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Perhaps imported into English for its onomatopoetic qualities?

Translations of “religion”

Art that is pretentious or overly sentimental is generally referred to as kitsch. Graceland and most souvenir stores abound in kitsch, and you can find lots of it at most art fairs and flea markets. Kitschy objects are often cheap, but can be quite expensive; owners of kitschy objects often think the object is beautiful, and creators of kitschy art are often just bad artists, but much kitsch is also created and collected in the full knowledge and enjoyment of its kitschyness.

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The term originated with the composer Richard Wagner. Perhaps backpacks are a German invention? Perhaps as a humorous complaint about having to carry drag Refers to strong alcoholic liquor. Germans use this term to describe the depletion of forests due to acid rain etc.

German Words that Express Concepts for which English Lacks Suitable Words - Deutsch

Also used for any lengthy period of travel. Mozart], but the term is also often extended to refer to any comparatively young person considered to have special talent--sort of like the term "whiz kid. Chess aficionados should click here for the Wikipedia entry for this term, which offers lots of examples.

Abdurraheem Green - the true religion (german subtitle)

In German, this word denotes any kind of fear, but in English it is used to designate "a gloomy, often neurotic feeling of generalized anxiety and depression" [ Webster's New World Dictionary , Second College Edition, ]. Ironically, although the word comes from German, it is not much used in German, having been replaced by a contraction: these dogs also sometimes called "Wiener dogs" in English because of their shape are normally called "Dackel" in German. Term for someone who resembles a person to the point that they could be considered their "double.

This word literally means "replacement" [e.

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Not really a common German word, but this word for "the pleasure of driving" was made popular in English by a successful VW marketing campaign. These terms indicate a cozy sense of well-being in a comfortable environment, e. Question that gets at a core issue, and is intended to reveal the true intentions of the person being asked.

Refers to a group of people getting together over coffee to chat.

Religion in Germany

Much preferable to the yuppily ambitious term "pre-school," in my opinion. Refers to tacky, gaudy art or trinkets, the kind of thing purchased by people with bad taste perhaps this includes most of us more than we're willing to admit? Buy paperback at: Amazon Amazon US.

History of ideas 30 other titles. Selected Essays 1.

Die Religion Der Babylonier Und Assyrer (German Edition)

German Fiction Poetry Theology student-priced. In addition to its original library hardback edition, this title is now on sale in the new student-priced Legenda paperback range. Religion and enlightenment, the twin themes of this volume, always exist in tension.

Die Religion Der Mundigen V2 (1800) (German Edition)

The tensions, affinities, and conflicts between the two, as they play out in German literature from Goethe, Schiller and Kleist down to Kafka and Thomas Mann, are explored in this volume, with one section examining their interplay in the neglected Austrian Enlightenment. This book aims to make more widely available some 27 of his essays on the theme of Enlightenment and religion, in both Germany and Austria, which are otherwise widely scattered in journals published over the last twenty years. To see how these citations were worked out, follow this link.

Robertson, Ritchie.