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An honest The world is full of people that pulled. Ambition just means you have a strong desire to achieve something through determination and hard work, and sometimes just getting through the day is an achievement in itself. How many people out there work mind-numbing, spiritcrushing, well-paying jobs but dream of doing something else? Who knows what you might be missing? Regardless of these trivial things and the ones preceding them, it all boils down to compatibility. Does the person you are with make you happy? Are you interested in what they have to say? Do they make you laugh?

Is the sex unbelievable? If so, then everything else should fall by the wayside, whether you are the one making a hundred grand a year or the one working for tips. That is the person you want to be when you meet someone new. Your job is merely a way to make money. Cast off the caste and open your heart.

Then you will live happily ever after. Each episode respaces. The more seasoned members of my own experience, the barbershop in our community are mourning the loss the black community is more than just of our identity as a community and are a place to have your hair did, it is also a concerned that with the disappearance of cornerstone in building a sense of comthese cultural icons, our history and sense munity and continuity. You find out who of continuity are being erased at the cost is sick, who got married, had a baby, got of acceptance and assimilation. More gating the choppy waters of assimilation importantly, it is a place where younger and inclusion for hundreds of years.

Esmembers of the community get informa- pecially since the enactment of the Civil tion and a better sense of the history of Rights act of , the black community the black community. Through storytellhas seen how costly assimilation can be ing, the games of checkers and chess and to the individual and the community as the endless cast of characters that sit in or a whole.

However, even with assimilabehind the chairs, history is passed on to tion, the black community has worked to future generations. Additionally, there are It is an institution that even with the rablack restaurants, black churches, black cial strides made, still remains relevant to social clubs all designed to provide supthe identity of a race of people.

Perhaps port to its community members. In fact, the gay community, including us kinkthese institutions are a celebration of the sters, can take a page from this playbook rich cultural heritage of black people and and use it to assist us as we struggle with reinforce the importance of maintaining. As we, the LGBTQI community including Kinksters , move forward with our new found freedoms, perhaps taking the time to sit and dialogue with those who have already experienced the newness of freedom and have managed to thrive and still be authentic, would be to our benefit.

My hope is we will begin to understand that distancing ourselves from our past and our history is an irrelevant belief that no longer has a place or power in our community. Argos Bar, Dayton, Ohio, www. Tragic stories about gun violence abound. However, a recent tragedy unfolded in my own backyard. On Jan. Later he texted his year-old son again to make sure he was on the bus.

The son responded with a phone call assuring his father he was on the bus to school. However, unbeknownst to his father, Georta Mack circled back to his house and hid in the basement. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, soon after 6 a. Prosecutors announced on Jan. Earlier this month, the statistics for were released: Shootings in Cincinnati were up 28 percent over ; homicides increased 13 percent. These tragedies happen on a daily basis. In October , The Washington Post reported that, as of the th day of , there had been mass shootings. Mass murders due to gun violence occur most often in metro areas.

Since , Austin, Texas, is the only city in the U. However, only 2 percent of overall gun violence deaths occur in mass shootings. According to the TheTrace. While the news was dominated by reports of European and domestic terrorism in , in the previous 10 years only 71 people died in the U. There were , deaths in America due to gun violence during the same period.

Every traumatic death is a tragedy, but why do we as Americans not have a better sense of perspective? This means that people in the U. These statistics represent mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers and friends. Each death has created a ripple effect in our communities, such that many lives are changed forever.

Many of these shootings kill individuals under the age of 18, snuffing out the unlimited promise and potential of these young lives. In , an average of two children were killed every day by a shooting; 75 percent of these children were under the age of Scarier still, in an average week in a toddler under the age of 3 shot someone, often himor herself, after accessing an unsecured loaded gun. Many times the toddlers injure or kill themselves, but they also have killed other people as well.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the Transportation Security Administration announced recently that 2, guns were found at security checkpoints at U. More than 82 percent 2, of these guns were loaded. Unloaded guns are allowed in checked baggage, but must be declared. The ramifications of these statistics are startling. These only represent guns that were detected by the TSA. As might be expected, two of the top five airports with the most confiscated guns were in Texas: Dallas 1st and Houston 3rd. Airports in Atlanta 2nd , Denver 4th and Phoenix 5th rounded out the top five.

