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Economic viability of. Pearce e t al. T here. Changes in the energy and water sector present a complex mix of risks. T he climate change-related extreme events that may cause changes in. Section 3. A detailed discussion on the costs of climate extremes. Costs can be of two. While some of. Dama ge costs o f floods a nd droug hts Sec tion S tudies. Longer term adaptation could reduce the severity of losses but could. Much of the investment in flo od defenses and coastal protection would. Several studies from the developing countries provide evidence on the. Salinity and salt water intrusion have implications for rural livelihoods.

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Sunaina's Story: In A UP Village, A Young Girl Will Not Be Defeated

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Cooper et al. Brondizio and Moran found. Box CC-GC sets out the general issues on climate change and gender -. T hese a re of sp eci al rel evanc e to rur al ar eas,. Access to land shows strong differences between men and. Climate change also increas es. Women are generally, though not in every context, more vulnerable to. Knowledge and information. Lack of access to information and knowledge of rural people can also.

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Many adaptations do build on examples of responses to past variabili ty. At the sa me time , how eve r , it ca nnot. In some cases, existing coping. In Malawi , for example , forest resources are used. F isher et al. In developing countries, there is high confidence. In Ethiopi a,. Decision Making for Adaptation. Decision making for adaptation tak es place at a variety of levels, and. I nternati onal mechanis ms variously support. At th e.

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Howe ver , nati ona l poli cie s and la ws are not al ways. Ad aptation can also build upon loc al and indigenous knowledge. Plains Rivera-F erre et al. Practical Experiences of Adaptation in Rural Areas. In AR4, examples of adaptation in rural areas exhibited a bias toward. Th ese practic al experien ces. Agric ultura l s ocieti es have a history o f r espond ing to the impac ts of. T hey und erta k e a range o f adjus tmen t. T a ble gi ves some. Mor e infor mat ion on a gri cult ura l adap tati on is avail abl e i n. Sections North America , and Conservation agriculture shows promising results and can be used as.

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As well as being an important input to agriculture , adaptation in water. T he exte nt t o wh ich adap tati on m eas ure s ha ve b een impl emen ted. In the c ases of. Agricultural adaptations Examples Where observed Source. NCC , Thomas et al. Natal provinces; northern Burkina F aso; Sahelian region of Mali. Using different varieties e. Early maturing cultivars South Brazil W alter et al. North America Coles and Scott South Africa and Ethiopia Bryan et al.

Ghana Gyampoh et al. Sahelian region of Mali and Nigeria Adepetu and Berthe South America Montenegro and Ragrab Bojorquez-T apia T asmania, Australia Smart Limpopo Province , South Africa T homas et al. W ater control mechanisms. Improved rice harvests Monsoonal Asia Hatcho et al. Adaptation for quinoa Bolivian Altiplano Geerts and Raes Adaptation for tomatoes Central Brazil. Adaptation for cotton Northern Argentina.

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Adaptation for rice Northeast China Lin et al. Ethiopia Bryan et al. Burkina F aso Barbier et al. South Africa Bryan et al. Northern Burkina F aso Barbier et al. Conservation agriculture e. Honduras , Nicaragua, and Guatemala Holt-Gimenez Sahelian region of Mali Adepetu and Berthe T able Examples of adaptations in the agricultural sector in different regions. Hu ntje ns e t al. Sowers et al. While the majority of focus on adaptation concerning water relates to. In the low- lying. Net herl and s pr otec tio n me asur es h ave bee n emp loy ed, incl udi ng.

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Northern Nigeria Adepetu and Berthe T able continued. T ype Example Where it has been observed and sour ce. Reservoirs Asia Tyler and F ajber , , particularly in areas where water stress is an issue of distribution rather than absolute. Irrigation often using water -saving technology Asia Ngoundo et al.

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The Candle and the Flame

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If these experiences are indeed political then it is only right that they voice their experiences that shape and get shaped by political structures. The final dimension that I wish to address about the slogan is the destabilization of the hierarchy between the personal and the political. The political, the general, the overarching problems have always been at the higher side of the binary and are given more legitimacy in popular discourse as well as in individual issue-based movements. The feminist movement changed how the personal was viewed viz-a-viz the political.

It emphasized the importance of personal, what had previously been brushed aside as trivial and unimportant to the greater interests of the movement. This was a significant break from liberal democracy and its ideas of the public and private being two distinctive spheres. It has been over 47 years since the slogan first came to use. Since then it has revolutionized the lens that we use to view the empiric and theory. Indeed, the movement itself has evolved a long way from when it was first used, but some of its core considerations still remain.

