with Celiac Diease knows all to well about going gluten-free and how especially challenging it can be for a child. Join Julie to learn practical ways to ensure a safe and happy gluten-free journey.

Location: Lecture Stage. Empanadas are light and savory treats that are perfect for any time of day and have endless stuffing possibilities! Join Julie Pintozzi, a celiac advocate and creator of itsawheatlesslife.

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Taylor Miller is from halelifeblog. Taylor will show you how to make a delicious gluten-free and vegan lasagna in a short amount of time. This bar is great for a snack or for breakfast! Join Gluten Free Mom Certified as she demonstrates this treat that can be made ahead and packed in lunches or taken with you on the morning commute. Come learn how to make a gluten free, dairy free and nut free nutritious bar your whole family will love.

Jump into fall with these delicious breakfast waffles inspired by the season. Just add you favorite maple syrup and enjoy a taste of Fall. She first became aware of the vital necessity of GF foods in the late s, when she worked with a GFFAFest team member who had been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Loving both cooking and a challenge, her foray into the GF world turned intentional, as she determined to adapt her recipes to create treats that the entire team could enjoy.

Why One San Francisco Restaurant Goes Out of the Way for Gluten-Free Guests - Eat Like Me, Ep. 4

And along the way she has discovered she has other friends and relatives who also struggle with gluten-related health issues, which has made her experiments even more meaningful to her. Discover How to Manage Your Emotions Naturally — Join Jenna as she walks us through how to handle the emotional side of Celiac Disease and learn how gut health can alter mood and emotions.

See a Problem?

Tina will discuss new and exciting ways to maintain a gluten free diet while also living freely with a focus on a nutritional and balanced diet for a happy and healthy life! Tina has been practicing for over twenty years and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. She has been working with people individually on different kinds of diets including gluten free diets for a number of years.

Jules will show you how easy it is to make a light and flaky crust with her secrets and how easy it is to roll out and transfer a gluten free pie dough when you use the right gluten free recipe. Prepare to be amazed and excited to bake pie when you get home! Watch Tracy Bush Nutrimom as she shares a protein-packed twist on an all time favorite meal including a dash of silliness that will make your lunches loved again.

Tracy Bush Nutrimom can help you create THE perfect gluten free pancakes with added protein of SunButter and a touch of chocolate with chocolate chips. With so many herbs and spices, it is hard to know which one to use and how much. Take a recipe to the next level and learn which herbs and spices to use for which dishes as well as some handy knife skills! Think vegan food is expensive and complicated? Think again. Join Katie, a gluten-free Instagram influencer fabulouslygfree as she shares her top tips for making the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle as easy, stress-free, and delicious as possible.

Come with questions and leave with answers to help you shop safely, gluten free. Come for samples and learn the secrets to making great bread. This session will discuss the basics of the gluten free diet, but from the perspective of what to include to help bridge the nutritional gaps of the typical gluten free diet. Safety of grains, food labeling and supplements will be covered.

This session will review the latest research on quality of life, nutrition and dietary adherence including tips and resources for navigating a happy healthy gluten-free life. Discover the top essential oils to improve digestion and over 20 other ways to use essential oils daily. Together we can build a directory that's practical by being helpful! Explore Popular Cities.

Chick N Chips. Bathurst Health Foods. Silly Yaks. O'Brien Beer. Altimate Foods. Mad Mex. Fresh, Fast, Delicious, Healthy Plenty of GF options. Restaurant Freedom Foods.