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Before all the trees grew, you could see a large concrete base and I'm pretty sure that my father said that the laundry was there. He and his wife and two children lived at Whitehill Villas, Whitehill. I have been trying to locate a photograph of him ahead of next years th commemorations for the First World War. Sadly, he lost his life in France in July Because of his marriage to a German lady, no members of my family would have anything to do with him or talk about him when I was a child. It is only now, after CWGC added his name to the Debt of Roll Of Honour at Maindenhead in , that I have been able to find out his service number and obtain a copy of his service record.

In doing so I have learnt that he was tragically lost and his body never recovered. CWGC intend to notify those relatives with a date as soon as it is confirmed. With this in mind, I would like to be able to go to France and place a memorial cross at the same time accompanied by a photograph. Richard lived at Deadwater in according to census records. His wife was Marie Holmes and they had two children - Margaret Helen Waller, born 16 July registered at Headley according to some records, Alton on another and Peter Donald Waller, born 18 August registered at Headley according to some records, Alton on another.

Lived at 16 Ivy Cottages, Blackmoor. Probably the latter. If you could possibly assist me with this matter, I would be extremely greatful. If anyone also has any details on Fred and Rose that would be great too. I'm trying to find out more about what was a laundry used by the Lushington sisters who founded Ockham School in Kingsley in The Laverty diaries refer to the "Lushingtons' laundry at Lindford" - and I'm wondering if it is the old building now in a pretty dilapidated state that is on the B, Lindford Road, just past and opposite Broxhead Motors, on the left going towards Bordon.

You used to be able to see it from the road - but it's now pretty much hidden by trees and undergrowth. Even if it has nothing to do with the laundry I'd love to know a bit more about it. Hello, Many thanks for helping me get in touch with Kenny Sharman, I have heard from Kenny and it was quite a thrill to hear from my old home town.

Greetings from Canada. Any more old pals from Headley? Just been looking at your site. I have been going through some of my Mother's, now deceased, papers that l have had years and not gone through until now, and l have found a card with my name on it from Penryn Nursery Home and the date 7th March I was wondering what sort of home it was, and why was l there.

Can anyone tell me any information, l was born in August so was very young. Note Penryn is also mentioned earlier - click here. I have good memories of the house. As a lad I often worked during the apple season picking season. Often we would peep though gaps in the curtains at the home cinema, wondering just what it was.

He usually finished quite well in the races. He has also competed in Grass track racing, though at that time I didn't follow that branch of motorcycling sport. I met Jim on the AMC stand at the motorcycle show in Earls Court twice and later he came to my workplace as a sales rep for the company. He was always very amused that as a boy I had actually picked apples for his mother, what a claim to fame!

Rita Bevan - nee Wakeford - often spoke in later life of her many invitations from Jim to go to Lane End and watch films. I understand that Jim lived to a ripe old age and that he died during ? I haven't been down that lane for over sixty years and I understand it now has a different name,perhaps during my next trip to Headley I might well have a look. I found the village pump quite by accident, I was looking for houses for sale for my daughter in Headley and clicked onto the wrong heading and I'm so glad that it did.

Finding the "Pump" has uncovered so many happy days of my life some sixty to seventy years ago, all the names from my school days, happily on my part never forgotten , I look forward to rekindling many forgotten friendship. Headley and the surrounding area - two notes from Kenny Sharman. I lived in Headley from about untill my marriage in I lived in a small cottage on Beech Hill - my sister was Lillian, my father Harry and mother "Ginny".

He had two sons but their names escape me. Hello Jonny, course I remember you, a dapper little chap who lived in OpenFields next door to Tom White's family - the number escapes me now. You left school at fourteen, started work at the then Lindford garage -now gone - and when your time came for National Service you were lucky enough to get into the Royal Navy, and how smart you looked in your Bell Bottoms. When I started work I went up to Haslemere and that's about the time I lost touch with you, heck that's a long time ago.

Most of the Headley boys that you might remember are long since gone, though there are still about six from my class whom I visit often. The whole area has changed so much, though Open Fields houses remain much the same. Headley school has moved into the field opposite the houses, where we had the bonfires, the old school is now a bed shop amongst things. Hello - I am James, a current employee of the Headley Park Hotel, and since working in this amazing old building I have had a deep interest in its history particularly round the two wars, and also of the actual building as I have noticed many quirky features in the beer cellar and from outside.

I was wondering if you had any more information on these matters Many thanks. I read with great interest the article about life in Superior Camp after the war when it was taken over by Petersfield Rural District Council to form temporary housing. We left Grayshott and moved to Liss in I left home in Liss in to join thje Army Apprentices School Arborfield and although I visit both Liss and Grayshott and Waggoners Wells once or twice a year I never returned to either village to live.

Responding to the sampler found in New York below. The style of the sampler is not at all consistent with the late 18th century date. The lettering does not look to be from that period, and 'by my hand' sounds deliberately archaic. Whether or not it is Headley Hampshire, this item looks very much later than the date on it. My guess would be 20th century. Also worth noting that the church in this picture looks very American.

I have been told that wives of soldiers of the 36th Ulster Division travelled from Ireland to places like Headley in September to stay in boarding houses and with families, so they could be near to and spend the last few days with their husbands, before they left for the Western Front. I wondered if anyone had any recollection of this in Headley. The eldest three boys were in the Army, Navy and Airforce during the war, and as Uncle Stan would have been 40 at the outbreak, the one sought would most probably be Cousin Stan or maybe Cousin Sid.

Of these I believe Bob is the only one living. He dated a girl called Ollie Etherington, if anyone has any information on him or anyone named Don who was in this camp at this time I would appreciate it, many thanks. Penryn in response to David Davey's note in September - click here. I was at Penryn when you were there! I think your nickname was Shrimp! Penryn burned down and has now three new builds on the site in Headley Down.

I was there from - I would like to get the right birth certificate for this person, she married George Knight. I am wondering what the person who listed it found out about it, as I bought it quite inexpesively. It looks real. Strange to read this. I bumped into Peter's brother in Tesco Bordon. His name was Alan; I lived next door to the Cains in no.

Just like to recomend John for our local aerial and satellite sky installer, we had a lighting strike, he came round 7pm fixed the amplifier for my mum under the arch top of Barley Mow Hill. Next day came round and installed sky and free view in my entire home. John is highly recomended; he is on Hello David Were you there when Olive was nurse? Hi all, looking for any info on Penryn Childrens Home. Resided there from and would love to hear from anyone who was staying there, or anybody who knew the boys and girls, about nine of us.

What a lovely 60th birthday suprise I had last week. A mystery tour from home in Oxford down to Hampshire. We travelled down the leafy lanes heading towards Headley without me having a clue as to where we were going. That is until we passed the Headley sign post. I was thrilled to the point of tears as wonderful memories of my grandparents and their lovely home in Ferndale Terrace now known as Fullers Cottages came flooding back.

