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The restaurant was busy; the only two seats that were empty at the bar were the two seats next to me. The younger one sat down next to me. I struck up a conversation with the two women but do not remember what first words I blurted out. The woman more my age, in her fifties was the first to answer.

She asked my last name. I asked her name. Is your husband named Daniel? He was a really nice guy. I do not think you knew her. Beverly Stanton was her name. She was not from around here. We had hung out at the same places. She and I were not friends then, but I did remember seeing her around. I knew her husband better.

Daniel and I had been casual friends.

Fear Thy Neighbor

Barbara and I had a few things in common: we discovered that neither of us ever had any children and our families did not live in the state. At about that time in our conversation, when we both were talking over the girl in the middle, she received a telephone call from her boyfriend.

The young girl asked Barbara if it was okay to leave her at the bar. I will be fine here.

murder thy neighbor

I was not interested in the younger woman, but I thought Barbara was quite nice-looking and very interesting. I offered to buy her another beer, and she accepted. Then my food came, but I did not want to try to eat and talk. The bartender put the platter in front of me and asked me if there was anything else I needed.

Barbara, will you share this with me? We are going to share this meal. And please bring us two more beers. It was not a problem. When the extra plate came, the bartender offered to split it for us. We both ate slowly, trying not to talk with our mouths full, so the food lasted a while. To wash down the food, we both sipped our beers. We were having a good time. I asked for two more beers, and again she did not object.

I asked if she was dating anyone at that time. She told me that for her there was no significant other in her life. There were tables set up outside on the sidewalk to take advantage of the summer night, so I suggested we go out to them after we finished our dinner. The night was perfect — not too hot and not too cool — just a beautiful late summer night. We talked and talked. We knew many of the same people, which made the conversation comfortably easy, and the time slipped by. We both had to work the next day, so I suggested that we continued the conversation later.

I asked for her telephone number.

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She gave it to me with a smile. I walked her part of the way home, not knowing exactly how far would be okay. I did not want to goof this thing up. I could drive you.

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It is really nice out, and I like to walk. I went back to my apartment feeling good about this, and it was not just the beer thinking — I really felt a connection. I waited the customary two days before I called her, practicing how I was going to ask her out. I called asking her out, she accepted, and we made a date to go out to dinner. There was an art fair going on in the middle of town, so I knew that conversation after dinner would not be a problem.

I felt it would just flow comfortably from where it left off the other night. Barbara was renting a large house for a price that was way under the market value.

Love thy neighbor: Son's killer moves next door - CBS News

She and her hus-band had lived there for many years. She had a seventy-pound dog and an eighteen-pound cat. She told me a wild story about how the dog found the cat. It was the middle of the week. We both had the day off, and the forest preserve was deserted. JJ listened to commands very well, so we let her off her leash to run for a while in a grassy area that was surrounded by trees. Daniel threw the ball so that she could run and fetch it.

Fear Thy Neighbor S1 Ep1 Lies Lawns and Murder

On the third throw of the ball, she caught the scent of something and ran into the woods, so far that we could not see her, and we ran after her. She could not hear anything; she was intoxicated by the scent. We were starting to panic at the thought of losing the dog, but we just kept calling, JJ, come! She had something in her mouth, and as she came closer, it became slightly visible. We knew it was alive.

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As she got closer, we realized it was a tiny tiger-striped kitten. Daniel and I were speechless. I looked for the mother cat or any people who might have claim to it. The other half blames the blamers, creating one of those hate-fests that feed on their own furies. While keeping inside the lines of a classic whodunit plot, Verdon enriches the formula with a probing analysis of the way a community rips itself apart. When his mother disappears and his father ambles off in a fog, Jack Bright shoulders the parental duties for his younger sisters, Joy and baby Merry. Washing the windows, painting the front door and mowing the lawn keep snoopers away.

Ariel was supposedly on the island to do research on Blake Markman, a producer who fled Hollywood to live as a hermit and raise Icelandic sheep. But when the ferry arrives from the mainland, who should step onto the dock but Ariel herself — fit as a fiddle and anxious to investigate her own death. Doiron captures the stark beauty of his setting without averting his eyes from the sick and starving wildlife, the rancorous feuds among the lobstermen or the homicidal impulses that push islanders off the deep end.

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Bitter and angry, he makes their lives hell not only for his next door neighbors, John and Mellaine Hamilton, but most families on the block. Neighboring Omaha, Nebraska families attempt to be friendly, but everyday stresses cause tension between the two families. The relationship between the families evolves into them becoming worst enemies and leads to an arson attack.

Two families in a Cuban neighborhood of Miami become enemies. One family consists of an older man and his family trying to live in peace and quiet, while their younger neighbors tend to be loud. The neighbors clash numerous times, only ending when one neighbor is killed by the other. An elite California Lakeside Community is rocked to its core when two well-to-do gentlemen go to war over an inch property line discrepancy.

One neighbor takes the dispute to new levels when he hires a hitman to permanently solve the problem. In Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, a single man moves into his dream home beside a single woman who is looking to start a romantic relationship with him. When he rejects her, bitter animosity ensues, followed by mutual sabotage and, eventually gunfire. A family moves into a Minnesota lake house, but their older neighbor next door disputes their rights to lake access and the neighbours argue over property lines.

Der erste True-Crime-Sender

Numerous heated debates between the neighbors eventually leads to murder. In Carmel Canyon, California, wealthy neighbors get into disputes over a variety of issues from shared roads and bridges to the upkeep of their respective properties. Anger boils over and the ongoing feud is resolved with fatal gunfire. Instead of the new start he was hoping for, a man's move to Canyon Country, California, finds him caught in a strange and increasingly acrimonious eight-year feud with his neighbor, until it finally ends with blasts from a shotgun.

Two families in Elyria, Ohio live beside each other in friendship and peace for decades. But eventually, friendship turns into acrimony, mutual accusation and ultimately leads to a shocking and bloody shoot out. A family living in Florida become deathly ill after ingesting a rare poison and police believe the next door neighbors could be to blame.

The town of Toulon, Illinois, is a tight knit community - except for the local bully who everyone avoids. But when his new neighbors stand up to him after his dog bites their son, he harbors a decade long grudge that ultimately explodes in violent frenzy. When a freewheeling family moves from California to the conservative enclave of Leesburg, Virginia, they get on the wrong side of one of their neighbors, and the conflict escalates until bullets fly and blood flows in the street. A couple moves to a tranquil California beach town and befriends their new neighbors - that is until one of the wives descends into drugs and madness, terrorizing the other.

A teacher and her son start fresh in Las Vegas, but immediately become the targets of harassment and escalating intimidation by the woman next door. Her anger knows no limits, and they fear how far she will go. A couple settles in Josephine County, Oregon, where they discover their new neighbor has a deadly past. As tensions rise and tempers flare, blood will be spilled A young couple moves into in a Vancouver, Washington housing development with strict codes of community conduct.

But someone forgot to tell their neighbour the rules, and he will go to extreme lengths to resist them. Two families settle next to each other in peaceful Euclid, Ohio and anticipate a friendly relationship. But when one family's daughter rejects the crush of the other family's son, tensions build and ultimately lead to murder. A feud between neighbors in Tamarac, Florida, erupts into violence on Halloween.