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Which scene was your favorite? There were actually three scenes that would go into my favorite categories. I cannot tell you though, because this is not a spoiler alert! Go ahead, you will find them yourself. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? I wanted to but needed a little emotional break, but the entire read was worth it.

Any additional comments? Just read it! So I cried allot while I listened to this book. It's crammed with so much heartache but strength too. This book really moved me and it was stunning in the depth of heartache that the author and the narrators conveyed. This definately is not a light feel good listen. It rips you up and spits you out. Colton and Nell are very damaged but they understand each others pain like no one else can.

With both of them so damaged though, will they survive? I'd like to think so. With such intensity I'm sure to get the next book and see how this story continues. Worth a credit? Just make sure you have a kleenex nearby. I enjoyed this one, but I didn't. It's hard to explain. It was dark and even when the HEA comes about, I still didn't feel peace and satisfaction. Kind of co-dependents of pain and hiding pain. The book starts with a scene with Nell and her boyfriend Colton Calloway.

So the love story started in high school.

So easy. So fast. So Target.

It was very emotional, sweet and sad. But like I said, I don't feel satisfied or at peace with where they are emotionally. The narration was good and the song at the end was sweet.

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What made the experience of listening to Falling into You the most enjoyable? I liked that it was narrated by a man and woman. The overall story was sad but it stayed interesting and kept we wanting to listen to see how it turned out. They both had great voices and Gabriel's voice fit the character of Colton perfectly. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? It did make me cry but happy that they found each other and learned how to keep on going.

Would you consider the audio edition of Falling into You to be better than the print version? No not really,. Can't say, this book is a make all on it's own. Oh my goodness they were amazing.. Gabriel's voice is amazing.. Had my attention.. I cried mostly thru this book. A LOT.. It was necessary to cry but understanding why is the bigger question. If you don't. I only wanted a little more at the end.. And the song at the end. Great work. I cannot go on. This book has defeated my powers of endurance, I am annoyed to have wasted a credit but enough is enough.

First half of this book is the fairytale of Kyle and Nell. Nevertheless they are both perfect. Perfect friendship into perfect romance into perfect sex. They have wonderful friends, wonderful parents, wealthy lifestyles. They breeze through school and life, without a problem, a zit, or apparently, a single argument. He, naturally, pops the question as soon as they turn During what is, apparently, their first ever argument, he dies saving her from a falling tree.

And then the story really gets bad. As you do. She dreams about him at night and kisses him the next day. And then we skip forward two years. Cole did not leave home until Kyle and Nell were Was he invisible? Locked in the attic? During this time he was apparently failing at school, getting into fights and learning how to build car engines but she never saw him. Of course Cole is so brilliant that yet another annoying record producer hands him a business card. I guess he can add it to the pile of UFC scouts that were also after him. He walks around with a knuckle duster in his pocket.

But the gang, apparently, let him walk away from all this to live a straight lifestyle. Oh — and the misery. The endless wallowing in self-indulgent grief. Apparently once Kyle died, Nell was abandoned by her loving family to live in misery, drinking and cutting herself. She is so tortured inside, and so guilty and grief stricken and so endlessly miserable.

She wallows in the misery, drowns in the agony. I just got bored with the whole issue. Cole admires her. He only met her once at the funeral. And he tells her she is strong. This girl is weak and pathetic. She dates a violent underground fighter for three months, and then is surprised he wants sex? He tries to rape her, Cole saves her another timely coincidence and she then goes to his place and sleeps in his bed. He sings to her. I read from reviews that the book gets pretty steamy after this, which is weird. Because I would say this book is for teenage girls only.

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The dialogue is awful in the part of the book. The poor narrator was trying his best but no man talks or thinks like that. He was an idealised, sanitised version of the bad boy for teenage girls to dream about. He even kindly uses Windex and Pledge to remove the blood of the man he almost beat to death from Nell's floorboards and walls.

I love a good romance, and I love a little escape from reality.

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But I could never get into this book because it was just so far removed from reality that it jarred. People are the result of their circumstances and this is where this book fails for me. These characters did not make sense. Logic dictates that Nell would have gone into expensive therapy, her family and friends would have surrounded her with love and support and she would have, eventually, successfully gone on with her life.

But even in rebellion things are perfect. He sings, writes his own songs, and is so good record producers tell him to call.

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He apparently taught himself to rebuild car engines and is so good he now runs a successful business with several employees. But throughout all the brilliance and achievement he is still so tortured that he cuts himself. And he has OCD. I found this to be a very powerfully written and thought provoking love story on all levels. The number of situations it covers, so raw, so touching, yet always empathetic. I loved listening to this book which was brilliantly narrated by Piper Goodeve and Gabriel Vaughan.

General Comment I dedicate this to a guy i feel every inch of this song for I'v fallen for you I know you'l never read this And now that You're gone i bury you in my heart forever. What we had will never end You'l live with me in my memory. General Comment One of the great love songs. General Comment This song is incredibly passionate and sexy It's basically about the 'infatuation' of Being in Love How you metaphorically 'Fall' when you love Your love opens you up to that person whether you intended it to or not Yeah LOL you'll notice that most of the time the video's for the music don't make much sense but 'Literal Music Videos' fixed that problem I tend to ignore the videos and take the song for what it is :D Flag rochey1 on September 02, Rate These Lyrics.

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