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Subtitled "Impressions of Lake Superior Country," Sowerby's depiction of a trip to the Canadian woods near the Great Lakes includes sights and sounds familiar to anyone who's been Up North: still forests, bubbling rivers, shimmering water Much of the dramatic action of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake takes place at a lake, where the enchanted ladies live as swans during the day. Beneath the tranquil waters of one unnamed Czech lake lives an evil goblin perhaps he resembles a snapping turtle?

Friday Alan Hovhaness: Symphony No. He, however, has never had a place in which he belongs. He goes between heaven and hell, trying to find a place; but the gorilla, by definition, does not belong among men, and therefore he is put in a cage. He opens the door and attempts to shake hands with the animal, who responds by crushing his ribs and then shuffling off. Yank realizes that he is dying and crawls into the gorilla's cage, holding himself upright by the bars, and then dies.


O'Neill's final stage direction suggests that "perhaps the Hairy Ape at last belongs," a rather pessimistic thought. Yank is a symbolic rather than a polemical figure. He reacts against society because he can find no place in it, and he is destroyed by his discovery that society has no use for such a man as he. But he is not to be read as a disappointed revolutionary.

Rather, he is a symbol of modern man searching for certainties in a world which has lost its ancient truths. The days when men and the sea were one as Paddy suggests are finished, and at first Yank believes that steel and machinery have taken their place.

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He is, therefore, the exemplar of a man who has accepted the dreams and promises of industrial society, only to find them wanting, like Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman , or destructive, as Reuben Light in Dynamo discovers when he wishes to become one with the machine. For some people, and this includes Brutus Jones in The Emperor Jones , society has no place, and therefore they must look elsewhere. Jones is forced to relive his lost past; but Yank, having no such resources, takes on the identity of the animal he resembles.

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But even the animal refuses this identification, and Yank is destroyed. Originally O'Neill had planned to make this character an Irishman but later had second thoughts. The play gains immediacy by the change. A wizened Irishman given to dreaming of the past and continually recalling the lost days of sail when man and the sea were one. A fellow-fireman with Yank. Power Politics. At the Bottom of the River.

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