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Kuptsov ambushes "Black Lightning" with rocket fire from his Mercedes, stealing the nano-catalyzer and sending the Volga falling down, crashing into the ice and sinking to the bottom of the Moscow River. A call from his girlfriend, that says that she loves him, brings the hero back to his senses. Dima remembers the emergency backup tank with 30 minutes worth of nanofuel, bursts out from under the ice, rushes into Kuptsov's lair, freeing the scientists and recapturing the nano-catalyzer, he flies to pick up Nastya, but Kuptsov beats him to her, taking her as a hostage and offering to trade her for the nano-catalyzer.

Dima and Kuptsov confront each other over the Red Square. Dima honks the horn in a special signal that Nastya knows about. Nastya jumps out of Kuptsov's car and Dima grabs her in midair, safely landing her to the earth below; the final battle between the flying cars in the sky above Moscow ends with Dima luring Kuptsov's car to the outer reaches of the atmosphere, where the Mercedes runs out of nanofuel.

Kuptsov floats in the Earth's orbit, left for dead. Dima and Nastya celebrate the New Year together. In the course of the film, there are other references to "Leprozoria", for example, when the car flies into an abandoned building, it says on the wall: " Leprechaun " and "Hello Leprosy! Based on the film, two video games were created. One repeated the plot of the film.

However, at the time of , no new news about the restart was received. Galusyan's ethnology roots back to the city of Trabzon in modern Turkey , which used to be populated by a large Armenian community, his paternal grandfather, along with his 12 siblings escaped the Armenian Genocide during the early years of the 20th century and reached Sochi, what was a Black sea coastal town in the Russian Empire. Galustyan's mother originates from Abkhazia. During his early life, Galustyan attended Sochi school, where he practiced the piano and began to hone his skills in a music class.

He was engaged in the puppet theater in the judo section at the Palace of Pioneers. After the fifth grade, Galustyan transferred schools at his parents' instigation. At his new school he performed in a play on the stage.

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Galustyan's role in the play was Winnie-the-Pooh. By the time Galustyan was in the 10th grade, he had joined his school's KVN. In , Galustyan graduated from school and went into medical school, where he had studied to be an "assistant-obstetrician". In , Galustyan joined his university's "Start" KVN team and took part in the Voronezh League, in which he helped the team reach the finals.

Galustyan was expelled from the institute for serious lapse in attendance as his group was on tour and were performing up to three shows per day. In , Galustyan became the leader of the team, "Baked by the sun". In , the team won that season's championship. During this time, Galustyan met his future wife, Victoria, and in , " Burnt by the sun " won the KVN Summer cup and repeated this success in both and Galustyan has participated in the sketch comedy show Nasha Russia since Galustyan starred in a series of advertisements for Baskin Robbins ice cream.

Galustyan is one of the Judges in the reality competition TV program Humor the comedian. On TV channel "Inter". Galustyan was a torchbearer for the Winter Olympics in his hometown of Sochi, he participated on the last day of the torch relay from Olympia to Sochi in what has been recognized as the largest and longest relay in the history of the Winter Olympics. Galustyan stated, "I'm proud and delighted that I helped my country and my hometown Sochi welcome the 22nd Winter Olympic games.

And, as you know, peaceful people become victims of war first, and if trying to find out, the causer of this disaster, we need to admit that the oversea customers of Maidan are, who had split Ukraine into two parts which fight with each other. I believe that Ukrainian people will understand how hardly it was framed on the Maidan and will make oligarchs, who give orders to kill peaceful people and could live in peace with each other and with us. And there will not be death any more! He works at Tabakov Studio. Sergei Bezrukov was born on October in Moscow , his father was an actor and director who worked at the Moscow Satire Theatre.

Sergei's mother was Natalia Bezrukova, she graduated from the Gorky College of Soviet Trade and worked as a shop manager. Sergei Bezrukov was named in honor of Sergei Yesenin.

After graduating from secondary school No. Sergei Bezrukov made his cinematic debut in Nocturne for Motorcycle. From until , he worked on the satirical program Puppets. Puppets were used on the show to represent famous people politicians. He voiced twelve characters on the show, among them such famous personalities as Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Bezrukov gained more exposure as an actor with the show.

In Bezrukov gained his big break. After the series aired Sergei Bezrukov became a household name in Russia. In Bezrukov fulfilled his childhood dream, when he portrayed the poet Sergei Yesenin, after whom he was named, in the miniseries Yesenin , it was based on the novel Yesenin. Story of a Murder written by his father, who portrayed Yesenin in a film, titled Anna Snegina.

Another notable role was Yeshua Ha-Nozri in the series The Margarita, he voiced the title character of Prince Vladimir animated film. He is known for his theatre role of Chichikov in Dead Souls. Sergei portrayed the popular Soviet singer Vladimir Vysotsky in the film Vysotsky. Thank You For Being Alive. CGI and heavy makeup was used to make the actor look like Vysotsky.

Bezrukov was not credited for his role and it was only revealed that he was the actor. In , Sergei acted in the film After You're Gone, directed by his wife Anna Matison; the comedy-drama told the story of a ballet dancer who suffered a spinal injury and decides to stage an original ballet performance. In March he signed a letter in support of the position of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Russia's military intervention in Ukraine. From to he was married to actress Irina Bezrukova. In the couple separated.

