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Their daughter Miranda, shut out of her mother's life, drifts from one man to another Anne, desperate not to lose her child, is forced to come to grips with what she meant to her husband, and what her daughter means to her. A well-written, though somewhat predictable story. Drifting apart over the summer, they are dealing with divorce, unmet expectations and boys.

In the end though they find the bond of friendship is strongest. A nice story for tweens and young teens. As the girls are now in college the themes become more mature. Everyone is in town this summer except for Bridget. She found her grandmother and goes out to discover more about her mother's past. The rest deal with summer jobs, loves, and family.

The series continues on a feel good way. It's a pleasant read. Teens, moms and grand moms would enjoy this series. Four girls who are best friends since they were born. These girls have been inseparable until this particular summer. The girls are anxious yet excited about their summer plans. By chance, Tibby notices a pair of blue jeans purchased at a thrift store by Carmen. These are not just ordinary jeans, but very special jeans. Despite their different shapes, the jeans fit them all perfectly. The girls believe it is a sign of great experiences awaiting them over the summer and they determine to use them as a connection to each other while apart.

The book follows the jeans progression as it passes from one girl to the next. Once again, the girls pull out their magical jeans. This time the jeans do not seem to carry the same magic they did during the first summer. Each girl has to face difficult times and the pants serve as comfort more than anything else.

By the end of the summer and the jeans makes the rounds a second time, the magic is back and the girls learn valuable lessons. Normally, this twin is killed before the body is filled with a soul. However, Miryo discovers that her doppelganger is still alive when her testing ceremony does not complete as expected. She must find and kill her twin in order to "master" and use her skills safely. This is easier said than done - her twin is Mirage, a trained warrior.

The book spends equal time between each of their stories. It is easy to become attached to both characters each is given their own rich, unique personality Mercy finds herself again caught between fae, werewolf, vampire, and police politics as the Tri-Cities area finds itself swimming in a senseless bloodbath created by a rogue vampire sorcerer. Mercy is at her best and is just as engaging as she was in the first book of this remarkable dark urban fantasy mystery series.

Mercy finds herself trying to clear the name of her friend and ex-boss who has been accused of a series of gruesome murders. Mercy is charming, tough and independent, and not afraid to take on any monster that threatens her or her friends. These stories are some of the best in the lycanthrope urban fantasy genre. I really hope this book is just the first of a series! All the characters that interact with Mercy have such depth it makes you wish Briggs would write a separate novel about each of them.

Dark urban horror at its finest! A stand-alone read. I liked the story and the way the characters interacted. I was tickled by the concept of the main character being a female shapeshifting mechanic, and I really liked how she made friends out of the rest of the paranormal community i. I am baffled as to why Patricia Briggs dark fantasy series, featuring Mercy Thompson is classified as Romance. Most likely, I would have passed by this book if not for Briggs.

Her short story entitled, Alpha and Omega is a great addition to the unique lycanthrope world she has created and a must read for all Mercy Thompson fans. The rest of the short stories provide an introduction to some of the emerging paranormal fantasy writers. Emily Brightwell aka Sarah Temple. Title : Mrs.

Jeffries series. I typically enjoy this light Victorian mystery series featuring an Inspector whose detective work is helped out considerably by his household staff. However, this one did not particularly engage me, probably because I so recently read the previous book in the series, and the stories are too much alike after awhile to read one right after another. Jeffries, accompanied by a few friends, who enjoy secretly helping him catch murderers and thus enhance his reputation. In this 21st entry in the series begun by "The Inspector and Mrs.

Jeffries", set in Victorian England, Witherspoon continues to be charmingly puzzled by "his" brilliant ideas. The assassin, aligned to Middle East terrorists, is an American who once was Kealey's trainee. Many characters and sub-plots create an exciting techno-thriller filled with personal and political confrontations. Brooks follows March as he leaves home to aid the Union cause during the Civil War. Flashbacks to his younger days and early relationships round out the events that shaped his marriage and beliefs.

Our knowledge of Marmee and the girls provide a context for understanding their haunted, conflicted husband and father as he confronts a reality far removed from the safety of philosophizing about the evil of slavery and war. This is a nearly-perfect period novel. As she discovers tiny artifacts an insect wing, salt crystals, a white hair, wine stains to help her determine its provenance the story moves backward in time, following the history of the codex.