So consider this: The next time you are on a domestic flight, imagine that some of your fellow passengers are carrying a loaded weapon. If that makes you feel safer, perhaps you should work to change the current laws regarding guns and air travel. However, for many of us, the thought of fellow passengers carrying a loaded weapon on our flights is a sobering and scary thought. Let us not pretend that racism is not at the heart of this issue. While black men comprise about 6 percent of the U. Reflect upon this: What would the response be if , white men had been killed by guns from through ?

Would the response have been different? I think we all know in our heart that it would be quite different. The news media would be full of stories about the hunting of white men and Congress would be drafting and passing legislation on gun control to stem these predators stalking the most powerful members of our society. There are no easy answers. Historians point to the founding of this country and the role guns played in doing so.

Early American settlers were able to steal land from the Native Americans due to the advanced weaponry of guns. As Americans traveled westward during the. Gun violence has played a large role in our collective American DNA.

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Our attitudes toward life and death are different than other first-world countries, as evidenced by our continued use of the death penalty in many states. Meanwhile, our counterparts around the world shake their collective heads and wonder when Americans will finally wake up and decide that too many people have died because of gun violence.

There is also a Constitutional argument for gun control. This opinion is shared by some scholars as well. I encourage each of you to think about what your responsibility is to help address this issue. Passover is the major Jewish spring festival that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, lasting seven or eight days from the 15th day of Nisan.

This year it will be Friday, April 22nd to Saturday, April 30th. During their enslavement in Egypt, the Israelites could not practice their religion — they could not be who they were meant to be. Well, it is the same with LGBT children. A boy may have a group of friends who. We worry that we have to justify our difference, or even our very existence. Sometimes we feel we have to squeeze ourselves into a very narrow definition of what it means to be Jewish.

Honey — there IS no wrong! Unfortunately, so many people are light-years away from understanding this. I will also pray that the gay boy who is afraid to tell his parents who he really is will gain the strength to do so. I will pray that our legislators understand transgender people are no different from them, and all they want to do is pee in peace. In the Haggadah, we also read about. And we all want to be accepted for who we are. I am not sure, but I like to think that when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, they prayed for someone to free them and allow them to live their lives the way they wanted to.

This Passover, as I sit around my seder table, I will pray that my gay son and. May slavery give way to freedom. May hate give way to love. May ignorance give way to wisdom. May despair give way to hope. Next year, at this time, may everyone, everywhere, be free! I dressed her in overalls and unisex sneakers, avoiding pink and bows when possible. It soon became evident that she preferred the dolls and ignored the trucks. I soon realized that while it was a fine idea to offer unisex apparel and gender non-specific activities, every child is an individual, and will have individual preferences, regardless of gender.

We let our children reveal to us who they were, at least as much as we knew how. Girls are as human as boys. Some humans like athletic endeavors. No big deal. Besides, I thought he was emulating his older brothers. That would have been totally natural. I also let one older brother wear a Mohawk, and the other dye his hair cobalt blue.

We encouraged each kid to pursue his or her interests and be their own person. Music, chess, technology, football, art — all were encouraged. I had no idea there was anything more to it than his interests and self-expression. Traditionally, boys wear suits and ties, and girls wear white dresses and a veil, flowers or bow in their hair, for this most special of Catholic rites of passage. My mom had made a pintucked and ruffled cotton dress for his oldest sister, but Mary was having.

He adamantly refused to wear the dress. It took some gentle but insistent cajoling on our part over time to get him to comply. He wore it, but not with the usual giddy anticipation of the girls. It is a constant balancing act. I thought this was a time that merited compliance. Mary had been interested in model airplanes, real airplanes, aviators and aviation for a long time. I once helped him make an Amelia Earhart type of costume for a school project.

For his eleventh birthday, we gave him a flight at the controls of a two-seater Cessna. He was ecstatic! As I look back on it, I see that it is a rather atypical gift for an year-old girl. For us, it just naturally went along with who he was and what he was interested in. As Mary entered middle school and puberty, however, life got more and more challenging. His menstrual cycle really knocked him for a loop. He would become extremely irritable and full of rage, then debilitating cramps would put him out of commission for a few days every month.

