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Most widely held works by Victor E Nessler. The trumpeter Werner loves Maria, the daughter of the Baron, but her father and mother want her to marry the cowardly Damian. Werner proves himself a hero and is opportunely discovered to be of noble birth, so all ends happily. The trumpeter of Sackingen by Victor E Nessler Book 9 editions published between and in English and held by 93 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Victor von Scheffels Dichtung by Victor E Nessler 16 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by 91 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Oper in 3 Akten, nebst einem Vorspiel. Mit autorisirter theilweiser Benutzung der Idee und Scheffel's Dichtung by Victor E Nessler Book 12 editions published between and in German and held by 21 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

The Palatinate was thus united with Bavaria. In reaction to the new size and troublesome strength of Bavaria, Austria laid claim to a number of the territories. In a complex series of intrigues this led to the War of the Bavarian Succession which involved Austria, Bavaria, the Palatinate and Prussia.

Siebold was a biologist noted for his contributions to the science of parasitology and to the careful factual nature of his research in contrast to the more philosophical approach still common in science at that time. His Lehrbuch der vegleichenden Anatomie of was an important early work on comparative anatomy. Birth of Heinrich Barth in Hamburg, Germany. Barth was an early explorer of Africa. He traveled over 10, miles in his explorations. He became a professor of geography at the University of Berlin in With the lords you'll all be strangled!

I pray you, do not quite forget, There's many a sturdy warman yet, Who'd love to have the gentle task To give the peasants all they ask! Foolhardy trooper, pray take care. The peasant's cudgel does not spare! Werner appears. I pray, be calm, friend Conradin! Let peace prevail to Fridolin — Why brawl on such a day, and fight? Whom see I?

Nay, hold thee! From all rows abstain! Rejoice that we have met again. You're just in time to see the fun. I see, good friend! From every way The stream oi pilgrims, bright and gay. Saint Fridolini's day of glory — The patron saint of younger people. And I myself am not yet old, With heart still whole, of courage bold; I pray the saint to me be good!

And see, there on the Rhine's clear flood, A gallant fleet of boats. And whom bears yonder bark? A pair Of truly very diff'rent kind. Of Dawn and Dusk, they me remind — One clad in mourning's dark array. The other young, and sweet as day — Tell me, who is the vision bright — Just like a dream of spring's delight? The Baron's daughter she — Escorted by her aunt, the Abbess.

I never dreamt of such entrancing beauty! Der Hans schwingt die Liese, die Liese u. Die Bauern. Das ist doch eine Slind' und Schand'! Soldatenstand und Bauernstand, Die passen nimmer zu einand. Cotiradin, Ja, wir sind auch der Wehrstand, Und ihr doch nur der Niihrstand! Unser Land sei steuerfrei! Habt ihr's auf s Kriegsvolk abgesehn? Verweg'ner Reiter, wehr' dich gut: Der Bauernkniittel farbt mit Blut! Werner zu den Vorigen. Gemach, gemach, Freund Conradin! Was seh' ich?

Hilf mir beim Streit! O nicht doch! Lass die Leute gehn, Und f reue dich, dass wir uns wiedersehn. Kommst just zum Fest zur rechten Zeit. Das seh' ich, Freund! Viel bunte Nachen wiegt der Rhein — Ei, wie das flaggt und weht! Nicht wahr? Und wen triigt jener dort? Ein Paar Von wahrlich ganz verschied'ner Art. Sag an, wer ist das holde Bild, Das wie ein Frlihlingstraum so mild? Nie ahnt' ich solcher Schonheit Wonne! Countess, Margaretha, Boatmen.

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Finally St. Fridoline's Procession. Make room, ye peasants! The Feasants. And for whom? Peasants here have rights, if any, More than you or just as many; Here to spite you all we'll stay! Let see who'll drive us now away? Do you dare? Full soon I'll better manners teach you! Wait now, pretty player, wait! Learning's just what peasants hate — But they'll learn what stuff you're made of. Werner to Margaretha. Do not fear! Trust yourself to my good care! Thanks, good sir! For such brave duty; Great the service you have done!

