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Magnificat seu Vaticinium Dei Parentis Cantus Altus Tenor Bassus Rip. Violino Rip. Insbruck: Michael Wagner, Cum Licentia Ad. Ensemble Musicalin www. Capuchin friar. Preacher and author of Instruciones de Predicadores para hazer bien los sermones y predicarles provechosamente Barcelona, Libro primero.

La humildad del gran Patriarcha de los Menores, N. San Francisco, ponderada y engrandecida. Cadiz: Manuel Espinosa de los Monteros, Bajados: Francisco Barrera, Breve tratado Fidel de Sigmaringa, predicador capuchino Madrid, s. Preacher, lector and provincial minister. Both an itinerant preacher as well as a court preacher during the reign of Philip V. Sevilla: Cadiz, Observant friar and provincial minister. These editions all available via Google Books. Court preacher in Innsbruck. Promotor of confraternities and productive author on Franciscan authors and prominent order figures.

Pars Prima Innsbruck, Thales Franciscanus: sive sapientiae franciscanae: id est: Actoru[m], ab Imperatoribus Chilo Franciscanus: sive siue Sapientiae Franciscanae id est actorum in religione Franciscana sapienter, in Indys utrisque editorum, e synoptice conscriptorum , Pars Sexta Innsbruck, Insbruck, So zu sehen in der Kayserl. Hof-Kirchen zum Heil.

Umbrian friar from Monteleone. Educated at the Collegium S. Lector in Perugia and short-time regent in Bergamo. Regent in Venice in the mid s, and public theologian in via Scoti at Padua university. Eventually minister general of the Conventuals in Elogia Virorum ac Mulierum domo Perusiae Ord. Conventualium vel sanctitate, vel doctrina, vel rebus praeclare gestis insignium : MS Biblioteca Antoniana di Padova, [cf: Catalogo dei codici manoscritti esistenti nella Biblioteca di Sant'Antonio di Padova , ed.

Luigi M. Minciotti Padua: Minerva, , ]. It would have amounted to a large Scotist Sentences commentary. The death of the author apparently forestald the completion of the work and its publication. OFMConv from Conegliano. Pro studiis primae philosophiae oratio F. Ferdinandi Antonii Darbi Coneglanensis He died sometimes after Eulogic homiletic, theatrical, musical and devotional author and advocate of the immaculate conception of Mary.

Racconto della Festa, fatta nel Real Palazzo di Napoli ec. Naples: Egidio Longo, Rather early for him. Is this a secure ascription? The edition accessible on Google Books does not at all indicate that is is a work by Fernando Bevilacqua. Francisci Convent. Urbis Fossempronii celebrato, Epigram. Fano: Gaudenzio, I Cerchi de' Divini Incantesimi. Orazione panegirica in lode della B. Umiliana de'Cerchi Fiorentina detta avanti il suo corpo Florence: S.

Panegiroco di S. Orazione ne'Funerali del P. Ranieri detta nella Chiesa di S. Francesco di Rimini Urbino: Stefano Leonardi, Oratorio a quattro voci ad onore del glorioso S. Antonio di Padova Foligno: Nicola Campitelli, Melodialoghi in onore dell'innocentiss. Madre i Dio senza colpa originale concetta Rimini: Ferrari, Notizia compendiosa della vita di S. Vittorino Confessore. Panegirico in onore di S. This seems to be a false ascription? Le lacrime favorite.

Panegirico di S. Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , ; Biblioteca picena o sia notizie istoriche delle opere e degli scrittori , Tomo Secondo: Lett.

Osimo: Domenicantonio Quercetti, , ; Augusto Vernarecci, Dizionario biografico degli nomini illustri di Fossombrone Fossombrone: Monacelli, , Franciscan friar from the Santiago province. De Natura et Essentia Auxilii Efficacis Madrid, VII, no. Cisneros, , 98 no. Member of the San Francisco del Ecuador province and active as a missionary.

He died in Santiago de Cali, November 3, Alfonso Zawadzky, Viajes del R. Bolivariana, [cf. Studied in Lima and joined the Franciscans there. He was ordained as a priest in , and in he became administrator superior of Peru for his order. Fernando de Trejoy Sanabria, fundador de la universidad , 2 Vols. El Illmo. Member of the Milan province. Made his solemn profession in Active as preacher and lector of scriptural theology. Crema: Tip. Friar from Panama. Entered the order in Guatemala. Became professor of theology and apparently wrote a significant number of biblical commentaries and commentaries on biblical songs and prayers.

Eleanor B. Adams Washington D. Franciscan friar from Guatemala or Nicaragua. Joined the order in Known for his knowledge of the Lenca language. Was sent out as a missionary in the Tegucigalpa region in In he was elected provincial in Guatemala. Left behind several historical works.

Relacion verdadera de la Reduccion de los indios infieles de la Provincia de la Tagvisgalpa, llamados Xicaques, cuyos Operarios han salido, y salen desta Provincia del SS. De Pineda Ibarra, Slicher van Bath, De bezinning op het verleden in Latijns Amerika Parente Mariano, Vita ordinaria nel modo straordinario. Il servo di Dio P. Artist and author. He entered the Capuchin order in Casteltermini, and fulfilled his novitiate in Caltanisetta, where he took the habit in , adopting the name Fedele da San Bagio.

Soon, he displayed artistic capacities, witness paintings in Caltanisetta Addolorata and Casteltermini Madonna e i ss. Francesco e Antonio. He transferred to the convent of Palermo in , where he was ordained priest in He became aquainted with the painter Olivio Sozzi, who painted several works in the Capuchin Palermo friary, and who became something of a mentor to Fedele.

