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Was wollen wir denn hier? Wir steigen aus. Autos sind da nur bedingt angepasst. Wir parken also mit laufendem Motor, damit dieser nicht einfriert solange wir die Rentiere besuchen. Dann winkt er. Mein Zeichen. Er bedeutet mir, ganz langsam und besonders leise zu laufen.

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Klar, schleichen kann ich! Ich solle mal zum Gehege allein vorlaufen. Mein erstes Live-Rentier guckt etwas verdutzt, als ich am Zaun anklopfe.

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Und auch, weil ich hoffe, irgendeinen Dr. Doolittle-Draht zu Tieren zu haben, was sich aber noch nie bewiesen hat.

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Huftiere sind Fluchttiere. Nur einmal im Jahr werden die Tiere zusammengetrieben — zur Bestandsaufnahme und zum Schlachten. Er mag Tiere, nicht nur um sie zu jagen und zu essen, das seh ich ihm an. Wir lassen das Boazu wieder zur Ruhe kommen und ziehen von dannen. Soon after he graduated, Arthur decided to open his own studio. His line of work — single-family and interiors — was, at the time, the commonest segment, and that strengthened the brand Studio Arthur Casas.

The vernacular concept — which cherishes and adopts local labour and materials — has been kept in the core of the work. This concept can be noticed by the social, cultural and regional studies carried out for each project, be it within Brazil or anywhere else in the world. The Studio naturally shifted to residential architecture thus approaching a team of architects engaged with edifications. Along time, the demand for less conservative projects began to grow, especially after the turn of the 21st century.

The scenario has become much more positive for contemporary architecture and because of professionals who were able to translate that moment. Additionally, the commercial segment appears in this scale. Many come from Europe due to their debilitated economy. The work also accepts these influences. Currently, the architects at the Studio, who are divided according to their specialisation areas and who gather around the contemporary hallmark of the founder, use all architectonic scales. From the design scale to the urban scale, they all get the right amount of attention.

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Nowadays we have architects who share the same interest. Among furniture are residential and commercial pieces, as well as others for public spaces, such as the Pelourinho squares.

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We try to work with natural and honest materials, simple in presentation, extremely well executed, though. On the other hand, the urban scale is already part of the office, appearing in the projects for public competitions. Awards granted to the Studio also encompass all scales. We were lucky and competent. This means teamwork, for which all will be rewarded, not only in terms of money but also in terms of curriculum.

Until two years ago, the Studio had not participated in public competitions without partner firms. To him, however, his rewards cannot be measured using such scales. Menschen die in der neuen, auf Piloten gebauten Stadt geboren wurden, sich mit ihr. Der sei einfach unvergleichlich — so weit, so hoch, so blau! In the retail world, bookstore interiors are arguably changing more radically than in any other sector. Time was when bookshops appealed for being old-world and fusty, with their labyrinthine layouts, faintly musty smells and eccentrically bookish. Kitchen Bath Wellness. Sanitaryware Kitchen.

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