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Speakin of last night, huge team effort and crazyyy environment at Scotiabank thanks to the fans!!

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I lived off boba in high school and would have boba wars think laser tag but w tapioca pearls. Some of my close friends cant go one day without drinkin it jaychou lol Growing up in the US, a lot of Asian Americans have the experience of being embarrassed of our Asian lunches at school and wishing our moms would let us trade in our dumplings for sandwiches.

Jeremy Lin Of The Toronto Raptors Starts A Prayer Movement

Major shoutout to bobaguys , chaumeleon , ymfy and all the other awesome Asian people bridging cultures with our food and drinks!! We have so much culture to celebrate and offer to the world! Lin told his readers that prayer is an act that brings the person praying into a closer relationship with God. Reminding myself that prayer is for me and not for God has given me a different perspective," he shared.

Lin said that a person once told him, "I don't have a specific answer to my prayers, but I have noticed God answering me in a different way I expected; He's promoting change in me.

Jeremy & The Harlequins - "Like A Prayer"

Those notes, which developed into mini-lessons in prayer, became the skeleton structure for what would be the content of my first book, Ordinary Prayer. Writing for me is an act of obedience, but it is not only obedience.

Kingdom Come (Lord’s Prayer) – Jeremy Austill

I wrote Ordinary Prayer not only because I felt I should, but also because I felt there was a genuine need to help Christians gain a better grasp on the basics of a prayer life. I also, very practically, wanted to write a book that would help my church. The publishing world, and perhaps especially the Christian publishing world, is a fairly competitive environment.

The refusal of unsolicited manuscripts must be, as much as anything else, an act of self-defense. But more even than this, I recognize that I am, by and large, precisely nobody.


Lastly, it is my understanding that with modern publishing, authors are largely responsible for their own marketing. I also felt capable to typeset, format, and design both the interior and exterior of the book.

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All those things being the case, I concluded that I might as well do the publishing work myself, and harvest a greater portion of whatever revenue might come my way. Do I have my sights set on fame and fortune?