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He would experience our challenges and temptations — but He would not sin. He would demonstrate to us how God wants us to live. As the Lamb of God, Jesus would lovingly lay down His life to pay the ultimate price of our sins death so that we may be fully reconciled to God. All of this was completed by Jesus Christ more than two thousand years ago. Next, the Messiah will return to claim his right to rule forever. When the Messiah returns, it will be in the great glory and power that the Jewish people are expecting. At that time, they will recognize their Messiah.

They will look upon the one whom they pierced. They will be deeply saddened when they realize what they had done to Him:. They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.

Zechariah Jesus Christ Yeshua was pierced when he was nailed to a cross. He willingly paid the price for our sins so that we could be forgiven and reconciled to God. And yet, while hanging there in excruciating agony, he lovingly forgave those who crucified him and asked the heavenly Father to forgive them:.

Luke Jesus longed to gather the Jewish people to him but they were not ready to receive him. Jesus was Jewish. Does it then mean that biblical Judaism evolved into a new faith called Christianity which now must be adopted by Jews? Not at all.

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In fact, salvation is a gift which was extended to those who were not born Jewish, but there is a warning for them not to forget how they got in on this good thing. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. In the last few years, some gentile believers and churches have tried to be more authentic in returning the faith to its roots. That has included the celebration of biblical feasts Passover — which is a perpetual feast or Succoth — the Feast of Tabernacles which must be celebrated in the end of days according to Zechariah Some groups have changed their meeting day to Saturday instead of Sunday, going back to the origin of the biblical Sabbath day as instituted in the Ten Commandments.

These are personal decisions, but Jews cannot be expected to adopt a foreign religion with foreign practices that they see as not belonging to them. So what is true biblical Judaism and who are Jews called to be? Per Jeremiah , they are called to be those whose hearts will have the laws written on them — meaning that the knowledge of the Lord will be so ingrained in them that it will permeate all they do and say.

Miracles of Healing

It is only then that God will acknowledge them as His own. They will still remain a discernable and distinguishable people, because their lives will bear witness to a living faith. That is the life intended by God for the Jewish nation and one which will impact the entire world. Like this article? Help it reach more people!

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Donate to Kehila News. Ron Cantor Dec 4, 0. Embassy to Jerusalem. That was the slam dunk moment. Prophetically it made perfect sense. Indeed, he did not recognize Jerusalem or announce an embassy move. Many Trump supporters claim that this was all planned out with the Israeli government. They feel that if God helped get him in power, we owe him blind loyalty. But I do read the papers and Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders were none too happy regarding the about-face. Yes, Netanyahu put on a nice face for the public, recognizing that Trump is an extreme makeover from the contentious relationship he had with Obama.

Obama and his team seemed to have a love affair with evil regimes Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, etc and even made excuses for why people join ISIS they just want jobs! He viewed Israel with disdain. He was waiting for the 50 th anniversary of Jerusalem. The ousted Steve Bannon, who was urging Trump to move the embassy immediately, puts the blame on the embattled Jarod Kushner. And, according to three Bannon allies, Bannon pushed a tougher line against the Palestinians than Kushner did.

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Kushner, who understood that his already impossible job of negotiating peace between the Palestinians who celebrate murderers and are in cahoots with Hamas, who wants to destroy the Jewish nation and democratic Israel, would only be more difficult if his father-in-law president recognized Jerusalem and moved the Embassy. But this ultimate deal, according to Scripture, will be brokered by antichrist! Many scholars believe that this covenant will between Isreal and the nations.

The Temple will be rebuilt and then in the middle, the antichrist will desecrate it. And then we must ask: Is it a coincidence that Mr. Michael Flynn ready to testify against him? Though the Arabs rejected it, it set the stage for the May 14, Declaration of Independence in Israel. That date passed last week. A people walked the earth for years without a country, but God watched over us and brought us back to our own land. Maybe dates are not important to the president, as rumors are swirling that the United States is prepared to fulfil half the promise as early as next week!

The announcement would be a way to offset a likely decision delaying his campaign promise to move the US Embassy to the holy city from Tel Aviv, the US officials said. Either way, this is an issue that will come up every six months, as congress passed a law that Bill Clinton signed, which says that every six months the U. Had Trump not so boldly declared his intention to move the embassy, this would not be such a big deal. We elected Donald Trump because he was not conventional.

Ron and wife Elana make their home in Tel Aviv. Eric Tokajer Dec 3, 0. Illustrative image - the Negev desert. This week, I continue traveling across Israel and one thought that keeps traveling through my mind is how often the different characters we read about in the Bible walked and re-walked over the exact same places. We see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob journeying in the same location through the wilderness and valleys that we later read about Joshua and Caleb walking. We continue to read about King David and the Prophets traveling in the same locations and even in the last book of the Bible, Revelation, we read about these same valleys and mountains.

Think about it: generation after generation walking back and forth over the exact same pieces of property. The people prospered at times, were then overtaken by their enemies, and dispersed from Israel only to return once more to start what appeared to be the same cycle over again. It would only be human to wonder if it was all just pointless.