Each time segment gives the reader a glimpse of anti-semitism and women's struggle for independence. Intertwined with this long cast of characters are Hannah's personal struggles and relationships. Brooks, author of the Pulitzer Prize winner"March", again combines popular fiction with serious themes.

At their minister's plea the citizens pledged to totally isolate themselves from everyone outside, thinking they could slow the spread of the plague in their rural area. As the illness took its victims the town is gripped with fear and hysteria, sacrifice and sorrow. As he explores his strange surroundings, he finds the mysteries of the red planet point to his greatest discovery-a relationship with God. This series is a Christian science fiction for teens. This time our intrepid hero is in Rome.

My only complaint was with the ending which I couldn't quite buy, but maybe it was just over my head. Title : Angels and Demons Review 2 Classification : Fiction Publisher : Pocket Books Copyright : Reviewer : Beth Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Dealing with a secret, ancient brotherhood and a plot to annihilate the Vatican city, this book is absolutely perfect for those of you who love fast-paced, thrilling adventure stories.


Controversial, illuminating and thought-provoking. If you haven't read it--go get a copy and get it read before the movie comes out this spring. You know the movie is never as good as the book. Based on the one of the author's previous relationships; it offers humor to what everyone goes through in the beginning of a relationship and even through rocky times and sadly the end.

The pictures themselves are humorous, almost rough sketches. As his debut of many graphic novels, Jeffrey tells it all with elementary drawings. He is naive, jealous, obsessive but all so loveable and honest. He's my new anti-hero. From the start you know they're all wrong for each other. But Jeffrey's hope for his first love is hopeful and vulnerable.

After reading three of Brown's graphic novels I wonder if he is doomed for life in the love department.

This book is fascinating! Not that his descriptions are always idyllic; he reminds us that "Only one thing came close to matching the fear of teenagers in the s and that was of course Communism. Worrying about Communism was an exhaustingly demanding business in the s. Whether you lived the fifties, or the fifties are ancient history to you, you must read this book.

If you give it as a gift, make sure to buy one for yourself, too! Jimmy Buffett. Title : Swine Not? Unfortunately the hotel does not allow pets, so what is a talented sensitive pig to do? Meant to be a satirical view of American culture it missed the mark for me. Jim Butcher. It is great to be back in Chicago with the amazing P. However, this adventure seems slow to start and lacks the excitement and adventure found in previous stories.

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I found myself having to refresh my memory by re-reading the last book in order to follow what was happening with Harry in this book. If you like the series, you will love catching up with Harry and friends in this book. If you are new to the series, this book is not the place to begin. Feels more like filler than a stand alone adventure.

Harry comes up against vampires, witches, and werewolves on a daily basis. There is action, adventure, and humor all at the right spots. Although there are only a few story lines dependent on reading the series in order, there are not many spoilers if you read a book out of order. In addition to trying to find her place in the world, she's trying to decide which man she'll let find a place in her heart. After awhile, she gets a German Shepherd guide dog, Trudy, and attends public high school. The author of this novel was blind herself and therefore well able to express the friendship difficulties that Cathy experiences.

There is a sequel, "Gift of Gold. The contributing writers have a lot of insight about how you can attract positive influences in your life. Topics covered include finances, love, health, and success. These contributing writers all have something to say and it is worth reading despite recent criticism regarding this book. You never know what you can achieve in your life with a little positive thinking.

I am no exception. I also have experienced a few wonderful surprises. I highly recommend this book. The way it is written makes it a fast and easy read. It is one that you could read repeatedly and pick up some new detail you missed before. There is no guarantee of success but it opens the door to possibilities. As hard as it is to believe, another dead body has turned up in her dorm The police, her ex-con father, the school officials, and her P.

Her life may be getting complicated, but Heather seems to piece evidence together better than any one else and she can't stay out of it. The story is light, moves quickly and keeps you guessing. Nicknamed Jinx by the attending physician at her birth, Jinx believes she has had nothing but bad luck all her life. When Jinx arrives in Manhattan, she finds her cousin has radically changed, believing she inherited magic powers from their ancestor and tries to force Jinx to join her high school coven.

