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That these olive branches failed to keep the church involved will deprive the Scouts of perhaps almost 20 percent of their members. Some Mormon boys might participate on their own. But it will not occur to many others who, like me, initially entered the program because everyone else at church was participating. Growing up Mormon, you are constantly surrounded by other Mormons. Stephen Stromberg is a Washington Post editorial writer.

He specializes in U. Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs. Tuesday, June 25, Sign In. Sign Out. Twenty-three original, Boy Scout-themed Norman Rockwell paintings were on display in Salt Lake City to celebrate the year relationship between Scouting and the Mormon church. An announcement Tuesday night, May 8, , by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Boy Scouts will mark an end to close relationship that lasted more than a century built on their shared values.

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The religion will move its remaining boys into its own scouting-type program. Who did MacKenzie Lueck meet? Salt Lake City police ask key person in this baffling missing person c. Commentary: Good journalism is gasping for air. Letter: There but for the grace of God. Lawsuit claims Utah hotel exploited immigrants. It read: [Read more…]. She is a talk producer at community radio station WORT Given the heightened sense of generational divide in America right now, thanks in no small part to deepening political polarization and an ongoing series of culture wars run amok, research like this is vital for the health of our communities.

Lona Gynt is a friend of BCC. Jessica is not her real name, but this can get confusing since she does not consider her legal birth name to be her real name either.

I met Jessica through my friend Sophia. Like me, Sophia is a transgender woman, but we do have some key differences. I am a lifelong Latter-day Saint.

Story of the First Vision

I have not openly transitioned socially to a female role, even though I have been treated with female hormones for many years to medically transition my body to match my internal identity and to combat overpowering gender dysphoria. Sophia lives in Europe, she is not Latter-day Saint, she has transitioned medically and socially to the female gender.

She is a compassionate and empathetic person, so I paid attention when she wrote me the following:. These chapters deal with the consummation of the ministry of Jesus: his suffering, crucifixion, and atoning death on the cross. It is easy in retrospect to valorize persecution and condemn persecutors: many religious groups the Saints included do this cultural work. Witness how the Church today remembers the arrest and imprisonment of Joseph Smith in Missouri, absolving him from any wrongdoing and attributing to him only righteous anger and noble sentiments. But how might we react today should the president of the church, say, storm into the Capitol Building in Washington DC, vandalize and destroy it, and be arrested and tried for treason?

How comfortable are we with a truly countercultural faith; one which would undermine those embedded assumptions that nearly all Americans take for granted: the comforts of our wealth and leisure, our fixation on our consumer-driven lifestyles, our shared devotion to meritocracy? How many of us would, like Peter, James, and John do in the Gospel of Mark, willingly give up our incomes and jobs and homes and begin to live as roaming, wandering preachers, if Jesus asked us to? To what extent do we see Jesus in the homeless, the poor, the oppressed, and are we really ready to do what it takes to be with them and stand with them?

Indeed, the Jews were expecting the Messiah to offer political liberation from the Romans, because their scripture and tradition and expectations had taught them to. They were comfortable with a faith which conformed to their cultural expectations, and so, very often, are we. How does Jesus challenge the ways in which we are blind to the kingdom of justice, mercy, and redemption that he calls us to?

How does the crucifixion shatter the ways that we are blind to the injustices and sins which must be eradicated before that kingdom might come forth? Across the four gospels, Jesus speaks seven times while on the cross. How does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints view Homosexuality as a whole the concept and its implications, rather than the acts of any particular individual or group. Take Our Poll Justify your answers below.

In the summer of a German tourist went hiking with her dog leashed to her waist in the Austrian Alps. Because the dog was fixed to her waist, and she did not hear the cows coming, the tourist ended up being trampled and suffered mortal injuries. Jennifer Roach is a mental health therapist who lives with her family in the suburbs of Seattle. Baptized 4 months ago. But I am no stranger to faith.

In Breakup with Boy Scouts, It’s Mormons Who Lose

I grew up in the mainstream Christian church. I loved being in church. I was there every time the doors were open, which was not nearly enough for me. I loved the Bible, sermons, singing. I gave my entire life to all of it. Most of the jobs I have had as an adult were in mainstream Churches. I am a religious, church-going woman to my core. But I was also completely gutted at church. For ten years, I was this guy: the goofball priesthood leader who volunteered for Girls Camp.

I kind of miss it already. Son of Man, Huh? What Does That Even Mean? I will use the text in Matthew as the basis for the lesson, adding in insights from the other Gospels as appropriate. For those who are participating in the conference, please post your notes, comments and observations here. Those who are unable to be there in person will greatly appreciate whatever nuggets you are able to share. Photo by Tristan Billet on Unsplash. Just as I have loved you, you should love one another.

This American Life

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. You are my friends if you do what I command you. I am giving you these commands so that you may love one another. I returned home on May 17th, after returning from my service as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Armenia. My mission was eight months long. Less than a month ago, I had no intentions of coming home. God, I suppose, intended otherwise, and I am doing my best to sort out the pieces.

I loved my mission. To be on a mission is to ground oneself in paradox in many respects. Such was my experience, at least.

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My mission constituted of a series of contrasts: there were moments where I felt closer to God than I ever had before, and moments where I never felt more spiritually detached. I lived as selflessly as I could, and because of that, I have never been more critically self-aware of all my own flaws and shortcomings. This, the biggest challenge of my life, brought with it the most significant amount of growth, refinement, and development.

Confessions of a Mormon Boy

My mission meant the world to me; it has since my teenage years, when I decided I wanted to serve. To part with it was heartbreaking at best, and I am still working to reconcile my return with the future course of my life. Public domain. That discussion was an excellent and substantive discussion of why the church might be interested in doing this, and the benefits of additional civic engagement. The church has been clear that it will continue to be neutral with respect to candidates and parties.

Still, there are people who worry that the specialists will be less nonpartisan than the church. Which brings up the question: can the church do this, or is it going to lose its tax exemption? And it would be absolutely crazy to teach this lesson without referring to Cake. In Mark 12, two or three but probably two groups of people try to trap Jesus. How does he avoid these traps? That assumption would be wrong—or mostly wrong, anyway.

I loved this boy too much to tell you or anyone else who he is. The problem is, when he smiles, he knocks stars out of the sky. This post is a review of Lincoln H.