Thanks from so much grace and beauty; Sweet reward that I have won! Yet if you would give me pleasure. Gracious one, beyond all measure, — — Give me. Can my thanks be so expressed — Right willingly! She gives him a forget-me-not, which he places on his hat. Werner makes a gesture bidding the peasants stand back. Margaretha gazes at him with evident interest. O look you — see! Too disgusting! His name is Werner, noble dame.

Kirchhof was aye the good man's name Who found him 'mong a gypsy brood, And later for his father stood. With the gypsies? Not a trace Has he in feature of their race! My son would just his age have been, And like him too in form and mien, Had he not been by those forsaken Hordes from us, an infant, taken. He would have made more show and state. Than does our modest soldier mate.

Who sooth's a bugler most industrious. Countess pointing to her arm. My very image call'd was he — E'en to this birthmark that you see — But he's a bugler, — unillustrious! On earth the fairest flower, — Her name the sweetest song! Countess to Margaretha. O come!

Why stay we here so long? Pray do not be impatient, dearest! Well, let us to the church proceed And from the saint his blessing plead. O sainted Fridoline, To thee our voice we raise: For field, and fruit and flowers. Send sun and shine and showers, Be thine the praise! Grafin, Maria, Schiffsleute. Die Vorigen. Zu- letzt der Fridolinsfestzug. Die Schiffsleute. Macht Platz, ihr Bauern! Die Bauern, Ei, wozu? Wir werden euch zum Trotze bleiben! Lasst sehn! Treibt ihr's so? Ich will euch bess're Sitten lehren! Wart' nur, junger Spielmann, wart': Lernen ist nicht Bauernart; — Wollen die dich kennen lehren!

Werner zu Maria. Fiirchtet nichts, ich biete Trutz, Und vertraut euch meinem Schutz! Nehmet Dank! Ein braver Reiter, Der bedrohte Frauen schiitzt! Ha, wie siiss der Strahl der Freude Jetzt aus ihren Augen blitzt! Dankt mir nicht, mein holdes Friiulein! That nicht mehr als meine Pflicht; — Wollt ihr aber mich beglilcken, Unaussprechlich mich entziicken, Schenkt mir ein Vergissmeinnicht Aus dem Strausse, der euch schmiickt. Wenn das Bliimchen euch begliickt — Von Herzen gern! Seht doch den Herrn! Wie er mit dem Schlossfriiulein Thut so artig und so fein Will der ein Trompeter sein?

Die Grafin zu Conradin. Es ist emporend - dieses Volk! Offenbar War er doch nicht von ihrem Stamm! Grafin auf ihren Arm deutend. O, Maria! Grafin zu Maria. O komm! Was weilst du hier so lang? Wollt' nur nicht ungeduldig werden! Kommt, lasst uns in die Kirche geh'n Und uns vom Heil'gen Gliick erfleh'n! O, heil'ger Fridoline, Sei uns gebenedeit!

O sainted Ftidoline! What damage thou hast wrought, A highborn damsel truly — And a gay young bugler newly — It hadn't ought! O sainted Fridoline! To thee our woes we bring, And comfort from thee borrow; And if in joy or sorrow. Thy praises sing. O fairest Margaretha! Thy charms henceforth I'll sing! By they eyes' sunlight captur'd I stand before thee raptur'd By Love and Spring!

The procession moves towards the church. By Victor von Scheffel. In my dreams I've of tot gazed on Foreign land and foreign tnoittitaitis, 'Mid a stream a bright green islatid — Beautiful as our fair Erin — Thither points the Master's finger, Thitlier goes thy Fridolin. Eve7iing 'twas, and many a weary League the pious man had waiidered. When he saw how that the stream in Tivo broad channels flowed, divided. Past a green, inviting islatid. Evening 'twas, the larks were sifiging, In the stream the fish sprang swiftly, And the heart of Fridolin was 3lade with gladness overflowing.

