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Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. If you start chasing guys while dressed as a guy, that's something else! Since I spent that weekend with Roxy, I am fascinated at the way she becomes 1 00 percent woman while dressed, but is 1 00 percent guy dressed as a guy.

Her input on this subject has been most helpful for me, but to answer my own question of where it all ends, there is no answer. Not for us. It's my guess there will either be electricity between the two of you or there won't. I felt it on both of my dates - more so in the company of Roxy.

I dealt with it the only way I knew how - my wife and marriage was far and away more important than a few moments of pleasure. Yes, guys do expect something from a date with a girl, maybe more so from t-girls, and a handshake is not it. At least one thing is certain, we t-girls can't get pregnant!

A Crossdresser's Guide to the Tgirl Lifestyle

So far. Yes, create cleavage anytime you want with our incredible Diva cleavage creator. No tape! No glue! No blisters! This garment is worn under your regular bra with breast forms and temporarily transforms your own loose breast tissue into seemingly real feminine breasts.

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You can read the article, but you can't visit the clubs.

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Maybe this is inherent in any historical writing. You can read about Richard Nixon, but you can't meet him. Usually they haven't performed in decades.

Vicky Lynn, the star of this installment of FlashBack, is both unavailable and available. Her heyday was the distant decade between the mid- 1 's and mid-1 's. After that she seems to have vanished. Even her name is obscure. Every time it appears in print, it's spelled differently. In Varit ease she's billed as Vicky Lynn. In Teaserama she's Vicki Lynn.

So Vicky goes fromafinal "y" toan "i"to "ie. Hi, Laurie. My column misses your column. The film was a low budget combination of burlesque and an Ed Su 1 1 i van-sty le variety show from the early days of television. Motion Picture Exhibitor, a trade publ ication for theater owners and bookers, described the film as being "suited for the exploitation spots. Song stylists Cass Franklin and Monica Lane hold up the vocal end of the activities while Bobby Shields helps with the laughs.

Betty Page, as a harem girl, does an oriental dance and Baroand Rogers do a humorous take-off on slick dancing. Christine Nelson offers some poker face comedy while Twinnie Wallen does a lively Can- can. Chris La Chris exhibits her interpretive dancing, but, not to be outdone, Vicki Lynn, a boy, assumes a feminine dance costume and goes through a similar routine; and, of course, there is Lili St. The male dancer may be Pepe Albeniz, who ap- peared in some Mme. But any references to Roccio have eluded me.

It's baffl i ng why there was such a fuss made over one female impersonator, Vicky Lynn, but nothing even mentioned about the other, Roccio. Stranger still, the duo isn't mentioned in the credits at all. They're listed in the credits to Teaserama, another film by the same producer, but they don't appear in Teaserama. Your guess is as good as mine. The " Exhibitor " does have some good things to say about Varitease.

The Eastman Color is clear and bright, and editing is competent. With St. Cyr, a top burlesque name, going through a goodly amount of dressing and undressing, this should be okeh sic for the houses that specializes in this type of entertainment. What is more, the comedy and dance routines are often fairly enjoyable. For sensa- tional values, there is a female impersonation which might draw attention. We believe the performers are I.


Thefirsttwo are rather ordinary. And the final line sounds like something you'd hear barked on a carnival midway, ""See The Incredible Dance. By A Female Imper- sonator. The "dance by a female impersonator" is mentioned in the film's trailer, too, though Vicky isn't shown. We first see Vicky in boy clothes, sitting with Chris La Chris at a table in a nightclub set. Chris gets up and does a mildly sensual "interpretive" dance, not a strip. Vicky, who looks very young, watches, but usually with half interest. Chris is wearing a black, sequined, tight fitting dress with a thigh-high slit up the right leg.

When she's finished she sits as the table and asks her companion: Chris La Chris: How did you like my dance? Vicky Lynn : I liked it very much. You know, if I was a woman I could do a dance that would hold any man. CLC: I don't believe you. Show me. VL: You got a gown I can borrow? CLC: Co into my dressing room, take any you want. VL: OK. Vicky delivers this Iasi line very flat without any hint of emotion. Moments later she returns in a dress very similar to Chris', but hers is slit to the hip. During her dance Vicky smiles more than Chris and seems to be genuinely enjoying herself. The dance becomes a mild strip when Vicky removes her skirt and dances in, essentially, a black se- quined leotard.

