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Well, first off, thanks so much for having me here today. Hi Everyone!! I live with the love of my life, which I consider a romance story with a happy ending. SC: We have the same dream honey and thanks for being here today. I have always wanted to write, but I was filled with self-doubt.

So I sat down on January 1st and started writing a vampire erotic romance series that had been sitting in a shelf in my mind for a long time. It took me a little over three months to write and edit. Then my search began for a publisher. I did some research on publishing companies and came across Secret Cravings Publishing. I started my novel on Jan. One week later, I was going through my emails and saw an email from the publisher. Just like in the movies, I had a hard time opening it. I paced back and forth for a few minutes, preparing myself for rejection.

Finally, I sat back down at my laptop and opened the email. Once it sunk in, I screamed and jumped up and down. It came out today, Nov. Nerida, an ancient warrior for the Orion vampire tribe has searched for over one thousand years for her Healer, soul mate to the vampire. Then one fateful night, she senses him close by. - Members - sexyanniversarycple - Favorites

He surprises Nerida by walking right up to her and changing her world forever. SC: I love having several projects on the go. Truly, everything inspires me. From a trip to the dentist, to going out with girlfriends, I am constantly thinking about what could happen in these settings with my characters. The majority of my books are published by Secret Cravings Publishing, and they are an amazing company to work for.

Communication is a huge element between them and the authors, and if we have any questions, they bend over backwards to get us the answers. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading a little about me, and also, a big thank you to Sam Crescent for having me.

I will draw a name from a hat and announce the winner tomorrow. I enjoyed sharing with you. If you would like to get in touch with me in the future, I can be reached at the following places:. Nerida, an ancient warrior for the Orion vampire tribe, served her clan faithfully, but longed for more. She had searched for over one thousand years for her healer, soul mate to the vampire, to no avail.

One night, she felt his presence, her healer was within reach. He called to her soul, and she responded by frantically searching for him. She desperately needed to find him and make him fall in love with her. Only then would she transform him into the vampire lover fate ordained him to be. Jesse Turner was an attractive fireman paramedic, who had built an impenetrable wall around his heart.

A chance encounter had brought them together, and he was drawn to her with a fiery passion. However, with his vow to keep women at bay, he fought with his desire for this particular woman. He knew he needed to walk away and never look back, but could he? He suspected there was so much more to her and after tonight, he knew it. He followed Nerida and the luckiest towel in the world into the living room. He wanted to know what she had to say, but he wanted something else from her first. Nerida walked to the couch turned around to face him and started to sit down.

Jesse stopped her as he caught her free hand in his while her right hand still held the tiny towel in place. What are you doing? This is too dangerous. He let the thoughts drift off in to emptiness and let his heart take over for a little while. With her hand in his, he brought it up to his lips and kissed the back of it. Still holding on to her hand, Jesse gently put it behind her lower back as he guided her body closer to his.

The passion and innocence in her eyes melted the last piece of ice encasing. She stood there before him, vulnerable and trusting. With both of her hands tied up, one behind her back, the other holding on to the barely there towel, he knew she had surrendered to him. Accepting her surrender was only a matter of time. He finally did. He laid all his burdens, distrust, anger, and weariness on the ground and took a chance on Nerida.

He took a step closer to her. Her body fit beautifully against his. He slowly lowered his head to her head. She tilted her face up to his, seemingly in acceptance of whatever he planned to do to her. He needed to know what she felt like. He placed his free hand on her cheek and caressed her soft skin lightly. With a fire raging within his whole being, he lowered his head all the way so his lips touched her quivering lips.

DH Black I so respect what police officers have to contend with every day. She raised her eyebrow but remained silent. Steffan inhaled deeply allowing a slow growl to pulse from his lips. Drake turned to him and smiled. Drake kept his eyes on hers. Yet, for all their social and economical differences, at their most basic level, Beth and Grey are very similar.

This story explores how these similarities threaten to tear them apart before love can overcome the fear of being vulnerable. Both Beth and Grey suffered isolation and emotional neglect in childhood. A child in this position might take solace in a closer relationship with his mother. She kept to her chambers and died while he was still quite young. All of these backstory issues and more are explored in more depth in the sequel, White Lace and Promises, which is scheduled for release Dec.