Sozzi brought Fedele into contact with his own master Sebastiano Conca, in whose workshop Fedele worked as an apprentice in and This was followed by an apprenticeship in the workshop of Marco Benefial, and visits to other painters and the Accademia di S. Subsequently, Fedele became a prominent painter within the Capuchin Sicilian province, witness a number of productions in the Capuchin churches of Nicastro, Ciminna, and the Jeremiah chapel of Palermo cathedral. Between and , Fedele was guardian of the Capuchin friary of Casteltermini, where he again painted several works Madonna e angeli , Transito di s.

Giuseppe , Estasi di s. Francesco , Madonna della Catena , S. Francesco e S. Antonio , Annunciazione , Immacolata , Esaltazione della Croce etc. He also produced a significant number of paintings for other Capuchin churches and monasteries in Western Sicily. In , in the context of the canonization of Serafino d'Ascoli and the beatification of Bernardo da Corleone, Fedele went back to Rome, where he worked on several paintings for the papacy, Roman cardinals and members of the Congregazione dei Sacri Riti.

Afterwards, he produced a series of paintings for the Capuchins of Alcamo Padre Fedele da Sigmaringa and again for a number of other Capuchin houses in Sicily. Fedele returned to Palermo in , where he issued in the Dialoghi familiari sopra la pittura difesa ed esaltata , dedicated to the Duke of Anjou. This work describes in the form of a dialogue the theoretical, technical and moral-didactical aspects of religious painting, with specific details on the properties of oil paints and their colors.

The work also contains a wealth of information on local painters and works. Further paintings as well as writings followed. Fedele died in Palermo on 8 August His mummified remains can still be seen in the local Capuchin mortuary catacombs. Fedele was both a productive painter and a productive writer. A complete overview of the latter is apparently given by Roccaforte and again by Marcella Ludovico d'Alcamo Palermo: Giuseppe Gramigniani, A versified religious-comical opera text. Available via Archive. Ermenegildo re d'Andalusia Palermo A versified opera drama.

Lexicon Capuccinum , with some additional references to older literature ; Palermo, Bibl. Roccaforte, P. Pittore e letterato Palermo: S. Flaccovio, ; D. Tirrito da S. Studi in memoria di M. Accascina Palermo , ; D. XVIII , ed. Fra letteratura artistica e pittura , ed. Member of the Milan province and later first definitor of the new Piemonte province. Entered the order in Popular preacher and propagator of Quarantore prayer marathons and Marian devotions.

In Paulus V named him theologus insignus and predicator apostolicus. Fedele died in Rome in en route to the general chapter meeting held in Naples? Lay friar from the Parma province. Joined the order at the age of 20 in He was involved with the construction of several church interiors in Scandiano, Rio and Noverella.

I Francescani a Reggio Emilia , 66; Lexicon Capuccinum , with additional bibliographical references. OFMCap since Studied in Sigmaringen and Freiburg im Breisgau. Travelled through Europe as part of his education. Became a lawyer in Ensisheim in Disenchanted with the secular life, he joined the Capuchin order and became a priest in , giving his first mass as an ordained priest in the Capuchin friary of Fribourg Switzerland on October 4 of that year. Fidelis became a popular preacher and also fulfilled administrative functions, As guardian of Weltkirchen Feldkirch , he actively became involved with contrareformatory activities, to convert local Calvinists.

His activities enraged local Calvinists, who began to threaten his life. He was canonized in There is quite a massive hagiographic production on Fidelis. Fidelis a Sigmaringa capucini meritis e cruore pro fide effuso stagnantem nec annuis tantum, sed quotidianis pene gratiarum Signorumque motibus miraculosis hucusque exudantem Constance: David Hautt, Both available via Google Books. For other vitae see Lexicon Capuccinum and the studies of Schmucki. Lexicon Capuccinum , with additional references to older literature ; O.

Abril, ; Oktavian Schmucki, Fidelis von Sigmaringen Miscellanea di studi offerti a Servus Gieben in occasione del suo 80 o compleanno , ed. Yoannes Teklemariam Rome: Ed. Member of the Venetian province. Son of the military captain Carlo Busotti and Anna Zulatti daughter of a medical doctor. After an additional spiritual and theological formation, he fulfilled several stints as guardian Zara, Padua, Udine, Vicenza and he became active as a preacher in Italy and Dalmatia.

Also involved wih the care of the sick and. In addition, he worked as a theologian counselor for the Archbishop of Split and others, and also fulfilled ambassadorial roles at the court of Emperor Franz II. His intellectual interests, and notably his agricultural, economic and Latin poetical pursuits were sufficient to make him a member of several learned academies. He died at Split in This collection of 'songs' is divided in four books Epistole ed elegie, Epigrammi,Odi, Inni sacri.

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Only the last of these were deemed sufficiently religious and in line with the Capuchin life to be published as Hymnodion seu Hymnorum quorumdam Collectio Modo di celebrare una novena in onore del glorioso s. Serafino laico cappuccino Venice, Produzioni ascetiche ed ascetize concernenti la peste di Spalato , del trovantisi in mezzo e superstite religioso cappuccino padre Fedele da Zara Venice, Ad nob. Antonium Tartaleum, ob eius nuptias auspicatissime celebrantes epitalamium Venice, In nuptiarum solemniis nob. Carmen saeculare saeculo XIX adproperante Regi saeculorum immortali, invisibili, soli Deo honor et gloria Ancona, A theological reflection on the new century to come.

