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The results suggest that people with HSAM are no better at acquiring memories — they are not superior learners — but are simply better at retaining memories. McGaugh and his team believe that their extraordinary powers of memory may be rooted in the habitual rehearsal of their past. Price was obsessive about keeping detailed diaries. Indeed, a study of 11 people with HSAM showed structural differences between them and others of the same age in nine brain regions , including an enlarged caudate nucleus and putamen — areas also implicated in OCD.

Achieving their level of recall would probably involve mnemonic strategies, such as those used by professional memory champions, not to mention considerable dedication. Instead, people with HSAM may accidently strengthen their memories by habitually recalling and reflecting upon their memories of their own lives. When we do, there might be applications for improving memory in other people. Poor recall may contribute towards anxiety and depression , so understanding how to improve our memory may eventually lead to therapies for such conditions.

Journal reference: Memory , DOI: Bob Petrella has what is termed highly superior autobiographical memory.

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He describes how it feels to remember almost every day of his life as though it were yesterday. I feel exactly how I felt. I'll even feel the weather - if it was hot and sticky I'll remember how tight my clothes were and what I was wearing. All of my senses are triggered. I'll remember who I was with, what I was thinking, my attitude - everything is stirred in my imagination.

How to forget the past and move on

I would talk to my buddies about something that had happened when we were kids. This is the time to grasp it and make it happen.

How To Move On, Let Go & Leave Your Past in The Past (Powerful Speech)

You get to put your dreams into motion and focus on what you want rather than what you have had. Letting go of the past is hard but, if you want to move forward with your life, you have to allow yourself to get to where you really want to be. This only comes from setting goals, having dreams, and putting in the work to make them reality. So, start today by focusing on what you want your future to be and how it will be different from your past.

If there are other things you want in your future, then go for it!

If nothing else, you may have gained the courage and the confidence to forget the past and move towards what you really want. You are not destined to follow the path that your past may have set you on.

Forgetting Your Past: Turn Your Pain into Purpose

Moving on and getting over the past all starts by recognizing that you are truly capable of that change. There is nothing stopping you but your own limitations and even those are within your control. Once you start letting go of the past, a whole new world will open up in front of you. You are capable of so much more than you think you are. Ultimately you are very much capable of enjoying the life you create and the person you want to be.

You have to believe in yourself, feel confident, and allow yourself to get to where you want to be. Once you let go and forget the past, it all becomes possible and you can live without the stress of past mistakes too. The past is the past and the present is where you are, but the future is what you make it. You get to define what lies ahead and get where you want to be. You made mistakes in the past or did things differently than you may have meant.

Learn from it because there is always a lesson in the past. Then you can start moving on and getting over the past, instead focusing on what can be in the future. Good luck! In addition to letting go of the past, creating healthy habits is a great way to work toward a brighter future. Check out our article on building healthy habits to learn more. Carly loves to keep fit, healthy and enjoys passing on any tips and tricks to her readers.

She can be found in the kitchen cooking up healthy treats!

You Don’t Have To Forget Your Past, You Just Have To Let It Go | Thought Catalog

In our better moments of quiet contemplation, we discover something within urging us onward and upward to new experiences. This creative feeling is God's way of telling us He has wonderful new experiences in store for us. It is His way of telling us that growing and developing can be an exciting and happy adventure. He is not concerned about how many mistakes we have made or how bad those mistakes were.

Why You Should Stop Trying to Forget Your Past (from a Woman with a Past)

He holds nothing against us. We are the ones who hold things against ourselves, not God. Everyone has made mistakes.

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Everyone has had failures, some very serious. Just remember this: When you think God is thinking about your mistakes, He is not. Others might be and you might be, but God is not. He is trying to get your attention with new ideas that, when accepted, will improve the quality of living. There is a glorious new life waiting for you, but you will have to let go of the negative thoughts you have about your past so that you can become receptive to this new life.

Instead of feeling sorrow for yourself, feel appreciation and joy for yourself. Get excited about your potential. Make some plans for the development of that potential. Even if those plans are small ones, they are important.