It has often been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Yet, we find the Children of Israel continuing to journey North, South, East and West over the same ground, doing the same things year after year. Although, I hope everyone reading this will — it is a life changing trip.

Let me try to answer. Over the past few months, I have been dialoging with both ministry leaders and young people with a desire to be involved in ministry about the generational differences in thoughts and mission mindsets. Each generation, just as the generations of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, are traveling the same journey over the same ground with the same goals. Yet, each generation with the advances in education, technology, and experience believes they can improve the way they journey and bring about better results than the generation before.

They want to make a real difference. They want to change the world.

祝福のメシアとアイの塔 (Shukufuku no Messiah to Ai no Tou)

Having seen the messiah, Simeon is now prepared to die. In the free ebook Who Was Jesus? Where was he really born—Bethlehem or Nazareth? Did he marry? Is there evidence outside of the Bible that proves he actually walked the earth? Anna then approaches the Holy Family. She is 84 years old, according to Luke, and she does not want to die: She wants to proselytize.

Like the disciples who will follow her, she is driven to bear witness to what she has seen. Mary was the first to have the good news announced to her, but Anna is the first woman to understand fully and proclaim the good news. Unlike Simeon, Anna is not just visiting the Temple for the day; she is there all the time. Perhaps she was part of some sort of order of widows Luke tells us her husband died after only seven years of marriage who had specific religious functions in the Temple. She may have been able to undertake this role in the Temple because she was no longer in periodic states of ritual impurity caused by menstruation.

Mary startles when Gabriel and God the Father appear in her home and interrupt her prayers. Interestingly, in both, the woman is portrayed as the more positive example of discipleship. The women are not only more receptive to the message, they are more willing to act upon it, with Elizabeth realizing that her cousin is carrying the messiah and praising God for this blessing and Anna spreading the good news. Alfred Plummer, in his classic commentary on Luke, suggested that the difference between Anna and Simeon provides a clue to Luke as a salvation historian, a chronicler of the mighty acts of God for his people through the ages.

Yes, a messiah has arrived, as Simeon recognizes, but, as the prophetess Anna suggests, a new era, with a new and living voice of prophecy, has at the same time dawned. Anna is the first in a line of prophetic disciples who will speak about Jesus to all who were looking for the redemption of Israel.

Not everyone can be a prophet, however.

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Mary, for example, does not fully understand what Anna immediately recognizes. Twelve years after the presentation of Jesus in the Temple, the Holy Family returns to Jerusalem and Jesus returns to the Temple, this time by himself. Mary and Joseph search for him frantically for three days. Look, your father and I have been searching for you in great anxiety. This will come through the ministry of Jesus and particularly through the cross and resurrection. This article was originally published in Bible Review. Not a BAS Library member yet? Sign up today.

Clearly, Luke is not painting an idealized portrait of Mary or Joseph. Rather, he paints a very human and realistic picture of Mary and Joseph as good parents, anxious, concerned, striving to be obedient and understanding, but not yet comprehending. Rather in 2. Of course, in the end, Luke portrays Mary as successfully making the spiritual journey into the family of faith; in Acts , when the apostles gather in the upper room after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, Mary is with them.

But the story of Simeon and Anna suggests Mary had much to learn before she could enter into the Kingdom, and into the spiritual family of faith, which they already belonged to, and which is to be the primary family of Jesus in the eschatological age. Luke portrays the rise of a form of Judaism that would rely on the testimony of women as well as men, and that would empower them once again to fulfill roles like Miriam of old.

The first Christmas and the Christ child come at a particular point in time, but for many, like Mary and Joseph, the significance of the event is only understood incrementally and over the course of many years. And at the outset of a long chain of such prophetic insights stand Simeon and Anna, one satisfied that prophecy has been fulfilled and the other pointing to the future, a future as bright as the promises of God. The article was first republished in Bible History Daily on February 12, Raymond E. Brown and Karl P. Donfried, eds. Andrews University in Scotland.

He is now considered one of the top evangelical scholars in the world, and is an elected member of the prestigious SNTS, a society dedicated to New Testament studies. Witherington has presented seminars for churches, colleges and Biblical meetings in the U. At the Temple scene, Mary definatly shows she knows this by how she address him after looking for him for three days.

She is not shaking in her boots because inwardly Jesus is the Son of God. Which she knows fullwell, she had pondered this in her heart. God gave her a job to do and she is doing it. You can be sure God the father and Holy Spirit let Him know about it. He had been baptized and already started gathering his disciples. A tour to the pyramids of Giza will reveal some fascinating facts about the historical past and tradition of historical Egypt. For such a learned scholar he does not read throughly all of Luke.

Elizabeth was the first to call Mary the mother of my Lord! Mary also tells the Archangel Gabriel she agrees to having the Son of God. I enjoyed your article and found only one flaw which to some lends itself to your research or thoroughness of it. Anna was about years old — depending upon when she wed.