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Praise for Yours for the Asking: An Indispensable Guide to Fundraising and Management "Reynold Levy is a master at persuading people to give money—lots of money—to worthy causes.

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Now he shares his wisdom with us all—and at a bargain price! He can squeeze big dollars out of a stone and he tells here just how to do it. Anyone raising money for a good cause must read this book! It should be required reading for boards of directors and senior staff of nonprofit organizations. The lessons learned from Ren? But I could not articulate better than Reynold Levy has done in Yours for the Asking the many secrets to successfully acquiring investors.

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If you wish to learn how to politely and effectively ask for contributions to a favorite organization or cause, you really need to purchase this highly readable, enjoyable and useful book. Diversify Funding Sources 2. Diversify Funding Methods 3. It s the Board of Directors, Stupid 4. Advice and Money: The Relationship 5. Fundraising: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Season 6. The Solicitor s Magic Words 7.

The Right Way to Ask 8. Shoe Leather Trumps Mail 9. No Is Not an Answer Baseball, Not a College Exam Fundraising as Apple Pie Fundraising Is a Team Effort Practice, Practice Philanthropy Is Biography Speed and Agility Matter The School of Hard Knocks Early Money: The Best Kind Donors Crave Recognition Philanthropists Need Help Merit Matters Reputation: Hard to Acquire, Easy to Squander Communicate, Early and Often Roles that Fundraisers Play Plan and Prepare Engaging Volunteers: A Management Priority.

Attitude and Temperament. To Ask: Popping the Question. The Qualities of Excellent Fundraisers.

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Ready, Set, Ask. Chapter 3. Asking, Face To Face. Appointment Secured: Now What? Please And Thank You. Donor Recognition: Here To Stay. Obstacles to Overcome.

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Chapter 4. The Parlance of Corporate Aid. Corporate Support Magnified.

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Small Business, Large Impact. Winning Business Support.

The Lincoln Center Experience. Take A Walk, Read Widely. The Foundation. Chapter 5. Technique: Special Events and Direct Mail. Special Events. Direct Mail Fundraising. Chapter 6. Tough Questions: Candid Answers. Emerging Nonprofits: Newer, Smaller.

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The Philanthropic Postmortem: Critiquing Performance. Fundraising In Stormy Weather. Fundraising Myths and Realities.

Donations that can Cost Too Much. Chapter 7. Diversify Funding Sources. Diversify Funding Methods. Advice And Money: The Relationship. Fundraising: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Season. The Solicitor's Magic Words. The Right Way To Ask. Shoe Leather Trumps Mail. No Is Not An Answer. Baseball, Not A College Exam. Fundraising As Apple Pie. Fundraising Is A Team Effort. Practice, Practice. Philanthropy Is Biography. Speed And Agility Matter. The School Of Hard Knocks. Early Money: The Best Kind. Donors Crave Recognition. Philanthropists Need Help.

Merit Matters. Communicate, Early and Often. The Roles That Fundraisers Play. Plan And Prepare. Spread The Gospel. Fundraising Is All About Tomorrow. Leaving a Legacy. Chapter 8. Humor And Fundraising. The Relentlessness of Fundraisers. The Elusiveness of Prospects. Fundraising is Heavy Lifting. The Imperative of Donor Recognition. The Lore of Frank Bennack, Jr. Politics Is Inexpensive. Major Prospects Enjoy Healthy Egos.