It was great to discover that little had changed in all those years. We stopped off to see the pond where we used to plonk stones as tiny children and visited the lovely cottage on Pond Road which we used to call Siddells Cottage, mostly unchanged but no Mrs Siddell of course. We started off with the church, through the lynch gate that our grandfather helped erect in search of our great-grandparents grave, followed by a quick lunchtime drink in the village pub.

It was lovely to see the iron seat still running round the big old tree in the centre that my sister and I used to clamber on while grandmother shopped. The drive on the terrace has been tarmaced since, and the short grassy steps down to the vale has disappeared along with grandfather's shed and garage.

The allotment plot opposite the cottage where they grew fresh vegetables is now a car port. The mossy bank at the back appears to have been bricked. I have also found an entry for him in the Headley Down phone book at a later date living at Birchmont, Headley Down. Can anyone else tell me more about him and his family? Just spent a "Happy Hour" reading the Headley Report I guess there are few villages that can boast such a comprehensive website; Congratulations to the producer s. The highlight of the report for me was the cover photograph of the ford and footbridge, bringing back so many memories of a happy childhood in Standford.

She returned last year and enjoyed a trip round old haunts to reminisce, sad news for those of us who knew and loved her. Tryphena's husband was John, a doctor, and Mary's husband was William, a successful brazier and metal worker in the East End. The maiden name of both women was Dale. Please contact me. If so, please email.

It was sent to me by Steven L. Fialkowski who said: "I recently came across a needlepoint done by the hand of someone by the name of Frances Lee. It depicts the Headley Village in I am trying to learn more about the piece itself and also of Frances Lee. I would also like to determine what the value of such a piece would be.

I could not find any information on the name. Any help that you can give me with trying to learn more would be greatly appreciated. I suggested to him that we put it up on the Pump to see if anyone has any ideas about it. It certainly has a water mill, and the church has a spire as ours did in those days - but I don't recognise anything else. Andrew Thorburn-Ruse put a note on the Pump in March click here , but today I met him and his wife in the flesh. The man in the middle we think is a Jack Cooper. They would like to know if anyone in Headley recognises Jack Cooper, or even better, knows who took the photo!

For info see also the post from Jon Coombes to the Pump click here - he is the younger brother of these ladies, but apparently can't help in answering the question. I remember you Lynda, I lived across the fence at no. I remember your mum catching several friends and I climbing on the school roof one Sunday. She recognised us and called us down, we were given the choice of being reported to Mr. Lee or our parents. As I knew I would get a thrashing from my dad I opted for Mr. He paraded us around the school and referred to us as "monkeys,".

I am looking for information about a place called Pan's Field in Headley, I do not have the address. However, my great aunt, Mrs Kate Grice, died there on the 29th. December , Mrs. Josephine Brown being present at her death. The death was certified by Dr. S F Crowther Smith. Does anyone know whether Pan's Field was a private residence or a nursing home? Another strange fact was that the death was not registered until six months after it had occurred.

Perhaps there was a coroner's enquiry or inquest? Can anyone suggest a local paper that might have an account of any inquest that may have taken place? The death was registered on 28th. June I live in Lincolnshire, and am getting on a bit myself, so cannot make the journey down to search, but would appreciate any help or information that can be provided. Debby Ions asked in March click here what the school in Honeysuckle Lane was called. I attended the school, run by a Mrs Betty Ford, from age 2 and a half to 5 and a half, when I moved to the Holme School.

I always thought of it as Mrs Ford's, but having just looked out my reports from the school from the early 's, I find it was actually called Carrick House School. Once again I have the pleasure to help the Pump Alice Wilkinson nee Coombes was my sister. She passed away after emigrating to Canada. She lost her husband in the battle of Singapore and later re married here in Canada Alice was the first of our family to emigrate; my sisters Ellen Nell , Florence, and Kathleen came out as war brides.

My brother Ron my sister Marina Rena and myself John came later. I have lived here now since and was the last to arrive. Most of us settled in Alberta where Marina, Ron and I still live. As one would expect we have grown to a large Canadian family and this year plan to hold a reunion bringing in relatives from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I was born in and I was 7 in a family of I am making enquiries into Persons who lived in Headley between the above dates. In particular to a lady called Alice Coombes later Wilkinson. She was married in the Parish Church on 2nd July Her address is given as Chestnut Cottage, Arford, Headley.

Her employment at that time is unknown. She later worked for a Mrs. Any information known about Alice Coombes, the people she is believed to have worked for, the addresses she lived at, who the Parish Minister was in , and was the same minister in office in will be greatly appreciated. If anyone has knowledge of any person, possibly not now living in Headley, who lived in the Village at that time.

I would very much like to meet and talk with them. I do remember you even though I was a young boy back then, and you would have known my eldest brother, Terry. There was also Derek, David me! In front of our house lived Kenny Armstrong with his parents, and behind us lived the Ayres family. We did move down to Churchfields in the early 60's. One of my best mates back then was Peter Cain - do you know of his whereabouts by any chance? Most of the family live in Devon now. My oldest brother, Terry, died over 20 years ago. I vaguely remember you back in the 50's and 60's and agree with you that they were the good old days!!

Lane End.. Jane Davies responds to a note from Andrew Thorburn click here. I came across your enquiry purely by chance. We are the current owners of Lane End in Headley Fields. We recently did some house history research into our house and so we know that Mrs Kentish lived here. She was the widow of Captain Kentish who was killed in It became Headley's cinema and locals would come down to watch films. We also have some information from John Owen Smith which I can email you with later. The previous occupants of Lane End were the Willis Family and may well remember a bit more about her as they bought the house in the mid 's.

It is Dawn's 70th birthday August 30th and we are giving her a suprise party but we have no photos of either daughters when growing up on Erie camp and beyond. If anybody has any, or remembers them please contact me. Emma's address is listed as Headley Mill Farm. I believe she had a sister Ivy Elizabeth too. Her father Alfred is listed as a canteen manager. Does anyone have any information on how I can also access Bordon Camp records to search and Charles was in the forces. I originally wrote to the Pump asking for information, July - click here that I was incorrect with what I had, and was delighted to be put right.

Since that time I have been pursuing a family tale about Richard Coombs the spelling changing in later years to Coombes that he was transported for a crime and returned. I have indeed found out about his crime and have information regarding his sentence and his time in Tasmania. Anyone who would like to have this information I can scan the details I have received from the Tasmanian Government and the Hampshire records office. It was a fascinating story about Richard and his wife Harriet White. Commenting on Harry Ellis' information below - click here Denis Payne That's interesting.

