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There is a huge shift occurring right now in the world where the fabric of the traditional work place is being disrupted by technology. What I mean by this is truly finding yourself on a deep level is critical to your survival and ability to thrive in your highest good within this economy. This can lead to mild even severe depression, low self esteem and simply a complete lack of inspiration about life.

The reality is that we all want to feel a sense of satisfaction in our lives and believe it or not, we need the obstacles, challenges and struggles that show up in our lives too.

What People Are Doing When They Travel To Find Themselves

The way I see it, and have personally experienced it, finding yourself can be a lot like playing hide and go seek with your natural mental talents. Think about those for a minute and ask yourself if you have ever questioned your direction.

At one time, we probably all found ourselves questioning our roles and direction in life. Think about this for a moment. Your beliefs about yourself and the world are propped up by the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis and are reinforced by the emotions you put behind them. You may even have a better idea of what finding yourself means, but how do you go about doing it?

What If You Found Yourself

Edwards Deming. Our lives are currently demonstrating our thoughts, beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves on a daily basis. So how do we begin to take charge and no longer be at the mercy of the world around us? Quieting the mind is one of the most important practices you can engage in.

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I do it every morning myself. I actually feel a deep sense of calm in most cases and feel refreshed and energized afterwards. Sure I have days where my meditation is turbulent and not as smooth however I still maintain my practice. Quieting the chatter within you can lead you to a greater sense of clam and allow you to make space for the next two steps. Meditation can very much be an ebb and flow scenario where you simply learn to ride the wave of your internal self. Values could be a post all on their own however the high level idea is this:.


This way when you look at what your life is currently demonstrating you can see quiet clearly what you value least, based on the chaos around it, and what you value most based on the order you bring to it. The key is to observe it and discover if the beliefs and behaviors are in fact your own and if so to be at peace with it. So you can see a model of how deep values can run and how they can influence our behavior you can see the 5 levels below From Timeline Therapy: Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall.

Pretty simple concepts but could be easily over looked as a solution to assisting in finding yourself. Our work is a big part of our identity.

Traveling and finding yourself is good for the soul. Here are my major takeaways:

At least here in the western world it is. You just look outside of yourself and to the world and discover how you can leverage your non-talents with people who have that talent in support of your goal. Outsource so you stay authentic to your natural talents. Maximize your dependence on your natural mental talents and minimize your dependency on your non natural talents.

This is what I meant earlier by playing hide and go seek with your natural mental talents. In all such instances, we enter an alternate reality in which we draw on different sides of ourselves and each time we do so we come back slightly changed. Being untrue to ourselves helps us break bad patterns. His rituals liberated people from the notion of any sort of essential self. Here again, the notion of living life by breaking from who you think you are can help.

By breaking from his vision of himself he found an expansive and unexpected life. It is liberating to understand the self and the world to be unstable, imperfect and fragmented. This gives us all the more opportunity to shift things on micro levels constantly. Topics Life and style Self and wellbeing. Psychology Philosophy books features.

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