She dances wonderfully with much greater sensuality than any of the dancers, except the star, Lili St. Vicky's bio in an 82 Club program claims, "Vickie Lynn has taught and been imitated by more girl striptease artists than we have space to name. When she's finished, Vicky sits down at the table to canned applause. Mixed with the clapping is scattered men's laughter, which, though it doesn't sound menacing ortaunting, still seems less than friendly.

This is a strange touch. Is this the director's way of underscoring Vicky's masculin- ity? Strange how putting a phallic symbol in your mouth confirms masculinity? Freud may have said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," but it's more than that here. Vicky, possibly realizing the irony of this piece of theatrical business, holds the cigar suggestively in her mouth for just the barest moment once it's lit. In 1 , Klaw had a little bookshop selling photos and porno on East 1 4th St. Not having any, Klaw told the mysterious customer to come back the next day.

That night Irving shot the photos to order in the back of his shop. When the US Post Office shut Klaw down in 1 , his warehouse was filled with thousands of photos, negatives and copies of his now famous, collectable little Nutrix books, 64 page fiction miniatures of bondage, girl wrestling, spanking and at least different TV fantasy titles.

Lee Brewster once told me that he bought all the TV books when Nutrix was shut down. Bilbrew signed his work "Enge," Gene backwards. Later Enge became one of the best-known artists of the female domination magazine "Bizarre. Klaw produced his second film, Teaserama, in Both have been eclipsed by Betty Page, a stunning brunette whose winning smile and twinkling eye have made her the 's pin-up queen with the cult following. Though Lili and Tempest starred in the film, Betty gets top billing in the videos.

Teaserama is less ambitious than Varietease. The pro- duction values aren't as high and the variety acts are gone. This film is a series of strips with a few bits by baggy pants Burlesque comics thrown in. It's as though Klaw hired the cast of a Times Square Burlesque house for the day. In between strips, Betty saunters on camera and places a sign with the next performer's name on an easel.

There's the feeling that everything was done in one take. During some strips, Klaw must have been shouting instructions from off- camera, for some of the dancers lips move, as though they were talking. The biggest surprise in the film is the appear- ance of comic Joe E. But the height of his fame was "Car 54, Where Are You? Later he did character voices for Hanna-Barbera cartoons. He died at age 67 on August 1 3, 1 Vicky appears twice in this film.

Vicky is fed up with hubby and says that, "If he doesn't give me any money today, I think I'm going to walk right past the pool room without a stitch of clothing on. Vicky grabs the entire wad and, like the archetypal floozy, puts it in her bodice. Exit stage right. The bit continues, but we needn't. The importance of the comedy bit is that in it Vicky is a real woman.

She has a husband and there's not the slightest hint that she's to be taken differently than the way she's dressed. Later she does a striptease, the first real strip in the film. Her music is more sophisticated than the previous perform- ers'. Think of Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo," which wasn't written for the Burlesque houses, but became a stripers standard anyway. Vicky is wearing a classic outfit, a tight red velvet dress and long white gloves.

Though she's as good as any of the other strippers in this film, this dance isn't as exciting as the one in Varietease. One distraction is that she keeps walking off camera to pass clothes through the curtain to unseen stagehand. This practice may work fine on-stage, but here the camera keeps cutting her off, breaking the continuity. There's a long section of her in I ingerie and the performance ends with a tight shot from the waist up.

There's applause as Vicky removes her bra with her back to the audience. Then she turns, reveal ing that she's flat chested. Again there's scattered laughter among applause, though here it sounds more genuine, without a hint of menace. As a final gesture of propriety, Vicky removes her wig and exits stage right. The next mention I found about Vicky comes ten years later in a program for the 82 Club in the East Village. The program seems to describe the dance discussed above, "He is unsurpassed in his impression of an undulating stripteuse and never fails to deliver a surprise punch at the conclusion ofhisactwhen hedoffs his wigand 'other' female trappings to reveal himself as 'Mr'.

There's no date in the program, but, there is a pictorial about the 82 Club in "Female Mimics" 6 from The cast and costumes are the same, so I'll venture a guess that Vicky was at the 82 Club in the mid-1 's. About five years later "New Female Mimics," 1 , 1 did a feature on the 82 Club. Ty Bennett was still with the show, as was Hans Crystal.

But where is Vicky Fynn? What happened to her? Hard to say. She doesn't turn up in any later publications or programs. When she did appear in print she's not really featured. In "Female Mimics" she's not even identified, which is true for most of the per- formers. Vicky is best known through Varietease and Teaserama. Though she's on camera less than 20 minutes, it's enough to tell that Vicky was a pol ished professional and accomplished artiste.

