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Spend a few hours catching up and putting the world to rights. Time to yourself? Meditation means actually taking the time to listen to your mind and body, quietening all the thoughts that rush around your head every second of every day. It can be incredibly beneficial for anyone, but especially for those who are going through a tough time in life or feel like happiness is eluding them.

Try a guided meditation video, or one of the many apps that are out there. Is your brain in need of a workout?

Learn or Practice an Instrument

There are all kinds of free courses available online which will expand your horizons and open your mind to a whole new world of knowledge. We all spend far too much time looking at screens these days, and not enough time looking at pages. Sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea in hand and get lost in another world. You may also like article continues below :. Do a collage.

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Make a birthday card for a friend. Create a Zentangle. See what you can recycle! Dig around the house in all those forgotten drawers and see what materials you can come up with. Then turn to the internet for inspiration and tutorials. Pinterest is a gold mine when you want to get your creative juices flowing.

When was the last time you cooked purely for pleasure, not just out of necessity? Is there a poet hiding somewhere inside you? Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and see what happens when you spend a few hours letting your creative side loose. These poems about life can serve as inspiration. Getting your thoughts out of your head and down onto paper can help you to put things in perspective and get your ducks in a row. Dedicate a good chunk of time to just sitting and writing. Write about the past, the present, and the future.

Make up a new persona. When you're traveling you can be anyone you want to be. Come up with a mildly plausible persona and stick to it while you're on the airplane, at the bus depot, waiting for the train, etc. See if you can get people to believe your persona. Make up games. Sometimes this is the only way to keep yourself amused, whether you're a child or an adult. You can do the usual "I Spy" games, which are especially good for kids in the car. You can also make up your own games, depending on where you are.

Make up a points system for annoying people. This can help if you're stranded somewhere during the holiday rush season. There are always intensely irritating people and turning their annoying habits into a game can make them more bearable. Call or text a friend. See what everyone else is up to and relay your odd traveling experiences to them.

You can brainstorm ideas for ways of filling your time. You'll have someone to talk to and you'll get to pass the time. Method 3. A great way to cure boredom is to do some exercise. You'll get your endorphins going, which in turn will help you feel better and will make your body happy. Run, bicycle, take a walk, investigate the town or city you live in, yoga , jump rope , hula hoop. Use this time to investigate the town or city you live in. You'll get exercise, fight your boredom, and maybe find out some secret spots.

Go on an adventure. Get your car, your bus pass, or your bike and head out to your city or town. Take a bus somewhere you might not normally go, bike to that street that has all the wealthy houses, find a secret park. Donate to a local food bank. Especially if you've used your time to go through your house and get rid of things you don't need, you can now donate these to a food bank; things like clothes you don't need but that are in good repair, not stained or ripped , or canned food. You can also donate your time to a food bank, helping to restock and or to serve food if they do that.

It's a good way to help make a difference and to use the time that might otherwise be spent doing nothing. Spend time at your local animal shelter. Help care for the animals, walk the dogs and keep them clean.

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Animal shelters often need volunteers to help out and it will be a great way to play with animals especially if you don't have any and you'll be doing something useful. Ask a friend or parent if they need help with anything. You don't only need to help strangers, you can help out people that you know. Offer to help them garden, or clean their house.

This will put your spare time to good use, give you somebody to hang out with, and you'll be doing something nice for someone else. Not a bad way to cure your boredom. Method 4. This is a great way to keep your hands busy while your mind focuses on what the teacher or professor is saying.

17 Things To Do When You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind

You can also do this at work when you're thinking about what project you should work on next, or if you're just trying to look busy for the boss. Try to out-do one another with fantastic drawings, or add on to one another's drawings, to create something really wild. Come up with a creative project.