Sergei Bezrukov married director and screenwriter Anna Matison on March 11, On July 4, they had Maria. At the end of , the media, citing Bezrukov's father, reported that Sergei has young children: daughter Alexandra and son Ivan. They work in America, in their spare time they enjoy a life of hedonism. Igor is a dentist. Oleg, nicknamed " Sauna ", is an instructor in a women's fitness club group. Artem earns a living as a tour guide by showing New York to Russian tourists, he is married. But one day the carefree life of friends comes to an end.

At another party a strange looking man makes a toast for love and corrects himself: "Let what you drank for, be impossible without what I drank for. The friends attempt everything to regain their virility but all is in vain. After long torment, friends find that same person from the party and it turns out that he is Saint Valentine , who settled in America to help its residents find love.

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With the help of his mystical abilities he "programmed" them against promiscuity. Only finding love can help the friends, sex can only be with a beloved woman. Igor and Oleg face many problems, must go their own way to understand that true love is the most important thing in life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Cinema of Russia Cinema of the Russian Empire Russian Empire films — Cinema of the Soviet Union Soviet films — List of Russian films — s v t e. The copyright owner must contact the source if he wants his material off the Internet completely. Toggle navigation. HOME current Kir Bulychev.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Kir Bulychov. Russian science fiction writer. Works by Kir Bulychev. Alisa Selezneva. Categories : births deaths Writers from Moscow Russian science fiction writers Soviet science fiction writers Russian orientalists Russian historians Russian speculative fiction critics Soviet historians Pseudonymous writers Russian children's writers Soviet children's writers Soviet male writers 20th-century Russian male writers 20th-century historians Recipients of the USSR State Prize Translators to Russian 20th-century translators Recipients of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", 4th class.

Kir Bulychev in Soviet filmmakers, such as Andrei Tarkovsky, also produced many science fiction and fantasy films. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, modern Russia experienced a renaissance of fantasy. Outside modern Russian borders, there are a significant number of Russophone writers and filmmakers from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, who have made a notable contribution to the genres.

Alice is a feminine given name used primarily in English and French. Alice was the most popular female baby name in Sweden in and has been among the top 10 names given to girls for the past five years. In England and Wales it was ranked the 24th most popular name in Their father was Jewish and their mother was Russian Orthodox. Later they went on to develop their own, unique style of science fiction writing that emerged from the period of Soviet rationalism in Soviet literature and evolved into novels interpreted as works of social criticism.

Andrei Tarkovsky. Notable people with the surname include: Aleksandr Seleznyov b. The conflict between father and daughter is foreshadowed by a shifting era, when even school teachers can not explain to their students as to why what they say changes everyday. Wild life of Crash which includes leaving home and self-harm, leads to a group rape by a gang consisting of affluent young men. The misfortune brings father and daughter closer together. Afterwards, policeman Nikolayev takes revenge on the perpetrators, neglecting the law which he has always defended.

This is a list of works of children's literature that have been made into feature films.

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The title of the work and the year it was published are both followed by the work's author, the title of the film, and the year of the film. If a film has an alternate title based on geographical distribution, the title listed will be that of the widest distribution area. This article is a list of fictional diseases, disorders, infections, and pathogens which appear in fiction where they have a major plot or thematic importance.

They may be fictional psychological disorders, magical, from mythological or fantasy settings, have evolved naturally, been genetically modified most often created as biological weapons , or be any illness that came forth from the ab use of technology. Prince Prospero flees the Red Death.

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Items in this list are followed by a brief description of symptoms and other details. It erodes the vessel walls of the circulatory system, causing death by either triggering the body's coagulation response resulting in the entire system clottin. The roots of Russian literature can be traced to the Middle Ages, when epics and chronicles in Old East Slavic were composed.

By the Age of Enlightenment, literature had grown in importance, and from the early s, Russian literature underwent an astounding golden age in poetry, prose and drama. Prose was flourishing as well. The first great Russian novelist was Nikolai Gogol.

Then came Ivan Turgenev, who mastered both short stories and novels. Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky soon became internationally renowned. In the second half of the century Anton Chekhov excelled in short stories and became a leading dramatist. The beginning of the 20th century ranks as the Silver Age of Russian poetry. The poets most often associated with the "Silver Age". He is regarded as one of the leading innovators during the Khrushchev Thaw who contributed significally to both traditional and stop motion animation.

Yevgeny was diagnosed with cerebral palsy of his left leg and remained lame throughout his life, hiding it and compensating by various activities. His mother blamed obstetrician for hitting the nerve. Following her sudden death in Tikhon Migunov married her sister, Zinaida.

Lepeshinsky Experimental School-Commune and spent a year at the art school. In he entered the newly-founded Art. This is a list of space pirates, often found in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He became very close to Adjutant Shiima, whom he freed from Gozma's dark influence near the end of the series - shortly after this, Booba dies in a climatic duel with Change Dragon.

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This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in The play is first published in print this year. June 11 — International Poetry Incarnation, a performance poetry event, is staged at the Royal Albert Hall in London before an audience of 7,, with members of the Beat Generation featuring. This is a list of film series comprising one film and a sequel.