If you want to see first class, old school female impersonation in a context completely different than anything you can see today, watch Vicky Fynn in Varietease and Teaserama. For almost two decades she has been an activist for both gender and AIDS issues. Frankly, the fast-paced account hardly did justice to the psychological experience of "going public" Permit me, then, to backtrack to stroll number two. Please please? Some details, I'm certain, will ring with familiarity. March 29, There I stood, pondering, like, feasible possibilities for "Brigitte's" walking wardrobe when I got this totally gnarly ideal Why not dress up in one of my mother's cute, "timeless" outfits?

You know how most mothers are, like, so unhip? And how their clothes are so "older generation"? Well, not my Mom! Nuh-uhl She had, like, a totally tubular fashion sense. Fer shur! I True, we were miles apart in body size and shape. She wasafull ten inches shorter, and herweight had fluctuated significantly throughout her married life. Yet I knew most of her stuff fit me perfectly! FJey, I'd already worn just about every item she'd owned. I could hardly contain my anxiety as I collected and laid out a modest array of s s? And I, like, actually trembled with anticipation when I began to try some things on!

Gosh, what a rush it was to fasten her longline bra, squeeze into her open girdle, and hook up her stockings! Sheer delight! Alas, as hers proved inappropriate, I supplied my own panties and slip. Next came that "contemporary" exterior Pen pals constantly rave about my "gorgeous" gams. Like, no way! Sure, hose make them appear passable; but, between you and me? I've seen shapelier stems on a 52year-old guy! Gag me with a spoon!!! Where was I? What a weird, wonderful feeling it was to ease into her blouse, step into her skirt, and flip on her vest! Fleck, in the spirit of the moment, I even borrowed one of her pendants!

Her gloves' Her raincoat! My shoes and purse. Had I hit the Jackpot or what? Like, what a photo op! Wardrobe selected, garters connected, armpits inspected, make-up perfected, "Brigitte" stood on the brink! A few last minute cosmetic and girlie-gear adjustments Come on, bonehead' Are you eve going to leave? Lights out Unlocking the door, I scanned the third floor in both directions For better or worse, it was a greenlight situation So, how can I explain it? I felt, like, calm yet tense.

Both cautious and daring. Confident but apprehensive I hur- ried along the corridor, down the stairway, through the lobby, and out the entrance The night awaited me! Hopefully, nothing else lurked in ambush. Once again in the great outdoors! Frankly, I'd rather forget the first such adventure. No offense, "Monique". Once again utterly layered in femininity! This was, like, totally surreal A blastand a half! Forall intentsand purposes, I'd once again become a young woman!

Well, kinda; but you know what I mean. With this in mind, although counting on no chance meetings, I remained prepared for any eventuality Not to worry. No police cruisers. No pedestrians. No rowdy motorists. Just a couple of passing vehicles. Head down, girl. Don't cough, sneeze, burp, clear your throat, spit, far Scope out the surroundings. And, by all means, maintain that determined gait. Like, it all suddenly came together — and seemed so natural. After nearly a decade of higher priorities, excuses, postponements, and false starts, I had come to my senses at last. Or, more accurately, my senses had come to me.

I listened in wonderment at the click-click of high heels I stared admiringly at the shadow of gently-flowing, shoulder-length tresses I sniffed the surrounding air, savouring a fragrance that followed me everywhere I tingled as the cool breeze caressed a pair of nylon clad legs Sheer heaven! And taste? Well, perhaps it was initially nothing other than unadulterated adrenalin. Still, soon enough, that be- came displaced by the familiar flavour of creamy lipstick The pre-dawn morning was, like, totally Disneyland! Star-studded sky. Cool temperature. Dry pave- ment.

Simply perfect for a stroll. I could well imagine how Mom had felt decades before, wearing much of the same apparel that now adorned my body. Nevertheless levertheNess? Or, having been born female, had she taken it all for granted? Unfortunately, sunrise came all too early, forcing this babe back indoors. Aw, quadruple-bummer! Move over, Cinderella. On the other hand, it was the second overtime period for hauling butt to the ladies.

I hadda pee!!! And can you picture what that means to someone wearing five layers - including a girdle! Like gangway! That was then. This is now - nearly nine months later. Christmas stands at the doorstep, and my femme personae — any of 32 alter egos, actually — haven't made an appearance in five weeks. You want proof? I'm not em- ploying Valley Girl vernacular, am I? Hence, my body has, of necessity readopted its natu- ral, masculine, furry well, make that moderately hairy state. In a word, YUCK! Nonetheless, I am fortunate enough to encounter nu- merous unaccompanied women during the course of any given day — so Rox and Company can, as a temporary measure, live vicariously through them.