He grew more and more miserable. Ken later likened it to the fate of a werewolf: every month tragically con-. He was trapped in a tormented, endlessly repeating cycle of physical and mental pain. I had no idea how close he came to ending it all right then. Somehow through all that, he continued to excel in school. He was active in band and jazz band.

I was glad to see that he again joined a church basketball league. I am so sad, even today, when I think about that. So many wasted years. Well, no. They help shape and form us as we live. If we bring some awareness and consciousness to them, and love and tenderness when processing them, they. It is all good. As a human, though, and a mom, I just wish he could have found camaraderie earlier in life. We all want our kids to be happy, and we suffer when they are not. Mary loved his basketball games. He played quite assertively, even ferociously.

We tried to get him to ease up a bit, but that was not in his nature. In the fall, he played on the township co-ed flag football team. It was unusual but not unheard of to have a girl on the team. As much as he enjoyed basketball, I think he loved football even more. He was a little shy personally, but get him on the field and you could just about see a vapor trail behind him.

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It was as if a. My face is decked out with eyeliner, mascara and lipstick done by fellow poet Margot, and my nails are softly glimmering in metallic orange. It was done guerilla style; Chloe grabbed what she had and we made it work. That gig was rough. I managed to get through it. He played every assigned position energetically, and proceeded to relentlessly rush the quarterback, block passes, catch any throws aimed his way and tear up the turf to score or go down trying.

It was really fun to watch. There was some conscious or subconscious sexism on the team, though. Cher started to pop up, mostly at Rocky gigs. As we thought about his going to high school the following year, Mary, Ken and I knew the huge township school his siblings had attended was not going to be right for him.

For the first time, we considered smaller, private school options. We wanted a safer, more nurturing environment that supported his. And when I would go full out, it was even better with my friends diving in and helping out with this character, doing my make-up, getting my stuffed tits right — whatever they could do. This exploration of my feminine side has caused friction with my family.

Putting on the gear, I feel all my problems vanish for at least a few hours. As long as that oasis shines in the midnight moon, I know I will always have a place to let my hair down and be free. We were excited when we found an independent Catholic school not far from our home. They exuded values, academic excellence, community, diversity, individual attention and enthusiasm.

Their sports teams were many and top-notch. Their band was small but spirited. They even had an aviation club! Here was a chance at a fresh start.

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High school was finally going to give him the environment he needed to fit in and blos-. Or would it? For Part 1 of this story, published in the February edition of The Word, go to www. I am human. I breathe, sleep and eat just like you do. I can promise if you take the time to get to know me, you will see I am worth knowing.

It is because on the way in here, there were a few people I came across who made me feel a little uncomfortable. When getting to know me, you will see I have a more interesting side you may find more appealing than the defense mechanism I had to create in an early part of my life. You have not made it easy for me to express myself.

I was taught in the fifth grade America offers us the freedom to express ourselves. I think when the forefathers wrote about our freedoms, it had its limitations — especially for people of color — but I tried to learn how to exist. I am not me because I am looking for attention. To be honest, I would rather be treated like everyone else. I work and pay taxes, just like you. The only difference is I cannot enjoy the fruits of my labor.

When I do something as simple as going to a fast food restaurant, you make me feel as if you are not accepting me. I have to be honest: Trans people, including trans women of color, are a part of this world whether you like it or not. Oh, and to those who say I am just trying to be like them, I know that could make you feel defeated, but that is not the case here.

I have Gender Identity Disorder, which causes my inner self and my outer self to be in conflict, and my inner self won. If you want to talk further about this topic, I am an open book, so lets have coffee or tea or something. I know sometimes it may seem I am uncomfortable in my skin; it is only because you are making a big fuss about me. I have attempted to show you and educate you about my community and life, but something is not registering. So if you do not mind, I like to get to stage two.

All I ask is for you to stop the small attacks on me and others like me, like the bathroom issue. I will let you ponder on that for a moment, so you could get a mental picture of what a situation like that could bring. I do have to mention the one thing that bothers me: I could end up beaten or maybe even killed by those who have mental problems, or by someone who is Trans-phobic, so could we really talk about this a while? I really feel that we should have the rights to our private lives, and making laws about what bathroom I am or am not allowed to use only makes things worse for everyone.