Why should men always have the power of choice when it comes to love? Is it right that we women have no choice but to sit and wait for a man decide to honor us with his declarations—usually uttered in the form of a demand? The man still has the power to break his promises and it will be our good name and heart that bears the damage. My mother fell into an adulterous affaire with an unknown man and as a result I was created.

Her husband put her out of their house. I would have been born in the almshouse if not for the kindness of her employer. My unknown father also had his power of choice, the choice to abandon me. How fair is it that men have all the power of choice? A gentleman once declared passionate love for me.

He said this so ardently, his beautiful brown eyes shone with sincerity. I was young. I believed him. I trusted him and gave my heart wholly into his keeping. And as went my heart, eventually so went my virtue. Do you what happened next? You know how these maudlin stories go. He married someone else. A lady. Someone of his own class. His took his power of choice. He became a respectable family man and I was left being a soiled dove.

I had a good cry over it. I may have drank a little too much at his wedding celebration. What a pitiful little fool I was. But I did not wallow in my self-pity for long. So men have needs and desires? Well, I also have needs. I also have desires. Why should men have all the power of choice? Why should they have all the enjoyment in life? I take my own power of choice now. I chose whom, when and for how long and I select only the most handsome, wealthy, and powerful of gentlemen. Yes, I know you are asking do I not fear discovery?

This is a worry and I take it seriously. Truly I do. I live with my half-brother and his family now. He is very protective and very touchy about matters of honor. Our mother was not faithful to his father. Now he takes such matters so seriously. Too seriously. If he had his way, I would stay home all the time, working in the backroom of his cobbler shop with one eye on the children.

But honestly, though I love my nieces and my half-siblings, life there is dreary. Everything is shabby, everything seems to stay gritty and grimy no matter how hard I work to keep things clean. There are always more shoes to repair. I swear my eyes shall go crossed trying to sew by candlelight night after night.

I never get enough sleep or time to myself. I could marry a nice man and he would carry me away from all of this. I would have my own cozy home and hearth. My benefactress has introduced me to a nice young minister and to a nice young but struggling legal clerk and a nice young medical student who trembled all over and went pale when I said good morning to him. I have no interest in nice young men. I know they will never desire me for a wife but they shall burn for me.

They shall remember me. How do I protect myself from discovery? I limit my liaisons to one single meeting. I never meet with my gentlemen again, no matter how desperately they implore me. And they do implore me. Though I am poor, the child of adultery by an unknown man and powerless in my society, I have something gentlemen desire.

I do gain a measure of satisfaction out of leaving them burning for more. Burning for me. No gentleman shall ever forget the one afternoon he spent with me. Today is a special day for me. Asahel de Grijs, otherwise known as Grey to his friends, is coming to my favorite bookseller to give a lecture on privateering. He is a New York man, the owner of Sexton Shipping which has a fleet of over forty sea going vessels.

He is rumored to be the wealthiest gentleman in America. I know this is not true. I know exactly who is the wealthiest man in America. But Mr. Sexton is among the top three wealthiest men in our nation. He is also politically connected and quite powerful. He would be the brightest feather in my cap. I think I shall wear my shabbiest dress because it is always more thrilling when these gentlemen cannot resist the tattered, poor little bastard girl.

They are slaves to their own greed for beauty. I appreciate a handsome face and well-made masculine form. Well, if Mr. In private. In his carriage. But only for today. Afterwards, he shall burn for me. He will never forget me. Beth McConnell boldly seduces Grey Sexton, a self-controlled merchant prince from New York, she finds herself too fascinated by his ice-over-fire nature to stay away. His possessive determination to own her, body and soul, threatens to expose her secret erotic life to public shame. Now, so close to being beneath him again, she could barely keep herself from swooning from the excitement.