I used to see them when walking past the mill on my way to Bordon Council School, but didn't know that they were building a shed. I used to hurry by because although I knew they were prisoners of war, to my young and over fertile mind they were still dangerous! The census, see Jo Smith's historical part of the Headley website - click here , suggests that she was born Belton and became Burrows when her mother, Kate Georgina, married. She was raised in Churt. The attached picture from is of Thirza with her mother and baby brother Samuel.

As a kid I used to hear my mother mention lots of the names in the list; including "uncle Levy". Seems a big coincidence that there is a Levy Burrows listed in the census but our family remember him as Belton. My late father John Ellis told me that a brick shed always referred to as the Rat Barn! We moved to Erie Camp it would be good to hear from anyone - they were the good old days. If any readers can confirm this, or have any local photographs of the period showing such a car, I would be delighted to hear from them. Thanks to all of the contribitors to the pump, I love to read them all, I left Headley at 11 years old but still return at times to visit my family graves at church gate.

My father much to my surprise allowed me to use our horse and cart to bring boxes, crates and anything combustible from Passfield Mill which at that time was used by Sainsburys as a distribution depot to the green. Large wooden cheese crates were laid out and crushed by running the cart wheels over them. There were also children from Passfield, Hollywater and Lindford. Anne was able to confirm this was the correct family and is in further correspondence.

He was a plumber and worked at some time on the refurbishment of Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital. Any info gratefully welcome. Would anyone remember the name of the school maybe a nursery school that was in Honeysuckle Lane around ? A very dear friend of mine, who lives in Honeysuckle lane, passed on the Headley village pump to me, isn't it great.

I was born in Headley in , and went to to Holme school, my mum Brenda Coombes was the caretaker there for years. I read the message from Bob Miller, what a memory he has, fancy someone living in Liphook road, going out with a girl from the council estate. I was one of "Skippers" girl guides, and still to this day use her tips and advice. What a wonderful lady she was. I saw that my cousin Gail Cam, and my uncle John both from Canada have been in touch.

It's a very small world. Somewhere here I have an old school photo, I shall try and send it to you. Mum and dad lived on the village green in tin huts after the war. Also my grandparents are buried in the village church yard. Grandad Coombes was one of the last broom squires in the village. My aunty 'Art, ran the Holly Bush pub for years, I think my dad was her best customer.

He used to tell mum he was helping her to bottle up, but we knew different!!. Keep up this wonderful site, it's lovely to look down memory lane. Crista has responded with contact details for both Norma Page and Gloria Rooney Rudisill which have been passed on.

I went to the Holme School from and was best friends with Pauline Nicol. I would love to trace her again as I have had no luck with Friends Reunited. Does anybody know where she is now? We then went to Eggars Grammer in Alton. The last time I saw her was in the 80's when she was living in Battle in Sussex with her husband Guy. Hello, I am doing some Family research. This has led me to your Village. The period I am most concerned with is just before the start of the Second World War, to In particular a house called Lane End and a lady called Mrs.

Kentish who lived there at that time, I am also interested in any persons who worked for her or who may have resided with her. I know this is a long shot. I am hoping that your Village has a resident or two who can remember that far back and that you can put me in touch with them. It is my intention soon to visit the area and it would be helpful if I have somewhere to at least start. I will be very grateful for any assistance you can give. Andrew Thorburn. Linda Warren has responded to the enquiry about Silvers click here.

There was for many years a shop in West Street Farnham which was called Silvers, a mens outfitters, it was at the bottom of Castle St. I am trying to reconnect with two childhood friends from Headley Marian Plummer, having seen this note added "I would also like to know where the Bellinger girls are now. I was at school with them; will you let me know if you find anything out about them.

My son visited Headley as a teenager, and visited Symon's uncle Tony who owned a mens clothing store called Silver or Silvers. I am trying to find out if the shope is still there and if Tony is still the owner. Anyone know how I can get in contact with Tony? If there is any records of patients and where they would be kept.

Also where this home was situated. I would be grateful for any info. Terry R Smith. Superior Connections - in response to Ivor Harrison click here. I used to know Ivor at Superior Camp - lived next door and would like to know what happened to him and his family. I also knew the Coombes from Headley. Herbert and Lucy Coombes. In response to Dean Coombes click here. Lucy I believe came from the Petersfield area but whose family originally came from Wiltshire. I was wondering if these are the couple referred to. Nutty and Lucy. Herbert used to visit my Grandfather from time to time in Portsmouth, until about One of their sisters, Minnie Coombes married a Russell and they moved to London in One of their grandsons, Michael Russell lives not far from me in Kent.

Two other members of the family, their sister Kate and brother William emigrated to Ontario Canada in the early 's and I have been in touch with some of the Coombes clan there. Michael used to regularly visit the Coombes's in Canada. Members of the Coombes family are now spread from St. Johns Newfoundland all across Canada I understand. I was also aware, from a photograph my grandfather had , that there was a Miss Coombes, a relative, who graduated through Harvard?

I have often wondered who that might have been. We have a photograph of Herbert's parents, James Coombes and Annie Ayling, with some of their children in front of their house taken in late Victorian times as well as a photograph of James's mother Harriet Belton, born You are welcome to copies of these if you wish. Ivor Harrison wrote in response to the item from mick Smith click here. Hello Mick, got your info from Superior camp.

Brother Melv, sisters Jean, Fankie and Rose. My name is Ivor, and I loved the Memories that I had as a child, I was wondering if you remembered my family,. Hello, Hope you remember me. Just to let you know that I did connect with a lot of family when I went out to Lethbridge in Alberta last July. It was wonderful. I also got to meet again Wendy and Terry Thornhill, it was such a great time. I am planning to go again this year and apparently there will be family from Australia as well as England.

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If there is still a chance that anyone would like to get in touch,please tell them that I would love to hear from them. Thankyou for helping me to find so many people. Yours, with so much gratitude, Gail Cam. Thunderbay Ontario,Canada. Belton family in response to Lynda Barnes Click Here. I have managed to obtain the place of death of a relative, William Edward Tomkins, from the death certificate. He died on 29 Sept aged 17 with his adoptive parent in attendance whilst living at The Croft, Stonehill, Headley - but I am unable to locate this house.

He was originally from Bethnall Green - fifth of six surviving children living in a two bedroom house. His mother worked in one of the big houses in the area, and he accompanied her - which is probably how he came to be adopted. The Census gives the details of the adoption by two spinster sisters named Lillian and Hilda Wilson. Hilda Wilson was recorded at the address of The Croft, Stonehill.

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Does anyone can remember anything about The Croft or the two sisters? He is buried in the Churchyard of All Saints. I discovered this whilst searching The Headley Society web site for any clue as to the whereabouts of The Croft. Jo Smith has been able to confirm this, but there is no further information available about the house from the Headley Society records. The Church register records that "Edy" as they called him was disabled, which confirms the family story of him having a humped back.