Hymnodion seu Hymnorum quorumdam Collectio, auctore p. Fedele Dalmata Iaderensi Ordinis capuccinorum sacerdote concionatore A second volume of these texts was issued Mantissa ad Hymnodion sive ad priorem hymnorum collectionem additamentum Venice, Notizie istoriche concernenti il P. Marco d'Aviano , 2 Vols. Venice: Simone Occhi, Accessible via Google Books and via www. This work shows Gaetano's involvement with the major political upheavals in Venice during the revolutionry period, with the assassination of the French-revolutionary oriented commander G.

Matutinovich and his family, and the invasion of the city by the Imperial fleet led by general M. Posthumously printed. More info on the whereabouts and historical context of his works is given in the entry of the DBI mentioned below. Giadrossi, 'P. OFM capp. Italian friar, author of the Liber recuperationis Terrae Sanctis , partly based on his own travels in the Middle East. In this work, presented to the first Franciscan Pope Nicolas IV, Fidenzio outlined a plan to reclaim the Holy Land, after the last strongholds of Christian crusader states had been lost in It received its first edition in Girolamo Golubovich ed.

La fine della presenza degli ordini militari in Terra Santa e i nuovi orientamenti nel XIV secolo , ed. Francesco Maria Tommasi Ponte S.

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Linguaggi politici, valori identitari, progetti di governo in area catalano-aragonese , Fonte e ricerche, 20 Padua: Editrici Francescane, [a. Flaminio Maria de Latera Girolamo C. Annibali, Observant friar, lector, order historian and polemicist. Born in Latera as the son of Annobale and Flaminia Nusarelli.

  1. The Walking Dead: La caída del Gobernador: Primera parte (Zombies) (Spanish Edition).
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  3. At This Moment.
  4. Egyptian emigrants to Italy?

Took the habit in in the San Bernardino friary near Orte Viterbo region. He made his solemn profession on 23 January After his education and ordination possibly ca. Prolific author: he produced probably more than 29 monographs and a large number of letters and religious poems. Quite a number of his works led to polemics with Conventual Franciscans and others over the early history of the order.

His first major work, Lettere di Damiano Fillareti ad un padre minorita was published under the pseudonym Damiano Fillareti, and dates from , when he was active in the Santa Maria Nova friary of Fano. Later, Flaminio spent a significant amount of time in the Santa Maria del Paradiso friary outside Viterbo, where he also functioned as the spiritual director for sister Lilia Maria del SS. Later he would testify during her beatification process. Quite a few of these were written in response to other works or drew out attacks from the side of the Conventual Franciscans see under editions.

He also issued a major addition to the Bullarium Franciscanum of Sbaraglia. In , Flaminio became general definitor for his order, and moved to the Ara Coeli friary. He also took part in the Observant general chapter of Rome Between and , he was provincial minister of the Roman province. Shortly afterwards, he experienced the French occupation of Rome. Flaminio probably spent some time in the San Antonio delle Vigne friary in Venice, and in he apparently was vicar and novice master in the SS.

It is unknown where he spent the last years of his life, after the dissolution of religious houses by the French regime in Throughout this turbulent period, Flaminio continued to research and to write. This work was issued under the pseudonym Damiano Fillareti. In this work, Flaminio attacked the opinions of Domenico Pannelli, who had argued that Bonaventure of Bagnoregio, patron saint of Dano, had never been a Franciscan.

This altercation led to a polemical exchange. Pannelli per negare la professione Minoritica di S. Seconda edizione, con Osservazioni ed altro, di che si vegga una A revised edition, as a closing argument against the opinions of Domenico Panelli.

The edition is available via Google Books. Canzoni Giuseppe Poggiarelli, Manuale de' Frati Minori disposto dal P. Flaminio Annibali da Latera del medesimo ordine Con un'appendice, o sia Risposta all'autore del Saggio compendioso della dottrina di Giustino Febbronio Rome: dalle Stampe del Casaletti a Sant'Eustachio, A reaction to a homologous work issued by the Conventual friar Giulio Antonio da Sangallo.

It deals in a 'historical' way with the question which branch of the order could lay claim to the original charism of the order. This work again led to a polemic. It is available via Google Books. See also: Painacca, Esame critico: sopra il Manuale del P. Flaminio Annibali da Latera, Min. Quanto incerto sia che il corpo del serafico S. Francesco esista in Assisi nella basilica del suo nome, ed altro che si premette intorno a varj libelli pubblicati dai PP. Flaminio Annibali da Latera, minorita contro l'ordine suo, ed i suoi aderenti sotto diversi titoli , Lausanne, This work again caused a stir, and can to an extent be seen to be connected with his previous Manuale dei frati minori.

It can be accessed via Google Books. See also: Bonaventura Lombardi et al. Francesco nella patriarcale Basilica del suo nome in Assisi. Contro i dubbi del P. Flaminio Annibali da Latera Dichiarazione, etc. Rome: Arcangelo Casaletti, Il giudizio imparziale sulla controversia fra i PP. Giambattista Faure, Sotto il di cui nome e stato pubblicato. I soli Conventuali hanno torto Lugano, Available via google Books. Ad Bullarium Franciscanum a p. Joanne Hyacintho Sbaralea Supplementum studio et labore Fr.

Flaminii Annibali de Latera This work, written at the request of Pope Pius VI, contains first a set of eight treatises gathered under the title. La difesa dell'antico metodo della via crucis e la censura del nuovo, scritte da F. La pratica del pio esercizio della via crucis introdotta nella chiesa dai Fratri Minori Viterbo: Poggiarchi, Dissertationes critico-historicae: in quarum una seraphicus patriarcha Franciscus tertii ordinis institutor.