What is there underneath my clothes that interests you so much? That is freakish to me. When I look at you, I only want to know your personality, or what it would be like for us to be friends. I know we possess some characteristics that would make you uncomfortable, but so do members of your own community. Every one of us deserves to be treated equally. We have children and families, just like you do. All we want is for you to. This is not a personal attack, and I am not trying to be hostile in any way.

This is my way of having a conversation with those who have different life paths than I do. We can coexist if both sides are willing to try and respect each other. I can respect your beliefs, as I have all my life. Could you just attempt to do the same for me? I also believe in God, and He is a big part of my life. I am law-abiding, and I. The passion I am presenting is because every time I look up, there is someone like me who is being beaten, killed or mistreated. We just want to live our lives, like you do. I will show up with an open mind.

Will you?

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Love, Latrice. I am very glad that that has changed, and believe that in itself is a justification for Black Pride. Let me begin by stating Black Prides are not exclusionary: Everyone is welcome to participate, to attend, to celebrate, to enjoy. Black Prides are envisioned as an addition to the community, not as a division. Black prides are Black in the culture of pride they express, not in rejection of other expressions.

I think it is important for Black gay people to feel proud of who they are, and to have a way to celebrate that with other people who are like them. Perhaps in ways of bringing the Latino community out more [they used to be invisible]. They are more interested in learning about other cultures. It got the. Black gay community to feel proud about having this event. People feel proud when they get to go on the stage and perform. They feel proud when they get to tell their friends from out of town we have this Black Pride going on, it is going to be fantastic.

That is a feeling of accomplishment, especially for the people who put it on. I think it is very important for every community, to celebrate their diversity. Black Pride means celebrating the intersections of who you are: celebrating my Blackness, and also celebrating myself as a self-identified gay male. When we think about anything we choose to put the title Black or Latino on, folks tend to cringe up as if we are playing the race card.

We cannot celebrate Black Pride in a predominantly white neighborhood, because we are not there. And so we often struggle with geographical space. There is often divisiveness in the Black church, and I think that Black Pride is in a unique position to address some of those divisions and to really take a stand into saying that we are members of the LGBT community, but we are also Black, and we are here. We have always been here, and we are not going away. If you are a Black individual, not LGBT, you may be able to relate to me on the fact that we are discriminated against as Black people, but you may not be able to relate to me when I say I am discriminated against as a LGBT individuality, but you know what discrimination feels like.

A lot of LGBT youth, a lot of African-Americans, Blacks, youth of color are homeless because they are kicked out of their houses by their families. Black Pride can address that. We have the space and we have the opportunity to talk about some of the social and cultural issues that are unique to our community. Follow Indiana Pride of Color at fb. There are a whole lot of differences actually, because most of our people are not just open, there might be one day that they come out and go back in for the rest of the year.

To show a love for my brother, that I love as a lover.

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To put on my arm; to hold; to hug; to kiss. And not be ashamed. And be proud of who I am. Then we get beat up by the churches. Just as being gay does not define someone, so a Gay Pride does not encompass all his qualities. We can all enjoy and celebrate Circle City Pride without having to aver that it satisfies all our needs. A Black Pride gives us another rich, historic opportunity to enjoy and celebrate some of the same, coupled with different aspects. True diversity is not one vessel with carefully proportioned contents, it is an explosion of possibilities, of differences, of representations, of expression.

O Edward W. Fox Jr. For some, this journey is a short story of seamless transition where support was abundant. For others, the journey is more of a multi-volume series of events that ebb and flow. And if you are like me, your journey is a mixture of both with certain aspects that were easier than expected and others that presented unforeseen challenges. Each personal journey is important as we progress toward a future of widespread acceptance and opportunity for members of our community. Whenever I think about the future of the LGBTQ and ally community or Indy Pride in general, I find myself continually thinking about the current youth and young adults who will ultimately fill the Board and committees that make our organization a reality.

I think about my own journey and how acceptance was not a reality for me until 25 while finishing law school. I think about opportunities I missed because I did not love myself and feared others would never love me. I reflect on the lack of positive examples regarding my sexuality during my formative years.