Hanisch wrote an introduction to her essay in where she beautifully sums up the debate around it. She says. A theory is just a bunch of words— sometimes interesting to think about, but just words, nevertheless—until it is tested in real life. Many a theory has delivered surprises, both positive and negative when an attempt has been made to put it into practice. Wednesday, June 26, FII Hindi. Sign in. Forgot your password? But this ended up becoming one of my top books of !

What an incredible descriptio Check out more reviews Perspective of a Writer What an incredible description of culture! I was seriously blow away by this setting We got a sense right away of what it means to be a Muslim as Fatima went about her faith, while not feeling like I was preached at. This is what it means to write about culture. The food, people, clothes, customs!

Third person narrative can be hard for some readers but when there are multiple POVs I find its a lot easier to keep track of which character's head I'm in. While we focus on Fatima, we find ourselves in the head and lives of several women who surround her. We start with a woman who knows loss Ghazala, a djinn who I bonded with immediately. Why did she choose to sacrifice for this child?

What does her act do to the fate of little Fatima? As we get to know Fatima we learn that her history is full of death and loss for those who love her and she has lived to wonder why. In The Candle and the Flame she comes to learn the answer to these questions as the maharajah, his family and the Ifrit commander, Zulfikar deal with the next conflict for the city of Noor.

Unfortunately Fatima was rather blah at first, but TBH I was so busy learning about the world of djinn that I didn't even think much about her until the next tragedy struck her life. This is when we pick up speed in the story. I fell hard for the girl that is Fatima Ghazala and other modern woman are bound to fall for her too. She really lived up to the promise hinted at in the prologue The djinn that interfaced with the city of Noor fascinated me. I loved the subtle romance at the heart of this female empowered story. At first you'll think There is uncertainty when a person falls in love and I loved the form it took here.

The political plot that is at the heart of The Candle and the Flame isn't trying to hide who the villains are, that is rather obvious. Instead we explore what it means to be loved ones even if we're part of the maharajah's family. When does our political position trump happiness? When is it okay to choose happiness over our loved ones? I loved the twisted way we looked at this political plotting that is so typical with any kind of royal family.

The showing was superb, the cultural description was excellent, the characters were root worthy and defined the world. It's honestly hard to talk about anything but how well written this book is. How caught up I felt. And how happy I was with the end. It has this feeling of being a standalone read i. I will say there is a bit of odd duplication.

We'd learn something from one POV and then find the same information from another. This didn't happen over and over and was said differently every times so its not bothersome. But while The Candle and the Flame isn't perfect it is an experience you will relish like I did. I'm on the side of the fence where I prefer the details we learn about a character to play into the story. I was really jazzed how Fatima's need to pray factored into her daily life and became a part of who she is. I was totally blown away with this subplot!

I love and adore when conflict arises naturally from who the characters are. The princess isn't really a likable character at first but that read really true to me. I loved how other females in her life influenced her for the better. The right role models paired with adversity helps us become the person we're meant to be.

Of course, I've got to talk about the supernaturals! I loved the naming magic and how it worked for Fatima. What we learn about the Shayateen and them being of chaos. The matriarchal society of the Ifrit that didn't emasculate men was also quite neat. I was drawn in so well because Fatima's relationships felt so real and raw. From the one with her adopted sister, to her best friend and her family, to the old bookseller with a secret and even the older women she sees as grandmothers. Even her vying with Zulfikar was so lovely.

It totally sold me and I am happy to report the culture described within lives up to that beauty. And Fatima Ghazala gives us a young Muslim woman who is both a candle and a flame in the most empowering of ways. I can't think of a better marketing strategy than this cover and title.

The Candle and the Flame is rich with impressively realistic and relatable characters with a tapestry of a world as a backdrop filled with the twisted lines of good and evil, order and chaos. Fatima Ghazala makes it easy to root for her to resolve her past and look to her future. It's an experience you won't regret jumping into It has not influenced my opinions. Read my special perspective under the typewriter on my reviews Please like this review if you enjoyed it! Feb 19, Fari rated it really liked it Shelves: Though the quotes I used are beautiful, they are from the ARC and subject to change.

