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Missing lyrics by Elton John?

Back to our coffee break. The real point was that women not only thought they had done something warranting an apology more often, but when compared to their male counterparts, they also rated the very same action as far more offensive too. When placed in the context of other research, this becomes an even more interesting story.

In other words, when a woman says sorry, she does not necessarily mean it is her fault, but is empathising with the other person, rather than acknowledging her own personal blame. The plot thickens even further when we throw into the mix that neuroscientists have long noted disparities between the male and female brain: Men tend to have proportionally more white matter in their heads, indicating a thick web of connections that strengthen orgnisational skills and problem solving.

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word [Radio Edit]

Women have greater connectivity between the left side of the brain, where logic and facts are mostly processed, and the right side, in charge of non linear thought like creativity and perception — this greater flow of signals between left and right may explain why women are better at connecting language and emotions. But so what? And who cares in the frenetic pace of a twenty-four hour office, where time waits for no man.

And no woman either for that matter. Let them read their magazine articles and be done with it.

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And major misunderstanding. And therefore, rather large amounts of conflict. And none of that is good for your office. Or your figures.

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Men could perhaps realise that his female client is just looking for some understanding, some form of acknowledgment about how she must be feeling, rather than assuming she is after an admission of guilt, signed, sealed and delivered with personal blame and appropriate punishment. And he might realise that she is looking to build a good working relationship with him by doing this and that it will only help him to build that ever elusive rapport, rather than damaging his much prized and over rated ego.

And whisper it quietly, but he may even be right. The song is also featured prominently in the movie Slap Shot starring Paul Newman.

Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

The song was a Top 20 hit, reaching No. In addition, the song went to No.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

The song was covered in by English boy band Blue for their second studio album, One Love The song was recorded as a collaboration with Elton John , and was the second single from the album. It has been recorded as a duet, in Spanish, and has even featured Elton John himself on a couple of versions. In , Joe Cocker covered this song. It was released as a single but failed to chart. In , the boy band Blue recorded the song with Elton John who received a featured artist credit.

This version was produced by multi-platinum producer Ray Ruffin and was a hit throughout Europe and went to No.

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It would turn out to be the last recording Charles ever did before his death that June. Also in , Mary J. The Duets Album.

Peter Brindley: Sorry seems to be the hardest word

In , the Australian electron pop duo Pnau , signed by Elton John to his own management company, Rocket Music, [8] produced a remix album of eight Elton tracks. The single was the lead single for the eight-track remix compilation Good Morning to the Night in collaboration with Australian remixer Pnau , which came out on 16 July The "so sad" lyric, alongside with elements of previous hits was merged into Elton John's new single "Sad", which had its first play on Magic Template:Blue band Template:Elton John songs.