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He who raised Jesus Christ from the dead will also give new life to our mortal bodies through his indwelling Spirit. You will show me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy, and in your right hand are pleasures for evermore. Then, while earth is cast upon the coffin, the Celebrant says these words. In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, we commend to Almighty God our brother N.

The Lord bless him and keep him , the Lord make his face to shine upon him and be gracious to him , the Lord lift up his countenance upon him and give him peace. The Celebrant says. This page has been proofread , but needs to be validated. My heart, therefore, is glad, and my spirit rejoices; my body also shall rest in hope.

I am set free. I am Eternally Released. In Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

Precious Jesus, I love you, n thankyou you are my true friend who can reach out to my help when ever I ask for whenever I come running to you you dont send me back but you hold me in ur arms console wipe my tears n gives me relief. I totally rely upon you my God. Thankyou for always there for me Amen!

Praise the lord. My wife is also dealing with infirmity in her body. Behold the lord is God of ALL flesh. Nothing is too hard for him. Glory to God. I know all things work together for good. God bless you and heal you!

God hears your pleas! Hello, can you please pray Deliverance from an evil spirit that taunts me and tortures me night and day I have fasted and prayed it almost died and still he refuses to leave me alone he stalked and raped me thank you. BevJoy I read and was blessed by the power and beauty of the words that came through you from the Spirit of God in you.

Thank you Lord. Believing for deliverance and healing for a friends husband, 54yrs old, suffering from a stone, a blockage that keeps him from eliminating.

Christian “Prophetess”: Heaven Has a “Body Parts Warehouse” for People Who Pray

Drs wants him to wear a Cathiter until end of this month and see his dr for a referral. He says NO to have to wear Cath. He I feel is scared.

The Lord's Prayer - Hillsong Worship

Wife worried. We are praying and believing! He is a believer of Christ. He is in excruciating pain. That his pain is relieved! My teeth in the front broke off and now I have pain going from one to another I declare healing the Lord promised, asking my mouth to be healed, from top of my head to bottom of my feet be healed. Isiah 53 :5 the Lord will heal me.

Prayer for One Suffering with Back Pain

I Pray for all. Amen thank you for your prayer.

More Prayers for Peace

I have been suffering for weeks now and in this moment my only hope was prayer. So I googled it and pray for those suffering that you find the relief that I have in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Joining you in prayer for complete and total healing and relief from all pain. You who sent Your beloved Son Christ Jesus to this earth to live,suffer and die as a mortal man so we could know everlasting life and power over our health, please heal your Daughter Sue from this wasting illness.

Please heal her for Your Glory to show that even now just like in Bible times, You are still able to Heal the Sick and pour Your healing Love upon the stormy waters of every tragic situation. I ask it Father in Jesus sweet Name. I am suffering from stomach ache and chest pain since more than 3 months inspire of all tests CT scan, MRI scan and other tests doctors unable to diagnose the cause of pain.

I am suffering too much. I pray to my mighty lord to touch me and heal me from this suffering. To God be the glory forever I thank and praise you Jehovah Rapha thanks be to God the of our lord and savior Jesus Christ Daddy God I thank you for all you have done for me in the past I n the present and all you will do for me in the future I thank praise and honor you for supernaturally permanently instantly healing delivering and fully restoring me with all my children to my 4th generation grand kids from all ailments sickness infections diseases prescription medications from the crown of our head to the sole of our feet and all prayer request on christianstt.

Com right now for it is written Isiah54v17 gen1v psalmv20 isiah53v5 matt19v26 3john1v2 job22v28 matt18v 1chr4v10 num6v In the mighty name of Jesus I plea the blood of Jesus I have great faith in believing be unto us according to thy word so let it be written so let it be done amen…. Grace grace hallelujah!!! I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly. Accept the situation that you are in and keep on praying. You sound like a very strong person please do not lose hope know that God is there and listening to your prayers.

My mom had colon tumour she is now healed through prayers. She has been in and out of hospital since but now we managed to get he operated and she is healing slowly but surely. There is a lot that I could write about that God has done for me. He is Good, He is God of Action.

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Thank God for His provision and bringing us to the knowledge of the saving Grace of His dear son. What a wonderful prayer. These words have Power. Words have the power of life and Death to build up or put down. I sincerely declare in Jesus name that I am healed from the inside out of all my illnesses and I will once more know the Joy and Peace that my blessed Saviour died to give me.

I know how hard you work. Yvonne Miller.???? Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health as you prosper in all things. Hello Dear Denise, I still pray for you and your beloved family. God has a great plan for your life and He is preparing you for it. Where you are now is exactly where you are supposed to be. Yvonne Miller. Thank you Papa God fir healing my sister, Blasa, from Ovarian cancer, now i ask you fir her salvation, and her daugtgers and husbands too.

Onky thru everybodys prayers lifted uo ti our Migthy Papa God was she healed. Thank Jesus, alk glory gies to you!!! With Much Love and Thanks Always. Heavenly Father I stand before you in the name of Jesus confessing my sins and asking that you forgive me and Steven me free from Satan clutches. Lord God I know it is because of my sins I have allowed Satan to attack my body and inflict me with this desease.

Father God I beg you in Jesus name to forgive me not for my sake but for the sake of your beloved son who you sent into the world to bear witness of your love for mankind. Father God I thank you for healing me and I declare that all sickness has left my body and I am made whole. I am healed in Jesus name.

Inspirational Prayers | Bible Studies

Heavenly Father God You are my refuge and my strength. For direction protection and for my self and my children as well. I am in need of your healing Word, Lord, as I am struggling with some things. My heart and spirit are broken and this is the time where my faith has to be strong. But it is being questioned by me.

Whoever is reading this, your prayers are needed at this time for I feel I am about to give up. God is using you to show his power and to bring you closer to him spiritually, because you are going to have such a powerful testimony to help others about what God can and will do. There is nothing to hard for our God. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that my husband is healed of all sickness and disease. I bind the spirit and curse of cancer in his body and I loose the healing anointing of the Lord our God into his body, his arteries, veins, bloodstream, every organ and part of his body and mind, The Lord rebuke Satan and his demonic hold on my husbands life.

I rebuke the spirit of death over my husband and declare he shall not die but live to declare the glory of the Lord. Lord, you word says you have given us the power to tread upon serpents and cast out devils therefore, I command Satan to be under my feet and under the feet of my husband and I cast out cancer which is from the devil and command every cancer cell to dry up and die NOW in the name of Jesus.