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The campaign revolves around advocating free, compulsory education for all Children between the ages of 5 years in Pakistan. Increasing the standard of education that is currently being provided by the State is an integral part of the campaign; however, its heart and soul revolves around building awareness that the provision of education is […]. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator.

À Côté brings Georgian food, the 'next big thing,' to Oakland — Berkeleyside

Businesses who succeed in these cut-throat environments are the ones that make customer satisfaction a key element of their business strategy. TNBT has been extremely easy and professional to work with. They are quite aggressive and keen about supporting CSR projects, where they provided their in-depth support in the website development of Ansar Burney Trust for which we are graciously thankful. They are organised and friendly and have an in depth knowledge of digital that becomes apparent as soon as you meet them.

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Responsive, Adept and solution oriented are some of the qualities that set TNBT apart from other social and digital media experts. Working with TNBT has been a great experience since the launch of our new brand Nine Leaves which they launched successfully on the social media in a very responsive and professional way.

We thank them for a successful launch and continues support to our brand to spread and grow in the market. We thank them for the job well done and appreciate their support on delivering the digital marketing agenda for the bank. TNBT has helped us in taking things forward on the social media platform by generating relevant content. I have been impressed with the friendliness and responsiveness I have gotten consistently over the years. About Us Ahoy!

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With the glitches of the daily routine and the hustle of time, we are the creators of innovative inventions. We deliver what we promise and drive the whole campaign with our energetic and fantastic teamwork! We work day in and day out to serve our clients with the best.

So whatever task comes to our hands we craft it with our ingenious thoughts and make it stand out from the crowd. We are here to provide you with the landscape of advanced methods that are destined to introduce your brand to the digital surface and make it reach to the top. We not only welcome the existing digital players, but we also help flourish brands that initiate the move to step into the digital sphere.

However, there are still big technology issues to be solved before smart glasses are anywhere near ready for mass consumer adoption. A one-quarter blip is unlikely to worry Apple very much and is easy enough to bounce back from. However, the longer-term question of the post-iPhone future remains. It's hard for some to remember life before the iPhone, and it's equally difficult to visualise life after it, too. Apple smartwatch market share drops below 45 percent: ABI Research.

Bad news for Apple is good news for Apple buyers. Apple has issued its first profit warning since , and the first since the company entered into the smartphone era. But a situation that might be gloomy for investors will be good news for those who want to buy Apple products.

Apple loses the plot with iPhone XR. In a New Year, Apple reveals that iPhone sales are softening. With a new ad, it also reveals it doesn't know how to market the iPhone XR. Apple: Beginning of the end, or a new beginning? Apple's Q1 revenue miss: Here are the 5 takeaways you need to know. Apple doesn't do small.

A lengthy first quarter preannouncement gave Apple fans and critics a lot of fodder to consider. Apple cuts Q1 revenue outlook due to weak iPhone sales, Chinese market. Revenues will come in lower than a year prior, Apple warned, due to a rough economic climate in China and fewer iPhone upgrades than expected. Java, JavaScript, or C? Which programming language earns you the most?

Why the next big thing in fintech is not mobile payments

Python vs R and biggest salaries: Top data science job trends. Cyberwarfare escalation just took a new and dangerous turn. Companies are losing revenue opportunities and customers because of bad data practices. New report shows that poor data structure seems to be a significant barrier at many organizations. US-China tech cold war heats up: But Huawei has other irons in the fire. As the trade dispute bites, Chinese tech giant Huawei is pushing on with efforts in regions like the Balkans. In a driverless future, virtual car accidents save lives. Sims are driving the autonomous vehicle revolution by promising safe, fast development.

But not all simulators are created equal. NDIA implementing data-matching and analytics to thwart fraudulent claims. In probing its fraud prevention capabilities, the Australian National Audit Office has asked the agency to prioritise such activities.

Images are the way of the future – will it be the future of search? We think so.

Could a Raspberry Pi be your next desktop PC? Could this be the future of PCs?

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Big bad Libra: Do we really need or want Facebook to reinvent money? Facebook's cryptocurrency scheme will undoubtedly generate value and a following. But if the hairs on the back of your neck start to raise up, you're not alone. Amazon robotics VIP joins microlocation tech company.

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The opportunity in automation is in providing the tools that make robots indispensable. Victoria to trial automated vehicles in partnership with Telstra and Lexus.