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Beresford had been captivated by the sight of the Channel Fleet at age twelve, [3] and joined the Royal Navy in aged 13, following preparatory education at Stubbington House School. Defence was one of four new ironclads serving in the Channel Squadron; Beresford was unhappy in Defence , which he described as "a slovenly, unhandy tin kettle, which could not sail without steam He proposed to her, but she refused likely due to their social and racial differences. He entered Parliament as a Conservative in , representing County Waterford and retained his seat until Some difficulties arose with the Lords of the Admiralty, who objected to a junior officer debating the navy publicly in the House of Commons.

Beresford's parliamentary career was saved by the intervention of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli , who feared the loss of the seat to an opposition party, should Beresford be forced to resign. In , Beresford was one of thirty-two aides chosen to accompany the Prince of Wales on a tour of India. Victoria objected, on the grounds of his bad reputation, but he remained at the Prince's insistence. The tour was a lively mixture of social engagements and animal hunts. The Prince insisted on dressing for dinner, even in the jungle, but allowed the concession of cutting off the tails of their evening coats, creating the dinner jacket.

She lodged the letter with solicitor George Lewis and threatened to use this to destroy the reputation of the Countess. The Prince of Wales, who had a special affection for the Countess, tried to have the letter destroyed but Lewis would not allow this. The Prince of Wales then took steps to exclude Lady Charles from his social circle. An angry Charles Beresford eventually extracted a written apology from the Prince.

The Prince subsequently wrote to Lord Waterford Beresford's brother saying that he "can never forget, and shall never forgive, the conduct of your brother and his wife towards me" [19]. In and Beresford joined the staff of the Gordon Relief Expedition under Garnet Wolseley , along with the Naval Brigade and a Gardner machinegun , to which Beresford was much attracted.

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During the battle of Abu Klea , Dervishes overran his Gardner gun when it jammed at the last moment. Beresford just escaped death by diving under the trail of the gun. In he was again elected to Parliament, this time as MP for Marylebone East , and re-elected at the general election.

Beresford constantly pushed for greater expenditure on the navy, resigning his seat in protest on this issue in Meanwhile, in he had also become Junior Naval Lord. The Naval Defence Act , which increased naval spending, was passed partly as a result of public pressure resulting from this action.

Beresford was a believer in promoting physical recreation beyond the services, being one of the founding committee of the National Physical Recreation Society which began in under the presidency of Herbert Gladstone. In he put down a motion in Parliament proposing that the County Councils formed in provide a gymnasium for every , inhabitants.

Lord William Beresford

William Penny Brookes invited him to be president of the Wenlock Olympian Society Annual Games in Shropshire for the years and but he was unable to be present at the sports, because of other commitments. In the latter year news of his affair with the Countess of Warwick broke after she threatened Lady Charles Beresford; despite this Brookes, an advocate of physical education, and Beresford had a warm correspondence from until Brookes' death in , and Beresford was elected an honorary member of the Wenlock Olympian Society in In Beresford was promoted to rear-admiral and again entered Parliament, this time representing York , though he spent much of his time in China representing the Associated Chambers of Commerce.

Shortly after his arrival, Beresford took a company of men ashore and used them as stand-ins for ships to practice manoeuvring and assembling a fleet. Fisher noticed the display and publicly sent a signal demanding to know why Beresford had landed his men without permission.

Lord Charles resented his superior as a social climber from unknown origins, while Fisher was jealous of Beresford's inherited wealth and social position. David Beatty , then a captain serving under Beresford, commented that Beresford's command of the fleet was characterised by 'rigid training and discouragement of initiative'.

Beresford aspired to reach the navy's most senior post, First Sea Lord , but the position was held by Fisher, who was widely respected.

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Mandatory retirement at 65 would have led to Fisher departing in , but Fisher's promotion to admiral of the fleet also brought with it an extension of retirement age to Beresford himself would reach retirement at 65 in , unless he too could achieve the same promotion. As this seemed unlikely, the only possibility was if Fisher resigned, or was obliged to.