All those halal romance jokes and complaints about rishta ettiquete were hilarious. This story makes me so nostalgic of my home and culture and it makes my heart ache. A near decade. What kind of duibious-pani-puri-less life am I currently living? I digress. The book started and completely sucked me in, right from the prologue. The writing is atmospheric, the world lively, and I was lost in it. I love all the descriptions of the city and everything in it. Fatima takes a deep breath and then another. She remembers Firdaus and the sense of belonging she feels with him, the kinship.

She thinks of the Alif sisters, who are more family than friends. She is not alone. She will be alright. Not right now but later, when it hurts a bit less, she will be alright. Fatima was a lovely main character. She is intelligent and selfless but she knows her own worth. I liked Fatima and I was neutral about our love interest but nothing about them together drew me in. I really enjoyed the third person omniscient thing this book has going on.

I love how we got to see different characters and their situations and perspectives and, as the book continued on, how they all interconnected. Guys, the women in this book! He attacked me and yet I am the one worrying about being punished. There are a plethora of women in this book, which can be rare in fantasy, unfortunately, and they were all so different and likeable. Not always likeable in the sense that they always did the right thing or good thing but likeable in that I could understand where they were coming from even when their actions made me upset.

We need these women who take up the space they deserve in the world. In many cases, conflicts between women are reduced to petty jealousy and misoginy and hatred. I was so pleasantly surprised by how this was turned on its head in this book. Good stuff.

This review got a lot longer than planned, oops, but the writing and the culture and the women in the book deserved it. Conclusion: Read It. Also, the author's a hijabi and Canadian. The book sounds interesting and all these details make my chest ache a little. I can't wait!! Ground breaking and immersive paranormal YA that evokes all the beauty, richness and diversity of the ancient cultures, faiths and languages of the Silk Road.

In the teeming city of Noor — the city of a thousand faces, colours and languages and surrounded by both unforgiving des Ground breaking and immersive paranormal YA that evokes all the beauty, richness and diversity of the ancient cultures, faiths and languages of the Silk Road. In the teeming city of Noor — the city of a thousand faces, colours and languages and surrounded by both unforgiving desert and dense forest — readers will encounter a complex and beautiful tapestry of characters some of whom you will come to care about deeply and paranormal beings in the courageous, human-protecting Ifrit, the evil Shayateen who exist to wreak chaos, the murderous ghul, the human-bonded Qareem, and the human rulers and rebels that impact Noor and its denizens.

Prepare to be swept up. View 1 comment. May 30, Sahitya rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-and-dystopia , aty52 , read , young-adult. The author brings this beautiful city to life through her words and I was completely mesmerized and felt myself a part of it every step of the way. Every little thing like the food, the culture, the faith, the customs, the clothes are explained in their glorious detail and I lapped it all up.

The supernatural element of the Djinn, their way of life and especially the significance of their naming was explained wonderfully and I really enjoyed their story. Even the differences between the various clans of the Djinn, their inherent natures of order and chaos are told through different perspectives, so we as a reader can decide what we feel about them. The author also does a spectacular job showing us how a true multicultural city feels like, with its amalgamation of cultures and people, everyone living in harmony, preserving their own cultures while also sharing it with others.

But above it all, my favorite part of this book was the inherent desiness of it. Fatima Ghazala has seen a lot of loss in her life, but she is ready to brave more to ensure the protection of her family and the people of her city. I was in awe of her strength even in the most desperate of times. The Alif sisters and their parents are like found family and I absolutely adored their bond.

The sisters bring much needed levity to this story with their hilarious bickering and banter, and their parents become defacto parents for Fatima and Sunaina, always making sure they are taken care of. On the other hand Princess Bhavya is living in a gilded cage and all she wants is the freedom to live her life. While she came across as unlikable initially, we slowly get to know her better and realize all her petulance is only a defense mechanism.

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Her brother Aarush, the maharajah of Noor is a good person but not a natural leader. The romance between Fatima Ghazala and Zulfikar felt both like instalove and not, the bond between them borne out of magic and holding a lot of uncertain feelings on both sides - it took a long time for them to trust each other with their feelings and I loved this dynamic between them. There is a lot of push and pull, a developing friendship, forced proximity due to their responsibilities - I loved how all these tropes were executed so beautifully together.

This is a very slow paced politics driven fantasy, with hardly any action but I slowly fell in love with it. Despite there being rebellion and traitors in the royal court, I loved how the author subverted these usual fantasy tropes. The purpose of this story is not to find who the villains are they are pretty obvious , but to let us think about what it means to be a leader, a King.

