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Often a hotel is one of the few places open late at night. In suburbs like Hamilton, where there is no longer a local police station, it is not unusual for people escaping violent situations to come in looking for help.

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Staff can, over time, be exposed to stressful and even traumatic situations. They foster the family atmosphere of the place — sometimes former staff drop in and say they worked here twenty years ago. The Ramplin family would have to face its own tragic loss. Des was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and died within a year, in It was a bitter legacy of his years in construction and the power industries. Des Ramplin right in the midst of renovations in the Lounge.

Yet the hotel goes on, adapting to each new challenge. The operating environment for hotels has become even more complex as a result of changes to the Liquor Licensing laws in NSW. Nothing seems to stop the Northern Star Hotel from opening. Even the recent super storm! Miraculously, the Northern Star Hotel was one of the very few businesses on the western side of Beaumont Street that did not lose power for several days during the storm.

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The Northern Star Hotel, Thank you to Marie, John and Michelle Ramplin for sharing information and photographs for this story, and to Craig Smith for his photography. Unattributed photos are by Ruth Cotton. The ship was waiting to enter Newcastle Port to load coal. A severe storm dubbed a super storm said to be worse than the Pasha Bulker storm hit Newcastle and the Hunter on 22 April, An earthquake measuring 5. Thursday, 1 May The Kent.

Acrobatic dogs balanced on two front legs on impossibly slim posts, somersaulted, danced and waved goodbye. Responding to the skilful hands of trainer Mr Bill Massey, the small dogs enthralled kids and adults alike. It was the early s. These couple of blocks could have been the beginnings of an entertainment precinct for Hamilton.

Where are the tee shirts? No known restrictions on reproduction. Local historian Mavis Ebbott tells me that this dog was said to eat meat six days a week, but on a Friday, he would consume only fish. The corner block had been advertised as a splendid site for a family hotel, and so it would become. Hamilton was burgeoning, with businesses and a population of some 14, — only slightly less than the city of Newcastle.

The first licensee was Mr William Weiss, followed by Mr Charles Weiss, beginning a family involvement with the hotel that would last for several years. Hotel Kent, Hamilton Charles W Weiss, Proprietor. Articles and court notices in the Newcastle Miners Advocate and Morning Herald show that The Kent accommodated both guests and longer term boarders. The personal story of Charles Weiss is a tragic one.

A highly regarded, kind and very generous member of the Hamilton community, he had many friends. He was listed as one of the most generous donors to the Hamilton Distress Fund in , in the midst of the Great Depression. In another example, during Hamilton Shoppers Week in , he donated a prize. This was the Union Theatre, later to become the Roxy.

Hidden Hamilton: Hamilton hotels

By the time war came, Charles was no longer the licensee of The Kent, although he could have been operating it, and by then had other business interests. All this was to come to a sudden end. Charles Weiss was one of those rounded up and taken away, to spend the rest of the war in a prison or prison camp , somewhere in NSW. Adele Weiss, a descendant, writes in Lost Newcastle Facebook:. Not so much because of material things but he loved and adored Hamilton, and his many, many friends. Sadly, he never emotionally recovered from his ordeal here in Newcastle The story of Charles Weiss shows the terrible consequences that would have been repeated in many, many immigrant families in Ausralia.

The outbreak of war mobilised the community. Hamilton had its own Send-off and Welcome Home Committee. Perhaps there was a ball room squeezed in somewhere upstairs? Over the 12 years between and , the licensee of The Kent changed six times. At that time, it was not unusual to have such turnover. In , families from the village of Lettopalena, in the province of Chieti, in the Abruzzo region of Italy, migrated to Newcastle.

Agnes Lake Hickok: Queen of the Circus, Wife of a Legend – By Linda A. Fisher and Carrie Bowers

Lettopalena had been devastated by an earthquake in , and suffered greatly from bombings in World War II — it has since been rebuilt nearby. Most of these migrants settled in Islington, to be close to the BHP steelworks where the men could find work. The Exchange Hotel and The Kent became favourite gathering places. There was still a cultural divide. Today a small group of well dressed, retired Italian men gather each morning at the eastern end of the front bar. The company of men Giacinto di Bernardino. Local historian Doug Saxon recounts his memories of growing up in Hamilton in the s, writing:.

The lasting memory is the smell from the cellar — probably of stale beer. Hotels closed at 6 pm from until when 10 pm closing was introduced.

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  • When 6 pm closing still ruled, Des Watson remembers drinkers inside the hotel sending drinks and hot chips to pacify women and children waiting in the car. The original public bar — shown below — looked rather different from today. It was set up for access, efficiency and fast action. The barmen worked at speed to serve the shoving, pushing workers desperate to get as much beer into their systems as possible in the available time.

    Bottle shops only began to appear in the s, and this daily binge drinking had many negative consequences for families. Public bar in The Kent c Mollie Gahagan is in front. Photograph courtesy of Newcastle Museum. 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