On his knees he sank in prayer — For he recognized the island That in dreams had been revealed him, And he thajiked the Lord above. Came the yillemanian peasants. And the children, smiting, brought th Aged man the firstling flowers — And they placed them as a symbol Of their love before his dwelling. From his hut emerged the pious Fridolin, in priestly raiment. And he led the goodly host of These converted to the rivet-' s Bank, and in the rustling waters Gave them baptism in the najne of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Honor' d was his name attd holy. Once, indeed, when he returned to Paris, to the court of Clovis, At his right the monarch placed him. And in solemn gift he gave him All the island, atid nmch land as Bounty for the church a? Yea, he was a man most holy — And to day as patron saint he Holds the highest place of honor; On the Rhine, and in the mountains. Hastening, first he sought good stabling For his steed : the7i turn'd his footstep Up towards the grey stone cloister. At whose doors, with head uncover' d. Stood, the while the fair procession Passed in ratik and file before him.

In the dreadful days of warfare, Iti the days oftieed, the casket Holding all the sacred relics Of Saint Fridoline were guarded Well in Laufenburg' s great fortress; Often had the townsfolk sorely Missed their ever-blessing presence. Came the grey haired, earnest teacher, CJiiding them for their behavior: Still! No laughter! O, heil'ger Fridoline, Was hast du angericht't! Der Zwischen-Vorhang fallt. He' s a Saitti tnost stern and worthy.

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And in heaveit will all remember. Twelve fair youths then bore the coffin. Bore it on — all singing softly: Thou, who dwellst in Heaven above us. Look in grace upan our city. Keep it in thy care for ever — Fridolifii! Give us always thy protectioji, Fro-tn all dangers aye preserve us. War and pestilence ivardfrom us — Fridolini! Theji i? On which shone the white-cross emblem,. Came the members of the a7icient Order of the Ktiights Teuto7iic.

Then the dark-clad, earnest-visaged Noble ladies from the cloister ; Foremost, near the sky-blue banner Walked the aged Princess- Abbess, Aftd she thought : Oh Fridolini, Art a Saitit, most dear arid preciotis. But one thing thou canst not bring us Back — the time of youth, the golden. Sweet it was some fifty years back. When the cheeks like roses blossomed, Atid by our youthful gloivhtg glances Many a noble knight held captive. Long ejwjigh have L do7ie penance Ln it all: and hope ifi truth that All our sins may be forgiven.

Sunk the cheeks are ; lips are wither' d. And my teeth have gone for ever. Following the noble ladies Came the wives of worthy burghers, Matrons closed up this division. Staid and solemn, zuatch'd them passing In their beauty, and he murmui-' d : " Ware thee well their witching gla7ices, — Such fair host is quite as dang'rous As a motmted Swedish squadron.

As the fourth in this divisioft Walk'd a blonde and slejider maiden, Iti her hair a bunch of violets ; O'er its gold a snow white veil fell. Hiding half her lovely features Like a winter' s frost that glistens On the early springtime rosebud. Scarcely lifting up her glances From the grotind, she -bass' d the portal Where Young Wa-ner stood ; — he sazv her;- Was it p'rhcips the sun's bright gleaming.

Meet his eyes so sorely blended? Many other maids pass' d by him, But he saw them not — his gaze still Lingered on the fourth one only : Gazed atid gazed, and when the people Disappear' d around the corner. Gazed yet on, as if he still could See the fourth iii the procession. Guard thee well, viy youthful ITeivter, Joy and sorrow hides the proverb : " That man's got it!

O lightning!

Der Trompeter von Säckingen: Ein Sang vom Oberrhein (German Edition)

Now another bout, With this accursed family gout — Quite en regie he makes the attack, And soon the foe is on his back: — He first sends out, in skirmish line, His tirailleurs with fell design; Then come the fighting columns strong, Oh! And now with cannon shot and grape They knock the fortress out of shape; They storm the outworks, now the gate, — Piff, paff — I — capitulate. Now's a truce to my distress, A prisoner I am natheless! Some people have such notions queer. And at podagra smile and sneer; And hint at what I dare to scout, — That Rhinewine such, is good for gout I 'Tis true I've always had — tut!

To find in each year's new delight, And most in Muscatella! Yes, that is now my fav'rite wine, And e'er will be, O foe malign. And that's a comfort just to know That when he comes we both must go. A Servant brings a letter. The Baron. Opening a letter. From my old friend,Count Wildensteint Just give his man a glass of wine. And I will give him answer.

