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If those thinkings and perceptions are not in accordance with the Heart, are not in alignment with the release of Light within your world, then you must saturate the Violet Flame through each cognized thought, each concept, each erg of energy, transmuting on the instant all that would stand to distort your vision, to distort the Image of Christ in Action.

Yes, beloved ones, where God is absent, there is no Life. And those areas of so-called protection will only bring a later date, a pushing back of the time cycles for that lifestream to come back into the Oneness with their own God Presence. It is designed to dissolve, consume, and totally transmute the cause, effect, record, and memory of all that would be present. For I tell you, beloved ones, as long as there are mega-thoughtforms that you reinforce with your negative concepts, you will be tied in to the fullness of the negative outpicturing of the astral plane.

We did not send forth those crying out in the land of doom and gloom and cataclysm. For beloved hearts, if you are in the Oneness with your God Flame, through the Holy Christ Self and your God Presence, there is no doom and gloom; there is no lack of abundance; there are no scars. For in the fullness of the Light of God, all is well. It is not outside our gaze. We do not wait for a cataclysm to review all of the records. For very clearly, there is a pulse.

There is a guidepost that must be maintained. There are those who think that We have not seen - that perhaps We have been too far away to be aware of all the comings and goings, all of the negativity, all of the hurt. For the true student on the Path of the Ascended Masters must realize that there comes a time when they have to stand in their own Light. This is not a path of training that you lean on your neighbor.

This is a Path that is very individual. Coming together in Community in groups allows for the reinforcement. It allows for the reminding of the gentle reminders of the Immaculate Concept for each - but it is none the less an individual Path. And many times you will feel very much alone - separated and apart, as though no one understands what you are going through - until out of the clear blue someone walks up and says: 'Oh I recognize how you feel.

Let me tell you a story. For yes, someone has walked the same Path. They know the steps that you take. They know the Path, for They have walked it. I know the pain. I know the uncomfortability, but I also know the Joy! I will not leave you without My Flame. I will not turn away. I cannot by Law, for I vowed to stay with you. It matters not if they know of the Ascended Masters. It matters not if they know of Kuan Yin or the Karmic Board. For each of these lifestreams is deserving of Mercy's Flame - for the encroachment upon their heart and upon their lives by the mega-force of this thoughtform.

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It is a responsibility that you vowed at inner levels to take on. Yes many even knew the anguish and the turmoils that they would be caught up in. But I tell you - how better to prepare for a Golden Age than to see what not to do? And that, beloved ones, comes about in the shutting down of the Heart - the guarding it so tightly that no one will ever touch it again.

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  5. This is a great pain to the Heart of the Ascended Masters. For the Mission was not to be caught up in any form of idolatry.

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    The Mission was, and still is, the Ascension in the Light! Beloved ones, this Violet Transmuting Flame is the full Power of God in Action to wipe out the causes and cores of all human mistakes, regardless of how, when, where, why or by whom they were made. Its Light and Flame never fail to act instantly at your call. The only appearance of delay or failure there can ever be anywhere is for the vacillating outer self of the unascended to give up too easily and too soon.

    Priestesses wear gold circlets with 7-pointed star and violet robes; Priests wear orange headdresses and yellow robes. Women Companions in violet, men in yellow. We pray to Thee with the words used by Thy devotees in Ancient Egypt. This prayer was recited by the departed soul in the Judgement Hall of the God Osiris, as the Heart was weighed against the Feather of Goodness and Truth.

    My heart whereby I came into being! May naught stand up to oppose me at the Judgement; may there be no opposition to me in the presence of the sovereign Princes; may there be no parting of Thee from me in the presence of Him that keepeth the Balance. Mayest Thou come forth into the place of happiness whither we go! May the Shenit, Who form the conditions of the lives of men, not make my name to be of ill repute!

    Let it be satisfactory unto us, and let the listening be satisfactory unto us, and let there be joy of heart unto us at the weighing of words! Let not that which is false be uttered against me before the great God, the Lord of Amentet. Verily how great shalt thou be when thou riseth in triumph!

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    Thy wing is upon the east side of the Ladder of the Deities. The God Thoth hath brought the Uatchat Eye, and He hath made it to rest after it departed after the storm. So Thou, Thoth, guardeth the Eye of Wisdom from the unruly passions of men! Justice, however, not only reveals the Truth, but also sees that the Law is maintained on earth.

    Starry Goddess, Thou didst depart from the race of men during the Iron Age. Thou didst once dwell on earth and met men face to face, nor ever disdained in olden time the tribes of men and women, but mingling with them took Thy seat, immortal though Thou art. Thou, men called Justice. Thou, assembling the elders, it might be in the marketplace or in the wide-wayed streets, uttered Thy voice, ever urging on them judgements kinder to the people. Nor yet in that age had men knowledge of hateful strife, nor carping contention, nor din of battle, but a simple life they lived.

    Far from them was the cruel sea and not yet from afar did ships bring their livelihood, but rather the oxen and the plough; and Thou, Justice itself and Queen of the peoples, Giver of things just, abundantly supplied their every need! In the Silver Age wast Thou still upon the earth. But when Thou hadst filled the great heights with gathering crowds, then wouldst Thou rebuke their evil ways, and declare that never more at their prayer wouldst Thou reveal Thy face to men!

    And Thou didst utter these words: "Behold what manner of race the fathers of the Golden Age left behind them! Far meaner than themselves! But ye will breed a viler progeny! Verily wars and cruel bloodshed shall be unto men and grievous woe shall be laid upon them. Then verily didst Thou, Justice, loathe that race of men and fly heavenward, and took up Thy abode in the stars. Now is come the last age of the song of Cumae, the Prophetic Sybil; the great line of the centuries begins anew!

