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Italia fuori a testa alta. Lei si scusa.

Il cappellaio matto, 1000 modi di morire

Colloquio con Orfini, Fratoianni e Magi, che insieme a Faraone e Delrio hanno vissuto a bordo le fasi conclusive dell'odissea della Sea Watch. Idea di Hitler.

Dominium Maris Baltici (English Version)

De Angelis Sono le grandi emozioni a dettare l'agenda del Paese. Il crollo del Ponte Morandi ha segnato l'inizio di questa legislatura. Un anno dopo, la distruzione ne svela il cambiamento. Fermate quel pagliaccio di Salvini. La Gdf contro Carola Rackete, "ci ha schiacciati sulla banchina, abbiamo rischiato di morire".

The beauty of She Monkeys rests in its subtlety, implicitness and nuances. Even the content is quite interesting.

Italian Version of World of Warcraft is Coming to Europe

The director uses a specific formalistic approach to address such a sensitive subject. It seems like there is a popular wave in an unconventional rehabilitation of the coming-of-age genre, as both Attina Rachel Tsangari in Attenberg and Todd Solondz in Dark Horse proved in really emancipated and challenging works. Film director Aschan follows in the footsteps of her colleagues from the North and reminds viewers of Dear Wendy , the Western stylized story of adolescence by veterans Vintenberg and von Trier.

However, these two authors offered a testosterone charged piece and Aschan stands on the opposite side of the fence. The Western genre framework allows the director to treat the matter delicately, mostly by using seemingly innocent tropes.

"si può morire" in English

Which means that the props from the Western genre inventory, such as rifles and stallions, have a clear reference to power, in addition to a secondary, implicit meaning. She Monkeys employs a naturalistic and dramatic approach. From a conceptual point of view, the director avoided the use of any kind of stereotype and instead is trying to provide two complex individuals and examine their motives. Another colleague of Aschan, Jannicke S.

Jacobsen based almost an entire comedy Turn Me On, Goddamit about teenage sexuality and coming-of-age solely on stereotypes and their variations.

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Secondly, the absorbing camerawork must be mentioned, as there are some beautiful fixed shots that do not include unnecessary movement. Particularly remarkable is a thoughtful composition of single scenes. The separation from Dardenne-like fluid camera work has proved to be a wise choice, much like the diversion from the social aspects towards mostly psychological ones. She Monkeys is not a feminist thesis about the superiority of women, however the filmmaker has not forgotten about feminine flaws. The presentation of the gentle sex is fairly balanced and the director took one step further compared to Sciamma, concerning narrowing the presence of a male population.

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