The reminiscences of Pearl Patricia Rushton have been sent through to the site - and are available to read here with thanks to Sue Hodgkinson and Geoff Rushton. I am researching my family tree and have managed to go back to There are many other branches of the Belton family in Headley and Bramshott, but by it looks like they have moved away. Many moving to Teddington, Middx. Does anyone know if there was any reason for mass exodus from the area?

Does anyone have any links with the Belton family? The 70th anniversary of the start of WW2 has refreshed my interest in war related events in Headley and district and I am wondering if anyone has researched and catalogued such happenings and published them in book form? The Wellington bomber that crashed on Weavers Down. The air attack on the Army laundry on Broxhead common.

A wet and windy night but that didn't prevent me and many others from being there to see the resulting inferno. Fortunately the crew had baled out The German bomber that aimed to take out the searchlight in the field at the side of Hollywater road with a bomb that narrowly missed the site's living quarters. The first V2 to fall in the area which came down at Forest Mere, near Liphook. They were a couple of characters! Sue Hodgkinson wrote in with items for three of the earlier items I have a copy if you would like it.

I remember a girl called called Dee Dee Voller, she lived next door to the Goodwins. Whilst doing some research into the history of Superior Camp, I came across a drawing of the layout of the huts and it is signed by you. I also lived at Superior Camp from to and I can remember quite a few of the families. I do not recall your name though. What was your address? I remember the Cornwall family so hopefully you remember me Dee, my name in those days was Gatcum. Erie Camp in response to Irene Horlock's earlier note - click here.

Sadly she died in after she moved to Churchfields Road, Headley. She used to take me as a young child to the Royal Exchange pub in Lindford. I would very much like to hear from anyone that remembers her or indeed has a photo of her as I have none. Please could someone help me with this. Hello Michael, Thanks for posting the photo of the '52 youth fellowship group. I emigrated to the states in '52 or perhaps might have been in it. Oddly the names you mention are the only ones in the photo that I can recall. Jim had a sister named Doreen I believe.

Having said that, I forward the following in reply to his latest comments. The first post war trip for the Youth Fellowship was to the Channel Islands in In August of the following year the leaders organised a holiday in Switzerland which began disastrously when we all had to spend a night in a railway carriage in Boulogne sidings while the Rector returned to London. The problem being that the multiple passport on which many of us were travelling was incorrectly filled in.

Joyce Stevens remained with us to keep us out of mischief!! He returned the next day with the corrected document and we resumed our journey and had a great time. I attach a photo taken by the Rev. Youth Fellowship holiday some earlier notes here , and shown on the Past Times page - click here. The photo was taken around , when we went to a large house in the New Forest. It shows those in the fellowship as well as other groups who were staying.

In the back row from the left were a group of French girls who had lost their fathers, airmen, in the war. At the end of the back row the last four were in our party, Mike Adams, our coach driver, Kenny Skidmore, and John Watts. Big Hug! I always see something I may have missed. Been a fan from day one and it is great to see the success. Was lucky to have visited in June , where I got to meet both Danielle and Mike at the shop, getting to visit with Mike for quite a while. That was truly a great memory. I have since been back several times and it amazing how much it has grown.

Love the changes and could not be happier for the success that it has had since that first visit. Great to see how well it has done. Love the logo and the advertising but the most I love about the website is learning about the small towns and where the antiqe items came from. Wonderful Website. A great part of the evolution and furthering of the wonderful adventure of Antique Archeology.

It means a lot to me to see you and yours continue on this amazing journey in positive, professional and fun ways. It is important to me both as a fan and as a Picker. So many copy cat shows have just burned out or turned sickly phony overproduced yawn stars storage wars while you have kept the formula of getting down and dirty in those barns and honey holes meeting character after character we Pickers wish we could find out there in the hills too. I wish you continued health, happiness, success, doing what you love, and most of all I wish you keep your own heart and personality all through the process of becoming a global icon of rusty gold.

Always remember that it was who you were that got you to where you are. Best wishes, Matt Watts. The story makes the history of the item. Ordinary people that really are special. Love the show,met you in Syracuse N. Just was wondering how do. He buys things and you buy things,do u sell them and split the profit,please let me know. I want to start start selling and buying with a friend. Thanks love your blog. On occasion Mike and Frank buy together, but both actually have stores to fill, so they generally pick together to share the expenses of being on the road and because…well… everything is better with a friend.

Hope that helps! Good luck! Hi Mike I love your show. And the one show ou did is one of my favorite is when you got the von dutch motorcycle. I happen to have a size xl von dutch long sleeve short that is an army green has no stains in perfect condition. It a real nice short all cotton. I wanted to know if you would like to have this shirt. Can you email me at aussey36 hotmail.

Thanks Paula. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than seeing your show to wind me down. I have been a follower for years, and I enjoy the teasing you do with each other also! I learn something with each show, so you do more than buy rusty gold, you give us rusty gold tips. So happy for your success, and I know your family is proud too. I love your new site and blog, especially this one — my hubby and I are visiting Nashville the second week of June, so excited!! Thank you for taking us along on your travels!! I certainly want to travel those roads one day.

Mike and Frank, thank you for bringing us a small slice of the true America we all yearn to see. WE love your show! We work our week around the show time! What we hate is that History runs the same shows to death! There are some we can quote hahaha Not sure who to talk to about this but History needs to do more shows like this! The kids love the history stories! It is a great learning tool for those children with learning challanges! We use your show all the time as — what would the story be of this?

Thank you Mike for getting the younger kids excited about history again!!!! Also, no matter what the answer to that question how come there is no mention of Frank on the site and hardly any about Danielle? I like to hear about all of them. Frank stays busy with his own store. The guys occasionally make purchases together, but for the most part are picking together for their two separate businesses. It was very rare to have a real Circus come through our town because we were home to The County Fair every year.

So mostly I remember the carnival. Going to the Carnival for my first time on my own with my own money gave me some lessons in the value of a dollar and what was a fair bargain versus a flimflam con. The games were so rigged as to be impossible and almost the only people who won were fake wins when there was a big crowd to get people to throw down their cash. It was like an education in stuff they did not teach in school. I remember spending nearly all my money on a game I could not win just to try to get a giant cigarette lighter, and I did not even smoke.

I just thought it was so cool. And antiques are always a part of The Fair, from tractors and old steam engines to spinning wheels and butter churns. The traditions keep old memories alive and show kids how the olden days were. Hey, maybe American Pickers can do some work for County Fair exhibits?

I been Picking scence I was 13 I am going to be 51 in sept. I can relate strongly to Mike and frank. I also have a best friend his name is Pete. I also have some early Pictures that I Purchyased on ebay there of the circus out side the tent. I was told that they were personal pictures of the circus doctor for the animals there is even a picture of his home in the lot. I still Love to restore Antique Phonographs as well as some tubed radios..

