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This means that these issues may not affect where your website gets ranked by search engines.

21 Extraordinary SEO Secrets that Most of You Don't Know { Update}

What these issues will affect is your web traffic. A professional web designer will be able to help ensure that you have a high-quality foundation on which to build the rest of your local SEO strategies. A mistake that many website owners make when trying to implement local SEO services is to create tons of contents loaded with keywords right away. But one of the most important SEO secrets that you can learn is that quality is more important than quantity. Just as effective web design helps to keep visitors on your site, so does useful, high-quality content.

Create content that visitors to your site are likely to find helpful or interesting. Then, integrate keywords into that content in a way that is natural. Too many keywords in a small space will leave your content sounding like spam, and could even get you flagged by Google.

1. Use SEO-Friendly URLs

Local SEO services often focus on implementing keywords into the body of content on a website. But few website owners remember to implement SEO tactics when writing titles and tags as well. Inserting keywords in titles, and not neglecting them in your tags, can help boost your rank. There are a few other elements that your titles need besides just a keyword. When it comes to optimizing local SEO services for a website, most website owners work from a laptop or desktop. But this can sometimes lead them to neglect an even more important device; smartphones.

Statistics show that 87 percent of smartphone owners use a search engine on their device at least once a day. Many of those searches are local ones. They use their cell phones to look for the nearest restaurant or to find a store that sells their favorite products. When they run these mobile searches, you need to make sure that your website is ready for them.

This means ensuring that your site is optimized for mobile viewing. Once your website is optimized for mobile use, make sure that you check your site regularly. Start with Google. Otherwise, you may end up losing potential customers if you send them to the wrong website or physical address. Check to make sure that your URL is accurate.

2. Use the Bucket Brigade Copywriting Technique

You can register as a business owner on Google, and add your email address to your account. Another great function of Google is the chance to upload photos of your business. Entice potential customers with photos of your food or products or snapshots of your services in action. Check out sites like, Facebook, Yahoo, and any other destinations that you can think of. Check your URL, address, and phone number. Additionally, if the web destination allows it, register your email address. Like on Google, many of these destinations also allow you to upload photos of your business, products, or services.

2. Keep Your Citations up to Date

There are enough possible destinations that it can be tough to find and update them all on your own. Professional local marketing services can help. They know how to quickly and effectively make sure that these destinations are updated. Social media can be a great place to encourage reviews.

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Facebook allows users to write reviews and rate a website on a five-star scale. Asking your customers to review you by email after a purchase was made is one great tactic.

Including links to places that they can review your business, like Facebook or Google, is a great tactic as well. A high CTR may indicate that the searched links have been clickedmorenumber of times. Google displaysthe top ten links that have been clicked on in previous searches as the first result. You will see that the ranking of that link improves, which leads us to the next behavioral factor. Dwell time is the duration of time a user browses or stays on a page immediately after he clicks on one of the links on the main SERP.

Thismeans that if a searcher clicks on the 1 st link and then right away goes back to the SERP and clicks another link, dwelling on that page longer than the 1 st link, it is likely that in the next SERP the 2 nd link will be bumped up the list. The longer the dwell time, the better it is for your business. The DT will get affected.

The Secret to Learning SEO

There is another mutually inclusive metric measured by this behavior — pogo-sticking. Thisis where appropriate on-site and off-site elements affect your site visibility andTrustActivity. Users pogo-sticking can hurt your SEO and Ranking. The secret reallyis in the keywords. A word of caution though. You may be tempted to enter as many keywords onto the pages, but Google has recently passed a penalty for overdoing SEO keywords.

Link Building is strategically positioning your business at the top of SERPs using Key Anchor texts or keywords, increasing traffic to your site. Where will the Key Anchor search words come from? Keywords from internal links to social networking sites, guest article and blogs, forums and discussions on your site pages, all help you get more SEO juice. An overview of each program and its best features are presentedand other add-ons. When it comes to SEO success in , everything matters from the topic you write on — and how relevant it is for your audience — to the keywords you use.

Whileyou may take a look at a number ofservices above, we like TrustActivity simplybecause its suitable for all types of website. You get to know all the user actions on your site. Know the pages users visit, and what part of the page interests them the most.

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