Ultimately, I think about those experiences because they are motivation to work toward a future where our youth are able to love themselves and be loved without the same fear I carried. Until that meeting, I did not have a firm grasp on the purpose of the organization, but knew it fell within the umbrella of Indy Pride. Normally, this group of young adults meets monthly for fun events together like a movie night, pumpkin carving, or canvas painting; but their January meeting was different. These future leaders observed the Indy Pride election and noted all but one of the Board Members were white and only two women were.

So, I listened to the conversation that filled the room. Their discussion addressed a difficult subject with intelligence and intentionality. Ideas flowed freely of how to bolster their presence while igniting their desire to lead the community. I was a spectator to the future of Indy Pride. Our organization is experiencing rapid change that will propel us beyond being a festival-focused organization. A key component of that change is engaging our membership in ways which have not previously existed. For REACH, this means an analysis of their purpose, the development of recruitment initiatives, and the autonomy to develop events through the coaching of the Indy Pride Board.

While their recruitment efforts have been largely passive, they are developing plans to actively recruit. With these two initiatives combined, we are beginning a journey toward providing a stronger avenue of.

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The beauty of working with year-olds is they have an unfettered excitement about the future. The beauty of working with year-olds on a project is they have an unfettered excitement about the future. They see a community where our members are able to accept themselves without oppression. They envision a future where the youth are able to explore and embrace their identity at an early age.

They are inspired by the idea of cultivating support networks that prevent the loss of our members to suicide. They view the Board as a group of potential mentors, an aspiration for their personal goals, and a vehicle for action. But why does any of this matter? Why should we devote our energy to supporting the youth when we have our own battles to fight? Well, the answer for me is simple. These young men and women are on a journey other generations can influence. We can make their journey easier by providing resources and examples of positive experiences in the LGBTQ and ally community.

They need mentors, shoulders to cry on, volunteer and financial support for their. If we want to insure the future of Indy Pride is left in capable hands, we must take the time to teach those hands how to hold our community together as we and our predecessors have done throughout our history. A recurring theme throughout this time of change is the idea of managing expectations. We want inclusion yesterday. We need new bylaws now.

We want more sponsorship and events tomorrow. The reality is, we must take careful steps today to create a future where all of those wants can become possible. If you are looking for an opportunity to get engaged or know of someone in the year-old range who should be a part of this exciting journey, please feel free to reach out to me at president indypride. For information on Pride, its mission and programs, see indypride. It was a missed opportunity to do the right thing for Hoosiers, and there was no good reason not to take action.

But even as we vent our frustrations that lawmakers did nothing to show our state is a safe, welcoming place for LGBT people, we should also reflect on all we have accomplished over the past three years. The pundits and politicians said in there was little chance of defeating a proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution banning same-sex marriage.

In the session, we proved them wrong. Later that year, a district court and then a federal circuit court ruled same-sex marriage legal in our state. Tens of thousands of loving, committed Hoosier couples, including my wife and I, were finally able to legally wed, and we had marriage equality on the books a full year before it became the law of the land in the United States. But then we let our guard down. The legislative session started with just a few whispers about a proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act that would permit discrimination against gay. But our allies told us pragmatic lawmakers in leadership would never consider such a thing.

The whispers became a buzz. The buzz became noise. The noise became RFRA. Freedom Indiana was there during that fight. We sounded the alarm. But because our campaign had gone dormant following the marriage amendment fight,. Local protections for sexual orientation and gender identity only cover 24 percent of Hoosiers. We know the only way to make it clear our state welcomes all is to update our civil rights law in the next session, and we take House and Senate leaders at their word they want to spearhead that charge instead of having it decided in the courts.

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We also know we still have work to do to make sure all Hoosiers understand that right now, discrimination against LGBT people is legal. O Chris Paulsen is campaign manager for Freedom Indiana freedomindiana. Okay, so that was not very subtle sarcasm. Georgia lawmakers have approved a bill that says church officials can refuse to perform gay marriages. There are at least eight other bills pending in the Georgia legislature that would create exemptions for opponents of samesex marriages.

