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Additionally, pre-orderers will receive the base game plus the Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLCs for free on September 17, which is a confusingly worded offer since those DLCs are also free with Destiny 2's New Light free to play version - more on that later. But hey, you get the base game for free.

Going forward, all Destiny 2 content will be available on an individual, a la carte basis, meaning you won't have to own or purchase any previous or additional content to access Shadowkeep. So even if you don't own Forsaken or the annual pass content, you'll still be able to play on day one. Shadowkeep's first proper trailer teases a horror-infused experience connected to Eris Morn, a Hive-adjacent and unpredictable ally from the original Destiny.

The trailer itself is a whole lot of close-ups and equally obscured panning shots, so while it is cool, it's not the most informative first look. With that in mind, let's review some story details Bungie shared separately. Obviously, Shadowkeep is set on Earth's moon and will see the return of Eris Morn. The moon's changed a lot since we last visited. It's covered in deep green cracks and a huge scarlet fortress manned by strange crimson Hive popped out of the ground, but Bungie says "it's not just about the Hive anymore.

Apparently, the answer is: ghosts of battles past. Shadowkeep is filled with "nightmares" based on previously vanquished foes - Crota and Ghaul appear as nightmares in the ViDoc, and others can be seen in the trailer - which have been resurrected by the Darkness. These nightmares are also partly based on Eris Morn's memories and traumas, and it appears she unwittingly helped manifest them. So, you're called in to do some good old-fashioned ghost busting.

To make matters worse, Cotton affirmed that "the Darkness is a lot closer than we realized. For example: it's going to take a new raid! Shadowkeep will introduce a new six-player raid set in the Black Garden, an alternate realm built by the Vex which was initially shown at the end of the original Destiny's main campaign.

Back in the day, the Black Garden was a gorgeous but shallow area filled with flowers and robots. It looks every bit as gorgeous in the Shadowkeep ViDoc, and seeing as how it's a full-fat raid this time around rather than a slap-fight with a blob of metal don't ask, it wasn't fun , there should be a lot more to it as well. What's interesting is that the Black Garden was accessed via Mars in the original Destiny, yet Shadowkeep is all about the moon. Comment: "Ooh la la Fresh clean towels! He can examine a painting on the wall.

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Comment: "Damn. I could paint this shit He can examine a map of Oregon. Comment: "I miss GPS already But at least we're progressing south He can examine a list of motel rules. Comment: "No worries. We don't have to build a fire tonight After sending Daniel to the bath, Sean can pick up his charged phone required. Comment: "Time to say goodbye to modern life Sean can clean up at the tap. Comment: "Dude You really look like shit He can look at the toiletries.

Comment: "My hair feels like it's coated in dirt. A shower after Daniel will be bliss. He can put the fresh towels on the towel rack.

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Comment: out loud "Daniel! You have towels in the bathroom. Don't forget to use them! He can look at and turn on the bath's faucet required. This hot water is going to feel soooo good He can look at and pour out a bottle of bubble bath.

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Comment: "Time to be a kid again Sean can look at an iron. Comment: "I tried to iron my shirts once Burned a hole through them. He can look at a patterned tie. Comment: "I can see why they left that tie He can examine a crumpled Three Seals Motel card. Comment: "A cheap souvenir for a cheap trip He can look at a dustpan. Like I'm gonna sweep the carpet Sean can look at an ashtray.

After finding it, she can see Chloe in the backyard through the attic window, who will then see Max and tell her to come down. The girls then attach the amulet to the telescope using tape in which Max has the opportunity to leave a flower on the grave where Bongo, Chloe's cat, is buried and use it to discover the location of the "treasure. Inside the capsule are various things that they once played with along with a tape from "Bloody Bill" who is William congratulating them. Max can play a message on the answering machine from a fellow student's mother about the incident at Blackwell that her daughter and Chloe were involved in.

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Chloe can reveal that she turned on a Bunsen burner near the other student in an act of anger after the student made fun of her clothes and called her a scholarship kid. Max can now succeed in telling Chloe about moving to Seattle after they have finished examining the time capsule or still delay telling her at this point.

If she does tell her, Chloe reveals that she already knew, having overheard their parents talking about it and that Max is moving away in 3 days. Shortly afterwards, Chloe's mom, Joyce Price , arrives home accompanied by Officer Anderson Berry , grieving and based on knowledge of the original game , informs Chloe the terrible news that her father has been killed in a car accident.

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Both of them, together with Max, break down in tears upon hearing the incident. A burial service is held and shortly afterwards Max is sorrowful being driven away by her parents as she watches Chloe and Joyce through the back window of the car. The car is loaded with belongings, indicating they are bound straight for Seattle. Chloe comes home and heads slowly upstairs to her room to find a note with "I'm sorry" attached to her cassette player. She plays the tape inside to hear a message from Max.

The message varies depending on whether Max chose to tell Chloe about moving to Seattle or not. Max didn't tell her about moving to Seattle: " Hey I have to tell you something.

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  8. I know that I should have before, and I I didn't mean to not tell you. I just Chloe, I'm moving to Seattle. We're leaving today. My dad got a job there and I don't know when I'll be back. I didn't want to go!

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    It wasn't up to me and it was all so sudden and I still kind of can't believe it's really happening I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. I'm so, so sorry.

    I hated thinking about us being apart, and I-- I didn't want you to have to think about it, too. I didn't want to see you sad.