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Lots of love and all the best to you.

I am thankful for whomever found whom on the internet, as every post you make resonates in some way to me. Today, 3 and 5 resonate with me. I now try to draw a mental line of disconnect considering that maybe their lives are busy and have issues as well.

I need to remember that only I can live by my ways and to not try or expect anyone else to have to be likewise. It means seeing that it is your choice and responsibility to decide how you are going to spend it. Thank you for this message. Just in time with my present situation… now closing an old chapter of my life and opening the new chapter with God leading my way towards a beautiful life HE prepared for me a long time ago….

I do try honestly to look back and learn what I can from these situations. There is light at the end of the tunnel — best wishes to all who are struggling. Peace and hope from Elva. I lost my mom last week. Great trauma. I am single, was her primary Carekeeper, and we shared the rent. Or find a roommate.

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No one loves me like my mom! And never will! Hi Judy — my deepest sympathy for the loss of your Mom. I will hold you in prayer, asking that God will guide you through this most difficult time in your life. One pastor told me, many years ago, to pray for the strength to get through the next 10 minutes, the next 30 minutes, etc. If you can, try to read the Bible, in particular Isaiah chapters 40 and It all comes down to handling the transition.

Am I prepared? What will I lose? What if I fail? I have been thinking about this a lot and it pretty much ruined my day yesterday. I got very worked up over where I am based on who I was and where I want to be. The two were so far apart, and I have no way to connect them. It is the transition that locked me up.

The Beginning and the Ending

But today is a new day. I think I will start building my transition bridge, quietly, by first laying the foundation. Your post came just perfect for me! Thank you for all the great thoughts that you are sharing with everyone and know that people like you make a diffrence. From what I experienced I would say that the shock and the trauma has many layers and each was released one step at a time, slowly over time. These losses took some processing, and I have turned to many on my path to help me. I have cried oceans, written journals and tried therapies for the release and letting go of the pain, prayed, completed 7 liver detoxes, and read and listened, and moved continents, I lost money and work and experienced a crashing of my soul.

An internal collapse where I could not find my faith any more. Dark days indeed. The breakthrough came when I saw my rigidity and fear was made by me and therefore could be unmade by me. I needed to lighten up! I used to always be happy, optimistic and positive and these traumatic events made me more real and in the moment, a mask would not hack it anymore. I do it for me, and I do it to serve the young to help them make the right career choices in life.

I take responsibility and generate every day, every moment.

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I am now open and honest like never before with compassion. I am kinder to myself than ever before, I take breaks, I go to nature, I pray, I eat chocolate and now my latest is to be fun to be with. I want to make my being here fun for others, so if you have any opening here I would very much appreciate it. Thanks Marc and Angel.

Almost every other night I find myself saying things like starting anew the next day and working harder than ever, and simply forgetting the next day. Thanks for these words. This message was so timely. I literally just got fired from my job this morning- a job that I hated. I read this right before I went into the termination meeting and I feel great!

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I guess my grief situation is still too raw to think about these things. I am trying, but it is just so overwhelming. Some days when I drive in the garage, I just sit there for a while wondering if I will ever be whole again. Thank you Marc and Angel. You two do a great job of making a difference in peoples lives. God bless you. Thanks for this. You have impeccable timing.

Some days are better than others. Will take time later this evening to go over each bullet point. I think 3 is very inspirational. We all make mistakes in life and unfortunately one cannot turn back the clock.

The Ending Begins

That is so true. At present I feel like I am in my darkest points of my life. Everything around me is falling apart. Despite the chaos in my life, I continue to push forward and hold my head high. I smile even though I hurt inside. I still manage to be uplifting to others even though my spirits may be low and feel like a bullet stuck in a gun.

But I still hang on. I still hold on to faith. I still muster up what little courage I have and keep moving forward. Every day is a struggle but with a little bit of faith and courage, just as much as a mustard sees I know all things are possible, although not easy. Thank you for such beautiful quotes and uplifting words.

I look forward to your emails every day. From now on……….. Im unhappy being unhappy all the time and that is dictated by an individual and the no commitment and pulling away for 3 yrs. I am stronger now, I have to be stronger to want a better life………. Your inspiring words make a lot of impact. I have been having problems of Letting Go. But its no way right to hold on and continue to ruin myself. It is what it is. Accept it, learn from it and move on.

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But point 6 is quite an immense but simple life changing thought. Without sounding dramatic — it stopped me in my tracks and I had to read quite a few times. I definitely connect with quote 9. Nothing changed or got better by sitting around and hoping it would. Recently I decided that I was going to try to live the life I wanted, and I have been focusing my time and effort into my projects. Now I am excited for my future versus how I was a few years back when I was sitting around and hoping I would at least be content with my future.

Once again, Marc and Angel, your wisdom springs forth.

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