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Rocket stoves are stoves designed to burn wood, but also to operate at high enough temperatures to superheat the wood to release gases that are also burnt, increasing efficiency. The flammable gases released are hydrogen and methane, which are burnt, along with carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and steam, which are vented. Camping rocket stove notice the flue pipe leaving the tent, and the little back boiler.

With a wood stove you burn plant matter, which releases gases — as smoke, which is vented, not burnt. Modern stoves with baffles hold the smoke and gases longer, and are therefore more efficient — but not as efficient as a rocket stove. Air is drawn in past the wood, so that combustion occurs at the bottom of the insulated flue which is often double-skinned, infilled with wood ash or vermiculite. Rocket stoves are more prevalent in poorer countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia and Uganda, and have been used successfully in refugee camps in Rwanda.

They can be made from various materials, including bricks, clay and recycled oil drums or cooking oil cans. From simple, single-burner outdoor cooking facilities, you can utilise the same principle for indoor ovens, water boilers, multiple burner stoves or mass heaters, where the heat from the flue is used to heat up a mass of earth, cob or some other material that will store the heat. This way you can make a heated cob bench next to the stove, for example. For an indoor heater, there needs to be a flue to vent gases outside, with a vertical chimney to take carbon monoxide up and away from windows etc, where it may re-enter the house.

Things I Have Learned About Cooking & Baking with a Wood Stove

There are presses that can make little round briquettes from sawdust that fit exactly into the magazine of a rocket stove. They have a hole through the middle that allows the air to flow through. They are pushed further into the stove by the next briquette as they burn down. The principle of superheating wood to release gases, then burning the gases, is the basis of a wood gasifier, which produces gas to be used as a fuel.

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Wood is burnt in an anaerobic environment pyrolysis , and the gases released can be used immediately or stored for use elsewhere. Cars can be adapted to run on wood gas. Rocket mass heater with heated cob bench — just has to be the cosiest way to heat your space. You can buy a stove, or you can make one. You can search online for instructional videos, or occasionally there are rocket stove building courses.

Possibly the simplest stove you can make is with 3 cans e. Nice list. I thought most of these were very basic and things everyone knew how to do because of how I grew up. Knowing these kind of things not only saves money but gives you a lot of power and independence.

How about leather shoes! A little polish, yes they still make polish, will keep a pair of leather shoes good for many years. A pair of leather shoes form to your feet and are good for many years. I still cut up chickens and boil the bones, have a garden, can, make jelly, and use essential oils.

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We need the basics. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

Wood Stove Cooking. Easy Beef and Bean Soup (Venison)

This is one of the best lists on survival skills I have come across in a long time. Repairing clothing is one that I had not even thought of.

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I mean, sewing is not a much used skill now a days. But, it will be a great skill in a post apocalypse type society. Maybe I need to pick that skill up and a few more. Great list. Between my husband and me, we can check off quite a few of those skills. I just have one question. Does that mean I can only can fruits and vegetables?

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Things that are considered safe for water bath canning include fruits, PICKLED vegetables the vinegar makes the recipe acidic enough , and many tomato recipes. Regular vegetables, meats, and some sauces are NOT acidic enough to safely can in a water bath and must be pressure canned. Your email address will not be published.

#1 – You Must Have an Ample Supply of Clean, Dry Wood for Your Stove

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