We also see how faith is described as just a part of the daily life of the characters, and not something that separates them from the others. This book is all about women - their love and friendships, their need for freedom and to be able to make choices, to not feel objectified or treated as a possession. We also see the manifestation of all kinds of female strength, both alone and in numbers, physically and in their silences - and this is what elevates this book to more than just a typical YA fantasy.

I also particularly enjoyed the discussions around the value of a found family, the importance of forgiveness, and the choice to make sacrifices for the sake of others. This is a very quiet kind of fantasy novel. We have court politics, rebels and supernatural creatures, but it is more about the humans, their lives and the choices they make everyday. If you are looking for a slow paced, very atmospheric fantasy novel with ownvoices Muslim representation and lots of desi elements, then this book is perfect for you.

This may not be action packed, but it will definitely make you feel and think and hope. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I like most things about this book. In my YAs??? Legendary amounts of Asian rep. What I love is that they refer to the specific ethnic groups of people in the language of those specific people rather than by the nationality name in English omg e.

Uyghur, Kinh Vietnamese , Han Korean , and I guess Han Chinese though it's unfortunate both are romanized as 'Han' when they are in fact different Hans but the b 3 stars Don't let this rating fool you! Uyghur, Kinh Vietnamese , Han Korean , and I guess Han Chinese though it's unfortunate both are romanized as 'Han' when they are in fact different Hans but the book never conflates the two as far as I can infer from the descriptions so ayyyy.

I don't have many problems with the world itself. I just wish some things would have been described first to the audience and then named rather than just name-dropped as is. But you know, at least this choice is consistent throughout the entire novel so there's at least that. There's a glossary of terms in the back too. The lore surrounding the Name-Giver and djinn fire is well done. I also love that we get to see Fatima who is Muslim pray at different times of day. Plot I don't have any problems with the political background in this story.

Alice’s review of The Candle and the Flame

The main points of the plot are laid out pretty well. Tbh I enjoyed the royal family portion of the cast much more than the two MCs. The Alif sisters are amazing as well. So precious, so comical. The main characters To be honest, Fatima Ghazala and Zulfikar aren't bad characters per say. They just could have been handled so much better.

The story is told from 3rd-person present POV in sort of a cinematic style almost reminiscent of wildlife documentaries but that's just me. Stylistically, this works in some cases. However at times, the writing is detached from its main characters. From the storytelling, it's clear that FG and Zulfikar are at the focus of the web of characters presented, and their backstories and traumas are evident too.

The problem is that the main characters are somehow the least interesting to read about despite the fact that you can intellectually piece together why they are both so important in the plot and why they're supposed to be interesting. Fatima Ghazala has this other-worldly air about her once she changed. Her trauma regarding what happened to Noor years ago creeps up on you. The accumulation of her feelings of loss for her family and fear for the loss of the family she still has does pay off when she has her encounter with the Shayateen, but it's rather anticlimactic.

If there had been more exploration how her Fatima and Ghalaza sides unified, it would have given her character more dimension, especially since there was a thread about Susaina thinking FG was a monster. While FG thinking she herself is a monster is touched upon, it doesn't go as deep as the narrative could have gone. It would have potentially made FG's story more compelling and satisfying when it was brought to an end. Nitpick on my part: While FG is a badass in martial arts, I felt the inclusion of the scene where she's sparring with Indra didn't have a point besides showing that FG was a badass and needed to blow off steam.

I'm not opposed to having a scene like this because it is cool to see different styles of martial arts from around the world , but scenes like this don't seem to have a purpose for advancing the plot. Zulfikar - I don't have much to say about him besides his jilted past love should have been introduced earlier, and that I like that he sticks up for women. He clearly sips the respecting women juice, as we all should. The love story didn't work for me, but I have to admit the way Fatima Ghazala's family reacted to Zulfikar coming to ask for her hand was hillarious.

The people around FG and Zulfikar are far more intriguing that the MCs themselves, and I think that perfectly highlights the problem some readers might have with connecting to the MCs. The cast around the MCs are allowed to be colorful while interacting with them - they synergize with the world Nafiza Azad has built. But the MCs themselves? Your mileage may vary on that, but imo FG and Zulfikar's endings left somethings to be desired.

Other characters Bhavya is best girl , don't at me. Susaina is also pretty good, even though she was frustrating at the start.