My good spouse is dead and buried. And that ancient feud I had With the Countess, thy good cousin, Who was my first wedded partner. Ere I die, I'd like to settle! That is noble! Know my brave old friend on that! Ah, he was a comrade worthy! Reads further. Though I from my castle sent her, When she let our son be kidnapped. As he in the garden gambol'd. And I have — an only son, Both of blood and noble breeding; And I think it needs no pleading.

That you to my plan be won: Visit you, I think, we ought to, And let Damian win your daughter. That's emphatic. Der Freihe7-r. Es gab wohl eine schone Zeit, Da war es anders noch als heut'; — Da jagt' ich durch die weite Welt, Flinic wie der Hirsch durch's Aehrenfeld, Und manches holde Aeugelein Das winkte hell wie Scmnenschein Von feme schon dem Reitersmann — Doch heut' — was fang' ich heute an?

Da ward der alte Lehnstuhl mir Zum unfreiwilligen Quartier. Es meint wohl mancher lasterlich — Und das ist doch ganz liicherlich! Das sollt' vom Wein gekommen sein, — Der Hinkefuss von solchem Wein! Das bleibt mein Trost in dieser Welt, Wenn's noch mit mir so schlecht bestellt! Ein Diener bringt einen Brief. Der Freiherr erbricht den Brief. Das kommt vom Grafen Wildenstein! Diener ab. Kenne d'ran den bieder'n Freund Und den alten Kameraden! Liest weiter. Nein, die Frauen sind versohnlich; — Sah schon oft die Arme weinen, Wenn ich sprach vom Wildensteiner.

Well, I'm with him! Would not such a union bar! Springs up suddenly from his chair, forgetting his gout. To the messenger from the Count of Wildenstein, who has again entered : Ride straight back to the Danube's vale, Greet my old friend without fault or fail; And tell him I his letter treasure, And that his proposal's a pleasure. And tell him, I'm sorry I could not write, Because the gout has crippled me quite; He'd best arrive on the first of May, My birthday — let him remember: I want to make it a festal day, For mine, of May and September: For all I've got a grand surprise, — But wisdom in discretion lies.

The messenger leaves. To the Schloss comes a wooer Of unblemish'd blood; The fete will, I'm sure. Be three times as good. Ye halls, long so dreary, Soon opened be wide, To welcome give, cheery, To bridegroom and bride! Margaretha and the Countess, with the Former Margaretha. Chide me not, my dearest father, That we left you all so lonely. Such a day as this I'd rather You enjoyed the sunshine; only Want my pipe, when out you sally; It helps one his thoughts to rally — And you pray'd to Fridoline?

Truly: and it might have been That you never more had seen us, For the Hauensteiner peasant, Your old foes, had e'en the meanness There to make things quite unpleasant. The worthless wretches! Soon they'll know how much rope stretches! They shall know that frightening ladies Ouite a mighty dangerous trade is! Daughter — do not wait too long — A protector, here transplanted! Father, dear one, we can find one.

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Quicker than you now imagine! Rebels round about and dangers, And too scant the walls' defenders. Can not even give a signal, — If they came and us attack'd, — To my brave ones in the city, To my faithful band of troopers; For my good old castle bugler, Poor old Rassmann, grand old fellow, Home has gone to greet his fathers. And deserted — I am here! Margaretha roguishly. O, a splendid castle bugler, I know, father, where to find! Mean you him, who in the city, 'Gainst the peasants gave us ward?

Yes, dear guardian, it is he, He our castle-bugler be! He's a player just for you fitted. No, dear cousin, list to me: To our noble house should he Never by us be admitted! Nay, dear cousin, list to me, He would scarcely suited be! Das gef;illt mir! Hei — juchhei!

27. Der Trompeter von Säkkingen – Viktor Nessler

Ei, da bin ich gleich dabei! Springt vor Freude vom Stuhle auf, fasst aber nach seinem Fuss und schreit : "Au! So reite zurlick in dein Donauthal Und griisse den Freund mir viel tau- sendmal, Und sag ihm, er moge nur kommen, Sein Antrag sei angenommen! Und sag' ihm, ich konnt' es ihm schrei- ben nicht, Weil meine Rechte lahmte die Gicht: Doch mog' er just am ersten Mai, Zu meinem Geburtstag, erscheinen, Dass dadurch um so grosser sei Die Freude fur die Meinen, Die ich dann iiberraschen will: D'rum schweig' mir liber Alles still!