In altera indulgentiae Portiunculae veritas asseritur, et vindicatur Rome: Ex typographia Archangeli Casaletti in Aedibus Maximi, Veritas impressionis sacrorum stigmatum in corpore seraphici S. Francisci Assisiensis in luce posita et a criticorum quorundam opinionibus vindicata a f. Flaminio Annibali de Latera Ordinis Minorum.. Rome: Ex typographia Archangeli Casaletti, Taking a stance against detractors of the stigmata of Francis. Compendio della storia degli Ordini religiosi esistenti , 4 Vols. Rome: Luigi Perego Salvioni, Dedicated to Cardinal Romualdo Onesti-Braschi.

An unauthorised reprint with many errors appeared in Naples a few years layter [is that the Storia degli ordini regolari: colla vita de' loro fondatori Naples: A spese di Nicola Gervasi, mentioned in WorldCat? Later a new authorised edition of the fourth volume came out which included as an appendix the Memorie storiche del Servo di Dio Padre Juan Varela y Losada. The imprint is available via Google Books. Rome, Vita della vergine santa Coleta riformatrice dell'ordine di S. Chiara o sia del secondo dei tre istituti del serafico padre S. Francesco d'Assisi cavata dai processi della di lei canonizzazione e da altri autentici monumenti scritta dal p.

Flaminio Maria Annibali da Latera.. Vita della vergine S. Giacinta Mariscotti, monaca professa del tezz'ordine del serafico P. Francesco, scritta dal P. Flaminio Maria Annibali da Latera, Rome: A. Fulgoni, Raccolte e disposte dal padre Flaminio Maria Annibali da Latera minore osservante Montefiascone: Stamperia del seminario, Flaminio Annibali da Latera o. Also issued as a a small monograph the same year Quaracchi: Tip. Bonaventura , Irish Observant friar. Two years later, he took part in an abortive maritime expedition that never made it to Ireland. We find him as a counselor of the Spanish crown concerning the settlement in Spain of Irish Catholic exiles, and he helped Irish soldiers to enter the Spanish military.

Two Irish friars transported his remains to the Irish College of St Anthony of Padua in Louvain in , where they were re-interred in the collegiate chapel. Thomas F. Peregrinus Jerichontinus, hoc est de natura humana feliciter instituta, infeliciter lapsa, miserabiter vulnerata, misericorditer restaurata Paris, Author of the Caeremoniale sive Compendium SS. Capuccinorum Prov. Coloniensis Cologne, Born in Leiden in Received his licence in the arts on March 28, Thereafter he joined the Friars Minor, probably working in Antwerp around and Leiden , to become provincial on July 16, He remained in that function until August 8, , witnessing the demise of a number of friaries and other problems in the context of the unfolding Dutch Revolt.

In , he was guardian of Mechelen. That same year, he was made general commisarius with specific visitation rights in his order province. He died in the Mechelen friary on June 20, Active as preacher and author. Besides, Florentius wrote several works in the Dutch vernacular. Wegen die ons leyen in't hemels Jerusalem? See: Fr. Nieuwenhuizen, Bijdragen voor de Geschiedenis van het Bisdom Haarlem 9 , A Dutch translation has appeared in R.

The most insightful analysis of the dissemination and edition history of the text is given by De Troeyer , ff. Florian Jaroszewicz fl. Polish friar of the strict Alcantarine observance. Doctor of theology and first custos of the Russian custody the custody of Notre Dame of Sorrows , which became independent from the Polish province in For the instruction of novices, Florian published in his Principia Theologiae Asceticae. The first part of this work pages amounts to a catechism with questions and answers of Christian doctrine and ascetical theology.

Principia theologiae asceticae ad usum et captum tyrocinii religiosi potissimum Seraphici Ordinis Minorum S. Francisci Strict. Observantiae Reformatorum ex probatis authoribus collecta, disposita et elucidata Lwow, He also wrote religious works in Polish. Ulrich L. OFM and later secular priest. Son of the Binterim clothmaker family. He entered the Franciscan order in the Cologne province, adopting the name Flosculus.

Due to the forced secularisation of monasteries in , he left the order, yet he continued to consider himself to be inspired by the Franciscan lifestyle. From onwards, until his death in , he was active as a Catholic vicar in the parish of St. Efforts are concentrated on leukaemia, breast, melanoma and lung cancer stem cells, with the perspective of integrating these lines of research in the disease-oriented programs. Second, a major effort in system biology has been undertaken to try to develop predictive models, which would unmask non-obvious properties of several.

Finally, efforts are being directed at the generation of reliable models of mammalian carcino- genesis, by engineering in model systems mutations that mimick those naturally occurring in human cancers particularly leukaemias, breast cancer, ovary cancer and melanomas. The Basic Research and Molecular Medicine Programs will not detract from our mission of improving prevention, early detection, effective treatments and quality of life of our patients, using at best all the available knowledge.

On the contrary, we firmly believe that the best way to cure cancer is by speedy application of the knowledge acquired from research activity to the patient ward. During the number of patients enrolled in clinical trials was and we have now patients in follow-up.

The number of visitors and residents from all parts of the world has been very large. Training of young scientists and physicians is a critical component of our mission. Many members of our staff are actively involved in teaching at the University of Milan and at numerous meetings and courses throughout the country. Furthermore, our researchers continued to be a relevant part of the teaching staff of the European School of Molecular Medicine. As in previous years, numerous scientific and teaching meetings were directly organized by IEO, both for external and internal attendance.

During , IEO continued its scientific collaboration with foreign Countries. Specific efforts have been devoted to establish new relations with Mediterranean Countries, India, Madagascar, Africa, and China. Thanks to a strict cooperation and an intense share of knowledge and expertise, and frequent contacts among IEO and foreign Centers, our successful experience in clinical research, prevention and therapy is becoming a model for the creation of new cancer approaches in many Countries.

