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This integration supports only the creation of a list of receivable invoices.


Update and query of receivable invoices is not supported in this integration. Duplicate bill checking is done in OTM. OTM only sends single currency bills for collection. Since the OTM requester ABCS does not validate if the currency is different at the line level and at the header level; OTM must reject the bills that have different currency at the header and line level.

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A bill can only belong to one operating unit. Therefore, if there are consolidated bills with multiple operating units, the collections are made for only one operating unit. When there is negative amount, the bill has transaction type of credit memo. When there are adjustments to a bill, a new bill with a different invoice number must be created. Payment method and terms are maintained in Oracle E-Business Suite AR; therefore, imported bills use the default payment method and terms for the customer.

2. Overview of Oracle Receivables Process

An AR bill number should be no longer than 20 characters. Hence, OTM should ensure to send a bill with a bill number with less than 20 characters, else the process fails. For more information about Oracle E-Business Suite web services and documentation prior to Release For more information about the logistics service, see Oracle Transportation Management Integration Guide.

EBOs can be extended, for instance, to add new data elements. These extensions are protected, and remain intact after a patch or an upgrade. The cross-reference table is populated for the unique identifier at the receivable invoice header level. The InvoiceEBS is an Enterprise Business Service that exposes all the enterprise operations related to the invoice like create invoice, update invoice, and so on. This integration uses only CreateInvoiceList operation.

No transformations are done in this service. When the receivables' AutoInvoice master program successfully imports an invoice, it raises a business event oracle. If customers choose not to use this service, they can disable the event subscription in Oracle E-Business Suite application. The InvoiceResponseEBS is the enterprise business service EBS used to route all invoice response related actions to the requesting application like create invoice-response, update invoice-response, delete invoice-response, and synchronize invoice-response.

Process invoices using Auto-Invoice. Utilize the bill presentment architecture processes. Set up credit management, the receipt process, tax processing and period closing.

Benefits to You By taking this course, you'll walk away with the skills to manage parties and customer accounts. End User Implementer. Understand the overall order to cash process from Order Entry through Bank Reconciliation Understand key areas in the Order to Cash Life Cycle Explain how the Receivables processing is positioned within the Order to Cash Life Cycle Describe the overall Receivables process Manage parties and customer accounts Describe the Auto-Invoice process Explain bill presentment architecture processes Understand Credit Management Identify credit management processing Understand setup information related to invoicing Describing the receipt process Understand setup information related to receipts Understand the tax accounting process Understand Sub-ledger Accounting as it relates to period closing.

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