When Jinx falls in love with the neighbor boy her cousin has a crush on, her cousin takes to revenge. The stories are contemporary, and always seem to appeal to young women and this new entry is a delightful addition! Life is just getting back to normal when her old boyfriend finds her in NYC and needs her help to find his lost sister. This book is a fantastic finale to great young adult series. Kim Harrison's short-story, Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper gives new meaning to the age-old warning, "Don't get into a car with a stranger!

The mystery in this book is juvenile and the main character redundant. Heather Wells, ex-shopping mall pop star, has taken a job as an assistant residential director at a New York college. Between two murdered coeds and people recognizing the now plump ex-pop star, Heather rants on and on about her crush on her ex-boyfriend's brother and no one taking her seriously in her new role as assistant director. The murderer is apparent from the beginning and the focus on elevator surfing among young college students is boring.

Although I will read almost anything Cabot writes, I am not holding my breath in anticipation for the next Heather Wells Mystery. However, Meg Cabot is such an entertaining writer, that when I wanted to be just entertained, I decided to find out what was happening with pop-star-turned-resident-hall-administer, Heather Wells.

Set in a fictional college in New York City, this dormitory has more bizarre collegiate murders than any I believed imaginable. If you can get past the unrealistic setting, and the first person narration of a 29 year old whose intellect is more like 14 year old, then you will find this mystery has just the right balance of suspense, humor and character interest. Heather's dad is out of prison and now trying to make up for the 20 year absence in his daughter's life. He seems to have forgiven Heather's mother, who skipped town with all Heather's money when the child pop star grew up and failed to land her last recording contract, and now wants Heather to do the same.

Heather is trying to get an education and working as an assistant resident administrator while living with her ex-pop star boyfriend's estranged brother. She finds herself in the middle of these strange murders; this one involving a cheerleader's head found boiling in the dormitory kitchen. Heather seems to have an uncanny knack at getting information and figuring out what is going on before the police, but in the end, she never seems to get the props she desires. However, in the end, she caught him and tortured him for ten days before she let him go.

Now, two years later, he has finally returned to work; she is in prison for life; and another serial killer is loose in Portland, Oregon. Archie is once again heading up the police task force, and is being shadowed by an up and coming newspaper reporter, Susan Ward. The gruesome story is gripping and this police thriller is somewhat unique with its detail of a rare female serial killer. Normally I shy away from this genre because it is just too easy to figure out what the characters have problems seeing.

This story had enough flash backs to the origins of the task force and unique details regarding the horrific, rare female serial killer to keep me reading and overlook some of the obvious clues the trained police kept missing. He encounters a pig along the road which adopts him, follows him to Aunt Kittys and precedes to dig up a corpse. Sounds promising, and it is witty, but I found it choppy and too bizarre. Knopf Copyright : Reviewer : J Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : 72 Hour Hold is overall a good read about a mother's struggle to save her child from the strangle hold of mental illness.

As her child turns 18 Keri can no longer control her child's whereabouts and 72 hour holds are the only thing saving her child and herself from her child's Bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, in this long-awaited sequel, he drags in so many stereotypical, boring characters that, even if the plot were interesting which it isn't I found myself wallowing in a sea of them.

Even the dialogue "No place to go, nobody to see, and before you can say needle and spike some lard-ass loser who looks a lot like you has her living off the pipe" is unbelievable and forced. My advice: don't waste your time or your money on this one. Title : Give It Up! Don't waste your time. This wealthy socialite toys with the novelty of giving up such vital necessities as alcohol, cell phone usage, and taxi cabs. She plays at each deprivation for a month, then is relieved to pretty much return to her previous lifestyle.

It seems to me that when she tries to come up with "something deep and meaningful to say," it's only an attempt to make the book have enough of a point to get published, not because she actually gained real insight. I didn't know people could really have that shallow of an existence.

Name That Book cont. Part II

She's kidding, right? Am I on Candid Camera? The ultimate solution- did William Shakespeare really write the many works attributed to him? This debut thriller has lots of twists and a great deal of Shakespearian history. New P. Sophie Metropolis takes on several cases involving old high school friends, neighbors and even her family.

However, the investigations are thin and Sophie is a bit too naive to be seriously believed as an investigator. I'd be more willing to overlook its lack of originality if it had made up for it by providing sufficient humor. It was interesting to learn a bit about Greek American culture. While waiting for another Plum mystery, I'll probably read the next Sofie "Dirty Laundry" due out May but it will be like eating a diet cookie. Martin's Press Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Kate Burkholder was fourteen years old when she killed the man who raped her and for sixteen years she's lived with the guilt, although his death brought an end to the murders that paralyzed the tiny town of Painters Mill.

