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Mister Ed : How now, brown cow. Wilbur Post : Carol, I'm telling you the truth. That horse talks.

Carol Post : I wouldn't believe that horse talks even if the two of you stood over there and sung a duet! Mister Ed : I hate skeptics! Wilbur Post : Roger, I came over here to ask you about the neighbor that lived in the house before me and Carol Roger Addison : Mr. Wilbur Post : Yes.

I've been trying to get information about him.

S2E3 Ed's Ancestors

Did you know him very well? Roger Addison : Yes, we were quite close. Wilbur Post : Did you ever exchange confidences with him? Roger Addison : Yes, quite often. Wilbur Post : Did he ever tell you about his horse?

Professional interactions:

Roger Addison : No, what about his horse? Wilbur Post : Did he ever tell you that his horse talks?

Roger Addison : No, Oldfelt said a lot of funny things but he never Roger Addison : Would you repeat that please? Wilbur Post : He never said anything to you about his horse talking?

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Wilbur Post : Did the horse ever say anything? Did you ever hear the horse talking? He retired in after nearly 40 years of service. His career was spent entirely in the field of aircraft structures, but included varied assignments that resulted in experience in most of the structural sub-disciplines. At different times, he was involved in stress, fatigue, damage tolerance, finite element, structural dynamics and risk analysis. In this assignment, he participated in developing many of the models and methods that would be used in the assessment and are still largely used on C today.

Throughout this project, the development and application of the methods was reviewed quarterly by Dr. Ed considers the interactions with Dr. Lincoln over the course of several years on that project to have been an invaluable learning experience. Next, Mr. This time, in Burbank, California for the assessment of the SR, where once again he benefitted from technical interaction with Dr.

In the early s, Lockheed Martin and the Air Force began the C-5M Program to modernize the C-5 with new engines and pylons, along with the avionics upgrades. In this time frame, the C-5 encountered several structural problems with stress corrosion cracking in a number of airframe components, including a major fitting called the Tiebox. The Tiebox problem led to Ed working again with Dr.


Lincoln to find a solution that would maintain risk to safe levels until new fittings were available. Following the peak of the C-5M work, Ed was asked to support the Widespread Fatigue Damage Assessment of the aging commercial transports, by preparing the Methodology Plan and by consulting throughout the assessment. In , he was selected as a Technical Fellow, and in , Senior Fellow. In these capacities, Ed was asked to provide engineering support to a number of projects, including F and F He was also honored to be a member of the writing team for revision C of Mil-Std Ed has authored several technical papers as well as numerous Lockheed Martin engineering reports.

Ingram earned a B.

The First Meeting

He and Jan have been married for 44 years, and are blessed with two wonderful daughters and seven amazing grandchildren. View the History of Dr. Jack Lincoln. Meeting Mr. This is a travel journal documenting the challenge and beauty of the Appalachian Trail. More importantly, it tells the story of Mr. Ed; a Korean War veteran, a coach, and a father of five. Through reflection and stories shared along the trail, I recount the life of a man who was driven to serve his country, his family, and his community.