Der Bote ab. Ziirne nicht, mein Vaterchen, Dass wir dich allein gelassen. Nein, ich hab indess mein Pfeifchen Recht von Herzen dampfen lassen. Weiss ja schon, each Frauenzimmer Sieht man wiederkehren nimmer, Liess man euch zum Feste gehn. Freilich konnt' es leicht gescheh'n, Dass ihr nimmer uns gesehen; Denn die Hauensteiner Bauern, Die mit Euch im Zwiste stehen, Schienen uns dort aufzulauern. Dies Gesindel — diese Bande! Hal das ist doch eine Schande! Nicht die Frauen auf den Gassen Mehr in Sicherheit zu lassen! Hatt' ich nicht das Zipperlein, Haut' ich heut' noch auf sie ein.

Ach, wie fehlt dem alten Stamme Doch so sehr ein frisches Reis! Vaterchen, der wird sich finden; — Vielleicht schneller, als wir's ahnen! Rings Emporung, droh'n Gefahren Uns im schwach besetzten Schlosse.

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Einen priichtigen Trompeter Wiisst' ich, Vaterchen, fiir dich! Meinst doch den nicht, der beim Fest Vor den Bauern uns beschiitzt? Ja, Frau Base, er allein Soil hier Schlosstrompeter sein!

Trompeter von Säckingen

Nein, Herr Schwager, folget mir! Der passt ganz und gar nicht hier In dies Haus von altem Adel.

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Nein, Herr Schwager, folget mir: Der passt ganz und gar nicht hier. Father dear, indeed — Countess. O, heed! He were best, right well I know; Ah, so handsome is he too, — He must come; it must be so! No, dear cousin, — no, no, no! My good sister, with the sainted, Sad were, if with this acquainted. The Baron to the Countess. Small the thanks, to him you offer. Who, to save you, bravely stood; Strange — old Rassman too could proffer Once to shed for me his blood; He, a bugler, too — emotion Deep awakes such rare devotion! He lifts the glass.

Bugler Rassmann, here's to thee! Sound of a bugle heard in the distance. Sounds as if he, though long ago buried, Play'd as he rode at thehead of theserried! Margaretha, The handsome young player, I'm sure, it must be! The forward young bugler, I'm sure, it must be!

Afargaretha looking out of the window. I shall now see him daily. With the plume in his hat nodding grace- ful and gaily. Now up the steps to the garden he springs! So bid he come hither; we'll see what he brings! Margaretha has hastened out of the door. Nay, beware, O noble cousin, Such a young and handsome man Take not recklessly in service, — First of all his merits scan. Truly, truly, worthy aunt. He must be just what I want; 'Tis not every stray-musician Fitted is for such position. That he's young, I much deplore.

Go, pray trouble me no more. If you're thus all reason past, P'rhaps you'll have to feel, at last. Father, see, he's here! Up the stairway springing;. I hear his sabre on the steps With every footstep ringing. Margaretha to herself. Ha, he's there! O rapture dearest! Ah, by storm my heart he took! Wertier to himself. Ha — she there! O wondrous beauty! Beams on me refulgent light? Viiterchen, glaub' mir! Glaubt mir! Nur zum Besten rath' ich dir.

Ach, er ist so nett und fein — Der muss dein Trompeter sein! Nein, Herr Schwager, nein, nein, nein! Meine Schwester, die hochselig, argerte gewiss sicli schmahlicli. Freihcrr zur Gnifin. Er erhebt das Glas. Spielmannstreue lebe hoch!

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Trompete aus der Feme. Das kann nur der hiibsche Trompeter sein! Das kann nur der kecke Trompeter sein? Maria blickt durch's Fenster. Er ist's! Ich erkenne ihn wieder! Schwer nickt ilim die Feder vom Hute nieder. Mie stol3 imD stattltcb cjebt er! Vater, jetzt naht er des Schlossparks Stufen! To sende hinunter und lass' ihn mir rufen! Maria ist zur Thiir hinausgeeilt. Viel zu jung ist er dazu. Ach, das lasst mich wohl in Ruh'. Gi dfin. Na, wenn Ihr nicht horen wollt, Ihr vielleicht nocli flihlen soUt.