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He strongly resented the use of black troops as part of the Federal government's occupying force in South Carolina. Hampton was offered the nomination for governor in , but refused because he believed Northerners would be suspicious of a former Confederate general seeking political office only months after the end of the Civil War. Hampton campaigned to ask supporters not to vote for him in the gubernatorial election. In , he became the chairman of the state Democratic Party central committee. That year, the Radical Republicans took the election.

He essentially ceased most overt political activity until He helped raise money for legal defense funds after the Federal government started to enforce anti-Klan legislation of and to suppress the violence of its members against freedmen and white Republicans. He was not known to have active involvement within the organization.

Other insurgent groups rapidly formed to replace the KKK. In South Carolina and other states, groups of men calling themselves "rifle clubs" formed to act as vigilantes in the years after the war. In , an estimated 20, men in South Carolina were members of rifle clubs in the state.

Beginning in the mids, the Democratic paramilitary group known as the Red Shirts developed chapters in most South Carolina counties they had originated in Mississippi , and were similar to rifle clubs. These groups acted as "the military arm of the Democratic Party. Hampton opposed the Radical Republicans' Reconstruction policies in the South. He re-entered South Carolina politics in , running in opposition to those policies. Hampton used Grace Peixotto 's "Big Brick House," a prominent brothel located at 11 Fulton Street in Charleston , to assure complete privacy for the Red Shirts' meetings; it mainly served as campaign headquarters.

The Red Shirts had used violence in every county to suppress black Republican voting.

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Both parties claimed victory. For more than six months, there were two legislatures in the state, both claiming to be authentic. The national election of Rutherford B. Hayes as President was settled by a compromise among Democrats, by which the national party agreed to end formally the Reconstruction era. In Hayes ordered the withdrawal of federal troops from the South, essentially leaving freedmen to deal with whites on their own. After the election, Hampton became known as the "Savior of South Carolina"; he was one of those Democrats elected who were called " Redeemers.

Several weeks later, his right leg was amputated due to complications arising from this injury. Despite refusing to announce his candidacy for the Senate, Hampton was elected to the United States Senate by the General Assembly on the same day his leg was amputated.

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He resigned from the governorship to serve two terms in the Senate, until He was a Bourbon Democrat who appealed to some freedmen in support of his win. Irby won the seat in the state elections of In , his home in Columbia , was destroyed by fire. An elderly man, he then had limited funds and few means to find a new home. Over his strong protests, a group of friends raised enough funds to build him one. He was a hereditary member of the South Carolina Society of the Cincinnati. In , Hampton married Margaret Preston In , Hampton's niece Caroline , an operating room nurse, married William Halsted , later known as the "father of American surgery " for his contributions.

He had developed the surgical glove to try to protect Caroline's skin from the harsh surgical sterilization chemicals. Wade Hampton died in Columbia. He is buried there in Trinity Cathedral Churchyard. An equestrian statue by Frederick W. Ruckstull was erected on the grounds of the S. To honor Hampton for his leadership in the Civil War and the " redemption " of the state from Reconstruction-era reforms, the General Assembly created Hampton County from Beaufort County in The town of Hampton Courthouse, later shortened to Hampton , was incorporated on December 23, , to serve as the county seat of Hampton County.

Across South Carolina, many towns and cities renamed streets for him. At least eight municipalities in South Carolina have a street named "Wade Hampton" Beaufort , Charleston , Duncan , Greenville , Greer , Hampton, Taylors , and Walterboro and approximately 47 towns in the state have streets named "Hampton". A residence hall at Hampton's alma mater, the University of South Carolina , was named for him.

A Hampton Park was dedicated in Charleston and another in Columbia in his honor. The historic Hampton Heights neighborhood in Spartanburg is named after him. In , Wade Hampton Academy was started in Orangeburg , considered a segregation academy. In , Judge John Randolph Tucker named the Wade Hampton Census Area in Alaska to commemorate his father-in-law it was renamed Kusilvak Census Area in to remove the blemish of having a place named for a slave-holding Confederate general.

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The Wade Hampton Battery was one of four coastal artillery batteries and contained two inch guns. There is also a fire district Wade Hampton Fire Department named in his honor placed on the east side of Greenville, adjoining the Greenville city limits, which include Wade Hampton High School. As it was fashionable according to Mitchell to name baby boys after their fathers' commanding officers, Scarlett's son by Charles is named Wade Hampton Hamilton. In the film version of Gone With The Wind , the letter sent to Scarlett advising her of Charles' death is shown to be signed by Hampton.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. American Civil War portal Biography portal. Although Ackerman suggests 80 may be exaggerated, Hampton was considered "an excellent and fearless hunter". On 17 December he became a field marshal [20] with his appointment to the joint command of the Anglo-Austrian force in Flanders against the French in the War of the Austrian Succession.

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In October during the Jacobite rising Wade concentrated his troops in Newcastle upon Tyne on the east coast of England; however, the Jacobite forces advanced from Scotland down the west coast of England via Carlisle into Lancashire and the speed of their advance left Wade scrambling. It was because of the difficulties Wade encountered marching his troops cross-country from Newcastle to Carlisle, that he built his Military Road west of Newcastle in , entailing such destruction of Hadrian's Wall.

Wade helped plan the road, but had died before construction began in Wade received mention in a verse sung as part of God Save the King around [3]. Lord, grant that Marshal Wade May, by thy mighty aid, Victory bring. May he sedition hush And, like a torrent, rush Rebellious Scots to crush. God save the King. Wade left most of his estate to his natural children, although he provided generously for the widow and children of his brother William, Canon of Windsor, Berkshire.

Wade had a second natural daughter named Emilia, who was married first in to a Mr John Mason; and secondly, to a Mr Jebb. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other people named George Wade, see George Wade disambiguation. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Retrieved 5 May The London Gazette.

Images of England. English Heritage. Except when they try tackling history. Especially American history. And most especially Civil War history. Which is kind of funny considering that an entire region of the United States has been obsessed with every drama, maneuver and mortar blast of that conflict since the day it ended along the banks of the Appomattox River over a century and a half ago. A slight bit biased here and there, perhaps. But as for the dates, figures and details — they are studied like the cosmos. Home-brew historians can re-enact every battle and skirmish and pinpoint within inches where their forbearers fell and died during the most ferocious battles.

The South lost the war. To the victor go the spoils. But the beaten never forget. Just ask Japan. Enthusiastically studying history is not about wanting to repeat it. Quite the opposite. It is about understanding who we are and how we got here and how we might avoid some of the more unpleasant experiences from history. This is not a task that furrows the brow of your average political reporter today.

The fact Mr. Trump beat the whole political system and sits across the Resolute Desk from Kanye West is simply more than they can bear. Then Mr.