Now the chief of police, Kate is forced to revisit that event as more killings occur bearing the same signature. Is this a new killer or did she shoot the wrong man all those years ago? An old sleuth comes out of retirement in England to solve a murder surrounding a missing parrot which may hold a secret German SS code. Do we have reason to believe the detective is Sherlock Holmes? As usual Chabon writes in a superb and extraordinary style.

The investigators and several well known art collectors are enmeshed in an implausible plot. Heavy in art history, which might have been interesting, this fictional intrigue attempt is full of trite phrases, overly technical and confusingly convoluted. Lynne Cheney. A timeline of American history for kids. Well done but seemed to have omitted some things I would have included. This volume, 14 in the Elm Creek Quilt Series, takes a different turn from Chiaverini's other novels.

Most of the Elm Creek Quilt series are appealing but this one seems to be a forced plot produced just to have a holiday offering. Although not the best in the series this one alternates back and forth to the turn of the 20th century so the reader enjoys two intertwining stories. Reacher reassembles the remaining members of his elite group to hunt down and eliminate those responsible and destroy a harrowing threat to America.

As are all of the Child books, this is a fast-paced, tightly-written thriller; a real can't put it down read. Former military guy Reacher is asked by the leader of a mercenary group to find his kidnapped wife and step-daughter. But who's the bad guy here? Tight, intense, this is another great read from the writer of just about the best suspense books around.

Jack Reacher is back, bigger and better than ever as he uncovers the secrets in a small Colorado town where strangers are definitely not welcome. When the cops are called in response to Reacher's request for coffee at the local diner he's determined to discover what really goes on in the metal recycling plant owned, as is everything else in the town, by businessman and apocalyptic preacher Jerry Thurman. In a heart-pounding race Reacher has to take on the entire town to prevent a disaster of astonishing proportion. I couldn't put this one down!

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith // Book Review!

There's a manic feel to both the characters and the action, with Daniel Musgrove, the teenage protagonist, caught between the bleakness of his family and the darkness of his best friend's madness. Definitely not up to the standard set by "Alabama" and "Gone For Good," but okay. She runs a Charleston tea shop so there is the added touch of southern recipes and "tea" tips. Margaret Cho. A startling discovery leads to a desperate race to expose a secret from the final days of WWII. This inspirational guide to uncluttering and cleaning house offers practical and motivational help for those of us apparently born without "the clean gene.

Change is possible! I've read about every book there is on housecleaning and uncluttering, and this is one of the best. Russia and China on a path toward war with each other? Unfortunately, President Jack Ryan can't sit back and watch because you know if it's by Clancy, it's going to be a whole lot more complicated. Extraordinary realism and razor-sharp suspense are expected and you won't be disappointed. Great for children ages Ellie knew Andrea was seeing an older wealthy local boy but kept the secret from her parents.

Several years after the trial and conviction of the wealthy boyfriend, he is released from prison still professing his innocence. Enraged, Ellie returns to her hometown to prove once and for all that he is the one responsible for her sister's death. In true Mary Higgins Clark style, the story goes back and forth to did he or didn't he. You'll have to read the book to find out! It is truly enjoying to be able to read a book and not guess the ending until it comes. The ultra rich husband, Peter, has a sordid past. When her mother finally realized the grave mistake she made in marrying Ted, it set the wheels in motion for a tragedy.

One night Ted was trying to bully Liza's mother into not getting a divorce. Liza, trying to protect her mother, threatened Ted with her father's gun. Instead of shooting Ted, Liza accidently kills her mother. That night began Liza's nightmare. Although deemed an accidental shooting, Liza had to endure the cruel jokes of "Lizzie Borden" because of the name similarities.

Liza moves away to adoptive parents who change her name to Celia in attempt to erase her past. But really As you can guess, Celia gets married and by a freak of circumstances of a surprise gift by her husband, buys her childhood house where the shooting occurred.