I knew Ross personally. We shot trap many times together. He was a great shot hard to beat shootin a shotgun. I remember being in the shop one day and a young guy comes in and Ross said can I help you? When the pile of 10 bills was pushed to Ross, Ross pulled out a clip board and looked at it. Then Ross said you are 25th on the list and pushed the bills back to this fellow. Then Ross said I will call ya when your order is done and ready for pickup. Then Ross said Good day and turned to me to get my order for gun powder, wads, and shot that I used for re loading the trap rounds I used.

The fellow without a word just walked out. Ross was a stand up guy. Are you in Syracuse New York this week? I saw one of your vans near Camillus just outside the city last Wednesday May Would love to meet you, watch the show all the time!!! I love the show and all the folks you run into. I have a leather custom I think one of a kind. It brings back baseball memories from the past.

Patched and detailed two upper arms , back and over heart. If your interested in jacket please get back to me. Cell phone pocket and two inside pockets. My number is In Albuquerque NM. Thank you. Is that true? Not true, Ernesto. We do our best to try to stay as stocked with goodies as we can! It was everything you see in the movies. The smells, the sounds, the constant entertainment, the clowns, the animals, etc. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and my cruiser jacket was custom made by Langlitz and even had keepers for my duty belt.

Kept me warm and feeling secure. I passed it on when I retired to a friend who rides all the time and he still enjoys it. Love, love, love the show!! Keep up the great travels!!! Thank you for a wonderful show that you have kept real. I have watched it from day one and the reruns too.

Like Frank I am also a toy collector. I would seriously be interested to know what may be available for purchase. Since I live too far away from the shops, is there a way to learn more about what you would be willing to part with? Or perhaps get my name on a list for specific items?

This will be a 3 days, 3 hours in the morning. We have your tv video and plan to show one of your show 4th seasons. The program will hit on What is a Picker? I bought the Kids Picker Book and will use of the information as ideas for the program. Do you have any other suggestions?

The program will take place June 24th, 25th and 26th as part of our local library summer program. Loved your show from the beginning. I have learned so much history and love the people you visit. On a tour to Nashville TN we toured your store. Looking forward to more antique archaeology. Stay safe. Thanks Again! Enjoyed your pictures. Your Blog is a joy to us. Love your show when we can get it. K and have been hooked on your show since the beginning.

When will we in the U. K be getting the new series. All the best to everyone. And thanks for a great insight into your history. I think it is very educational. I have learned a lot about what items are worth and the history of products. I should have never thrown away anything or played with any of my toys LOL. I have old glass lens for cars back in the Headlights and tail light lens also have assorted other auto parts and want to sell out due to my health. Have trim parts lens for GM. Have picture of Tucker and the car. Love the show. Truly an American classic. All the ingredients I love.

Rural America. Old stuff. Its all good. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Hope you guys are around for a long, long time. Thanks for your kind words as well as your input. We also try to keep an eye the size of our heads. I love your new blog and look forward to receiving it! I so hope to be able to visit your new store in Nashville. Quality television, such interesting finds, two fabulous personalities and I learn a lot. I know it was received because one of your employees emailed me to let me know you were on the road, but she would give it to you when you returned.

However I never heard anything after that and there was no review. Sorry if you did not enjoy reading it, or possibly you never read it. I thought you would have the courtesy to at least thank me for it. The bike looks killer! I love the show and watch it religiously. I just wish I could make it to your store to buy some of the stuff you guys find! Keep up the great work. I know it will keep getting better and better! Have watched the show from day one and love it. The old model A parts people have laying around tickle me. Hightens our excitement.

Cant wait for the next episode. Thanks for posting up about this area——this sounds like a roadtrip that I surely need to make. This genre in recent years, has become my preferred and favorite style of music. Roseanne Cash, daughter of Johnny did a version of this trip, hitting many of the places in these areas that were her daddy, the late great Johnny Cash, had spent his life either growing up in, living, traveling and making his music over the course of his career. What kind of support crew follows you as you pick? I respect that you protect the location of the sellers.

Always enjoy seeing you and your brother as well as Frank at Davenport each year. Thanks and best of luck with continued success! Would love to have you travel here sometime. Do you ever do the picking, then sell to local people? Hope to see you some day and again thanks for the shows. Mike, I saw on one of your shows that you picked a Bantam body. My very first car was a Bantam convertable, I traded a train layout for it.

It still had the original sales papers in the glovebox. I sure wish I still had that car today. The minute you picked the body I knew what it was. I restored it in , it was neat. Watch the show all the time, I learn a lot from the knowledge you both share with your fans. Love the new format! And absolutely love the bike!

Passing Le Claire as I send this! Keep up the great work,and Great Pickin!! The carnival always hooked me. I remember loosing my paper route money at the dart game Luckily I got to make sone of it back helping to break down the Ferris Wheel on the last night of the show. My Dad showed up around midnight,wondering if I had run off with the carneys. Love your stores, been to both.

Love the shows. Watch them all the time. Love the bike man killer piece for the shop ive watched your show for a few years now and ive become a collector myself its just clocks for now but once i get my own place ill collect much more items that give that old rustic look like the clocks i collect are rarely new i like them old and in working condition but i fix them as well and i recently started wirking at my local clock shop getting training but anyway happy picking guys keep up the megA Picks! I work at a shop in Illinois. We have one of the evenrud bikes and one of lemonds tour bikes.

We have some pretty cool stuff. Love your show!! We sell felt too. Try to keep rockin man! Fatherhood not slowing you down? I have been watching your show for quite some time now. After seeing the bicycles and the parts of them you pick, have made me appreciate them so much more. Your show allows me to live that particular time period and enjoy the history. This bike you have built is authentic and real to you.

Great color! I want one. I can message pictures of the neat items. I had the pleasure of meeting hobo Jack in April, we live in the same vicinity. God Bless. Would love to visit both stores in the future! Mike, what a design. Are they for sale? My wife and I both love your show. Looks like Felt changed the link for your bike. You guys are great together. I have watched, I believe every episode.

When the re-runs are on I watch over and over. I have learned much from you and I know that will continue. I appreciate the humor you all have and share with all of us. Take care, be safe, and sweet pickin. Is this bike for sale? If so, how much is it and how do you go about ordering it? Is it an in store purchase only? Hi Larry. Love the show and your energy Mike. Frank is a tender guy, love him too and because behind a great men you always found a woman… there is Danille, beautiful girl.

God bless you guys. Enjoyed seeing Mike many years ago in the Columbus oh area. Gave me a whole different perspective on things. I like this website and blog- so much wonderful information. Keep on, keeping on! Beautiful design……. I mentioned on facebook that i have a Indian 3-spd,English style bike. I got it in It has orginal paint,and tires, but I must have taken the fenders off of it.

