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By their fifth year, all but Remus Lupin , who was a werewolf , had secretly become unregistered Animagi in order to assist Remus during his transformations. The Marauders were frequently out of their beds at night, and explored Hogwarts' grounds and the village of Hogsmeade during their transformations. In the period between their fifth and seventh years at Hogwarts, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter created the Marauder's Map , a small, bewitched roll of parchment that displayed the castle grounds and inhabitants of Hogwarts — including all staff, ghosts and students — in great detail.

At an unspecified point, Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch confiscated the map and kept it in a drawer in his office labelled 'Classified and Highly Dangerous'. Fred and George Weasley stole the map in their first year, and later passed it on to Harry Potter in Harry had been the sole owner of the map since then. The Marauders in their fifth year at Hogwarts. It was discovered in Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts that James and Sirius often bullied Snape calling him 'Snivellus' and using humiliating spells on him , while Peter cheered them on.

Although he greatly disapproved of their bullying, Remus did not try to stop them, something he would later come to regret.

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In their Hogwarts years, the Marauders were affiliated with Patricia Rakepick , a Gryffindor student four years above them who shared their interest in breaking rules. They also shared their dislike towards Snape. Rakepick knew about the Marauder's Map as well. The Marauders would all go on to become members of the original Order of the Phoenix against the Dark Lord, Voldemort , as adults.

Peter Pettigrew, though belonging to the Order of the Phoenix, later turned on his friends in favour of Voldemort's protection. The theory of this was that it was least expected option of choice, further protecting the secret. In a selfish act to save himself, however, Peter revealed the location of the Potters' cottage to Voldemort and betrayed his friends. Consequently, James and Lily were murdered at the hands of the Dark Lord in an attempt to protect their infant son, Harry , from being hurt. Peter had successfully faked his own death and remained the victim to Sirius' falsely alleged crimes.

Sirius' years in Azkaban were spent with the knowledge that he was innocent, and that the true traitor and killer was Peter Pettigrew.

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So strong was the belief that Sirius was guilty that the fourth Marauder, Remus, thought one of his oldest friends was a killer and the reason that the Potters ' location had been revealed to Voldemort. Sirius' goal was to seek revenge on his former friend Peter Pettigrew, whom he had discovered was still alive and currently hiding as Ron Weasley 's pet rat, Scabbers, at Hogwarts. He met Harry Potter at this time, and discovered that Peter was alive from the Marauder's Map , further concluding that Sirius was innocent.

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Lupin kept his lycanthropy a secret from the students and staff. Sirius's wanted poster after his escape from Azkaban.

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The old friends were about to finish Peter once and for all, but Harry Potter stopped them, telling them that Peter should be taken to Azkaban to clear Sirius's criminal record. His latest project, Miracle Workers, marks his first time starring in an original series for American television. While some film actors sneer at TV, Radcliffe has an open mind about it, both for himself and the character that made him famous.

It's fashionable to dislike J. Rowlings' follow-up series to the Harry Potter films, but Radcliffe isn't pooh-poohing the Newt Scamander-lead films either. As far as he sees it, in this era of reboots, remakes, and reimaginings, it's all just par for the course. He told TV Guide in a recent interview he fully expects to see Harry Potter rebooted in his lifetime.

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Radcliffe doesn't just think there will be a Harry Potter reboot, he assumes it will be one made for the small screen instead of the big one. It's not an off-base assumption either, considering Lord of the Rings , which came out at the same time the early Potter films did, are already being remade for Amazon Studios streaming service as episodic TV.

When this unexpected trio is shot back through time they are unaware of just how much their actions are reshaping their world. And due to jealousy, lust and betrayal the boy who lived may not even exist in the future.

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Scarlett was normal but she always dreamed of being extraordinary. Of course she never expected her dream would come true in the form of a letter, school, wand, and four friends that sometimes seem more trouble than they're worth. Should she tell?

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With the way the Gryffindor boys are acting do they deserve to know? Lily Evans and the Marauders comes first but there are only a few references so it's not necessary to read first. This time, he was alone when a train came for him. Wormtail had never managed a Patronus.

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Wisps of silver, yes, but barely enough to even be classed as corporeal. It was hopeless. Perhaps, he thought, perhaps there was bravery in accepting his fate. Four boys lives are changing with the world around them as war looms over the wizarding world. This is an unapologetically 70s look at the marauders lives. From the very beginning. Draco Malfoy was set an impossible task. In his efforts to avoid it no matter the cost, he found himself accompanied by the only idiot impulsive enough to get in his way on a quest to kill Voldemort before the height of his power.

Severus presents as an Omega and everything just seems to get worse.