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Mary Roos und Sky du Mont „Willkommen im Skyfish“ - Verstehen Sie Spaß?

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Date of Birth? Please enter the account owner's birth date here. Theories started floating around these things, dubbed skyfish. Some said they were aliens that were invisible to the human eye. Most said they were elongated images due to shutter speed or field lacing.

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When an object or a person moves too fast for a still camera, or for a video camera, their image blurs. Most of these images are familiar to us.

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If an insect or bird moves across the photo, the body can be captured as a long line, while the wings are frozen as blurs at the most visible angle of the wingbeat. This gets more complicated with video and field interlacing. If you are very, very old — gather round and hear of olden times, millennials — you remember that sometimes when objects moved extremely fast on television they seemed to blur into lines of light and dark. It was like someone had dropped fine black stripes across a screen, while simultaneously doubling the image.

This was not a mistake. It was a way to deal with fast moving objects and slow shutter speed. Cameras took two images of an object, each one striped. Each one was called a field. These were mostly done for fast-moving objects, like cars or trucks. Positive: 6 out of 8. Mixed: 2 out of 8.

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Negative: 0 out of 8. Pocket Gamer UK. Legend of the Skyfish is a veritable tribute to the 2D adventure genre while trying something new.

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All this publication's reviews Read full review. At its core, Legend of the Skyfish is just a game with a winning premise that its developers cultivated into reaching as much of its potential as possible. I could see where future content or sequels could expand the breadth of actions you can undertake with your magical fishing pole, sure.

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But this game right now is a joyous experience worth checking out. Legend of the Skyfish is a very nice adventure game for iOS, which is inspired by Zelda games in a good way. Games Master UK. All this publication's reviews. Legend of the Skyfish is worth picking up for a change of pace adventure.