In particular, we focused on the fight against feminine tumors breast and cervix through specific models from training and education till the projects for new comprehensive cancer centers. As in the previous years, we have been very successful in securing funds to support our research activities both at the national and international level.

Success in fundraising has been crucial for the steady expansion experienced by IEO during the past several years. Hiring of new research directors has been made possible by competitive start-up packages, including provisions to fund students and postdoctoral fellows and the availability of many state-of-the-art core facilities. We are very grateful to all the funding agencies, which recognized the validity of our projects.

In the middle of a program of expansion of the clinical activity of the Institute was initiated with the creation of a new building, adjacent to the main Institute. In the new premises the Department of Nuclear Medicine is greatly expanded with a new Positron Emission Tomographies and new research laboratories. Finally, I would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the President, the CEO, the Board of Directors, all clinical, scientific, technical and administration staff of IEO, for their enthusiasm and their continuous excellent work.

Grants Office The Grants Office acts as a liaison between researchers and sponsoring agencies and is a central source of information on major national and international agencies, foundations, and institutions that support research and scholarship, and assists researchers in identifying appropriate research funding opportunities.

It provides assistance to researchers in the preparation of applications, developing proposal narratives and budgets, completing the application forms and interpreting the regulations of the funding agencies, assuring compliance with the sponsor policies and requirements. It negotiates the terms and conditions of awards of successful proposals and provides support for the administration of research grants, including funding allocation, monitoring research expenditures and producing financial statements. It manages research contracts, preparing, whenever necessary, subcontracts or consortium agreements with collaborating institutions, acts as administrative contact point on multicentre research projects, and provides administrative support for IEO research activities.

During through the first months of , grants were funded for a total amount of over 31 million euro. Clinical research activity in IEO showed a further increase with respect to the previous year. Overall new clinical trial applications were evaluated in 8 plenary sessions of the Ethics Committee EC. A further significant reduction in the time of evaluation of new trials, as well as of amendments to already approved trials, was achieved.

The EC opinion was expressed within 11 days for most of the applications and it was registered in the national clinical trials database in less than 5 working days. The applications for substantial amendments on ongoing trials confirmed the increasing trend of the last few years, and applications were reviewed and approved with a mean evaluation time of 13 days. The therapeutic use of drugs still under investigation in clinical trials, for advanced cancer patients, was approved for 4 out of 5 products and for a total number of 55 patients.

The composition of the Committee was partially reviewed and the new composition was accredited at the Ministry of Health, the National Drug Agency as well as the Lombardy Region. S Department of Health and Human Services. The Library forms part of several extensive networks of medical and scientific libraries, thereby facilitating a rapid exchange of information and knowledge. Many journals can be accessed from home thanks to Bibliosan. There is also access — again via Bibliosan - to RefWorks, a personal bibliographic management software whereby the user may store and use bibliographic citations.

Such citations can be repeatedly used to generate bibliographies in the different formats required by publishers of scientific journals. Since November the Library has been located in the Mirror Tower, and offers a quiet space for study and consultation of the literature both online and in print. The Library catalogue is therefore shared across both sites. CILEA, over journals are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So far, users have registered for remote access. Users have access to a user-friendly implementation of the gold-standard medical literature database Medline via Ovid, to which we subscribe. Users can also access Embase, which is complementary to Medline, focusing more on the pharmaceutical literature and with a more European emphasis.

These sources yield valuable data on citation patterns from the renowned Science Citation Index, which tells us who has cited whom, thus. In this Library catalogue was accessed a total of times. The average session length was 25 minutes and 39, pages were viewed in total. An average of 7 pages per session were viewed. Presentations are regularly held, often within Division staff meetings, in which the Library services and BiblioSan are explained and demonstrated in detail.

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  • The Librarian offers literature searches and searching assistance in order that IEO personnel may make optimum use of the extensive range of bibliographic and full-text resources available. As the key to a valuable resource, the Library continues to strive towards organising and simplifying the means by which the busy doctor, nurse or research scientist can navigate the ever-increasing ocean of international research literature and bring informed knowledge and state-of-the art discoveries to the service of the patient.

    Each month over 40, people visit ecancer to read and watch the latest content. Over one hundred and twenty papers have now been peer reviewed and published in the journal. There are now more than videos of interviews with eminent oncologists, roundtables and press conferences, which have been watched over 1.

    This is the only site of its kind with such a rich resource for oncology professionals. P ersonalized Medicine is aimed at developing internet tools to assist clinical research especially clinical trials in the era of genomic led therapies. EurocanPlatform is a new FP7 project linking 23 leading cancer institutes; ecancer is responsible for communication and dissemination of results. Towards the end of , ecancer. As a result the website now has an increased profile on search engines and is compatible for mobile devices.

    The ecancer iPhone App was also developed to enable content sharing. Linda Cairns is the Science Editor. The daily evolution of information applied in their clinical practice obliges doctors to a continuing updating. This applies not only to younger doctors whose university training is more recent but also and especially to more experienced doctors. Breast cancer today, for example, is not the same as. In parallel, results from randomized controlled trials have revolutionized surgical practice, and this has been particularly evident in the treatment of breast cancer.

    The numerous randomized controlled trials performed by U. Veronesi in Europe and B. Fisher and others in the USA over the last decades have changed breast cancer care, saving countless women from undergoing more radical therapies both for the breast and the axilla by adding the revolutionary idea of intraoperative radiotherapy. In fact, with this educational programme organized by the ILAO, they participate in practical training in the morning and in a theoretical course in the afternoon.

