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However, your cat can see with just one-eighth of the amount of light we would need.

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Additionally, cats have a reflective tissue behind their retinas. Owls are much smaller than humans, but our eyes are nearly the same size. The results are great—if you put an owl on a soccer field lit by a single candle, with no other illumination from the moon or stars, the owl would probably be able to see a mouse anywhere on the field.

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In order to see from side to side, the owl has to turn its head. To compensate, owls can turn their heads almost completely around, granting them a wide vision field.

Super Vision: Four Ways Animals Can See Things You Can’t

The tarsier is a tiny primate in Southeast Asia. The little animals are only about four inches long, excluding their tails. However, their eyes are about half an inch wide, which means their eyes take up nearly their entire head. Tarsiers have the biggest eye-to-body-size ratio known in the animal kingdom. Tarsiers are nocturnal predators, looking for insects and small lizards or birds when there is little to no light available.

They have to be able to spot and stalk prey in the treetops, jumping from branch to branch in the dark, and their prey is tiny and often camouflaged. Other animals can see well in the dark in different ways. Snakes, for example, rely less on rods in their retinas and more on thermal vision, which lets them see the body heat of nearby mammals. Bugs have very different eyes from ours. Humans can suffer poor night vision as a result of problems like cataracts or nearsightedness. How Do We See in the Dark?

One out of 12 males are color blind. Reds and greens are the most common colors that are difficult to see.

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Humans are color-blind in dim light such as night time with very little moonlight. Owls and other nocturnal night-time animals can see at night when it is too dark for us. However, we do not know what animals actually see.

Nobody Can See All The Hidden Animals । Optical Illusions । Brain Teasers [#4]

We do know that they have very sharp vision. Scientists recently discovered the first animal that can see some colors under very dim lighting. It's the gecko and it can tell blue from grey! It's possible that frogs might also see some colors when it's dark. Although there's no way to truly know what non-human animals actually perceive, scientists can examine the cones inside the eyes and estimate what colors an animal sees. In the picture above, a mouse has decided that the third colored panel looks different from the others and receives a drop of soy milk as a reward.

For this set of three lights, only the soy milk dispenser over the red panel releases a drop of soy milk. How Dogs are Tested for Color-Blindness. How do we know if a human is color-blind? Are you interested in color experiments?

Top Ten Cool Ways that Animals See in the Dark | Earth Rangers Wild Wire Blog

See Science Projects. You might also be interested in: How does color affect your appetite? Can color help you lose weight? Color Matters is a registered trademark of J.

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Graphics and Text: Copyright c , J. Morton, All rights reserved. Poor Color Vision and Animals Dogs, cats, mice, rats and rabbits have very poor color vision. This is what humans see. Who has super color vision? Which animal doesn't need eyes to see? A pit viper sees by feeling the heat in an object. When are humans color-blind?