Constitution protects or prohibits. The foot-dragging in the wake of Brown. Board of Education was nothing short of scandalous; resistance to the Civil Rights Act continues to this day. Hodges, states like Georgia, West Virginia and Indiana — among others — are engaging in the same sorts of behaviors that followed these previous extensions of equal rights. You can pick your date of death. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce gasp! So if these biz groups, who are normally solidly Republican, were so strong, why did this effort fail?

Make informed decisions with the FT

One compelling reason was timidity. The Senate leadership even tossed in another red herring — SB 66, authored by Sen. Michael Young R-Indianapolis — which was ridiculous on its face. The RFRA turmoil. Its lingering effect. Six long months of. So, what is the First Amendment right to religious freedom? How extensive is it? As I tell my students, religious freedom means you have the absolute right to believe anything you want. Jesus, Zeus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or nothing at all. In hindsight, full civil rights protection was never going to happen in We saw where it was assigned, and we knew how it came about.

Confusion reigned. We waited for the governor to tell us about his LGBT civil rights preferences. That was a prom date gone awry. So we began a legisla-. And we had three bills put by with zero community input. Then the process got itchy. At the hearing, no testimony was allowed on the bill. It never received a vote — but it got a lot of ally attention. Preparation was fierce. Then we heard Sen. Long favored SB over SB So SB got a Rules Committee hearing. Brave attempts were made to amend the bill, all of which failed. What an effort. SB passed out of the Rules Committee Jan.

In 48 hours, Sen. And the legislation was dead. Some valuable lessons: 1. In light of No. Thank new allies for joining the coalition. Make sure new allies understand where we can and cannot compromise. Undoubtedly the pro-civil rights crowd will contend they did all of the above, and much more. To be fair, they worked very, very hard under impossible circumstances. But this post-mortem has to include a simple fact: None of the three bills introduced would work for our community. Not even close. When you prop-up bad legislation too long, it starts to smell.

Next time? The elections will produce a different legislature. But this problem was hatched and bred inside the Statehouse power chambers. It was a self-inflicted wound. And your church or synagogue or coven can preach about those beliefs, reject participation in events offensive to those beliefs, and even hire and fire certain people based upon them. When it comes to acting on the basis of your beliefs, however, the law erects some limits. You can refuse medical care for yourself, but not.

In many areas, government picks up your trash and provides public transportation for your customers and employees. In return for these and other services, government expects you to do two things: pay your taxes and obey the laws. Including civil rights laws. Even if you live in Georgia, or Indiana. Sheila Suess Kennedy, J. As election season draws ever nearer, Warren has begun what he hopes to be his endgame. In fact, many commentators in both print and televised media have expressed amazement at many of his actions, including the afore-mentioned RFRA, the attempted institution of a state-run news service, and his most recent efforts to prevent state agencies to provide aid to Syrian refugees.

Now, residents of Indianapolis can see a variety of signs in yards across. He felt this broader approach would increase voter support of his cause, due to his concerns LGBT issues were not a priority for a large portion of Indiana voters. Misunderstandings aside, Warren expressed a strong interest in finding many opportunities for Mikey to appear. Warren also plans to take his message to every Pride festival around the state to get the word out. However, he did express concerns about this plan, regarding the financial needs to bring this idea to fruition.

He hopes, though, that this obstacle could be surmounted and encourages small donations to keep the fight going. While concerned, Warren indicated that the spotlight would embolden voters to get involved. Still, he wished for a higher youth turnout and strongly encourages everyone to vote.

We have as good a shot as we ever have. He hopes to see someone less reactionary take office, specifically referring to John Gregg, the Democrat who lost by a slight margin to Pence in the last election. My goal was to build awareness and build money for the LGBT community. Warren is less certain of his next cause, leaning toward recovering from this effort. Asked what he would say to Pence, if given the opportunity, Warren sighed. He was an IYG youth and mentor, while working in education. He holds two degrees from Purdue University and St.

Mary-ofthe-Woods College. Our sincere request is that you do not allow the lack of action in one house of our State Legislature to impede the progress that we simply must make as a state to ensure an end to legal discrimination against anyone simply for who they are or who they love. The inaction by one legislative chamber has not, and will not, change the request from Hoosier businesses across the state that the legis-. Indiana Competes is a coalition of more than Indiana businesses who support making discrimination of any kind illegal in our state.