    We can therefore state that for each visiting doctor, over 20 IEO staff are contacted and participate in organising the the site visit, among them the directors or heads of all involved divisions, services and administration. Thanks to this agreement, over Master students from 11 Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal have visited the IEO since in a specially-organized educational one-week visit. Since , when the grant was created, 64 medical doctors have had the benefit of this important grant that allows Latin American and Spanish physicians to attend the IEO for a year or more, mostly but not exclusively in the Breast Surgery Division.

    In weekly 2-hour sessions over a week period, a general overview of innovations in breast cancer management was presented for the visiting doctors. Based on the success of the first course, a second, more complete, hour course has been programmed, where attendees will be awarded 30 CME credits by the Italian Ministry of Health.

    This figure is made up of the 40 visitors from the Master in Mastology of the Universidad de Barcelona who come to the IEO for a week, 20 Brazilians doctors who also visited the IEO for a week 10 mastologists in June and 10 in october , 9 grant holders of the FUV who stay at IEO with annual grants and a further 20 students who visit IEO for periods varying from one day to three months.

    After having organized hundreds of educational activities in Latin America and having disseminated the scientific programs to thousands of medical doctors firstly through the European School of Oncology ESO and then through the ILAO activities, Umberto Veronesi and the IEO can count on a solid scientific network of medical doctors and institutions that follow its scientific and educational philosophy both in Spain and Latin America.

    New initiatives of the ILAO will soon become a reality as the Newsletter on Breast Cancer and others in collaboration with international Institutions, with the aim of achieving the objective proposed by the Institute of Medicine of the USA, namely that of offering visiting doctors the current professional knowledge to achieve the desired health outcomes. At present, more than people take part into the activities of IEO and many are extraordinary people.

    There are many ways to play this role in a complex organization. However, we believe that our managers must necessarily own the following principles:. This is a tribute to a personal friend and to one of the best friends that IEO has had since its foundation.

    Romanzo d'una signorina per bene

    This is in praise of Prof. Beppe started working at the IEO when this Institution was still a hypothesis, a dream of many of us; its realization is also thanks to him. In December he decided to retire from everyday work. During his career, Beppe has believed in and encouraged many young people who grew up professionally with him in various sectors. From clinic to research, Beppe has managed to interact with IEO staff at all levels: from primary doctors to administrative workers, from nurses to patients. Beppe has been critical for IEO. It is also thanks to his vision, tenacity and experience, that today IEO is a reference centre for research and treatment in oncology.

    Thanks Beppe! Umberto and Pier Giuseppe. The General Manager also attends the meetings of the Board of Directors, reporting on his specific areas of responsibility and implementing the resolutions passed by the Board. Customer Service involves more than resources. Services are delivered to Patients to support their clinical path and internally to physicians. Integration of the clinical, research and administrative areas represents the basic principle underlying the management model adopted by the Finance and Administration Management.

    The central role of the individual and top-quality assistance are the two principles that have always inspired the organizational and management work done by the HRO Office in each of the above areas. These principles have enabled the Institute to achieve its main objective: improving the quality of life of each patient, who must be considered not simply as a person who needs treatment but, above all, as a multifaceted human being.

    The Model Job Family includes all the roles in stimulating professional families, in addition to developing the skills of each professional, interprofessional collaboration and work responsibilities, key elements if we want to ensure clinical excellence and care. This took us years to get major awards, such as the Great Place to Work in , Joint Commission International certification for excellence in and the Prize Betershamal as one of the 6 best hospitals in the world, demonstration of the quality of work and all our employees.

    In We awarded the Top Employers Italy as one of the companies Italian proved excellent in use and management of its human resources. The IT Department handles the whole computing infrastructure: the maintenance and support Office Automation, the management of network infrastructure and telephony, to the design and development of new applications.

    Medical serves as a connection and interface for all clinical and health-related organizational and management processes that involve several divisions, operational units and services. In particular responsibility of all requirements relating to safety. The Medical Office is also highly oriented towards developing new organizational and management procedures — working alongside Clinical and other IEO Divisions — in order to improve effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness i. In order to continuously check the surveillance and control of hospital infections and the prevention of pharmacological errors in a perspective of collaborative work, two ad hoc Committees have been created: the Hospital Infections Committee and the Drugs and Medical Devices Committee.

    The purpose of the Operations is to implement the planning, budgeting and management control process, and assist the General Manager in translating the strategic directions given by the CEO into operational and financial objectives for individual organizational units. Key Case Mix Figures: Impatient Admissions by geographical area At the end of the year the clinical staff of the Institute numbered physicians, nurses, health care assistants, health technicians and 48 medical residents.

    Case mix complexity, proxied by the Average Relative Weight, increased to 1. Day Surgery cases surgical treatments which do not require an overnight stay amounted to 3. Day Hospital admissions, mainly for therapeutic pur poses chemioterapy or radiation therapy totalled 8. The main developments are a the introduction of Clinical Science Seminars in Oncology with renowned speakers to visit IEO both for the training of young doctors and for networking; b the revision of the Grand Round created by Professor Veronesi in order to encourage the participation of all the healthcare staff; c the design of online surgery courses e.

    Some courses were repeated, bringing the total number to Some courses were repeated, bringing the total course number to The courses accredited produced a total of The number of participants totalled for CME-accredited courses, for non-accredited CME courses, and for behavioural courses. Regarding participation in scientific congresses, a total of participants were registered, of whom attended national events and attended international events.

    External education and training activities In , 53 educational activities courses, meetings, and congresses were organized by the European Institute of Oncology. Some of these were repeated bringing the total number to The total number of hours invested in external educational activities was The total number of attendees i. Interactive course with live surgery - 3D during live surgery as technological innovation. At the European Institute of Oncology, there are some important Centres of Excellence, dedicated to the prevention and treatment requirements for special oncological diseases.

