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Beauty in the Womb-man

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The creed took its final form in A. He is the God-man, and his two natures are perfectly united so that he is both fully human and fully divine.


The doctrine of the Incarnation is beautiful in itself, but its beauty is not limited to itself. That is because the Incarnation was undertaken by God for the purpose of salvation—this is what the creed affirms, and there is a logic to why God had to take on flesh in order to redeem all flesh. Since the Fall, the whole creation has been subject to death because of sin, and the effects of sin upon the human race are such that our corruption is total.

We are so weighed down by the guilt and power of sin that we have lost our ability to know God and the things of God.

This procedure marks an important milestone for fertility medicine.

In his great work On the Incarnation , the fourth century church father St. Athanasius shows us how the saving work of the Incarnation begins to bring healing to us:. For seeing that men, having rejected the contemplation of God, and with their eyes downward, as though sunk in the deep, were seeking about for God in nature and in the world of sense, feigning gods for themselves of mortal men and demons; to this end the loving and general Saviour of all, the Word of God, takes to himself a body, and as man walks among men and meets the senses of all men halfway, to the end, I say, that they who think that God is corporeal may from what the Lord effects by his body perceive the truth, and through him recognize the Father [3].

We needed the Son to take on the material form of a human being because our sin-damaged souls were no longer capable of perceiving true divinity. Indeed, the assumption of the flesh by the Son of God was fully necessary. Only the Creator of all could act as the Great Physician to bring redemption and healing from sin.

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