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Since the dawn of recorded history, people realized that the Earth was a sphere.

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Aristotle came to this conclusion through geometry; Roman scholars were also clear on this point. Documented accounts take note of how the mast of a ship stays visible after the body disappears over the horizon.

Christopher Columbus, Flat Earth, and Q&A

The myth that Columbus had to reprove this ancient idea stems from misconceptions about the Dark Ages. The mythological view of the Dark Ages is that the painstakingly accrued knowledge of the ancient world was lost to feudalism and violence. Though there were exceptions, the majority of scholars agreed that the world was a sphere, or at least a cone. That aside, Columbus did face genuine skepticism.

Charles Johnson, 76, Proponent of Flat Earth

Some thought that the trip was impossibly long, or doubted that this route could have gone undiscovered for millennia. Nobody feared falling off the Earth. Then, in the nineteenth century, round vs.

The spherical Earth represented modern capitalists in search of human progress against a regressive dogma. The writer Washington Irving did more than anyone to promote flat Eartherism as a religious obstacle to modernity. He used the myth of a plucky Columbus battling a bumbling, ignorant establishment as fuel. A misunderstanding of medieval maps may have further promoted the idea that people forgot the shape of the Earth.

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Now, nearly years later, the DIY rocket readies for blast off pending a few bureaucratic issues. Flat Eeartherism is a fringe view, but contrary to popular belief it was just as fringe in the year or the year JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students. By: James MacDonald.

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December 7, June 12, The Flat Earth Society was founded in , and thousands of people still think the Earth is flat in the year of our Lord If you liked this article, check out this video on how the Flat Earth movement is making a comeback. Science History Share Subscribe.

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