    The aim of the center is to offer the patient a specific path for diagnosis and treatment that guarantees access to the most innovative therapies and advanced technologies within the same hospital where a multispecialistic team of dermatologists, surgical oncologists, medical oncologists offers the best integrated approach to all clinical situations. CCC: Cervical Cancer Center Opened in May , the center is a unique facility that combines the latest prevention strategies with the most effective treatments of cervical cancer.

    Primary and secondary prevention, conservative surgery, imaging, pathology, robotic surgery, tailored chemo-radiation. All the sections of the center are top level and provide patients with the best available solutions from the interdisciplinary team. OCC: Ovarian Cancer Center Opened in September , this center aims to offer patients both medical and surgical support in line with the international standards in order to guarantee access to the most innovative therapies and the full spectrum.

    Through active scouting TTFactor has collected 36 invention disclosures and selected the most promising for patenting and promotion towards the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Sidenius lab. Genextra, defining the opportunity to receive important future milestones and royalties payments. Furthermore just recently it has entered in negotiation with the food industry world too, opening a new opportunity for corporate collaboration for the two Institutions, IFOM and IEO.

    Further details of the programmes of Divisions and Units are available upon request together with copies of published articles. We invite also to visit our website: www. The clinical research of the Division is focused on early cancer diagnosis, of head and neck cancers, development of new treatment modalities and molecular medicine through a multidisciplinary approach.

    Main topics are oral and laryngeal precancerous lesions, and cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and thyroid. The Division established National and International collaboration with many world-wide Institutions and. We are developing organ and function preservation protocols, compartmental surgery of oral cancer; endoscopic robotic- and laserassisted surgery for laryngeal and oropharyngeal malignancies; conservative and video-assisted MIVAT thyroid surgery.

    Redirects here:

    The clinical activity during included patients admitted in the 16 beds of the Division in Day Surgery. Among them underwent mini-invasive oral and laryngeal laser surgery 30 Robot-assisted , thyroidectomies 18 Video-assisted , 93 surgeries for an oral cancer 48 free-flap reconstructions , and for a laryngeal cancer. Patients usually undergo preoperative staging in out clinic regimen and are admitted the day before or the same day of surgery. About patients new patients were checked in the out-patient head and neck clinic; out of them, treated for an oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal malignancy and operated on for a thyroid cancer underwent multidisciplinary checks.

    Ensemble Napulitanata : Pusilleco addiruso - Festival Mandolines de Lunel 2014

    Treatment program of patients was discussed and planned in the weekly multidisciplinary meetings on Wednesday. Society June May Acta under his direction became even more and more International. The Division has an agreement with the ENT post-graduate school of the University of Pavia: each resident attends the Division and participates at the clinical and research activities for 6 months.

    Physicians of the Division are involved in the didactic activities of the school. The Division of Senology played a major role in the development of sentinel node biopsy for breast cancer, performing pivotal clinical studies demonstrating that this technique is an accurate and minimally invasive method for staging the axilla. Sentinel lymph node biopsy SLNB is now a consolidated part of the treatment of breast cancer worldwide, and is indicated for all breast cancer patients, except those in whom axillary metastases are already overt.

    The fields of application of SLNB have been now enlarged and this procedure can be offered also in clinical scenarios in which it was previously considered contraindicated such as during pregnancy, in multicentric breast cancer, after neoadjuvant chemotherapy or previous breast surgery. The accrual was completed in February The aim of this prospective randomized trial was to determine whether axillary dissection can be avoided when the sentinel node contains only micrometastasis. Preliminary findings seem to confirm the hypothesis that in presence of a minimal sentinel lymph node involvement axillary clearance can be safely spared.

    This is a prospective multicentric randomized controlled study leaded by. The estimated accrual is patients. Treatment of breast cancer needs to be integrated and multisciplinary. Sentinel node biopsy employs a radioactive tracer which is injected close to the tumour and moves through the lymph ducts to the sentinel node making it visible on scintigraphy and locatable with a radioactivity-detecting probe during surgery. In ROLL, the radiotracer is not mobile and remains where it is injected. The ROLL technique is therefore used to precisely locate non-palpable breast lesions.

    The radiotracer is injected directly into the lesion under real time radiographic or ultrasonic control. In the operating room, the surgeon can therefore precisely locate the lesion using a hand-held gamma- detecting probe, and use this probe as an aid to surgical removal. Surgical Area ROLL injection of immobile tracer to localize the primary lesion with injection of a mobile tracer to localize the sentinel node. The injections are performed separately but both the non-palpable lesion and the sentinel node are removed in a single surgical session.

    If the patient has a prior malignant diagnosis for example by core biopsy or malignancy is ascertained by intra-operative histological examination of the ROLL specimen, then the entire surgical treatment lesion removal, sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection, if necessary can be completed in a single surgical session. ELIOT delivers a complete radiotherapy course in a single dose during surgery. It can also be used to give a boost dose to shorten the subsequent course of conventional radiotherapy.

    The breast area from which the cancer has been removed is targeted using special electron beamguiding equipment and chest protection techniques. For this trial the Division recruited patients undergoing conservative surgery for breast cancer, and randomized then either to traditional external radiotherapy or ELIOT. Follow-up is still ongoing. A further example of multidisciplinary treatment is the co-operation carried out during the Nipple-sparing mastectomy which is a surgical technique developed in order to spare the nipple-areola complex in patients requiring mastectomy.