    Now the Virgin Astraea returns, the Age of Saturn returns; a new generation descends from Heaven on high. I speak the words of the Sage, and lay it upon your hearts - how the Gods and mortal men sprang from one source! First of all the deathless Deities made a golden race of mortal men who lived in the time of Cronos, when He was reigning in Heaven. And in this Age of Saturn they lived like Gods without sorrow of heart, and remote and free from toil and grief; miserable age rested not on them; they made merry with feasting beyond the reach of all evils.

    "I will not leave you without My Flame."

    And they had all good things; for the fruitful earth unforced bore them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things, rich in flocks and beloved of the Blessed Deities. Know that the Deities also sent pure Spirits to dwell on the earth, who are kindly, delivering from harm and Guardians of mortal men. They still roam everywhere over the earth, clothed in Mist, and keep watch on judgements and cruel deeds and they are givers of good.

    The Divine Virgin Astraea is seen shining brightly by many who have the innocence of children. And those who bring forth Thy new age, O Saturn, will give straight judgements to strangers and the men of the land and go not aside from what is just. Their cities will flourish, and the people prosper in them. Peace, the nurse of children, will be abroad in all lands, and all-seeing Zeus never will decree cruel war against them. Neither famine nor disaster will haunt men who do true justice; but light-heartedly they shall tend the fields which are all in their care.

    Woolly sheep shall be laden with fleeces; the women shall bear fine children like unto their parents. They shall flourish continually with good things, for the grain-giving earth will bear them fruit. But for those who practice violence and cruel deeds, far-seeing Zeus, the son of Cronos, ordains a punishment, famine and plague; and evil men shall perish and their women bear no children, and the Son of Cronos shall destroy their wide armies and make an end of their ships! For the deathless Gods are near among men and mark all those who oppress their fellows, and reck not the anger of the Gods.

    For these Watchers roam all over the earth, clothed in mist. And the Virgin Astraea is honoured and reverenced among the Gods who dwell on Olympus, and whenever anyone hurts Her, who is Divine Justice, with lying slander, the people pay for the mad folly of their rulers. There are more than one of these goddesses in southern China, whose main function is to protect sailors and grant fertility.

    This line of reasoning has more credence due to the fact that Kuan-yin is regularly referred to as a the ruler of Potalaka Mountain on the South Sea, coming from the Cave of Tidal Sound. While most of these goddesses are portrayed demurely, they are frequently shown in the ornate garb of an Empress. Kuan-yin is most often dressed quite simply - nothing fancy. While each of these influences probably had some influence on the evolution of Kuan-yin there is one more unorthodox connection that bears exploring - the Mother Mary of Christianity.

    On the initial glance their iconography is incredibly similar - both dressed demurely, both frequently adorned with rosary beads, both shown with babies in their arms, both devoid of sexuality, both worshipped universally in their respective parts of the world. Although visually similar, what other connection is there? After all there is no Christianity in China at this time, you say. This was the prevalent view through the 20th century.

    Then stone tablets were discovered which commemorated the establishment of Christianity in Sian in AD. Further in archaeologists discovered a shrine to the Mother Mary in the vicinity of Beijing, which was commemorated in AD. They migrated east to escape persecution. This was the same time period that the cult of the Mother Mary emerged in Europe, inspiring multiple churches and cathedrals devoted to Notre Dame, our Mother.

    What happened? The tolerant Tang dynasty, which encouraged religions and cultures from throughout the world, was gradually replaced by the intolerant Tang dynasty after they lost a significant battle to the Muslims. In the latter centuries of the first millennium there was a backlash against foreign religions, including both Christianity and Buddhism. Hundreds of temples were destroyed and thousands of priests were defrocked.

    Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) Mantra - Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

    All evidence of Nestorian Christianity was destroyed. Although the worship of both Kuan-yin and Mother Mary was virtually non-existent during the first half of the first millennium, by the first centuries of the second millennium the worship of both was nearly universal in their respective cultures. The emergence of Mother Mary is equally mysterious to the rise of Kuan-yin because this is the Dark Ages of Europe when literacy and record keeping were on the decline.

    Whatever the truth is, both are modern day representatives of fertility and compassion. In her compassion she researches the journey for our virtuous man. She finds him four disciples. Each of the four is no mere mortal, but fallen Immortals. The third is a young dragon, who had accidentally set fire to the palace, burning some pearls. The fourth is Monkey, who had wreaked havoc upon heaven.

    Intro Heavenly Beings

    Each of the four was banished from heaven to the world of dust here on earth for their transgressions. On the surface for the Westerner, it is hard to understand why the punishments for the disciples are so extreme for such minor transgressions. The Sand Monk accidentally broke a crystal cup. The punishment hardly seems to fit the crime. Why then are the punishments so extreme? On the surface, the extremity could be related with the Chinese obsession with orthopraxy - correct behavior. But this is like trying to swim through the air. The truth is that the entire alchemical process of transformation requires the utmost care to bring it to completion.

    The pearls are an alchemical term for the internal pill of vitality that is created in the process. In his carelessness he has burned the pills of vitality. Interestingly this is a crime against his family.

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    This points once again to the theme of social responsibility. His carelessness has not only affected him but his family as well. Another aspect of their sins has to do with leaking the vital energies. This also threatens the alchemical process by draining the vitality that is necessary to generate the transformational Heat. In this case it is somewhat linked with sexuality. A part of the Chinese tao is that sperm needs to be retained rather than carelessly dissipated in frequent sexual activity, which leaks the vital seed.

    This is a constant theme throughout the Journey. Tripitaka is a virgin who is constantly tempted and threatened with sex throughout the many episodes. Because he resists all temptations, the Journey is ultimately successful.