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Renegade Spitfire Bennington, was a T-class submarine which achieved spectacular success in the Second World War. Her name was chosen for her by Winston Churchill and it proved a very suitable one for a hunting submarine.

In a single wartime commission, lasting from 15th March to 26th February , she operated in the Malacca Strait. Here, surrounded by enemy air bases and in badly charted shallow waters - so shallow that many experts considered them completely unsuitable for submarine operations - she took a heavy toll of enemy warships and supply vessels.

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The boat, her captain and her crew are all vividly portrayed in this exciting chronicle which is the fruit of wide and detailed research. The new electronic format edition, recreated by Mark Trenowden, has been well received with over 9, copies sold.

This is an account of the commission in Far Eastern waters, accomplished between and , of a new submarine, commanded by Commander Bennington. It achieved the most outstanding record of any British submarine operating within that area. The Tally Ho! Itself suffered only one mortal casualty, and it survived a ramming by a Japanese torpedo craft, which entirely ripped away one of its ballast tanks.

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Ship histories, as such, can vary from the good to tedious. This one must be classed as among the best. Although the author was still at school during the period concerned, he made himself acquainted with most of the survivors.

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He has told their story in a fashion which both they, and the general reader can appreciate — that is to say with enthusiasm but without superfluous frills. It is hard to make the technicalities of underwater fighting simple enough to be appreciated by the uninstructed without becoming jejune, but Mr Trenowden has carried the matter through most successfully in this his first book. This edition edited and produced by Mark Trenowden. Professor M. Never the less a high-ranking Gestapo official is on record as having said:.

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We must try to get somebody there. Although Dericourt returned to France, in May , and found other fields for SOE - many not far south of the Loire - the Le Mans field was never used again throughout the war. This story was researched and in written in the late seventies.

Ian Trenowden died in September leaving behind an enormous amount of unpublished writing.

The Hunting Submarine The Fighting Life of HMS Tally-Ho.

Bennington decided that the batteries would have sufficient charge to risk diving which Tally-Ho then did. Before closing the conning tower hatch, he noticed that the submarine had taken on a degree list. Once submerged, the crew took stock of the damage, and apart from smashed light bulbs and gauge dial glasses, Tally-Ho appeared to be seaworthy, and she remained submerged until of 24 February when Bennington brought Tally-Ho to periscope depth and observed his attacker making unusual manoeuvres apparently searching for the submarine on the starboard quarter some 4 miles 6.

Tally-Ho remained dived for the following 12 hours before surfacing after dark at Upon surfacing it was noticed that the submarine's list had increased to 15 degrees, and it was possible to see the damage to the submarine's port ballast tanks which were all open at the top and beyond further use. With transfer of fuel and water from various tanks and moving of stores and torpedoes, the bow-down attitude was reduced to 4 degrees, and the three-day journey to Trincomalee commenced. This was uneventful apart from encountering a monsoon during the passage of the Bay of Bengal and the possibility of encountering a Japanese submarine close to home.

Arriving at Trincomalee harbour on 29 February , Tally-Ho missed her escort and found herself amongst Admiral James Sommerville 's battle fleet at exercises.

The Hunting Submarine: Fighting Life of H.M.S. Tally-ho by Ian Trenowden (Hardback, 1994)

Later, upon examination in dry dock prior to repairs, the extent of the damage to Tally-Ho ' s port ballast tanks became apparent. The rotating screws of the torpedo boat had run the length of the tanks, chewing large holes in them, phosphor bronze fragments of the attacker's propeller blades being discovered inside.

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Post-war enquiries learned that their attacker's behaviour after the attack had been due to a combination of Tally-Ho ' s lowered port bow hydroplane having pierced the torpedo boat's hull, and the vessel's port screw having been shorn of its blades almost down to the hub. On the way, Tally-Ho tried unsuccessfully to intercept a German submarine. The journey was further delayed by a search for downed Allied airmen near the Straits of Malacca. The Crowsnest. King's Printer. November