His whole family is very talented. I love the show. Because the show is so multi-faceted, it seems to me that there are lots of ways to keep it interesting for a long time. I wish there was more time to show and talk about the backroads they are taking and all the sites they are seeing.

Even unedited! I am a long time fan ,a great show ,have owned quite a few old Harleys and Indians in my time ,am 67 yes. Old now. I think very Highly of you guys when you offer a fare price above what the seller ask for, to me it shows you are stand up guys , fare and Honest!!!! Great pictures, love your show, maybe include some of Franks cats in the dialog.

I take my original driver Packard coupe ot on the country roads around here. Someday I will visit one of your stores! Sincerely, Bob Madlem. Hey Love the show and I never get tired of the re-runs. Im an avid motorcycle guy since I knew what 2 wheels were. My first ride was on my Dads 4 cylinder indian back if I remember Always looking for older stuff. Keep up with show and would hope to come out and see all of you sometime. Thanks for the good times Ron Johnson Old-timers machine and fab. Just visited the store in Nashville Saturday! Absolutely loved it! All of it. We have watched your show since the beginning.

Drove from Florida to see it. Was even trying to pick along the way! Keep up great work and keep on pickin the U. Hey Guys, My wife and I are from western Canada, We are planning on knocking off a few things from my bucket list. It would be very cool too see some of you cats there. Love the new bike design Mike! I also love how you made it look to be a period piece, like stepping back in time. I have been a faithful fan since the beginning when you all started out on the History channel back when I just so happened to be channel surfing while sick with a bad cold on the couch.

Now off to shop your new website as I have a birthday coming up soon!! Keep up the awesomeness! Hi Mike love the show ,here in England so not the opportunity to pick u have in the states , I love old audio equipment and always car boot for it so I can return it too use , u picked some old Scott audio in one show do u still have? Love your show and the new website. I would like to buy a t-shirts 1 white 1 grey large it would make my life Thank You.

It would be very grateful. I wish I thought of it First. Thank You…. Love the show, my brother and I are musical instrument pickers and love when you and Frank find vintage guitars, amps and mics. The season premier show was great finding that old gretch and the fenders, sometimes we see in shows you guys walk right by some cool looking vintage amps?

No interest? Or do you check them out off camera and pass? Love to some day come down to Nashville and check out your place and especially the music room! Hi, We love the show here in the Netherlands to. Indeed we look different now to old things. Keep up the good work. Hi Mike thanks for considering my mail I understand you are a busy guy watched all your series here in South Africa.

You are an inspiring role model and I wish I knew you when I was younger. Clicking off the road trip miles right now! Maybe towards Nashville to visit your shop. I recently purchased a large photo of a circus many years ago with my family name. I believe there were many family circuses making there way across the country many years ago. Cool looking bike, are you marketing them through the 2 shops or do you have other outlets handling them.

What has happened to the Airstream that I delivered to the the restorer in Tenn? I have been on the look out for other Mid 50s Mini Airstreams on my picking and delivering travels. Found one in WV. I hope we work together again on another delivery! We love your show! Wish your show could be on more than one time per week. I am looking forward to visiting your shops in the near future and purchasing some items for my house in Houston, TX.

Ive been hooked on this show from day one. Reruns are still entertaining. Hope to visit your Nashville shop some day. Thanks for the useful information, learning more with each episode. I am 66 years old have have been picking since I was 6 years old in El Centro, Calif. Keep up the good work—you have generations of pickers that love your style! I had no idea at the time it was on any of the shows. It resides on the front of my shop.

Looks great by my license plate covered outhouse I picked from a local ranch here in Wyoming. Thank you guys for a great show for all us pickers out there. Bill Stange. We LOVE to hear where our picks end up! Thanks for sharing. I soooo love your show. I sooo love all you guys. Oh my gosh and Danni, she is wonderful I love her so much. It could be 2 hours every week. Lol love you all keep having fun. Love the show…. And thanks. I too have enjoyed your shows over the years.

It is a Coors Beer Mirror longer on the horizontal than the height — a big mirror and it has wolves on it. The mirror is one of four in the predator series the other three have grizzles, cougars and eagles as a theme. Good hunting. Legend has it that old-time blues great, Robert Johnson put on his highway shoes and headed down Route 61 trying to flag a ride.

When he arrived at Route 49 it was late at night. This is where he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the ability to play a fantastic guitar. He then went on to greatness for a few short years until his untimely death. Keep in mind that Hwy. There must be some good picking in that area, and the blues connection will just add to that episode. Your fan, Loren. Im from the East Coast ,Massachusetts to be more precise but live now in sunny southern California. I watch the show all the time and love how i learn so much from it, you mention alot how you love to pick the East coast and about its history.

If your ever out there and happen to be on one of your free styles fellas i strongly suggest that you check out the back roads of Greenfeild or better yet were im from Gardner Mass. Have a good one my friends and sweet pickin. He would arrive and have mom busy driving him around picking in the trash. He has been challenged from birth and is unable to read or write.

He started at the age of 15 and continue to stay busy picking everyday. He enjoys watching American Pickers because he can relate to the enjoyment that you guys have with every pick. He becomes so excited with someone junk and even brings home many things we just donate to local non-profit companies in town to keep it from going to the land filled. He is challenged but he has a lot of common sense and thinks others waste way to much. He has found many valuable is the trash and believe he will get rich someday from the trash of someone else. LuEtta, Thanks for taking the time to post kind words.

I appreciate it. We are adding new bags to the web store daily and the variety is rather broad…. Do you sell them or are the posted somewhere else?? Thanks for your interest in my bags Helen! First off I want to say fantastic blog! I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I have had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out there. I truly do enjoy writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or tips? As for the writing tips, the best advice I can give is just stick with it.

Everyone develops their own method and if the first 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes you to figure out what you want to say, then you are doing great! I think many writers take far longer than that to collect their thoughts. The J. Are they for sale, online??? Hello Patti! Best to you, Judy Augur.

Hi Robin, Thanks for your comment! I love love love old textiles, too…. Keep creating! Judy Augur. Hi Renee, Thanks for your interest…. Randee, We ship free anywhere—even New York! Have you ever thought about opening a storefront in the oldest historic city in America called st. Augustine Florida. Lots of tourists lots of treasures…. Thanks so much for the fantastic write-up about my work…. Maybe this could be fixed? Regardless…I really appreciate your write-up. Best wishes always, Judy Augur, J. Augur Design, Claremont CA.

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

Have access to about 80, square foot of vintage antiques. Would like to send you some pictures,if your interested! Thank You Treva. I enjoy your show very much. I believe it teaches valuable life lessons such as respecting other people and looking for common ground in the midst of diversity. Pick on, my fellows! I agree with your statements. Love watching. I want to add one little thing to your comment, directed at Mike and Frank and their writers.