You want to challenge yourself at work or in class and if you're getting bored, you probably aren't being challenged enough. Try to come up with a project that would be challenging and interesting and propose it to your boss or teacher. When you have some free time at work or at school, it's a great time to do a little, subtle organizing. Sometimes this can even help you to find your productivity again. Clean-up your work area, or school binder. Clean your computer. Clean the screen, clean between the keys. If it used to be white, do your best to carefully restore your computer to its former clean condition.

Organize your computer desktop so you can find things. Put pictures in the labelled picture folders and make sure all your documents are in properly labelled folders. If you have some time and you're bored, you can make use of it by meditating. This can help calm your mind and get yourself focused on the work ahead of you. It's a great re-energizing tactic. Take deep breaths in and out and pay attention to your breathing. If you feel thoughts come into your head, acknowledge them and let them go.

Reading is fun and you could pick up a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. Reading something helps pass the time by giving you something to keep your brain interested. Some free time is a great time to try something new. You can usually hide a book beneath some textbook in your class or beneath your desk at work. It makes it look like you're really studying or paying attention to the material, while actually doing something a lot more fun. Read a mystery and try to guess the solution before the detective, or try some fantasy or science fiction.

Look into something nonfiction or spiritual, philosophical, paranormal, or even holy topics like Bible , or the Qur'an. Check out what books you can get from the library and pick them up on your way to or from your work or class. Some libraries even have online databases where you can check out a book without having to leave your house or work!


Learn something new. Having some free time is a great moment to learn something new and interesting. Then you can impress your friends and family. Learn how to do magic , discover how to breathe fire , or how to make chainmail! Surf the internet. If you have your computer in front of you, you can use it to go online and surf the internet. Just make sure that you won't be caught by your boss or your teacher.

You can use this time to amuse yourself or to learn something new. Go on something like Craigslist or eBay and find the weirdest thing you possibly can. Post it on your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr account. Go on Instagram , Facebook, or Vine. Upload photos, share stories, check out other people's posts and photos. Watch random YouTube videos. Pick comedy ones if you want a lift, choose viral ones for entertainment and to stay trendy. Use Pinterest. Choose a topic you like and make a board for it, add pictures you like.

Or look at other people's pictures. Chat with a coworker. Sometimes the best way to amuse yourself when you're bored is to enter into conversation with someone else. Pick someone you don't know that much about and ask them about themselves where they are from? You might even make a new friend.

Method 5. Okay, so you can't agree on anything. Pick one thing you want to do and combine it with something your friend wants to do. If you're in a food rut, explore new restaurants in your town or try out different cuisines. You never know — you might find a new fave! You finally have time to spend with your bae! Channel this extra energy into planning the ultimate date. If you need some inspo, check out these affordable yet fun date ideas.

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Have fun in the kitchen this summer. If you're new to cooking , now's the time to learn how to whip up some easy meals and snacks. Grab your bestie or crush and get watching! Whether it's a wild Travis Scott concert or a more low-key outdoor gig, check out if there are any cool artists performing in your area. And once you have that locked in, here's what you can wear. If you're looking for a royal makeover, definitely check out these super cute hair tutorials. Wanna party on the water? Instead of tossing your old polish, make DIY colorful slime with your favorite nail polish.

Bonus points if you add glitter! If you don't know where to start, check out this list of teen romance movies , which includes Another Cinderella Story , Clueless , A Walk to Remember , and so many more. Grab some curly inspiration from your favorite celebrities. This tutorial on false lashes will change your life. You have to taste these under-the-radar Frappuccino recipes. These acne products can help with any type of breakout. Now that school is out, use your free time to reflect and remember all the ups and downs.

Here are some tips we thought might be helpful. The best part about summer is the fact that you can HANG outdoors. Take advantage of the sunshine and go on new adventure. Whether you're making it to any concerts this summer or not, check out our Festival Guide for some serious beauty, fashion, and life inspiration.

We made a list to even help you out. Bella Hadid insisted. Why have just one dessert when you can have two? Pick your favorite treat and you're favorite ice cream to create the best sandwich ever.