This obviously distresses Celia as her husband does not know about her past. Then things happen to let Celia know that someone in town recognizes her and is setting out to torture her. The book is very good in twisting the story around so it keeps you guessing on what happens next all the way to the end. Title : Where Are the Children? The first suspense novel Clark ever wrote. This story follows the secret life of nancy Harmon who fled across the country to get away from her past and the death of her two children.

Time has passed and Nancy remarries and has two more children.

Then suddenly on her 32nd birthday, both children disappear. The nightmare for Nancy is beginning all over again. There is someone out there who doesn't want Nancy to ever feel safe and secure again. While the story is very good, I'm glad that Clark continued to mold her craft into the books published today. Title : Where Are You Now? Her older brother Mack mysteriously vanishes one day from his college ten years ago and only contacts his family on Mother's Day with a quick phone call. After the latest Mother's Day call, Carolyn resolves to find her missing brother and figure out why he disappeared.

Along the way, a young college girl suddenly disappears and calls her family and tells them that she'll call them again on Mother's Day. A coincidence? Could it be related to Mack's disappearance? A very good read! It's an accident, as much of Sam's life is. After serving his time in a minimum-security prison with lawyers and bond traders, Sam marries and finds a job with the intent of putting his past behind him, but his parents, the bond traders and those persistent accidents come together to keep his life in its inevitable downward spiral.

Reading about Sam is like waiting for a train wreck: you know it'll be hard to watch but you just can't help yourself. A quirky, deftly written book. Title : Jonathan Strange and Mr. Though sometimes dark, this book is exciting, suspenseful, and witty. Martin's Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : First time novelist Cleland does a creditable job with antiques dealer Josie Prescott, who lost her job in the auction-house scandal but has gone on to create a successful business in New Hampshire.

Everything is going well for Josie until she finds herself the chief suspect in the murder of an elderly potential client who, it turns out, had paintings stolen during the Nazi regime. A little heavy on the advice from Josie's deceased parents, and not quite enough detail about antiques, but a good read nevertheless. I'll look forward to Cleland's next. She is thrilled with the possible contract for the contents of a huge old house full of beautiful and valuable antiques.

But when she goes to sign the final contract, no one answers the door. This turns out to be least of Josies' problems as she learns that the owner is dead -murdered- and Josies' is the last name is his appointment book. The police chief, whom Josie has noticed is a superbly eligible bachelor, considers her the prime suspect, so Josie feels she must somehow solve the crime and maybe, just maybe, even manage to secure the auction contract after all.

Then, of course, there's also the attraction to the police chief. All in all, this is a great first novel with interesting characters, well drawn plot and lots of antique description. You'll enjoy it, especially if you like antiques. Andrew Clements. This is an encouraging story of a boy with a most difficult language-arts teacher and his idea to rename the word "pen" to "frindle". The wood catches on with the students and eventually travels throughout the entire country. An elementary school librarian recommended this book to me and I'm so glad she did.

This entertaining book continues with Bobby and his family searching to find out why. In the ensuing time he meets a blind teenage girl. They both struggle to overcome their respective conditions. Written in the first person, with humor, the story is well done and appeals to more than just its teenage audience. Meetings with various "donors" are humorous, but the entire story is somewhat mindless and predictable.

Dan Mercer is on his way to help a teenage girl in trouble when he walks into the glare of television lights and his life is forever changed. Wendy Tynes is the TV reporter who has made a name for herself by exposing pedophiles and who thinks Dan is no different from any of the others she has nailed. This case is not the same, though, and with heart-pounding speed Coben races through twists as more people are caught in the maze of murder and retaliation. Absolutely fantastic! Following the suicide of a teenage boy, Mike and Tia Baye are worried about their son Their discoveries lead them into a new culture of drugs and murder and the fear that they will be too late to save their son.

Although not quite as tightly-written as Tell no One or Gone For Good, Coben paints a fairly convincing picture of the potential for terror in today's tech-driven world. For years I've groused about his Myron Bolitar series while praising his stand alone novels. But, at least with this entry, he's made a convert of me. Bolitar gets a call from a woman with whom he shared a passionate escape years ago.

She's in France and says only: "Come to Paris. A really terrific read! Too many pointless twists and stereotypical characters and way too much superhero stuff by Myron. It's time to retire Bolitar for good and for Coben to get back to the stuff he does well. When a couple goes away on their annual anniversary trip only one of them comes home. Great read! Now, as a county prosecutor, Paul is asked by police to identify another body And if Gil survived, what of his sister?