The little informational blurbs you put up are so interesting and invaluable and I never fail to learn something. Is there anyway you can leave it on screen 3 more seconds? Omaha vw show june 20th in omaha. Been into busses for 20 years and vws since 75 when graduated high school. Have a 61 23 window, 61 so 23 westfalia, single cab that was the model for johnny lightning single cab toys, 66 bug and a 82 diesel rabbit pickup.

Hope to meat some day june 20th? Hi Mike — I have a Beetle for sale — California car with receipts from new up til Survivor that was repainted along time ago, so it should be redone. All orig with EMPI bumper overrides. Great starting point for a spectacular restoration. Hi Mike. I love the VWs too. We have owned several. I am always on the look for good, untestored ones. They cant be beat. We have recently left cable TV becsuse of the high price and unreliable providers in the St Louis area.

We love your show, but Hulu and Netflix only have a few episodes. Is there any way to watch current episodes outside of cable? This is the worst part about leaving cable, we had to leave behind the great shows we are addicted to. It was full of artifacts like this, some real and others maybe not so real but real in the minds of those who visited the museum.

Among the items on display were shrunken heads, a wolf child and the Fiji Princess, which was said to have come from the collection of P. Barnum himself. What a wonderful place! Especially for this not so young boy who remembered his Mom keeping him away from such places when he was a child. We love V. Bugs as much as your shows and that is saying something We have had two a 65 and a 67 with 12 volts and more power. We both love you two guys. You are the nicest people ever. Its so much fun watching you and dealing with junk people. I am a fan of your show and a fan of Homer Tate.

I am also a collector of sideshow memorabilia and have actual Homer Tate work bought from his estate. I also have original order forms from Tates Curiosity Shop and much more. He never did anything like this. He commonly produced a wolf boy but his were much more primitive and along the lines of his other stuff.

You got tricked by a couple of old carnies. Their show World of Wonder traveled with Tate pieces until a few years ago until they went to an almost entirely stage show. This was NOT one of the Tate pieces they toured with. Just hate to see this continued to be portrayed as a Tate piece. Veda Tate, his grand daughter, is an antique dealer like you guys. If you doubt me, send her a message. I recovered as much of the cedar as I could. I made many frames that I stretched canvas over to do my oil paintings on.

Thank you for reading Keith H. Hi Mike, thanks for using your celebrity to draw attention to this important program. My wife Joye and I have contributed to Operation Smile for many years as the result of their help to one of our many nieces. Love your show — Best to you, Frank and Dani D.

Pick on! Mike We in the Nashville motorcycle community are very appreciative of the attention you bring to the history of motorcycles….. You showed me the VonDutch bike once couple years ago when I was in the Nashville store. Was cool seeing you be the same guy you are on the show. More Importantly Happy Fathers Day! I have daughters as well although all are grown now. They are indeed such a fantastic blessing from God. Sharon, Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm for my work! Anna, I appreciate your comment…and your love for the bags…thanks!

Take a look! Thank you for the great show of American Pickers with all your adventures of preserving history with the show and digging up the past in the treasures you find to show others of really how far we have all came in life, I have not missed a episode since it began and with the good Lords blessings never will! I hope you contact me whenever your back in Nashville, I have sent you several personal emails over the years but never heard from you, but I understand you are a busy guy with the show, and being on the road, your business and of course spending every available minute with you lovely family.

God bless your family and you Mike for all you have done for others with your show and from your heart! Hi Mike, Big fan of the show. Have been in your Nashville store and loved it. Would love to purchase a statue. I will check it out. By the way Charlie is adorable. I first came across your shop when at a wedding in Iowa five years ago.

Our daughter had seen American Pickers and suggested we visit. One visit was all it took. Great Picking days they are. I been Picking scene I was Thirteen going to be fifty-one this sept. I love restoring antiques when they need it I epically like finding Old crank up phographs in need of repair. My current project is a rare Philco cathedral table top tube radio. WIII its a shame you dont know me i inhaired about 10 or so old phonagrafts that i want to sell.

Problem is i am widdowed and a disabled vet so dont get out much and not very good computer skills and no close family. I live in the Monerey Calif. Area if your ever this way e-mail me your info and we may meet so you can see what i have, Example i have a Edison that at the time was only for the well off, at the time it sold for I really enjoy your television show. I told my daughter and husband I would love to go on a trip with you and Frank.

I love going to the small towns and back roads, but my husband, Don, loves the interstates. You have a beautiful wife and a precious sweet daughter. The Lord has allowed me to have a great life, one of the best husbands 54 years of marriage and the best daughter ever. May God bless you and your family and keep you in His loving care. Thank you for sharing!!!

May she grow up and continue to have the happiest of smiles! Take care and be safe on the road! I love these bags. Would love to see more of them and know where I can purchase. Also would like to know prices. Hi Ron, Thank you for your question. Paulette, Thank you so much! I completely understand about the budget….

Kindest regards, Judy Augur. I live in Melbourne Australia and really enjoy the show. Your genuine approach to people, and enthusiasm for the pick is contagious. I just happened to be wearing my in rust we trust T. Very funny co-incidence. Keep smiling and making us smile. Regards Hunter Leonard, Melbourne Australia.

And when your in and around all the old cotton areas next time try to get a old Juke joint inn and some old Blues people in your picks if you can, just to say, I say because I grew up around the Blues and owned the Blues Brothers vehicle for many years, from the second movie, and am acquainted with Danno and am a honorary member of the XXXL BOYS, Danno created years ago, Just a heck of a guy and a Motorcycle and old car lover too!

All of it! Dear Charlie, You are a beautiful girl and I am so proud of your parents for sharing your story! When i was born 61 years ago with a cleft lip and palette, it was not something people talked about. Luckily for me, my mom and dad were special people and my doctors provided me with cutting edge surgeries of the day. My life has been full and blessed with family and friends.

I am sure your future is bright! Lots of Love, Marsha. She will be a strong and happy girl! Nothing stopped me God gave me the strength to overcome any obstacles!

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God bless you and your family!!! Hey mike i may have something you may be interested in a foot X-ray from the s other things too my phone is I always love a good t-shirt. Love this! It took me back to fun times when the ice cream truck would come around. He always had bomb pops! I could watch your show all day. You are my favorite show of all time. Thank you mike frank danny. I love you guys, and your show.

I love Danelle too. LOL would you send me a autograph pic of you all. Have you figured out where in the N. I hop it is NH, near me, so I can meet you. Please think about a picture. Najlepsze bity na sprzedaz w Polsce. Muzyczny producent Jsfamilia. I would like to know more about these Wall of Death photos, would appreciate any help as I research and record riders around the world.