He whispered his room number. Her knees melted to jelly and she wobbled. How could he remain so unaffected? He leaned closer. Heavens, anyone could come along and catch them. Oh the risk… But her breath quickened and her nipples stiffened, straining against her stays. She closed her eyes, tilted her head up. Her lids fluttered open and his gaze pierced into her with such intensity she gasped. Still holding her throat, he studied her for several long moments. She set her jaw, refusing to waver under his scrutiny. He bent and his mouth pressed hers, hard and hasty.

Passion spiralled, took her soaring to the stars. Lassitude weakened her and wetness seeped between her legs. He lifted his head. She tightened her hands on his lapels, trying to pull him back. He resisted, his eyes trained on her like a stag with a doe. She gaped at his departing back, watching how he moved, so tall and proud. Did he have any idea what a rarefied class he found himself in?

She had very high standards and she shared herself with only a select few. She was bestowing quite an honour on him and yet he reacted as if she were the one who ought to be grateful. Not truly. Perfect for fans of her designs, this part-interiors book, part-memoir is beautifully photographed throughout by Christopher Sykes. Cath Kidston MBE is a fashion designer, businesswoman, author and founder of Cath Kidston Limited, which sells home furnishing and related goods. Her floral pattern designs are internationally famous. Christopher Sykes is an internationally renowned interiors photographer and author.

This is a fully updated and revised edition of the definitive gardening classic, which, by combining the expertise of both authors, is unrivalled in scope, substance and style. Penelope Hobhouse MBE is one of the most revered exponents of horticulture and international garden history. Her numerous books have provided inspiration to gardeners around the world.

She has created gardens in Britain, France, Italy, Australia and the United States through her successful international practice. Most recently, she has been involved in the restoration of the Aberglasney Gardens in Wales. She is the author of several books, including The Story of the English Garden. The patterns are divided into chapters according to skill level, ranging from beginner to advanced.

With step-by-step instructions for all basic crochet techniques needed, this is the perfect book for both beginners and seasoned TOFT fans. The yarn brand was born in , a product of the successful and established family business the Toft Alpaca Stud farm. She lives in Rugby with her husband, children and dog. Sincerely Louise Fun patterns, challenges, quizzes and puzzles for knitting fans Combining her love of humour and cuteness, Louise Walker, aka Sincerely Louise, presents a selection of her favourite knits interspersed with fun puzzles, knitting stories and quizzes.

Projects include a lion mug rug, triceratops slippers, lobster dinner, mini heads, killer whale, raccoon, corgi, meerkat, toucan, crocodile rug, elephant head, as well as a scrap yarn challenge, and lots more. Each project is easy to make, using only a basic range of stitches, making this a perfect book for beginners wanting to knit something impressive straight away. In just a few afternoons, a reader could make their very own trophy head, toy or piece of clothing.

Sincerely Louise is an independent, awardwinning knitting brand that specializes in faux taxidermy-inspired designs. Their aim is to encourage and inspire as many people as possible to learn to knit and to create something fun with a big personality. There are patterns for 20 popular dog breeds alongside fun facts and anecdotes about each one.

They export their knitwear to stores in the United States, Japan and Europe as well as selling to shops in the United Kingdom. They live in Bath and Brighton respectively. Debbie Humphreys Warming jumpers and accessories to knit for dogs With 12 stylish knitting patterns for kitting out our best friends in comfort, this book will delight knitters and dog lovers alike. Premier dog attire and accessories company Redhound for Dogs share their expert advice and knowledge throughout, with a particular focus on dog breeds that are more sensitive to the cold.

Projects include jumpers, coats and a dog blanket and come with easy-to-follow instructions and practical advice.

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There are also instructions on how to measure dogs to achieve a perfect fit, whether big or small. This is the must-have book for walking out in style! Debbie Humphreys is the founder of Redhound for Dogs. The company produces British-made dog attire and accessories, including dog jumpers, knitting kits and dog coat patterns. Their unique Dog Jumper Knitting Kits are stocked by many independent shops as well as well-known stores such as Habitat.

