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By reminding us that Jesus was a refugee, immigrant, and asylum seeker, in his life? Sounds right. Right on time a new Xmas horror story pic. Relax cowboy, it's not a real baby. Christmas is just fine. Families are under siege. Sign up for Breaking News by AOL to get the latest breaking news alerts and updates delivered straight to your inbox. Subscribe to our other newsletters. Learn more. If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications:.

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Don't miss the biggest stories of the day. Get breaking news delivered directly to your inbox. Emails may offer personalized content or ads. You may unsubscribe at any time. What could they mean? Perhaps letters of the alphabet? Of course 3, is C. That's almost 2 weeks into March. The Ides of March. Clever bastard. So that'd be N. There's 38 words in the message. That would be S. Cloverfield implies a field of Clovers. Clovers have the same number of letters as Jehovah. Jehovah, J. In the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I. Leading us back Opening up the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Which means that Mario Lopez Da Vinci knew about this and left secrets for us to find!

Everything comes back to the number Only the strangers can lead us to paradise. It's all. Of the illusion. NC: talking to self in mirror Who are you? Who am I? Michael: I'll give you a hint. His last name is Christ. He has the power of flight.

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He can heal leopards. David: Michael Michael: I'm Jesus, David, and you know why? Because Phyllis, a woman, has uslurped my role as Santa. David: Michael- Michael: What?

David: This is a very very bad time. Michael: Really? What's going on? David: Stephanie, can you hop off please? Stephanie: Sure David.

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How rude! Does she do that all the time? Erin: Do you want me off the call too Michael? Get off! Get off the phone! David: Listen, I shouldn't tell you this, but the company has a buyer. The board will have no choice to approve. They are going to clean house. Michael: What does that mean? David: I'll be fired. Michael: Well, can't Alan protect you? David: Alan will be out too.

All of us. Michael: All of us? David: Goodbye Michael. Michael: Oh my God. Michael: Earlier today this office needed a Santa. And then it needed a second Santa. And then it needed a Jesus. And now, it needs a Michael. And that's one suit Phyllis cannot fit into. Michael: Hey. How's everybody doing? Jim: Not great. You heckled Santa for an hour and a half. Michael: That was a different guy. That was Jesus. Jesus sort of ruined the party. Hurt petulant Jesus. Angela: Are you serious? This is so offensive. Michael: You know what's even more offensive, is baling on this party because some Dwight come here.

Here's my debit card, I want you to go pick up a bunch of pizzas and meet me in the conference room. Dwight: What's your pin number? Michael: I don't want to say. But, "it's fun to stay at the -" [nods to fill in blank, but Dwight doesn't know] Michael: "It's fun to stay at the -" Dwight: Where? Holiday Inn? I don't Andy: I, I thought that you would like it. Erin: It was a little much Andy. Andy: Well it's the thought that counts. Erin: What were you thinking? Andy: I suppose a gentlemen might Guess what? Not gonna happen.

Michael: You know what, Christmas isn't about Santa, or Jesus. It's about the workplace. All of you feel like my family. Ryan, you are my son. And Pam, you're my wife. And Jim. And Angela and Phyllis, you are my Grandmas. And Stanley, you're our mailman. And I can't help but look at all your wonderful beautiful faces and think, "How could they do this to us? Pam: How could we do what? Michael: I didn't say anything! Angela: If you know something Michael Michael: We're going out of business! Group: WHAT? Jim: What? Dwight: You are kidding me! Jim: Wait wait wait, who said that?

Michael: David told me on the phone. David told me. Dwight: When? When did he tell you? Michael: Earlier today. Dwight: Awww! Michael: He said, we have been sold. Dwight: Aaaarrhh!

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Angela: Come on! Jim: Michael, wait. So they said we are sold? Michael: David's gone. Alan's gone. We're all gone. Jim: Okay. We haven't gone under. We've been sold and that can mean many different things. Michael: It's hard for me to imagine a scenario, where Meredith Palmer keeps her job and David Wallace does not - no offense Meredith. Meredith: No, I get it. Michael: I'll call him. I'll call David. Jim: No, you won't, because he's not picking up his phone. Michael: Yes, I will. Because I always know how to get through to him.

Michael: He told me where his kids go to school. I call the school, I tell them I'm a pediatrician. They patch me through to his secretary. I use my little girl voice. Badda bing, badda boom. David: Hey Sweetie, what is it? Michael: It's not sweetie, it's Michael Scott. David: What the hell?

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Michael: Stephanie could you hop off please? David: Michael, I have never- Michael: David! David: Ever, ever Michael: David, you are on speakerphone with the entire branch, and the warehouse. Dwight: Hey David. Kelly: Hi David! Michael: David, they do not believe me. When you told me everyone was canned. David: You weren't supposed to tell anyone Michael. Michael: Well I think we're past that now. David: I am not supposed to I was really only talking about Alan, myself, a few other execs you don't know. Jim: Oh my God, David.

That's horrible. Meredith: How 'bout us? It's Meredith. By the way, your wife is a very lucky woman. David: Look. They're buying the company for the distribution.

Twitter users mock Hannity's panicky new ‘war on Christmas’ rant

You guys are the only thing about this company that works. So congratulations. Michael: We're not fired? David: No! No, and congratulations. Michael: Yeah! Dwight: Yeah! Michael: Woo hoo! Dwight: [singing] I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don't know where it goes, but it's home to me and I walk alone. We all walk alone.

Dwight: [singing] My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating Toby: [opening kite from Ryan] Wow! That was the idea. Toby: Thank you! Ryan: Awesome! Toby: Thanks man! Kevin: [singing] Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, thy leaves are so unchanging You got it? What is that? Michael: Huh.

Well, maybe those will help. Matt: Nice to meet you Oscar. Oscar: Nice to meet you Mark! Matt: It's Matt. Oscar: Right, Matt. Dwight: Oh man! Macadamias, Brazil nuts, pecans, almonds. Clams, snails Michael: Hi Santa. Phyllis: Hi Michael. Michael: I'd like to make a wish. Phyllis: What? And, I'm sorry. Phyllis: An Xbox it is. Because I've decided you're a good boy.

Bob Vance: Scott! What in the hell is going on here? Michael: You called Bob? Phyllis: I'm sorry, Michael: Come on! Phyllis: I'm really sorry. It was earlier today. Phyllis: Hi sweetie. Bob: You okay baby? Phyllis: I'm good baby. Get a room Santas! Michael: Thank you Santa. Happy Holidays.

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Dwight: It's real slippery out here. Pam: Twelve drummers drumming. Take it away boys! Also see my Special Thanks page. Pilot Diversity Day Health Care The Alliance Basketball The Dundies Sexual Harassment Office Olympics The Fire Halloween The Fight The Client Performance Review E-mail Surveillance Christmas Party Booze Cruise The Injury The Secret The Carpet Boys and Girls Valentine's Day Dwight's Speech Take Your Daughter to Work Day Michael's Birthday Drug Testing Conflict Resolution Gay Witch Hunt The Convention The Coup Grief Counseling Initiation Diwali Branch Closing The Merger The Convict A Benihana Christmas Back From Vacation Traveling Salesmen The Return Ben Franklin Phyllis' Wedding Business School Cocktails