    During this operation the surgeons of the Senology Division work in close collaboration with the Plastic Surgery Division to achieve the best cosmetic outcome and, thanks to the intervention of the Radiotheraphy and Physics staff, ELIOT is used to irradiate the nipple-areola complex. In patients undergoing conservative surgery in whom a subsequent asymmetry can be estimated, a bilateral reshaping can be performed to ensure the best possible cosmetic outcome. A new technique under development from the beginning of in conjunction with the Division of Nuclear Medicine is intraoperative avidination for radionuclide therapy IART.

    Avidin is injected intraoperatively in and around the tumour bed after cancer removal performed by an usual quadrantectomy. Later, radiolabelled biotin is injected intravenously. The biotin binds to the avidin in the tumour bed, bringing with it a significant quantity of radionuclide whose radioactive decay contributes to killing of residual tumour cells.

    These encouraging results have stimulated a feasibility study for IART. One of the most promising and intriguing new field of clinical research is the use of high intensity focused ultrasound HIFU to treat patients with early breast cancer. HIFU is a completely non-invasive method in which ultrasound is used to guide the focusing of high intensity ultrasound energy to a precisely circumscribed area of tissue within the body, resulting in coagulation necrosis within a few seconds. We are now using HIFU on a selected and limited number of patients prior to surgery.

    Surgical resection of the treated lesion takes place at least a week later, to evaluate residual viable tumour and extent of necrosis. Preliminary and initial findings, which need to be confirmed on a large basis, indicate that HIFU is a feasible method without major side effects. NUMB controls the fate of cells during development and differentiation via a mechanism involving inhibition of the activity of plasma membrane receptors of the NOTCH family. Research at the IEO discovered a new function of human NUMB: it is a regulator of p53 cancer protein, and this finding might have potential therapeutic implications for cancer treatment.

    Our Division strictly cooperates with colleagues of the Medical Oncology department during the multidisciplinary meeting which is weekly held in which every patient operated for either invasive or intraductal neoplasia is discussed to define the postoperative adjuvant treatment along with Radioterapists, Pathologists, and physicians of the Cancer Prevention and Genetics Division.

    We collaborate with other research and clinical Divisions of the IEO on a daily basis. The Division of Senology also remains committed to university and institutional teaching. Division staff teach course for Masters Degrees awarded by the Universities of Milan and Barcelona, and teach various other courses as well. A fruitful collaboration and exchange is ongoing with many countries all over the world and especially with Spain and South America with Dr. Gabriel Farante being the coordinator. The clinical activity involved all fields of thoracic oncology including the treatment of early and advanced stage lung cancers, oesophageal tumors, mediastinal and chest wall diseases.

    The Division has developed innovative protocols of multimodality strategies for lung and pleural malignancies. Surgery of very extended tumors with main vessels involvement and other demanding procedures are fields of interest and of expertise of the Division together with parenchymal sparing procedures and mini invasive approaches for localised early stage lung or oesophageal cancers.

    During the past years the introduction in the clinical practice of the rigid bronchoscopy with endotracheal stents and laser treatment allowed to obtain good palliation in cases of bronchial obstruction or abextrinseco stenosis due to endobronchial neoplasms or enlarged lymph nodes. All more advanced staging techniques are routinely followed in the preoperative patient evaluation, including CT-PET and video-mediastinoscopy. The development of video-bronchoscopy with trans-tracheal or transbronchial biopsy allowed to obtain diagnosis of neoplastic disease at lymph nodes level in a non invasive manner avoiding often the mediastinoscopy.

    The use of metal bars has been introduced for the chest wall stabilization as an innovative device for reconstruction after resection of lung cancer or other neoplasms invading the chest wall. The use of laser for lung metastasectomy represents a novel technique to perform nodulectomy and lung resections of multiple lesions with minimal sacrifice of healthy parenchyma with reduced air leak. A multicentric trial with induction chemotherapy, pleuropneumonectomy and radiotherapy for pleural mesothelioma has been concluded in collaboration with other Italian Centres.

    The preliminary results are under evaluation. The Division has instituted a program of lung cancer screening with low dose CT scan and biomarkers and developed the minimally invasive approach for the surgery of localised lung cancers and mediastinal tumors including robotic approach and video-thoracoscopic major lung resections. The research activity is involved in different translational research studies such as pharmacogenomic analysis, molecular biology studies of lung carcinogenesis, lung cancer angiogenesis and stem cell experimentation.

    The Division has developed collaboration with several national and international research Institutions and is coordinator of different multicenter clinical trials. In the Thoracic Surgery Division performed about surgical procedures. The medical staff of the General and Laparoscopic Surgery has documented clinical experience in the treatment of upper and lower gastrointestinal tumors from the esophagus to the anus , including hepatobilio-pancreatic, renal and adrenal cancers, abdominal sarcomas and neuroendocrine digestive tumors.

    In , major surgical procedures colonic; 81 rectal, 6 ileus,8 esophageal; 49 gastric, 8 pancreatic cancers, 21 liver, 11 retroperitoneal disease , surgical procedures for non oncological diseases laparocele, explorative surgery, stoma closure and 71 local anesthesia surgical procedures were performed. The Division has protocols and trials of preoperative treatments for locally advanced gastric and rectal cancers, and for liver metastases in collaboration with the Divisions of Radiotherapy, Radiology and Medical Oncology.

    In collaboration with the Divisions of Endoscopy and Pathology, the Division is involved in multicentric trials for the screening and treatment of colorectal cancers. Other research programs involve national and international partners in Italy, Europe. USA, Japan,. Australia, Israel.

    A program of international exchanges for postgraduate doctors and research fellows has been established with a number of National and International Institutions. In , the Division published 8 full papers on peer-reviewed journals, with an overall IF of about More than major oncology surgical procedures were carried out during , aimed at treatment of the following conditions: oesophageal, gastric, small bowel, colorectal, liver and pancreas carcinomas.

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