Debbie is based in Kent. Lucy McGrath An illustrated introduction to an increasingly popular art form The ancient art of paper marbling is having a revival. Contemporary paper artist Lucy McGrath specializes in paper marbling and shares her skill and passion for this beautiful craft. Aimed at beginners, the book explores both simple and advanced paper marbling techniques. Starting with basic equipment and design planning, the author goes on to introduce various pattern designs, with step-by-step instructions for recreating these at home.

Richly illustrated with some of the most beautiful paper marbling today, this book will introduce a wonderful craft to a new generation. Lucy McGrath is a paper artist specializing in paper marbling. Her work has featured in magazines such as Stylist, Red and Country Life. Sarah Simi More cheeky knitting patterns and barebottomed fun from the Nudinits gang Sarah Simi, creator of the acclaimed Nudinits stop-motion animation, presents a second instalment of cheeky humour for yuletide yarn.

Patterns include salacious stockings, naughty gift tags and bawdy baubles to hang on the Christmas tree. Bursting with British eccentricity, double entendres and jokes that might raise an eyebrow or two, this enchanting book will appeal to humour-lovers and knitting fans alike. The Nudinits brand has been licensed for a new product range to launch in Sarah lives in Kent. Ron Brown The classic guide to keeping bees is now in paperback This is a charming and practical guide for anyone wishing to keep bees, accompanying the would-be beekeeper through every season of the beekeeping year.

From spring awakening and summer swarms to the autumn honey harvest and providing winter protection, this essential resource guides beekeepers each step of the way. There is extensive advice for beginners, from siting and smoking hives to rearing a queen and controlling a swarm. There is also in-depth information for improvers and more experienced apiarists who wish to experiment with different hivemanagement and queen-rearing techniques.

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Troubleshooting tips on protecting hives and keeping bees healthy are also covered. Additionally, the book is packed with practical advice on using beeswax, and of course, extracting and making the tastiest honey. A former editor of the monthly journal Beekeeping, he travelled all over the world to give lectures on specialist beekeeping topics, and regularly lectured on beekeeping throughout the UK. Sophie and Lisa introduce their specific brand of no-nonsense beauty advice for every issue and cover everything from the eyebrows down, sharing their tips for creating make-up looks for every day.

Also included are tips on holiday beauty and how to manage beauty care away from home. Sophie Beresiner is an award-winning journalist based in London. The magazine covered issues that were controversial at the time, such as abortion, gay rights and the pill, and featured writers such as Susan Sontag and Germaine Greer. Harri Peccinotti is an English photographer best known for his boldly graphic, erotic photographs.

He photographed the influential Pirelli calendar in More than 80 of her rose paintings and sketches are shown here for the first time. Alongside the artworks are personal letters that accompany each rose painting, outlining the creative and emotional process the artist went through to create it. Also included are sketches and drawings to show the full artistic process. She lives in Devon, where she teaches botanical painting.

In this practical guide, two awardwinning botanical artists show how to capture the natural world on canvas. Step by step, they take the reader through the whole process of painting details such as the subtle scales on a fish, the iridescence of a feather and the lustre on a shell. Other sources for inspiration range from dinosaur skeletons and fossils to birds and butterflies, all beautifully illustrated by Meriel and Rosie. The authors go through the full range of skills and techniques needed to undertake natural history drawing and painting, which are then put into practice through easy-to-follow demonstrations.

She lives in Somerset. She lives in Devon. Helen Parrott Ideas for using seasons and local surroundings as inspiration in textile art Renowned quilter and textile artist Helen Parrott explores the creative potential of her local surroundings and gives an insight into the processes and techniques she uses to create beautiful textile artworks.

Drawing on the slow stitch movement, she explains how markmaking techniques can be used meditatively to record personal lives and surroundings influenced by seasonal changes of colour, energy and light. Helen Parrott is a contemporary quiltmaker and visual artist. She has been teaching adults, community groups and children since alongside exhibiting across Europe with the prestigious international group Quilt Art, and also writes for magazines. Helen is known for her landscape-based work and minimalist hand-stitched wall-hung quilts.

She lives in Sheffield.