In what may be his best book since Tell No One, Coben races through a riveting series of seemingly unconnected events to a wrenching conclusion. The good news is: if up til now you've based your life philosophy on fortune cookies and the horoscope in the morning paper, this is for you. A bunch of hokey, "wishing will make it so" pop-psych mumbo-jumbo. The bad news is: if you want a thoughtful, well-written book about life's challenges and mysteries, this book is a bunch of hokey, "wishing will make it so" pop-psych mumbo-jumbo. A poor shepherd boy travels from Spain to Egypt while following the quest for his "personal legend," encountering mystical and shallow characters on the way who give him advice like "The Soul of the World is nourished by people's happiness.

And also by unhappiness, envy, and jealousy. To realize one's destiny is a person's only real obligation. All things are one. What a waste of time. The characters sotires were all intertwined with the main character, Nicky who had converted his parent's meat shop into a mental wellness center. There are only a few people who visit his center and when an elderly lady he has been consulting is found dead after an overdose of sleeping pills, Nicky is accused of not giving her adequate psychological help.

Each character in this novel deals with many problems and is just as confused as the next. There is also little resolution at the end of the story. Of course there is the contrived, silly happy ending in which all Jane's problems are solved, but this book is a definite pass. Nancy A. She feeds off others of her kind instead of humans. This book has been in and out-of-print since its release in Luckily, for all those who enjoy the vampire genre, the compete collection of Sonja Blue novels are back in print.

Here it is; reissued in January This is the story of Skinner Cade, a loner from Chotaw County, Arkansas, who sets out on a journey of self-discovery but finds himself hooking up with a rock band that leaves a path of mayhem, violence and madness wherever they go. At least they understand the thrill of the hunt and the taste of blood that has haunted Skinner throughout his life. Collins is best known for her Sonja Blue vampire tales, but Wild Blood and her voodoo tale, The Tempter have always been my favorite.

Couldn't finish it, and I've read some real dogs. Allison Jenson is six years old when she sees her eight-year-old best friend abducted. Her family and her community refuse to discuss this tragedy with her and she grows up obsessed with finding the truth, blocked at every step by the rigid, patriarchal culture in which she lives. A dark, convincing story of faith shattered by man and one woman's struggle to survive.

A must read. Jessica Conant Park and Susan Conant. The main character, Chloe Carter, is a college student whose blind date from an Internet dating service is murdered during their first meeting. Then she dates the main suspect, chef Josh. The first half of the book is hilarious; I laughed out loud. The second half became a bit more predictable and run-of-the-mill, losing that fabulous humor.

Susan Conant was never this funny in her own wonderful dog mystery series, so I think the great humor comes from her daughter's writing. I look forward to the next book and hope to see that humor throughout the next time. These gals could definitely give Evanovich a run for her money if the humor makes a more consistent appearance in their future novels. The unofficial sleuth, Holly Winter, is a writer of dog articles who shows Alaskan malamutes in competition. Her dogs are real dogs and act like it: they misbehave, even though they are well trained.

Plus I learned tons about the dog show world. Mickey is forced out of his hiatus from practicing law when fellow lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, leaving his practice to Haller. Among the cases is that of Walter Elliot, accused of killing his wife and her lover Was Vincent's murder connected to this case?

And is Haller in the killer's sights? Although there are a few too many obvious red herrings for this to be a great read, it's still enjoyable. The confessed murderer is leading him and other officers to the burial site when everything goes wrong and Harry has to deal with the possibility that his partner, Kiz, might die Connelly's Bosch series continues to be convincing and tightly-written, and this entry is one of his best.

It's just a little too pat with the "should a lawyer sell his soul" question. He finds himself not only in a race to find the killer, but also in a battle against the FBI and his former girlfriend, agent Rachel Walling, who have been tracking a terrorist plot to use the radioactive material.

A roller coaster read with a cliffhanger ending; Connelly has written a book with a real adrenaline rush! They date, marry, work and care a great deal for each others good and bad times. A great mix of personalities and situations keep the reader entranced till the very end. Conroy always writes a great story, ultimately about forgiveness. Dawn Cook. Life gets more interesting as enemies make their moves, and even friends can be more than they seem.