To continue our economic growth, we must have the tools necessary to recruit and retain the best talent to live and work for us here, in Indiana. The people we recruit must know that they, their family and their friends are welcome here. Taking an affirmative position that no one will face legal discrimination will allow us to recruit the talent we need, and retain the visitors who support our retail businesses across the state. We will not sit idly by and allow our elected leaders to miss an opportunity to pass meaningful anti-discrimination legislation so that there can be no question about whether Indiana is a place that welcomes all who want to live, visit and work here.

When Indiana competes, Indiana wins. Signed by the membership of Indiana Competes, more than businesses and organizations statewide; for information see www. But, even more so, we look forward to the day when every human being, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity, knows they were born perfect. City Councilman Chris Seelbach introduced this bill to the Council. As a new Ohio resident and resident of the Midwest , I wanted to learn more about Councilman Seelbach, his experiences with conversion therapy, and how the passage of this bill came about.

He became the first openly gay City Council member in Ohio in On Feb. Can you describe your introduction to conversion therapy? When I was around 16, I had gone through normal problems, as teenagers do with their parents, but mine were exacerbated by me knowing that I was gay and not being able to talk to anyone about that and feeling angry.

Not only were my parents very unaccepting, and incredibly angry, hurt, and upset with me, we went to a counselor who said that I was the problem, that there was something wrong with me. She agreed with my parents and [asked] how could I do this to them. At the time, they really had a difficult time dealing with it and it really hurt me. But I knew who I was attracted to. It was just a nightmare and so hurtful. I have written probably 20 letters to this woman [therapist] and I have never sent one. I have thought more recently about contact because I looked her up and she is still practicing family psychology.

It was incredibly hurtful because it gave my parents the basis to feel like their feelings were right and there was something wrong with me. We [me and my parents] had an estranged relationship for 11 years. That is real and you have to deal with that. It is hurtful and all of those things are real. My grandfather was a City Councilman in his home town. Politics were something we always talked about growing up. My parents were actually very Democrat, very Democratic, they still are. Unions were a big focus. My mother had five brothers and they were all non-college educated but provided great for their families by having union jobs in tobacco plants and automobile plants in Louisville, so that was a big conversation.

He was this older, grandfather-type guy with four kids and grandkids and two of his children were gay. He had been in the military and was super accepting of them [his gay kids], in the way I wanted my parents to be. I was really inspired by this person who was also a progressive Democrat running for office [and] who was super accepting of his gay kids. This was his office. I ran his third campaign and then eventually in , he was term-limited. He passed away in , which was the year I ran and won. A lot of my involvement in local politics and running stems back to David Crowley.

Earlier this month, Sens. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued independent statements calling for an end to the practices. A jury found that JONAH had committed consumer fraud and engaged in unconscionable commercial practices in violation of state law. Andrew M. The law firm Cooley LLP serves as counsel to the petitioners in this matter. Read the full complaint to the FTC at www. Part two of this interview in the April issue will focus on the process of getting the anti-conversion therapy bill passed in Cincinnati. The conversation immediately commenced with a discussion regarding David Bowie, the iconic singersongwriter who died on Jan.

None of us expected it. I actually never met him, but I was in constant contact with his office and his people. I was absolutely shocked. I started to cry. It was very upsetting. From that very second and for the next three days my life changed. Because of the record and its popularity, everyone thought I knew him, so I received numerous calls.

Everybody wanted a statement. My statement was and will always be that he was taken from us too soon. He was a guiding light of artistry, music and politics. He had so much more to do. There was so much more music to come. I always had an affinity for David Bowie. Love yourself. Create what you want to create and the rest will fall into place. I was just generally doing my life. I was occasionally making an independent film. I was doing guest spots on television shows.

I cut records. I toured. I did some stand-up. I was living a charmed life. I never had a day job. I was able to do my thing. You are Lea DeLaria. Can I get a picture? Now, with Netflix reinventing television, my television show is watched by 65 million people around the world when it drops. It is the number one television show in the world when it airs. But I also pulled a lot of straight people. And even before that, when I was the first openly gay comic in America on television on the Arsenio Hall Show in , I found out afterwards that I had a lot of straight black people in my audience.

