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Reading Dean Young's poetry is probably the most paradox-like experience I've ever had in my life.

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His poetry is surreal - made up of many concrete images that can be so bizarre to visualize. Fall Higher.

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Dean Young. This Evening from Far Away. Scarecrow on Fire.

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Selected Recent and New Errors. Commencement Address. These EndStopped Affairs. The Usual DecisionMaking Process.

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Markets tend to correct or decline to a previous high or low. So, when hot stocks periodically fall back to earth, it allows for weary investors to get out of their positions. Take the tech bubble of The stocks fell back to their floors, and the market responded accordingly.

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But if the market just goes up in an extended stable manor, the floor becomes too remote and then unrecognizable. Margin debt is the perfect example of assets going under water. As asset prices go up, investors complacently add to their positions. Over-valued markets mean loans will be made at these high valuations, backed by artificially high asset prices, which results in increased debt.

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If asset markets follow the margin debt market when the correction comes, the debt payment will overwhelm future investments which will perpetuate low valuations. The Great Recession will look tame by comparison.

But there are two and potentially a third looming problems: logic and The Federal Reserve. Logic tells us that the market will correct. It always has and always will. When it does, people will be holding over-valued assets with no foreseeable floor.

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The sell-off will be massive as we watch American assets go under water. Recovery would become impossible, which could very well spell the end of America.

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  5. This would be a disaster since this would cause a gigantic shift of money out of stocks and into bonds sending asset prices on a long and painful free fall before it finds a hard floor.