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It was the fifth day of Sukkot, the holiday during which Jews are commanded to dwell outside in temporary houses with open roofs.

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The holiday calls for an act of vulnerability, Kaiman said, trusting that God will provide the protection needed. Kaiman was joined in the pouring rain by the Rev. Her church hosted one of the first community meetings in the days after year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in August. She, too, was willing to be arrested.

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But she said she was not planning to deliberately cross the line to get arrested. Blackmon and Kaiman were among hundreds of clergy and lay leaders from various faiths who spent four-and-a-half hours praying for peace and asking police officers nearby to admit that wrong had happened and be willing to work for change. Forty-three people were arrested.

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Kaiman and Blackmon were not among them. Clergy and lay leaders from a variety of faiths protest in front of the Ferguson Police Department on Oct. Credit Rachel Lippmann I St. Louis Public Radio.

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He said he trusted he had the love and support of his congregation for the action he was taking. Blackmon said she also believed she had the support of her congregation to take a stand. However, she said she is prepared for the day when that support may not be there. Blackmon said her congregants are being patient with the fact that her need to pastor the community has taken away from her time to serve the church in other ways.

Still, she isn't ignoring her church completely. The woman just wanted her pastor to be there the way she used to be.


But there has also always been a tension between the roles that religious leaders fill, Parr said. On the one hand, they are prophets who advise followers of the consequences of their actions. On the other hand, they are also educators for their congregation and the larger community. When is it appropriate to be calling people to live up to their best responsibilities?

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UPCaM — United Protestant Campus Ministry — is a Christ centered ministry which welcomes students in an open and caring community to connect, to explore their faith and to impact the world. UPCaM is a progressive campus ministry that is proud of its history as a program of mainline Protestant denominations and their historical emphasis on social justice, peace, and a spiritual openness to all human beings that is clearly exemplified in the ministry of Jesus. The mission is to serve the wider church while the students are on campus, be they far away from home or commuters.

Trinity is partnering with UPCaM to support the students at CSU during their academic careers and provide opportunities for vocational discernment.

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Barbara J. She makes herself available to students for informal conversation, spiritual guidance, and as a listening ear when a student needs to talk with someone.

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In addition to her ministry on campus, Barbara is available for supply preaching; mission presentations; and, leadership development and support. She also leads retreats, workshops, and Bible studies; conducts weddings, funerals, and memorial services; and teaches on a variety of subjects. Barbara is a nationally known writer and speaker.

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  • Her books are serious Bible studies with a twist—bringing to life biblical characters we know and love…and some we love to hate.