You can email blog antiquearchaeology. Yes, billy and Marjorie ward were my grandparents. I love watching the show. Mike, you are a very caring man,helping some of the People that are a little down on their luck. I enjoy Frank finding such nice toys to buy. Iwish you would restore a Henry Jay and a corvair. Keep up the good work and Ihope the show last for many years. It was funny when the two of you were hiding from that bird. Ilove how some of the collectors make a town and put their things in each store,etc. Can you post where you will be in Indiana in July?

We live right on the way I in Portage, IN.. The best show ever! I love your show and the new line. I visited your leclaire store twice bought a few things. We bought a few t-shirts. Enjoyed ourselves You have a wonderful staff. Be safe on your travels. We visited your in leclaire ia store. Two times going threw and coming back. And loved it ,the staff is very friendly. In more ways than one. To us and our little dog. It was a enjoyable stop, well worth it. Besides leclaire is a very beautiful town. Being a second generation photographer, I cannot remember ever hearing another photographer commenting on June 29th as National Camera Day.

At least not in any recent memory for the last fifteen years or so. The sad thing is that in another twenty years people will say … what is a camera? And the response will be your iPhone or whatever make of phone you are using. Times are changing. Thanks for the nice post on Camera Day …. Agreed Frank. Yes we have come a long way BUT the really creative camera folks were the ones that worked from Negs, ie, Ansel Adams! Hi Olivia!

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I love it. I think we all feel that way sometimes, no? What a great way to say it. Have watched your show ever since you came on. I also am a picker just not as big as you guys are. I also ride a Harley and have since I was 18 I am now Live your show especially when you come across old bikes. Great show! Your show is one of the best shows on Tv.

I like your honesty,. I love your show and always watch it but was disappointed last night when there was no new show so you must be on your summer break now. Wish there was more variety for women. Everyone seems so down to earth. That means you are easy to talk to. My daughter visited your store in Le Claire. Wish I could have been with her.

Honoring Hurricane Heroes Past and Present

She was on a business trip with her group. She said your store was only 15 minutes from Davenport. I always learn something new with each new show and enjoy the reruns as well. You all are great So sincere and honest with people. I feel like I know each one of you as a friend of my family. Mike Came across a bicycle with a bamboo framed your a bike first one I ever seen. And a Brooks custom they say all hand made. I have pictures if interested.. I visited a lot of website but I believe this one holds something extra in it. A noble person attracts noble people, and knows how to hold on to them.

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It makes sense to have something tangible I can enjoy and not stuck in the bank. Any ideas? I really enjoy your show and agree with all comments above. Hope to visit one of your stores some day in my travels. Well ….. I put the money on the counter at my local bike shop, and rode on outta there. Every time I take it out , people compliment me on my ride. The money was one thing but letting it sit there in the showroom was not gonna happen.

It is very good quality and rides even better than it looks. I love the dogs name! Charlie is adorable! My husband and I rescued a dog 5 years ago, she was 7 at the time. A pure bred. She had Cherry eye condition and needed surgery, so soon after we got her we took her in for surgery and to be spayed. She was worth every penny! Before we got her she was so abused, neglected, and used for reproducing. First i just love your show. I too will soon be looking for a rescue pup as i had to heartbrokenly put down my long time companion of l7 half years.

Bless you all. Charlie is really growing, and now she has a new friend to grow right along with her. Rescue dogs are some of the best pets you will ever have. What a beautiful family you have. I love the pictures you took of Charlie and her dog.. Charlie is so blessed to have a Dad and Mom like you and Jodi..

Who got to name the dog? Beautiful photos of Charlie.. Love your new family member……what a cutie-pie! Love your show also…. Enjoy your show so very much plus this page.. God Bless you and your sweet family.. Would be cute though! Your adorable new puppy definitely has some Old English Sheep Dog in her. She will make a wonderful companion for your daughter and your family.

She will try to herd all of you. Enjoy your show. Right now we have Ziggy Marley and Ozzy Pawsborne, and two more loved pups there have never been! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and sharing such a powerful message! Izzy Belle! She says Charlie is MY new best friend!! She looks like she has total ownership of her girl. So sweet and, well, looks like a couple of trouble makes as well, in the good way Mike, in the good way.

We had a rescue, Lucy. A pit bull mix. But was told she was a lab mix when we got her. Vet gave us the news she was a pit mix. She took her job as the family dog very serious, picking up her leash in her mouth every morning running to the car with it to take the kids to school and every afternoon to pick them up. We has her for almost 18 years. Enjoy all the moments this little firecracker brings ya! She looks pretty tricky! Hey, Mikey!! Two little beauties. In the past two years after our cocker spaniel Daisy passed at These two get along great!!

Love the pictures and this blog, two lanes! You kindness is overwhelming and such a breath of fresh air, Thank you! Your Daughter Charlie is adorable, and now her new Friend, izzy Belle seems to complete her. They will make many great memories together along with long conversations. My Family loves the show and watches even re-runs over and over again. You and Frank make the search exciting! God Bless you and your Family. They are a great rescue that has pulled from our shelter before.

Aw, the pictures of Charlie and Izzy Belle are adorable. We are also adopting a rescue puppy from a TN rescue this weekend. We are gonna name her Molly. We are so excited. Also we love your show and your squabbles with Frank. What great pictures of your dog and your beautiful little girl. Her name is Penny because our little grandson said that she was too little to be called Nickel. Thanks for the birthday greeting that you sent to me a year or so ago. I have it on my cell phone. You were at some sale or something that they were having in Middle Tn.

The pictures are adorable. Charlie is so cute. I too believe in rescuing instead of shopping. My husband has Alzheimers and we rescued a boxer 3 years ago. It was the best thing we could have done, because it has really helped him. He feeds and walks him twice a day and I do believe it plateaued his condition from progressing faster.

He loves your show and we watch it all the time. He will comment sometimes that he has an item that you pick. If your ever in Kansas, we have some old signs and a few other things that might interest you. Love your show….. I knew I loved you guys!

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Not only do we watch your show all the time, but we are also parents of rescue pets. We currently have 3 dogs and 15 cats. Thank you for being rescue parents too!! Mike, I love your show! Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us! God keep you and Frank safe when you are on the road. Love the name you choose for your new family member Charlie looks like she loves her new friend. I love the pictures of Charlie and Izzy Belle. Beautiful daughter and dog. The name is perfect. I suggested Liberty or Crackers but like your choice better! So LOVE your show!

I would love to be a picker! I am amazed at the great finds!. You guys are great! Love the pics of Charlie and your new furbaby Izzy Belle! Great name! Hope to run into you sometime in Wisconsin! Izzy Belle, great name! I myself have three dogs, all from the pound. Sami Jean she is 8, Toby keith he is 11 and Chewy bacca he is 5. They are worth their weight in GOLD!

Sounds like you have a great crew. I wish I would have thought of that. Hope we run into to you the next time we visit Le Claire or Nashville. Like we said before, you have the greatest show on TV, for sure. Hope your Indiana picking goes well for you!!