In isolated cases, it's as if I'm witnessing myself from a distance! Talk about deja vu! Whether I'm on foot or bicycling, reactions to my presence vary little. Often, an individual will lower her gaze just as we meet. Sometimes, she'll cross the street. On occasion, I may get a quick glance as she maintains a brisk pace. Be that as it may, some females have been known to go a tad overboard! For example, one habitually takes a wide, wide detour around me, out into the middle of the street! Like that would make any difference to a male with sinister intentions.

Another actual ly cut across an unlighted Park to avoid me! Brilliant strategy. But the top prizewinner remains the young gal who fled in terror as I approached! Don'tyou recognizea speed-walker when you see one? After all, I've "been there" myself, reacting pretty much in the same way. In retrospect, I wouldn't have wanted it otherwise! Sheer stimulation!

Thanks, Mom! Hosts annual conference in different locations around the country. Phone: Speakers available for classroom, corporate, or media discussions of transgender issues. Renaissance currently has four chapters and seven affiliates. Affiliates are noted with "! Renaissance is a [c][3] non-profit membership organization. Focused on families and relationships. Tri-Ess publishes the Femme Mirror quarterly and hosts an annual convention. Tri-Ess is a non-profit membership organization. Broadway Blvd.

Gender Assoc. Pacific Coast Hwy. Wilcox Ave. McCadden PI. Club, P. Dixie Highway, W. Indiana, Ltd. Chase St. Main Ste. Long Live the Queen! But during our lifetime there's been one truth in the crossdressing community. One institution whose focus has remained constant since the first time you put on a pair of pantyhose; that was steadfast as the North Star even before the invention of pantyhose.

That unchanging rock in the firmament was Finocchio's, a nightclub "where the most beautiful women on stage are men. So, long live the queen! But who is she? Who inherits Finocchio's mantle of baubles, bangles and bugle beads? Which venue has the distinction of being the oldest showroom in America dedicated to professional female imperson- ation? Have you been there? Is it in your hometown? Lady Like and Transgender Forum are beginning a search. We want to discover who's been carrying the torch the longest.

Which are the three oldest clubs featuring drag acts at least three nights a week, ten months a year. Is there a club in Atlanta? Maybe there's an older one in Seattle? Not a bar with an occasional show, this has to be a nightclub with tulle as its foundation. Send us letters. Send us tips. We'll follow every lead you provide and sometime next year Ladyl. Send your nominations of old clubs to the old queens at Ladyl. Box King of Prussia, PA 1 For info, contact: melpeg pmpub. Hotel info: Clarion Cleveland Airport West, call Write: P. November , Paradise In The Poconos , an extended weekend for CDs in the Pennsylvania Pocono mountains with parties, programs and lots of fun.

A fabulous three-day weekend of dressing, shopping, local tours and entertainment. For info email to mermaidenC aol. If you have info on an event, email it to us at events cdspub. If you have ever wondered how you could make a real concrete contribution to the community without risking your identity Donations in any denomination are gratefully accepted. The Transgender Fund is a 50 1 [c][3] tax exempt corporation and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Consult your accountant for details. The price for the weekend includes: 3 or 4 nights lodging, 9 or 12 meals, a cocktail reception, a Costume party, a fabulous Talent Show, Free workshops, tax and gratuity.

We have our own DJ, makeup artists, hair stylist and nail technician. Also attending are the great folks from Glamour Boutique, providing lingerie, wigs, stockings, shoes and just about anything else you could want or need. Write, call or email us for more information. Visit our Worldwide Web site and register online, or take a look at photos from the last weekend. We also cannot use "photos" you have printed from an inkjet printer. We need real glossy photographs. If you include your mailing name and mailing address on the back of your photo, we will print your address with your photo in the magazine so people can write to you directly.

If you are a subscriber, we'll forward mail for you for the length of your subscrip- tion. Write your customer number on your photos. Note: Do not write on the photos with ball point ink. Use a permanent marker. How To Reply to Photos If you want to write to someone whose picture ap- pears in the magazine, look for an address and write directly. Or, look for a forwarding number like FWD with the photo. How To Subscribe LadyLike is the publication that treats the subjects of transvestism and crossdressing as they should be treated, with respect and sophistication.

Chock full of great features and loads of photos, you won't want to miss a single issue. Every issue contains important and useful information to help you realize the "ladylike" qualities within yourself.