Guide Attaining the Way: A Guide to the Practice of Chan Buddhism

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Originally published in and addressed to a Chinese audience, this book is now available for the first time in an English translation. The Infinite Mirror no picture available. Getting the Buddha Mind no picture available.

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Ox-herding at Morgan's Bay no picture available. Most of the text of this book has been incorporated into the later publication Illuminating Silence which also includes a lot of new material besides that from Catching a Feather on a Fan. The WCF secretary is now out of stock of the first edition of this book. A new expanded edition is under preparation. May not be quoted for commercial purposes.

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Anyone wishing to quote for non-commercial purposes may seek permission from the WCF Secretary. In his foreward Stephen Batchelor writes: The discourses are lucid and direct, drawn widely on the sources of Chinese Buddhism, and speak in a refreshingly modern idiom.

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Perhaps because the setting was relatively small and intimate, the gentleness, warmth and humour of Master Sheng Yen radiate throughout the text. He writes: I was engaging in an exercise in hermeneutics, an interpretation of the teaching in which my own subjectivity was highly engaged. Directly related to the Four Noble Truths , the eightfold path, as laid down by Buddha , helps an individual attain the state of Nirvana by freeing him from attachments and delusions and thereby helping him understand the innate truth of all things.

This path, therefore, helps a person with his ethical and mental growth and development. Buddha laid great emphasis on implementing the teachings since a higher level or existence can be attained only by putting translating thoughts into actions. By right view, Buddha means seeing things in the right perspective.

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  • Seeing things as they really are, without any false illusions or pretenses. He wanted his followers to see and to understand the transient nature of worldly ideas and possessions and to understand that they can attain salvation only if they practiced the right karma. If you're seeking to explore Zen or Buddhism more deeply, here is a list of my favourite Buddhist books that you can use to learn more about this ancient tradition. Buddha says that we are what we are because of what we think. What goes on inside our minds our thought process determines our course of action.

    It is, therefore, necessary to follow the path of Right thought or Right Intention.

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    To have the Right Intention or the Right Thought, a person should be aware of his purpose or role in life and is studying the teachings of Buddha. Buddha asks his followers to speak truth, to avoid slander and malicious gossip and to refrain from abusive language. Harsh words that can cause distress or offend others should also be avoided while also staying clear of mindless idle chatter which lacks any depth. Behaving peacefully and harmoniously; Right action, according to Buddha, lies in adherence to the following guidelines:.

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    By laying down this guideline, Buddha advises his followers to earn their bread and butter righteously, without resorting to illegal and nefarious activities. He does not expect his followers to exploit other human beings or animals or to trade in weapons or intoxicants. Buddha believed that human nature imposes undue restrictions on the mind at times, causing a person to harbor ill thoughts.