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Rebecca Cahill Roots A practical guide to the art of calligraphy using brushes and brush pens Calligrapher extraordinaire Rebecca Cahill Roots, AKA Betty Etiquette, has put together a quirky and creative guide to brush lettering. One of the most popular hand-lettering techniques, brush lettering is a beautiful, free-spirited style that, once mastered, is easy to develop into a unique personal style. The book is divided into chapters by type of media, covering ink, watercolour, gouache and brush pens.

Each section contains a set of exercises for practising the technique, including an alphabet and a set of numbers to copy. Rebecca Cahill Roots is an esteemed calligrapher who runs stationery and design studio Betty Etiquette. She is the author of Modern Lettering, also published by Batsford.

She is based in London.

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Sara Cook An exploration of traditional Korean textile art techniques Bojagi, sometimes called Pojagi, is a traditional Korean textile art. It was originally textiles made for everyday living, with scraps of left-over fabrics artfully put together. Today, the technique produces beautiful textiles that are fast influencing textile art in the West, particularly among quilters.

Using her own work and the work of other artists, leading expert on the subject Sara Cook demonstrates the techniques and how modern textile artists can interpret the principles of Bojagi creatively in exciting new work. The book covers a brief history and understanding of Bojagi in Korean culture and then goes on to explore its techniques and designs, offering textile artists and quilters a range of ideas to use in their own work. She has a special interest in Bojagi and regularly attends and speaks at the Bojagi Forum in Seoul. She has contributed to many quilting magazines and books and is a judge at the Festival of Quilts.

Hannah Lamb A guide to creating beautiful and meaningful textiles Acclaimed artist Hannah Lamb explores how to create personal meanings in textile art using cloth, stitch and surface in this practical and inspirational guide. Using her own artwork as a starting point, the author shows the materials used, their properties and personal meanings. The following chapters help the reader to explore the connection between process and material, focusing on stitch, print, surface manipulation and construction to create seductive textile surfaces. The emphasis throughout is on a sensitivity to material, a quiet attention to detail and a thoughtful application of textile technique, which, used in combination, will help readers create personal textiles of depth and meaning.

Hannah Lamb is a practising artist and lecturer based near Bradford, West Yorkshire. She is a member of the 62 Group of textile artists. Millie Marotta A pocket-sized edition of the No. In , the original edition of this, her debut book, spent a record 22 weeks as the official paperback non-fiction No. Her intricate illustrations are inspired by a love of wildlife and fascination with the natural world. She works in her studio by the sea in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Millie Marotta 8. Going deeper into the rainforest, the reader will fi nd extraordinary flowers, birds, butterfl ies and reptiles, including a rainbow boa with shiny scales, all crying out for a touch of colour. This bestselling colouring book, now in a handy travel-sized edition, guarantees hours of relaxation and colouring fun and will bring enjoyment to anyone looking for a creative outlet or a mindful and relaxing activity.

This is an essential edition both for Millie Marotta fans and colourists who want to colour on the go, and for those looking to discover her much-loved illustrations for the fi rst time. For millions of men across the world, the common denominator that identifies them is the suit. In Sharp Suits, fashion expert Eric Musgrave examines the fascinating history and evolution of the modern suit from the late 17th century to today.

From bespoke tailoring to mass industrialization, this book outlines how the uniform of the ruling classes became the utilitarian outfit of the worker. Highly illustrated with photographs of the suit from the s to the present day, this is a musthave volume for suit-wearers and fashion enthusiasts. Eric Musgrave has written about fashion for decades. He is now a consultant to the fashion business and writes for many publications. The inspirations and implications for each new change in style are presented alongside fashion photography. A celebration of the dress in all its forms, this book will appeal to fashionistas everywhere.

Jane Eastoe has been a journalist and author for more than 25 years. Sarah Gristwood is a bestselling author, former film journalist, and commentator on royal affairs. She has written two bestselling Tudor biographies and the 18th-century story Perdita: Royal Mistress, Writer, Romantic. Common to all of them is a gallery of stunning photographs, making them bucketlist destinations not just for petrol-heads but for those wishing to seek jaw-dropping scenery without packing their hiking boots.