Mark Russell, Mirko Colak. Scott Duvall, Vincenzo Federici. BSG: Twilight Command 1 —Outnumbered by Cylons and stranded on New Caprica, the members of the Twilight Command are what might be one of the last vestiges of humanity in the entire galaxy. Michael Moreci, Breno Tamura. Crackdown 1 —When megalomaniacal cyberterrorists begin launching coordinated attacks that plunge entire cities into darkness, an elite squad of heroes is tasked with tracking them down and setting things right.

Jonathan Goff, Ricardo Jaime. Tini Howard, Kate Niemczyk. Spider-Man: Life Story 1 —Being a comic book character means never really having to grow up. Chip Zdarsky, Mark Bagley. Magnificent Ms.


Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung. Your mail carrier? Your elderly neighbor? The baby who smiles at you in the checkout line? They could all be Skrulls lying in wait to tear your throat out. This comic will follow the Walker family, a cell of Skrulls posing as normal humans as they wait for the precise moment to carry out their mysterious plans.

Robbie Thompson, Nico Henrichon. Gail Simone, David Baldeon. Age of X-Man: The new Age continues again! Dennis Hopeless, Michele Bandini. Star Wars: Darth Vader - Dark Visions 1 —As much as Darth Vader is a well-known symbol for dread and fear, there are some corners of the galaxy far, far away where he inspired hope in people, even in his days when he operated as one of the deadliest Sith lords in existence.

This new adventure will explore those stories and show us sides to Vader that have scarcely been seen. Joseph A Quinones Jr. Little Bird 1 —Set in a dystopian hellscape where the American Empire reigns supreme, Little Bird tells the story of a young rebel fighting with the Resistance in a last ditch effort to preserve their humanity and perhaps liberate the world. Darcy Van Poelgeest, Ian Bertram. Transformers 1 —Fresh off the heels of the new Bumblebee movie, this comics reboot of the classic series will go all the way back to the earliest days of Cyberton, before the great war tore it apart—and show us how the death of one being led to the great conflict that turned the Autobots into the heroes we know them as today.

Tini Howard, Hannah Templer. Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase —Comics talent Mairghread Scott reflects on her life in this collection of five autobiographical one shots, featuring characters from the Transformers franchise she grew up loving.

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Mairghread Scott, Sara Pitre-Durocher. Say you need a sudden accident to befall an enemy. Call Chuck. Wanna collect on an insurance policy? Josh Lee Gordon, Francesco Mortarino. Ronin Island 1 —After a great calamity devastates much of 19th century Japan, Korea, and China, the few remaining survivors band together to create a last refuge for humanity, as the world is overtaken by mutated monsters and a cruel Shogun seeks to take advantage of the opportunity to extort money out of the poor for protection. Grek Pak, Giannis Milonogiannis. Lab Raider 1 —In their deepest heart of hearts, animal rights activists have the best of intentions, but sometimes their actions end up getting them into more trouble than they anticipated.

Matt Miner, Crees Lee. The Life and Death of Toyo Harada 1 —Toyo Harada was a man who wanted to use his unimaginable powers to make the world a better place when he easily could have subjugated or destroyed it with just the snap of his fingers. But after years of trying to shape the world peacefully by cultivating vast wealth and an even larger pool of similarly gifted people like himself, Harada was ruined and turned into one of the greatest villains humanity had ever known. The Six Million Dollar Man 1 —Steve Austin can usually pull off any and all dangerous acts of heroism thanks to his ridiculously expensive cybernetic enhancements.

Christopher Hastings, David Hahn. To see every comic on its way over the next few months, both ongoing and new, head on over to Previews World. What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments! James is a staff writer for io9. He reads comics so you don't have to—but sometimes you should anyway! The A. Actually, let me just get it over with and say that the entire novel was written so poetically.

She did a fantastic job writing about the then and now. Given the difference in years, I can feel the differences in their life that time did to them. It was like I was reading two different novels about the same couple. The romance and their voices are so much more matured in the present that you get such a great feel of the time difference. I really enjoyed Graham. From the beginning, he joked about their meetings being fate and that they will marry and have a happy and long marriage and even when life hit them hard, he never gave up on her or them.