So, I have had a mixed audience for well over 20 years. When it comes to stereotypes of butch types, I like to say. We should accept our differences and celebrate our sameness and move forward from there. She is beyond smart. She has a heart of gold. These are images you never see of my people. Butch lesbians are often regarded as stupid, that we are truck drivers, beat up our girlfriends, get drunk in bars and pick fights. I mean, we are ostracized by our own people. Now — not so much. As a feminist, I appreciate all its positive images of women of all shapes and sizes.

Prior to this you had never seen anything like it. In that respect it has changed the face of television. We are seeing more positive images of women of all races, of trans people and queer people. I think it is amazing. A little stand up. They are going to get everything I do. O Tom Alvarez reports on the performing arts for Examiner. Alabama St. Michigan Road; www. Washington St. Park Ave. Ohio St. Meridian St. Clair St. Meridan St. College Ave.

Compiled by Mark A. Lee The full guide with more details was published in the January edition of The Word. If there is any entity you feel should be listed, please let us know. Also, an LGBT businesses list will be published later this year; feel free to send us suggestions for that edition as well.

Illinois St. East St. One of the world's great comedy teams set out on a variety hall tour of Britain in Diminished by age and with their golden era as the kings of Hollywood comedy now behind them, they face an uncertain future. As the charm and beauty of their performances shine through, they re-connect with their adoring fans. The tour becomes a hit, but Stan and Ollie can't quite shake the specter of Laurel and Hardy's past.

A masterful debut novel by Plimpton Prize winner Isabella Hammad, The Parisian illuminates a pivotal period of Palestinian history through the journey and romances of one young man, from his studies in France during World War I to his return to Palestine at the dawn of its battle for independence. Midhat Kamal is the son of a wealthy textile merchant from Nablus, a town in Ottoman Palestine.

A dreamer, a romantic, an aesthete, in he leaves to study medicine in France, and falls in love. A bold new approach to how we gather that will transform the ways we spend our time together--at work, at home, in our communities, and beyond. In The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker argues that the gatherings in our lives are lackluster and unproductive--which they don't have to be. We rely too much on routine and the conventions of gatherings when we should focus on distinctiveness and the people involved.

From the acclaimed author of My Cat Yugoslavia a stunning, incandescent new novel that speaks to identity, war, exile, love, betrayal, and heartbreak The death of Enver Hoxha and the loss of his father leave Bujar growing up in the ruins of Communist Albania and of his own family. Only his fearless best friend Agim--who is facing his own realizations about his gender and sexuality--gives him hope for the future. Together the two decide to leave everything behind and try their luck in Italy. In clear, practical, easily adopted lessons--one a day for days--renowned Buddhist monk Shunmyo Masuno draws on centuries of wisdom to teach you to Zen your life.

Discover how. Not a big lie. In Amity and Prosperity, the prizewinning poet and journalist Eliza Griswold exposes the tattered edges of the social fabric in rural America. In a work rich with narrative suspense, she explores the volatile personalities and politics of a small Allegheny town that has an abundance of natural gas but no municipal water supply. Mesha Maren writes like a force of nature. Not yet able to return to her lost home in the Appalachian Mountains, she heads south in search of someone she left behind, as a way of finally making amends.

She had no idea that one day she would become a two-time National Team Member, two-time National Champion, and a Division I college gymnast at the University of Minnesota. Nor could she have known that she had just signed herself up for serious injury, emotional distress, and continuous sexual assault by world-renowned trainer turned serial molester, Larry Nassar. American Founders reveals men and women of African descent as key protagonists in the story of American democracy. It chronicles how black people developed and defended New World settlements, undermined slavery, and championed freedom throughout the hemisphere from the sixteenth thorough the twentieth centuries.

While conventional history tends to reduce the roles of African Americans to antebellum slavery and the civil rights movement, in reality African residents preceded the English by a century and arrived in the Americas in numbers that far exceeded European migrants up until My Account. Upcoming Events Primary tabs Upcoming Month. Jun 26 Wed. Preschool Story Time June 26, Bowman Library. Preschool Story Time am - am.

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