With recommended driving times and stoppingoff points, this book is both an inspirational and a practical guide to the most remarkable road trips in the world. Colin Salter is a history and science writer who has written about everything including the private lives of marine gastropods. His previous books include Jaguar and Books that Changed the World. A Cloud A Day features cloud images to inspire a moment of calm atmospheric contemplation each day. The cloud images are accompanied with a short piece of cloud science, an inspiring sky quotation or a detail of the sky depicted in a classic painting, from interpretations of the skies painted by Van Gogh to the various names given to crepuscular rays.

Almost every type of cloud is introduced, from fair-weather cumulus to the less common lenticularis cloud. This is a wondrous, beautifully illustrated book that will inspire readers to stop for a moment each day and look at the sky. He co-founded The Idler in and in started the Cloud Appreciation Society, which has a large international fanbase. He lives in Somerset. Ordered chronologically, the letters range from ink-inscribed tablets that vividly describe life in the Roman Empire to remarkable telegrams, passionate outpourings of love and despair, and succinct notes with deadly consequences.

Each entry is fully illustrated with colour photographs, bringing the letters to life on the page. He recently completed the third volume of Science Is Beautiful, his series on life through the microscope. Friends — A Poem for Every Day of the Year Edited by Jane McMorland Hunter poems celebrating friendship, love and constancy A wonderful gift for friends, family and partners that celebrates friendship, offering poems on the joys of companionship, of encouragement, consolation, humour and love.

This is a delightful anthology of poems to dip into every day. Some of the most beautiful poems written in English are collected here, to give readers insight into the important things in life.

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She lives in London. Each is explained with fascinating, easy-tounderstand commentary from astrophysicist and science communicator Sarah Barker. The book explores both things that can be seen with the naked eye and sights that are further afield. There is also advice on ideal observing, telescopes and binoculars, and navigating the skies, encouraging readers to get out and look up!

Sarah Barker is an astrophysicist, science communicator and producer who turns ambitious ideas into award-winning television and events. Maria Nilsson is a freelance illustrator based in London. Her illustrations are heavily influenced by the natural world, exploring the various tactile qualities of colour, pattern and texture. Elain Harwood The definitive guide to Art Deco buildings in Britain Art Deco is a perennially popular style that influenced architecture and design all over the world in the s and s, from elegant Parisian theatres to glamorous Manhattan skyscrapers.

It was also a style that was adopted by British architects. Along the way, Harwood explores the origins of Art Deco, international influences, the different types of Art Deco buildings and key architects. Beautifully produced and richly illustrated with architectural photography, this is the definitive guide to a much-loved architecture style. Elain Harwood is the historian at English Heritage responsible for its post-war research and listing programme.

Each illustration is accompanied by information on the shop, its history, owners and location. Eleanor Crow is a book cover designer and illustrator. A passionate Londoner, she likes to draw everything from armadillos to zucchini. Using historic images, some dating back to the 19th century, paired with their modern-day viewpoint, this book charts the evolution of the city from its industrial heyday through the disruptions of two world wars, to its position as one of the most prominent of the northern powerhouses.

Born and bred in Leeds, and a passionate Leeds United supporter, he has always wanted to write about his home city. It is particularly famous for its autumn colour, which is an annual media fixture. Stephen Anderton worked as a professional gardener for more than 20 years. He writes National Trust guide books and columns for Garden Inspirations and Garden Answers, as well as contributing to many other magazines.

Now, nearly 40 years later, through hard work and passion, not only has he become an accomplished gardener, but the grounds of his Gloucestershire home have been transformed into one of the most remarkable gardens in Britain, delighting visitors from all around the world. With a foreword by His Royal Highness, this lavishly illustrated book brings together the history of Highgrove and the myriad gardens that he has created that reflect his interests: architecture, the arts, conservation, his belief in organic principles and his love of nature.

There are surprises, too: as Prince Charles loves to experiment, his garden is one that constantly evolves as new ideas take shape. Gill Knappett has written extensively for the Pitkin Royal Collection. This is a celebration of a remarkable man who inspired generations of scientists and changed our understanding of the universe.