Quinn is a great character, and I think being in her head for the story made the novel that much sadder. We get the full effect of what she is going through. The reason for their failing marriage is not one of the obvious ones we all go to when we think failing marriage. I enjoyed this book quite a lot. Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC. Extra Content. Vincent has been my favorite doorman since Ethan moved into this apartment building.

He always smiles and chats with me. But today, he simply held the door open with a stoic expression. How was your trip? And myself. I came back a day early but decided not to tell him. Or even sex. He takes three steps, then pauses and looks at the door. He takes another three steps in the other direction and pauses again.

I would recognize him if he were. I fish around in my purse for the key. When I find it, he moves beside me, pressing a hand against the door. Why is he asking me that? I clear my throat and try to hide my fear, even though the guy looks harmless. The guy nods vigorously. I do this, prepared for the psycho in front of me to lunge any second now. What an odd lineup that would be at the police station. Like Big Red. He shakes his head.

My mouth is dry.

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Water would be nice. Vodka would be nice. Van Kemp? Not only does Ethan work for Dr. Van Kemp. How does this guy know so much about Ethan? The fucking. While he fucks her. I immediately back away from the door. It makes my whole world unstable. My past, my present, my future—all of it is spinning out of control. The guy grips my arm and stabilizes me. My girlfriend and your.

I walk across the hallway and lean against the wall, then eventually slide down to the floor. The guy next to me cringes and covers his ears. I cover mine, too. We sit like this for a while. I wrap my arms around mine, resting my chin on top of them. Confront them? Most men I know would be breaking down the door right now. Or I could just go home, burn all his things, sell my wedding dress, and block his number.

No, my mother would never allow that. Oh, God. My mother. I groan and the guy immediately sits up straight. Evelyn Bradbury was married there, Quinn. Evelyn Bradbury! So of course my mother uses Evelyn Bradbury as an example of high-class perfection at every opportunity. Expressive dark brown eyes that match his unruly hair. Two full lips that keep being pressed together and thinned out every time he glances at the door.

Not one related to our current situation. Something deeper. It was just a realization. Not that I care. Maybe I do care. You have nothing to worry about. That explains a lot. Laughing when I should be crying. Why am I not crying? It makes me wonder if his smile would be different under different circumstances.

Or so I thought. I lean forward again and run my hands through my hair. I retrieve my phone and look down at it. Will Ethan be joining us? I sigh with my whole body. I wonder if I can avoid telling anyone the wedding is off until Sunday. The elevator dings and my attention is swept away from my phone and to the doors. When they open, I feel a knot form in my throat. My hand clenches in a fist around my phone when I see the containers of food. The delivery guy begins to walk toward us and my heart takes a beating with every step. Way to pour salt on my wounds, Ethan.

Are you kidding me? I wave my hand toward the Chinese food. Not his! I plop back down on the floor with the two bags of Chinese food and I rifle through them. He pays for the food and the poor delivery guy pushes open the door to the stairwell just to get out of the hallway faster than if he were to walk back to the elevator.

He sits back down and grabs the container of chicken and broccoli. I hand him a fork and let him eat it, even though the chicken is my favorite. So I wait. And eat. With Graham. After several minutes, he sets down his container and reaches into the takeout bag, pulling out two fortune cookies. He hands one to me and proceeds to open his. He breaks open the cookie and unfolds the strip of paper, then reads his fortune out loud.

I took off work today. I crack open my cookie and slip the fortune out of it. I wad up the fortune and flick it at the door like he did. It should be your perfections. The one word they misuse is perfects. Kind of ironic. He hands it to me. Me neither. I pick up one of the threads and twist it between my fingers. Every damn night. She was buying extra letters at five dollars a pop just so she could beat me. He looks like the kind of guy who reads novels and cleans his apartment twice a day and folds his socks and then tops off all that perfection with a morning run.

The bad part is that I do know how to change a tire. He just refused to let me because it would have embarrassed him to have to stand aside while a girl changed his tire. Concern, maybe? He pegs me with a serious stare. In bed. I just want to walk away and be done with him. I turn to look at his apartment door but Graham touches my face and pulls my attention back to him. Neither of us looks at the door. I hear Ethan take a step out of his apartment. I open my eyes, but I keep them focused on Graham. Graham blinks, holding his eyes closed for a second longer as he inhales a calming breath.

When he opens them, Sasha speaks. He continues to face me. Graham and I both stand up.