Beresford set about organising a campaign criticising his handling of the navy and its reforms. Beresford transferred to command of the Channel fleet from — The back working entrance to Curraghmore House. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer are depicted twice on the above side of the side. The arms and crest are given as follows:. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer and the crest of de la Poer. Notice the coronet of a marquess above the arms.

The stag saved the house from burning in the s.

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Below this appears the quartered arms, this time along with the supporters angels and the coronet of a marquess. The de la Poer motto 'Per crucem ad coronam' by the cross to the crown is also included. The collar and insignia of the Order of St Patrick surround the arms. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer, along with motto.

George de la Poer Beresford, 2nd Earl of Tyrone among those members of the. The burial place for the family is Clonagam Church just outside the estate. Please see the very informative blog of Sean O'Brien, Portlaw:. On that website you'll notice the heraldry there associated with the family. Two very good photos taken by Sean O'Brien depict this. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer along with those of Rowley. Permission is being sought from Sean to include the photograph of the Beresford and de la Poer arms along with those of Rowley.

In , it was proposed by George V , who knew Beresford, that he might be promoted admiral of the fleet, but it fell to Beatty, now naval secretary to First Lord Winston Churchill to point out that others would be more deserving of such a promotion. He was later, in , appointed an Honorary Colonel in the Royal Marines. It is likely that he would have performed poorly had he continued as an admiral into World War I.

However, at times during his career he supported proposals to reform the fleet signal book, which might have made it more suitable for wartime use, and had championed reforms in fire control, where understanding of how best to use the new big guns on Fisher's dreadnought ships lagged behind their ability to hit at long ranges. Beresford questioned the matter of Bridgeman's resignation, officially said to be for reasons of ill health, by challenging Churchill in the House of Commons.

Churchill responded, saying of Beresford that "since I became first lord of the admiralty The noble Lord nourishes many bitter animosities on naval matters". The House of Commons supported Churchill, considering that Beresford's attack was a continuation of his dispute with Fisher, who was now acting privately as advisor to Churchill. Beresford painted by Charles Wellington Furse. Beresford remained an MP until , after he retired from the navy in Lord Beresford died in at Langwell, Berriedale , Caithness, at the age of 73, at which point his title became extinct.

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Who Was Who. December Retrieved 1 December King Edward the Seventh. John Murray. DB Publishing.

Letters in archive Wenlock Olympian Society. St Catherine's Press. Burt claims that it received heavy coverage in British tabloids at the time, and describes the incident as follows: Scott ' s flagship , the armored cruiser Good Hope , and the armored cruiser Roxburgh were engaged in gunnery practice at Portland in when Scott received orders from Beresford for Good Hope and Roxburgh to paint ship in preparation for a visit by the German Emperor, Wilhelm II.

The orders did not require the ships to abort gunnery practice, so Scott signaled Roxburgh , which was outside the breakwater, that "Paintwork appears to be more in demand than gunnery, so you had better come in in time to make yourself look pretty by the 8th," the term "look pretty" being a common Royal Navy expression for painting ship for events such as visits by dignitaries; Roxburgh signalled that she would prepare for painting while completing gunnery practice, then come inside the breakwater and join Good Hope to complete her painting.

Beresford ' s flagship anchored at Portland two hours later with Roxburgh still outside the harbor at gunnery practice, and Beresford immediately signalled Roxburgh to cease gunnery exercises and anchor within the harbor to paint ship, which she did in accordance with both Scott ' s orders of two hours before and Beresford ' s immediate order. Someone passed Scott's remarks to Beresford, who severely reprimanded Scott without giving Scott an opportunity to explain his remarks and actions, and Beresford refused to listen when Scott tried to offer an explanation.

Charles Beresford

Beresford then asked the Admiralty to relieve Scott of his command. Scott later said that Beresford ' s signal to the Admiralty was "a misrepresentation of fact due to Lord Charles Beresford not having inquired into the facts before he took action.

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