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Mozart - 12 Horn Duos (Nos 4-6), K.487/496a (1786)

Clanwilliam : Die droogte 3. Clanwilliam : Ou man se stoute seun 4.

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Ek is 'n recce : Wagstaan en die generaal 3. Ek is 'n recce : Moral of the story 4. Ek is 'n recce : Sersant se nuwe hond 5.


Ek is 'n recce : Die boksie metchies in die supermark 6. Ek is 'n recce : Huursoldate 7. Recce dae : Rooikappie en die 3 varkies 8. Recce dae : Army Bedford deur 'n rooi robot 9. Recce dae : Outydse tandarts op die grens Recce dae : Speedcop Recce dae : Poedelteef se probleme met diereunhond Recce dae : Die sersant se African Grey Recce dae : JET Rugby : Dogter in die ander tyd Rugby : Piet Rugby : Swingry by die merrygoround Diere maniere : Ek en die bobbejane Diere maniere : Bokke oppas en die bobbejane Diere maniere : Bosluis tepel diere kroeg Gammat Julies : Die rowwe polisieman Gammat Julies : Alcoholic Anonymous Gammat Julies : Die verhaal van die drie bere Gammat Julies : 'n Kroegman se logika Gammat Julies : Die mechanic en die predikant Gammat Julies : Die carpenter en sy handlanger Gammat Julies : 'n Tjek wat hop Gammat Julies : Die ou vrou en die terpentyn Gammat Julies : Gammat se troue Gammat Julies : Die padvark Arranged by Paul Paradise.

The book provides the reader with a unique insight into this famous bass guitar, and of the many people who have influenced its path over the last 60 years. Got one to sell? Each of the pieces is based on a peasant melody, with two exceptions. The pieces are arranged roughly in order of difficulty. See more like this.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 12 Duos K496a/K487: Violin Duet

I seem to have lost the violin part. I'm hoping some accompanist is looking to save money by purchasing only the piano part! Small violin part included above piano accompaniment. No pencil markings, no tears. A little discoloration on the cover. Many of the pieces in this collection have long been recognized as stepping stones to the major violin repertoire, while others are newly published works.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 12 Duos K496a/K487: Violin Duet

Edition Peters. Only 1 left! Published by Editio Musica Budapest Z Small tear to top of front cover at spine. By Fritz Kreisler. Foley, , Violin part - 3 pages, Piano part - 7 pages. Condition as shown in photos. Cover and pages of each part very slightly worn. Foley, , Violin part - 3 pages, Piano part - 6 pages.

Composer: Carl Stamitz. For Two Flutes or Two Violins. Six Duets, Op.


Espriti Philippe Chedeville Here is a collection of six Dance Suites from the Rococo period that are fun to play and easy to listen to. They are ideal for reading as well as performance. Arranged by C. Paul Herfurth. Christmas Carols Songbook for Violin and Piano.

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Boston Music Co, , violin part - 11 pages, piano part - 24 pages. Away in the Manger. Joy to the World. Composer: Sigr. Fascimile copy. Vladimir Bodunov's challenging duet arrangements make it possible to achieve a rich orchestral-like sound with only two instruments. He has taken great care to make the instruments equal in importance; the solo and accompaniment roles constantly alternate.

Edition Peters, , Violin part - 19 pages, Piano part - 35 pages. Book in good overall condition. Publisher: Gerard Billaudot. Composer: Johann-Sebastian Bach. For Flute or violin and piano. Plaisir De La Flute. Eight easy pieces for violin. This book includes a separate part for the Violin. For Violin and Piano.

A separate Violin part is included. Arranged by Gustav Lenzewski. Schott, Violin part: 20 pages, Piano part: 59 pages. Schmid: Lullaby.